Mommy’s Special Medicine Ch. 03

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Had Toby ever felt a moment of such complete and utter contentment before? He considered the luxuriously soft bed beneath him, the indulgent silk duvet that cocooned his body with warmth and most of all, the gorgeous woman cuddled up to him, her breasts resting against his back and an arm protectively wrapped around his waist, and concluded that it was very unlikely.

It was the first morning in his 25 years of life that he’d woke up with a beautiful woman beside him (or any woman for that matter) and after years dreaming of this very moment, somehow it was even better than he’d imagined. Admittedly in none of those fantasies had it been his Mother laying beside him! Nor had he still been a virgin with a steel cage locked around his cock! Yet after the events of the last few weeks, none of that seemed to matter in the slightest.

Toby’s life had changed immeasurably since his Mother first had him sniff down a dose of his special medicine to ease a bad case of first date nerves. Of course he knew now that her intention hadn’t been to help him cope with nerves at all, but to curb the selfish behaviour he’d displayed in attempting to abandon the woman who’d raised him. If he really thought about it, Toby still didn’t quite understand why it was so selfish to desire a loving girlfriend and a life of his own. Everyone else seemed to, so why was it so wrong for him?

But before he could dwell on such thoughts for long his Mother would come along with another dose of his medicine and perhaps a tantalising glimpse of her cleavage, and Toby soon forgot all about questioning his new station in life. In a way he supposed the medicine had helped with his nerves, as long as he accepted what his Mother told him and obeyed without question, he would never have to worry about anything ever again.

The highs of those first 24 hours under his Mother’s control were something Toby would never forget. Kissing his Mother’s legs, feeling her ass grind into his lap and even sucking on her nipple as her magic hands brought him to orgasm were some of the greatest moments of his life! Over the weeks since however the two of them had settled into a rather more mundane routine, though not one without it’s perks. While he wouldn’t say he particularly enjoyed the mountain of household chores that filled each of his days; the evenings snuggled up to his Mother on the sofa, feeling her body pressed tightly against his own, more than made up for it.

The trouble was, he started to enjoy those Mother/son evenings in front of the TV a little too much for his own good. It was his medicine that was to blame, he was sure of it. There was no doubt it improved his behaviour, so he understood why his Mother insisted he continue to take it; but it also made him so damn horny he could barely think straight. Every night as he lay there cuddling up to his Mother, his cock was rock hard between his legs, poking up like a tent pole beneath his pyjama bottoms. Frankly he was amazed she had never noticed it!

Bed-time, which for Toby was now at 20:30 sharp, offered no relief from his all-consuming arousal. Alone in the darkness he would lie for hours with lustful thoughts of his Mother spinning around his head. Every night without fail he would find himself hunched over his laptop, face illuminated by the pale blue light of its screen as he jerked his cock to his favourite porn sites; but somehow cumming just didn’t satisfy him like it used to. He simply couldn’t understand why he was so horny all day, yet when he got a chance to relieve himself it felt like there was something… missing.

Exactly what that ‘missing’ thing was became painfully obvious the night he stumbled upon ‘’ Ever since, he’d scrolled near enough the entire internet hunting down taboo videos and stories which he spent every night bingeing, fantasising that he and his Mother were the title characters. For weeks Toby enjoyed this little routine, until last night his Mother’s innocent check of his internet history sparked a fury in her the likes of which he’d never seen before!

Toby winced as he recalled the beating his Mother had given him. As he lay tied to the dining room table she’d taken the cane to his virgin bottom and unleashed a flurry of blows that stripped the skin from his ass; leaving him bleeding and bruised, with tears streaming down his cheeks. It was an agony that he could never have imagined before his Mother forced it upon him and by the end he’d been screaming with pain, utterly delirious and feeling like he was about to lose his mind.

But just as he was at his absolute lowest his Mother had come swooping in, wrapping him in her arms and comforting him like a child. She’d explained how she loved him and didn’t want to hurt him; she simply had no choice when he displayed such disgusting behaviour, sexualising his Mother for his own gratification, that he needed to be punished. In his broken and vulnerable state, Toby lapped up every word. He was wrong to do what he did and his Mother Beylikdüzü Escort was just doing what was best for him. How could he possibly believe that his lovely, kind Mother who hugged and comforted him like this had anything other than his best interests at heart?

