Mom’s Friend was My First Love Ch. 02

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Shirley and I lay there in the dusty scratchy hay for several minutes while I regained my strength. She quietly smoked with one hand while the other fondled my wet flaccid penis. Finally, she leaned over to me and kissed me. Her lips brushed mine at first and then we shared a soft gentle kiss that lasted for several minutes. Her tongue and mine explored each others mouth and when she finally broke away; my cock was at half mast already. Shirley looked down and smiled as she shook her head. “I had forgotten how quickly a young man can recover. Let’s go to the house and get cleaned up before we take this any further.”

Taking me by the hand, she and I walked to the door of the barn. Pausing, she looked at the dirty wet halter top in her hands and said, “Maybe you should give me your t-shirt, just in case someone comes up the drive.” I quickly gave it to her and slipping it on we walked hand in hand to the house.

She stopped in the kitchen to fill two large glasses with water. We stood there looking into each other’s eyes as we emptied them. Her breasts showed clearly under my dirty wet t-shirt and in the cooler kitchen her nipples became bumpy mountains pushing against the cloth. She said, “I know this is wrong, and probably the biggest mistake of my life.”

We kept looking at each other and I leaned in and kissed her. It was another of those long soft deep kisses that seem to last forever. Her lips and tongue were cold from the water and my hands slowly slid up under the t-shirt to gently hold her warm breasts. I gently rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger and felt my cock grow rock hard again. She broke the kiss and said, “If we are going to keep doing this, let’s get cleaned up and do it right.”

Taking me by the hand again, she led me up a flight of stairs and through a large bedroom with a huge four poster bed. We passed the bed and entered a bathroom. It was much larger than modern bathrooms and in the old farmhouse was probably used for something else before indoor plumbing was introduced. Shirley stood facing me and began to remove her clothing. First my dirty and wet t-shirt came over her head and was discarded in the floor. Next she slid her shorts down and kicked them away. Standing there in her old fashioned cotton panties, she looked like a Greek goddess to me and I told her so. She laughed and told me to strip. Turning away, she stepped to the basin and began to brush her teeth. As I took off my tennis shoes and then dropped my jeans and underwear she gave her teeth a thorough brushing. I pressed in behind her, pressing my hard cock into the cleft between her buttocks as she rinsed her mouth with green mouthwash and spit into the sink.

Turning she kissed me again, and again I was dizzy with the soft warm deep kiss that made every cell in my body feel warm. This kiss had to have lasted several minutes and my cock Ankara escort found itself nestled against her abundant pubic hair. My hands lightly stroked her back and shoulders and I found myself lightly rubbing the back of her neck with the fingertips of my left hand. Her tongue lightly massaged my lips and even though I wanted to savagely enter her body, I was as unwilling to break the wonderful kiss as she was. Finally, she stepped back and looked into my eyes and said, “I thought you might like to try that again, without my nasty bad breath. Let’s take a shower.”

Once again taking the lead, Shirley stepped into the old fashioned bathtub with me behind her and pulled the plastic shower curtain closed. She then turned on the water and after it had warmed she turned on the shower head. The warm water felt wonderful and we began to wash each other’s bodies. Washing this beautiful woman’s body was a new and wonderful experience. I soaped my hands and began by gently washing her face, keeping the soap from her eyes carefully. I then worked my way down her body, soaping her back and then taking much more time her chest. I re-soaped my hands and then began washing her lower body by reaching around and taking my time with the surprisingly hard globes of her ass and then carefully soaping her pubic hair and between her legs. She would not let me linger there too long and I finished by kneeling as I washed her legs and feet. The feel of the soft hairs that covered her legs was amazing, and I was surprised that they turned me on even more. I found myself kneeling before her with her hands on my shoulders. My face was inches from the thick pubic hair that was a medium brown and had a narrow trail that extended all the way to her navel. There, the hair was soft and golden around her very tan navel. I had heard of oral sex but had never done it and on impulse I leaned in and buried my face in her thick hair kissing her vaginal lips. I expected to be pushed away but she held my head tightly as I probed with my lips and tongue finding her wet and smelling wonderfully musky. I ran my tongue up her wet slit sending it as deep as I could and she shuddered. At the top of my stroked I felt a hard nub and ran my tongue around it and flicked it. I knew nothing about the clitoris at that moment in life, but over the next several hours would get a complete education from this amazing 38 year old woman. I kept running my tongue up and down her pussy lips and in and out deeply and each time I reached the top she would shudder more. Finally, Shirley grabbed my head with both hands and held my tightly as I licked her hard clit. I kept flicking it with my tongue and she began whimpering and crying and shaking all over. Finally she sagged and my hands on her rear eased her down into the tub. I came up to her lips and kissed her and she did not hesitate to taste the musky liquids that Ankara escort bayan she had left in my mouth. She was still breathing hard and we continued to kiss until, she, being ever the practical farm lady, said, “We need to finish before the hot water is gone.”

