Mommy in the Morning Ch. 03

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This chapter contains incestuous lesbian sex. It also has some urine play as well. If you are turned off or otherwise disgusted by this sort of thing, I don’t recommend that you read my story. Otherwise, I hope that you are aroused and entertained by my story.


Alone with her son Neil in the dining room, Jean was worried that her daughter Denise might return from the bathroom sooner than expected. However, Neil didn’t seem to share her concern.

“Ready for me to make good on my promise?” Neil asked his mother, referring to his obligation from that morning to give his mother an orgasm. Without waiting for an answer, he wrapped his arms around her body until he could firmly fondle Jean’s massive breasts.

“Jesus Neil, what if your sister walked in right now?” Jean demanded with a worried tone. Her eyes never left the hallway that connected the dining room to her children’s bedrooms.

Breathing in the scent of his mother’s hair whilst he groped her body, Denise was the farthest thing from his thoughts. His cock had quickly become rigid, and he began to lightly hump his mother’s behind with it.

“You’re not doing it in my ass again tonight,” Jean informed him sounding absurdly motherly for what she was saying, “I’m still too sore from this morning.”

Knowing how Jean seemed to get off on being dominated, Neil gruffly replied, “I’ll stick my dick wherever I damn well please Mommy.” Jean shuddered in reply, and goosebumps began to break out on her arms.

Neil allowed his hands to caress down her stomach until he felt the clasp on her pants. He undid the clasp, and began to pull her pants down, exposing her pink panties as he did so. He began to kneel in behind her as her pants traveled towards the floor.

“Oh, Neil! I’m not sure about this,” Jean said with a tremor. She made no move to stop him when he turned her around until his face was even with her crotch.

Leaning his mother back against the table, he placed two fingers inside her panties. One of his fingers brushed against Jean’s clitoris, and she made a slight moan. Pushing aside her panties, he began to nibble around her clit. His tender ministrations were driving Jean wild.

With his other hand, Neil clawed his fingers into her butt, pushing her all the while more squarely against his mouth. Jean was beginning to give in to the pleasure.

Suddenly, they heard the toilet flushing. All at once, Neil was trying to pull his mother’s pants back up, but her hips resisted and she ended up falling flat back on the table. In a panic, Jean clawed her pants upwards to cover her exposure.

There was the sound of a door opening, followed quickly by another one being slammed shut. Both Neil and Jean let out a sigh of relief as their crisis was adverted. Neil chuckled lightly, and moved towards his mother as if he were ready to continue their evening tryst.

“Hold on Neil,” Jean commanded, “we can’t risk being caught.” Something in her tone of voice told Neil that she was firmly set in her course this time. “We’ll just have to wait until Denise is out of the house again.”

Although disappointed, Neil understood completely. Without a single argument, he conceded. As he headed off to his own room, he lingered briefly to kiss Jean firmly on the mouth. It was enough to make part of Jean want to say fuck the risks, but it was a very small part of her. Waiting until after Neil went down the hall to his room, Jean quietly made her way into her bedroom.


About an hour later, Jean lay in bed unable to sleep. She kept thinking about the way her own son had kissed her on the lips. Particularly, she thought about the way he nibbled around her willing sex.

Frustrated at her inability to get the day’s events out of her mind, Jean finally allowed her desire to convince her to do something she rarely ever did.

Jean began to touch herself.

At first, she firmly caressed her breasts in a futile attempt to mimic Neil’s strong grasping hands. After a moment of this, Jean decided that while it was arousing, she would just let Neil do it for her later. Instead, she tickled her fingers down across her navel until they reached the barrier of her pajama bottoms. Reaching underneath, she began to rub herself in tight little circles.


Having watched through the clips on her computer a second time, Denise came to a perfectly titillating conclusion.

Neil had promised her mother that he would repay her with an orgasm that night.

“They’re probably in Mom’s room right now fucking like bunnies as I watch the video,” Denise said to herself quietly.

Denise still felt quite horny after having masturbated herself to orgasm a handful of times this evening. The prospect of her mother and her brother having incestuous sex left her with the most delicious feelings throughout her body. She knew that the only thing that would quench her lust was to catch them in the act.

With firm resolve, she stood up and began to grab her panties to put them back on. Then with sudden bakırköy üniversiteli escort inspiration she threw them to the side. The thought of walking in on them half nude made her already wet pussy become a little more moist.