As Toby sobbed into her shoulder, his Mother had told him she could make all his problems go away. She could remove the pride and ego which led to such bad behaviour and make sure he didn’t act on his perfectly normal attraction to her in a disrespectful way. All he had to do was sit back, keep taking his medicine and let Mommy take away all those nasty little freedoms that had led him to act so selfishly. Desperate not to disappoint his loving Mother any more than he already had, Toby agreed without hesitation.

His Mother had wasted no time in stripping away the first of those freedoms; taking full control of his cock and locking it in a chastity cage to prevent Toby giving in to his inappropriate urges. He had to admit the thought of wearing this cage 24/7 filled him with dread. How could he possibly cope with the constant arousal without his nightly relief? Even with nightly relief he was maddeningly horny, so being denied that would surely drive him insane!

Toby’s thoughts snapped back to reality when his Mother, as though she could sense his worries, shifted position and slipped her hands between his legs, giving his caged dick a playful squeeze.

“Morning sleepyhead,” she grinned, cuddling up closer so her cheek pressed against his “how’s my locked up boy doing? No little night-time mishaps I hope.”

“N-no Mom, erm I mean Mommy,” Toby corrected himself. “I won’t touch myself like that again, I promise.”

“I know you won’t, that’s why you’re Mommy’s special boy,” she smiled, before giving him a big, wet kiss on the cheek “now come on, it’s time to get up. We’ve got a big day ahead of us!”

With that Toby’s peaceful start to the day was shattered. His Mother slid her delicious body away from him, threw back the covers and pushed herself out of bed; leaving Toby feeling all of a sudden very anxious at the prospect of what might lie ahead of him once he left the safety of his Mother’s bed-sheets.

“Since we have such a busy day ahead of us, I’m afraid you’re going to have to skip breakfast,” his Mother said, reaching into her bedside drawer and removing a familiar brown bottle “but don’t you worry, Mommy will make sure you don’t miss out on your medicine.”

She unscrewed the cap, leaned forward and held the bottle out to him. Being very used to this drill by now, Toby automatically propped himself upright so that his nostrils touched the rim of the bottle and inhaled deeply. Within seconds, he was rewarded with the euphoric buzz and tingling between his legs that he’d come to know and love.

As always during the moments after taking his medicine, the room was shimmering and the morning light that streamed through the window took on a fantastical quality, as though he were in a dream. His Mother was always stunning, but now her skin was practically glowing! She was so beautiful Toby found it hard to believe that she wasn’t some kind of Goddess, come down from the heavens to grace him with her presence.

“Come on darling,” his Mother smiled sweetly as she offered him her hand “come to Mommy. It’s time to start stripping away all that pride and ego, just like I promised.”

It was like Toby was in a trance. Whenever he sniffed up his medicine, everything his Mother said just sounded so reasonable. Of course he had to let her do this to him. His pride was making him unhappy, it made him do silly, selfish things that disappointed the one woman who’d ever loved him. He needed his Mommy to help stamp it out of him; his Mommy would make everything better.

Toby took his Mother’s hand and let her pull him to his feet. Then still hand-in-hand, she led him out the bedroom door, down the hallway and into the bathroom where, resting on the edge of the sink where she’d left it last night, was the key to Toby’s chastity device. She scooped up the key, pinching between her fingers and wiggled it gleefully.

“Alright honey, let’s get started shall we?” His Mother grinned. “Now for this first little adjustment we’ll need to take off your cage but don’t you worry, Mommy will make sure your cock is safely locked away again just as soon as we’re done.”

A few minutes ago the fact his freedom was to be only fleeting may have left Toby feeling disappointed; however in his hazy, drugged up state he simply accepted what he was told. It was a good thing that he wouldn’t be free for long. If his cock wasn’t caged he might be tempted to touch it again, to give in to his urges and disappoint his Mother like he had last night. No, he thought to himself, he was glad his Mother was going to lock away his cock. He wanted to be in chastity for her, he needed her to control his life; his Mommy knew what was best for him, all Toby needed to worry about was doing Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan as he was told.

“Right then, time to get started,” his Mother beamed. “Let’s see how Mommy’s cock’s doing shall we?”