We stood and quickly she began to wash me and then we washed each others hair. The water did indeed become lukewarm and then cold by the time we finished. I looked at her body, covered with goose bumps from the cold water. Her areolas were a dark reddish brown and were puckered and bumpy. Her nipples were erect and sticking out like miniature penises. The cold water had an effect on my body too. My nipples were rock hard buds that she pinched playfully and my cock had shrunk and my testicles retracted. We rubbed each other dry and then dashed for the bedroom and dove under the covers huddling together for warmth.

After a few minutes, we began to nuzzle and kiss each other again. After several long deep soft kisses, she said, “What you did to me in the shower was amazing, that was the first time anyone has ever put their mouth down there. Where did you learn to do that?”

“I didn’t,” I replied, “It just seemed like something I wanted to do and I am glad you liked it. Your husband doesn’t do that for you?”

“No, he wants me to suck his cock and let him cum in my mouth, but he does nothing like that for me. He is not a very nice person and please let’s not talk about him now.” We began to kiss and fondle each other again and soon I was hard again and anxious and from the warmth of the blankets I could smell her wonderful wet musky smell again. I wanted to enter her and was anxious and perhaps sensing how anxious I was, Shirley once again took the lead. “We have all day, lay back and relax.”

Shirley kissed her way down my body and when she came to my rock hard cock she began to lick the head and to stroke it with her hands. Even though I had cum less than an hour before I was on the edge of an orgasm in seconds. Shirley then took the head of my cock into her mouth and began to run her tongue around it as she gently stroked it with her hands, fondling my balls and making me fight cumming too soon. She gradually began taking it deeper into her mouth and slowly I felt the head of my cock slide past the roof of her mouth and into her throat. I felt her lips at the base of my cock and her breath on my pubic hair as she slowly withdrew. It felt too wonderful for me to wonder how she could do such a think without gagging. Her wonderful hands followed her mouth and my cock was constantly surrounded by her warmth and love. I knew I was too close and putting my hand on her head, I loudly said, “I’m going to cum.”

Shirley speeded up her stroking and her sucking and after a half dozen of her deep strokes I began to erupt into her mouth. She didn’t break pace and later I Escort Ankara wondered how she kept from choking as I shot spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth and throat. Long after I had stopped spurting she kept stroking my cock with her mouth and did not stop until I was again limp and small.

She looked up at me and smiled and I pulled her up to kiss her deeply, tasting my cum in her mouth and not minding one bit. We snuggled for several minutes with my fondling her breasts gently and kissing her beautiful lips. “I wanted to make love to you,” I said.

She smiled and said, “We have plenty of time for that, and I want you to be relaxed and I want that first time to last and be memorable.” She lay back then on her back an put one hand behind the pillow. I had forgotten my fascination with her hairy body but seeing again the long brown underarm hair reminded me and I reached out to run my fingertips through it. She smiled and we kept kissing.

“Why don’t you shave, I mean, it’s really ok and all, but I just wondered why you don’t when the rest of my mom’s friends do.”

She smile again, and said, “I work hard every day. Shaving takes a lot of time and it seemed like I always had a rash and irritation. You should try doing hard sweaty work with you underarms and legs on fire. Do you mind the hair? If you do I will go trim or shave it before we do more.”

“No, actually I have always thought it made you look very sexy, I guess you think I am a pervert don’t you?”

“Not at all, sometimes it amazes me how many guys stare and seem to get excited when they see my legs or underarms. If you like it, then I am very glad. I have a question for you now. I was trying not to smoke, since you don’t and I know how terrible my breath is when I am smoking, but would you mind if I had a cigarette now? I will brush my teeth and use mouthwash again afterwards but I will be a lot more relaxed if I can have a cigarette.”

They say even a blind pig roots out an acorn once in a while. I managed to do the exact right thing and later she told me how much it pleased her. I reached over to the bedside table and taking a cigarette from the pack I placed it between her lips and picking up the lighter lit it for her. She took a puff and released it to get it lit, then drew deeply on the cigarette and taking it from her mouth I saw the dense smoke briefly before she inhaled it. She held it for about two seconds and then very slowly exhaled a long dense stream straight up. At the end of her exhale with smoke still coming from her lips and nostrils I leaned in and kissed her. My tongue again found hers and the taste and smell of her cigarette was not unpleasant at all. At the end of the kiss she took another long drag as I kissed my way down to her beautiful chest and began to nibble and suckle her hard brown nipples as my fingers lightly played in her thick underarm hair. Thinking back on it now makes it seem like something strange and bizarre, but with Shirley it seemed like the right and natural thing to do.

If part two goes over well I will soon add part three. Thank you for reading.

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