On a final impulse, Denise grabbed her now fully charged camera. Maybe she could make some of what her brother called “wank material” while she intruded on her family’s sexual romp.

Thinking about her brother, she realized that Neil was going to be the hard one to deal with. Somehow, she had to establish her own domination over him, otherwise he was likely to treat her the same way as her mother. While not really opposed to playing submissive, Denise felt it would send the wrong message if she let Neil be the boss from the start. Maybe later they could swap roles for fun, but for now, she was intent on being in control.

Denise quietly left her room and stalked through the halls towards her parent’s bedroom. The cool night air snuggled around her, causing goosebumps to form on her exposed lower half. She was feeling more erotically charged with every step she took.

Finally arriving at the closed door to her parent’s room, she was awarded with sounds of lustful moans from the other side. Silently she congratulated herself on the correctness of her guess. All that separated her from satiating her sexual desire was a single wooden door.

Being careful not to make any noise, she turned the knob, and pushed the door inwards. She brought her camera to focus upon the spectacle before her.


As Jean continued to play with herself, she began to fantasize about the events that transpired that morning. As much as she was loath to admit it, Jean rather liked the rough treatment her son gave her during their sexual encounters, particularly the spanking. She hadn’t enjoyed their anal romp as much as Neil obviously did, but Jean would submit to almost any of his desires.

No longer pleased with her fingers, Jean rolled onto her belly and began humping her crotch against her bed covers. Not satisfied with this either, she glanced around with hopes of finding something to pleasure herself with.

Spotting her pillow, Jean suddenly recalled the time when she had caught Denise humping her pillow. She had scolded her rather harshly at the time, but now the memory was welcomed with pleasure.

Wishing to be fully nude for what she was about to do, she lifted her pajama top over her head, allowing her massive mammaries to be exposed to the cool air. Then she impatiently kicked off her bottoms. Grabbing the pillow, and facing away from the door, she placed it between her thighs. Never having done it like this, Jean wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Slowly she rubbed her pussy along the length of the pillow.

“Good God!” she moaned as she basked in the sensations that were flowing from her pussy up into her belly, “No wonder Denise did it this way.” Grabbing the covers beside her, she began thrusting back and forth in smooth long motions. Jean would never in a million years be able to describe what this act was doing to her, but it was tantalizing.


Still standing in the hallway, Denise had missed none of her mother’s performance. Indeed, she was filming some rather sexy footage that began when her mother had first started to hump the pillow. Denise was surprised that Neil was nowhere to be found, but that didn’t faze her. The show she was watching was just as sexy without him.

Denise was startled after Jean had mentioned her name, but refrained from giving away that she was in the room. Instead, she alternated between filming her mother’s ass as it slid forward to shots of her mother’s entire form fucking the pillow.

In her lust, Jean was oblivious to the presence of another person. Denise loved the fact that she was capturing her mother in her unguarded sensuality. The sight of her thrusting her hips into the pillow and grinding it backwards was very enticing indeed.

Changing her rhythm, Jean began rotating her pussy in circles across the pillow. The sight of her mother’s luscious ass gyrating on the pillow was almost more than Denise could take. Being extremely careful, Denise made her way into a room to get a better shot of her mother’s large breasts jiggling through the air. Part of Denise wanted to stick her face in between those tits and just let them pummel her.

Suddenly, Jean lifted her ass into the air and brought her hand down to her pussy. There was something fiercely animalistic in the way she pummeled her pussy in order to get off. Denise almost had an orgasm just watching her mother’s antics.

Caught up in her imagination, Jean suddenly gasped, “Spank my ass Neil! Spank Mommy’s butt! Mommy’s been a bad girl Neil! Spank Mommy’s fucking ass!”

Listening to all this, Denise realized that her mother was on the brink of orgasm. Feeling playful, she stepped forward quietly until she was directly behind Jean’s upwardly thrusting ass. Training her bakırköy bdsm escort camera so that it could get a good view of her mother’s fingers in her pussy and her ass at the same time, when Denise knew there was no turning back for her mother, she finally made her commitment to the scene.

“Oh! Please! Spank…Mommy’s…asshole!” Jean pleaded one last time.