His Mother reached down, unlocked the steel cage and worked the device away from her son’s cock. For a moment she peered down at his small, flacid penis with a look somewhere between satisfaction and pride, then reached into the bathroom cabinet and produced a large can of shaving foam and a sharp, single blade razor, both of which she placed on the edge of the sink beside her.

“Now the first step to getting rid of that little ego of yours is to remove all that unsightly body hair,” his Mother explained, sneering as she trace a finger across the light carpet of hair which covered his chest “you’re never going to learn your place when you look like a big, hairy man are you? No, you’re a sweet, timid boy who needs looking after, and Mommy is going to make sure you look like one.”

Toby had never been particularly hairy, but even so the thought of being shaved like some hairless rat was mortifying! Still with last nights beating fresh in the mind and his special medicine still pumping through his veins, he didn’t dare offer any resistance. Instead he simply watched as his Mother squirted a mound of crisp, white foam into her hand and began to lather it over his cock, balls and pubic hair.

Within seconds Toby’s worries were driven from his mind as the touch of his Mother’s soft hands between his legs drove him wild with desire. Suddenly nothing mattered but the beautiful woman slathering cream up the length of his rapidly hardening cock. Toby couldn’t help but let out a groan of pleasure as his Mother’s finger slipped across his skin.

“Come on, let’s get that willy nice and hard for Mommy. It will be much easier to shave with a little something to hold on to.”

Toby’s cock sprang to attention at his Mother’s command, allowing her to grip its shaft and begin to carefully drag the razor across her son’s skin. With a steady hand she scraped away the shaving foam to reveal the bare skin below, pale and smooth as that of a new born baby. She made her way over every inch of skin between his legs, then worked away at his balls and finally ran the razor up and down the shaft of Toby’s cock until there wasn’t a single hair remaining.

“Perfect,” his Mother declared, taking a moment to admire her handiwork. “That’s a much more appropriate look for my sweet, innocent boy. No-one would mistake you for a real man now would they?”

Toby looked down at his freshly shaved genitals with a sick fascination and couldn’t help but agree.

“Well it’s a good start anyway, we’ve still got a long way to go yet,” his Mother went on, taking the razor and bottle of foam from the sink and thrusting them into his hands. “Now Mommy’s going to take a nice hot shower downstairs. While I’m gone, I want you to take these and make sure your whole body is as lovely and smooth as that little willy of yours. Then you’ll lock yourself back in chastity again and bring the key to Mommy in her bedroom. Understand?”

“Yes Mommy,” Toby replied meekly.

“Good boy,” his Mother smiled, and rewarded him with another kiss on the cheek before slipping out the door and leaving him alone.

This was the first moment of privacy Toby’d had since his Mother had burst into his room last night and suddenly he felt the weight of the surreal events that had since played out. His own Mother had tied him up, beaten him and locked a metal cage around his cock! Now she was forcing him to shave the hair from his entire body! This wasn’t normal, a small voice in his head whispered, it wasn’t right for her to treat him this way. But as always since he’d started taking his medicine, it was a voice Toby ignored; it was that sort of thinking that got him in trouble in the first place. No, he needed to do as his Mother told him, and keep taking his medicine to stop harmful thoughts like this from leading him astray.

Resigned to his fate, Toby got to work coating his skin with shaving foam and gradually shaving his body free of hair. It was a painstaking process but, fearful that failure would lead to another caning, Toby took his time to make sure he removed every single hair. Every time he thought he was done another pesky patch seemed to appear, but eventually after what felt like hours, Toby was finally satisfied he’d done a good job. From under his arms and across his chest, right down his now silky smooth legs to the very tips of his toes, there wasn’t a hair in sight.

Following his Mother’s instructions to the letter, Toby slipped the chastity device back over his cock, locked it shut and ventured out of the bathroom to return the key to its rightful owner. Now he was shaved, somehow he felt even more naked than he had before; it was like a part of him had been removed, leaving him exposed and vulnerable. Suppressing a shiver as the cold air chilled his newly Escort Beylikdüzü smooth skin, he quickly made his way to his Mother’s bedroom.

Any shame he felt as a result of his hairless body evaporated when he saw how happy the sight of it made his Mother. The second she laid eyes on him her face broke out into a radiant grin and her eyes shone with pride. She practically squealed with delight and cooed as though he was an adorable little puppy she’d just seen for the first time.