Denise obliged by bringing her hand down onto her mother’s ass for a tremendous smack, prompting her mother to collapse as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Denise, however, did not let up. She spanked her mother on the butt over and over again, to the sound of her mother’s weak protests.

Jean was spasming in orgasm, and didn’t have the energy to lift her head to look backwards. The orgasm roiled throughout her body even causing her toes to curl. With this welcome assault preoccupying her, she just assumed that it was Neil spanking her already sore buttocks.

That was until Denise said in as sweet a voice as she could manage, “Does Mommy want me to keep spanking her?”

Jean’s eyes leapt open, and she flipped herself over to see her daughter, in a tight fitting shirt but nothing below it. As if this wasn’t enough of a shock, Denise was grinning as she trained a video camera on Jean’s vulnerable state. Jean’s eyes traveled back and forth between the camera and her daughter’s not quite hair free crotch.

At a loss for words, Jean was only able to stare at Denise for a long moment. Then she found a question wrenching from her lips, “What’s going on here?”

Denise laughed a superior laugh before she replied, “‘What’s going on here?’ you ask! Obviously, you’re being a hypocritical bitch, getting off on a pillow which I seem to remember getting scolded for when I did the same thing years ago.”

Jean began a reply, but Denise put a finger over her lips to stifle her.

“Now here’s the situation. I not only have footage of you in rather unseemly positions of masturbation, but I have you fucking your son as well.”

Her lips trembling in fright, Jean felt hot tears beginning to flow. She tried to sob another question, but this time Denise slapped her across the face.

Imperiously, Denise continued, “I don’t want you blubbering right now, and if I even think you’re beginning to start, I’ll slap you again. Now listen to me! I have the aforementioned footage that could ruin your life as you know it. However, I’m willing to withhold this scandalous business as long as you agree to help me out.”

Sensing that Denise wanted her to ask a question, Jean consented with, “What do you want?”

Knowing that she had her mother ensnared, Denise moved in for the kill. “You’re going to be my new sex slave. Probably Neil as well, but I’ll work on that later.” She stared candidly at her mother.

The tears that had been held back up until this point suddenly burst out across Jean’s face. Sure, fucking her son had been wrong, but she could deal with that since he was male. Being her daughter’s slave however seemed abhorrently evil. God! She had never even thought about being with a woman before, and now it seemed she was going to be her own daughter’s sexual plaything.

Impassively, Denise watched the tears flow across her mother’s face. On a weird impulse, she leaned inwards until she was inches from Jean’s face. Then, much to her own shock, she licked her mother’s face up on the path of the tears. This only caused Jean to cry harder, but Denise was fine with that. The tears signaled her victory over her mother, and she was quite willing to enjoy their salty taste on her tongue.

After a moment, Denise grew tired of the game though. She had some rather pressing needs, and, in her mother, she had found the perfect tool to satisfy them.

“Now Mommy…you like to be called Mommy don’t you? Well, you’re going to lick my pussy now until I cum all over your face.”

Jean made the mistake of shaking her head, which earned her another slap in the face. She began to slowly inch her mouth towards her daughter’s pussy, but evidently she wasn’t fast enough to suit Denise. Denise grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face into her crotch.

Standing with camera in hand, Denise now had her mother lying across the bed eating her daughter’s pussy.

“Lick my dripping cunt up and down Mommy,” Denise commanded.

Hesitantly, Jean pushed her tongue forward until it met with her daughter’s sumptuous flesh. Not quite sure what to do, she began licking up and down her daughter’s exposed slit. Denise shoved Jean’s face harder into her crotch, which Jean interpreted as a sign that she was doing something right.

In spite of herself, Jean found herself becoming aroused once again. While she was disgusted by the lesbianism she was being forced to perform, her submissive nature was making her horny. For the first time, Jean realized that she was a natural slave.

Regaining some control over her lusts, Denise realized she was still filming. Training it down on her crotch, she commanded bakırköy elit escort Jean, “Look at the camera.”

Despite herself, Jean gazed into the camera.

“Now give me a long sloppy lick.”

Jean lowered her tongue to the bottom of her daughter’s pussy, and licked slowly upwards. When she reached Denise’s clit, she gave it a little flick of her tongue and leaned her head back. A thick strand of Denise’s pussy juice stretched precariously from Denise’s sex to her mother’s tongue before it fell down Jean’s chin.

Surprising herself, Jean licked her lips clean of her daughter’s liquid. The taste was much better than she could ever have imagined. Maybe she could get into this muffdiving business.

“Don’t stop, keep licking my pussy,” Denise said, only not sounding quite so domineering as earlier.

Leaning her face forwards, she began to eagerly comply with a gentle teasing of her daughter’s clit. Rewarded with more moaning, Jean began to relish the effect she was having on her daughter. She was now staring deeply into Denise’s eyes, all the while slurping her pussy. Jean smiled at the way her daughter’s face had contorted until it looked as if she were about to cry.

All the while, Denise never stopped filming her mother munching at her pussy. It surprised her how much Jean seemed to be enjoying herself. Denise was beyond happiness that she had her mother’s lusty eyes on film. Denise anticipated using this image to get off to for a long time to come.

While ecstatic with the firmness of Jean’s tongue, Denise decided it was time to give another lesson in who was boss in this couple. Grabbing her mother firmly by the shoulders, she gave a strong push sending Jean onto her back on the bed. Before Jean could recover, Denise leapt onto the bed with her knees on both sides of Jean’s head.

Scooting forward, Denise pushed her pussy into her mother’s face. Jean was very uncomfortable in this position, but she didn’t dare move anywhere. Without preamble, Denise began to rub her slit up and down the whole length of her mother’s pretty face.

Pointing the camera briefly at her own face, Denise said, “Watch as I cream all over Mommy’s face!” Denise then focused the camera on the sight of her pussy sliding across Jean’s face.

Jean was struggling to breathe at first, but after she relaxed a little, breathing came easier. She was now being pummeled by her daughter’s pussy, and her face was becoming drenched. The smell was very strong, but somehow that only increased her burgeoning arousal. Jean began to lightly play with her pussy, unbeknownst to her preoccupied daughter.

Humping her mother’s face with wild abandon, Denise was lost to the world. All that was left to her was the pleasure radiating from her roiling center. Her orgasm didn’t so much as burst from her pussy as explode through her entire being. The waves rolled up her body, briefly overloading thought processes. She collapsed forward with her face in the bed spread, never removing her leaking pussy from Jean’s face. Later, Denise would realize that she missed filming all this as her camera hand had collapsed onto the bed along with the rest of her.

While her face was already wet from Denise’s lubricating fluids, the orgasm positively drenched Jean’s entire face. Jean sensed when her daughter collapsed forward, but even though she was uncomfortable, she didn’t move. Instead, she began lapping at Denise’s pussy with her tongue, for the first time tasting the results of a woman’s orgasm.

Still pummeling her own pussy, Jean succeeded in bringing herself to orgasm. Trying desperately to hide it from her daughter, she was unable to stifle her body’s spasms nor a slight moan.

Although still recovering from her own orgasm, Denise sensed her mother’s distress. Removing her knee from the right side of Jean’s head, she quickly sat up to see her mother’s hands busily playing with her own pussy.

Secretly, Denise was glad that Jean had taken the initiative to please herself, but she was all the while determined to be her mother’s dominatrix. Grabbing one of her mother’s hands, she forced it up into Jean’s mouth.

“Mommy isn’t supposed to get off without her daughter’s permission,” Denise began, “Lick these fucking wet fingers clean.”

Jean’s face was a mess. Her hair was matted and stuck to her face, and her makeup had been smeared all over. There was a wet sheen covering her from Denise’s orgasm. She looked like hell as she obediently licked her fingers clean of her own fluids. Jean was overcome with embarrassment as she looked straight into the camera lens once again.

“My Mommy, the fucking slut,” Denise crooned, “Look at her sucking in those naughty fingers. I bet you’ll suck anything that I put in your mouth won’t you. Well maybe I should give it a try, don’t you think so Mommy?”

Not knowing what to expect, but knowing what was expected of her, Jean slowly nodded her head.

Denise pulled Jean’s fingers out of her mouth, and crawled across the bed until she reached the pillow her mother had been fucking when she got there. Removing the camera from her hand, she set it off to the side in a position that she fervently hoped would record all the sexy fun. Leaning her head into the pillow, she took a great whiff. The smell was intoxicatingly arousing. Reaching behind her with both hands, she grabbed both of her ass cheeks.

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