“Awww, you look so cute! Come here sweetie, let me take a look at you.”

Toby stood still as his Mother came across to inspect him. She examined him closely, pulling apart his butt cheeks, lifting his arms and checking every crease and crevice to make sure he hadn’t missed a spot. Though he’d taken care not to leave a single hair, Toby still worried there might be a tricky to see spot he’d missed, so it was a relief when his Mother gave him a satisfied smile and ran her finger over his now perfectly shaved chest.

“Well done,” she congratulated him eagerly. “That’s better isn’t it? No more nasty body hair for you; just nice, smooth skin for my sweet, well behaved boy.”

“Yes Mommy, it’s much better thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. Now I know it isn’t the quickest process, shaving by hand like that but don’t worry, Mommy has arranged for you to have an appointment at the hair clinic to get all that hair lasered off permanently. Soon you’ll never need to worry about shaving again!”

The thought of having his body permanently altered brought a worm of fear to Toby’s stomach, but under his Mother’s intense gaze he daren’t object. Instead he just smiled and dumbly nodded along, agreeing to whatever his Mother wanted. After all, she always knew what was best for him.

“I see you also remembered to lock yourself back in your little cage, I trust you brought Mommy the key like she asked?” His Mother queried, holding out her hand expectantly.

“Ah yes… yes of course,” he placed the key delicately into her palm.

“Good boy.”

Toby watched with interest as his Mother scooped up a gold chain from her dresser and slid it through the head of the key. She then brought each end of the chain behind her neck and fastened them shut so that it became a necklace. Toby’s eyes were irresistibly drawn to where the key to his chastity cage now lay nestled between his Mother’s pert breasts.

“What do you think?” His Mother asked innocently “Do you like Mommy’s new necklace? I thought it would be nice to keep your key close to my heart; to show you how much it means that you’ve given up your freedom for me.”

“I-I love it,” Toby stammered.

“Yes I thought you might! Why don’t you give it a little kiss? Show Mommy how happy you are that she locked your little willy away.”

Toby’s heart seemed to stop in his chest and his cock swelled with excitement. He hardly dared to believe what he was hearing. After weeks in a horny drug fueled haze, allowed to look but (since that first day under her control anyway) not touch his Mother’s stunning body, was he now being invited back for another taste? Slowly, as though rushing would scare the moment away, he inched his head down towards his Mother’s chest and pressed his lips against the key. The moment his lips touched the cold metal, he felt his Mother’s hand cup the back of his head and for a few seconds of pure heaven, push his head into her so that it was sandwiched between her bulging breasts.

Once those glorious seconds had passed and his head was released, Toby was left dazed and more turned on than ever. The touch of his Mother’s soft breasts against his cheeks had engorged his cock so that it throbbed in its cage, his skin bulging through the metal bars as though it were going to burst! His obvious arousal seemed to amuse his Mother greatly.

“Oh look how excited you are! What a good job that cock is safely locked away; I think seeing that it’s best we keep you locked up for a very long time,” his Mother chuckled, then picked up a bottle of moisturiser and slipped it into Toby’s hand “now I know we have a busy day ahead of us, but don’t think you’ll be getting out of your chores. Mommy’s had a nice, hot shower and we don’t want her lovely legs to dry out now do we?”

“No-no Mommy,” Toby stuttered.

“Good. In that case you better get on those knees and start rubbing!”

Obediently, Toby knelt beside his Mother’s bed and squirted moisturiser into his cupped hands. Normally when he moisturised his Mother’s legs she would simply place her foot in his lap or on the floor, but today she perched on the edge of her bed, leaned back and possessively planted her foot at the centre of his smooth chest. Feeling somehow smaller than he did before, Toby got to work rubbing moisturiser into his Mother’s silky smooth legs. As he methodically stroked away, his Mother gazed down at him triumphantly, like a predator sizing up its helplessly cornered prey.

“Look at you; so sweet, so innocent, you have no idea what’s about to happen to you,” his Mother said softly, playfully lifting her other foot so that her toe stroked Toby’s cheek, then gently moved around his face and teasingly brushed against his lips. “But you don’t need to worry about that… you just focus on rubbing on Mommy’s legs like a good boy and let it all happen.”

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