Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 15

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Chapter 15 – Just Don’t Touch My Nipples

“Wait, Jason. This just isn’t right. This is wrong. I can’t do this.”

“Wrong?” Jason looked at his mother with a face full of disappointment. “What’s wrong?”

Fearing the worst, he feared that his mother had second thoughts. He feared that she couldn’t go through with their devised, sexy scenario of her playing Jennifer Lopez and him playing Ryan Reynolds. He feared that he’d never see her naked and that she wouldn’t want to see his cock. He feared that he’d never write his Nude Day story. He needed to think of something to say to convince her to continue to go through with this Nude Day striptease show but what? Unable to come up with anything else to say to convince her otherwise, his mind was blanked by his sexual frustration and her deep, wet kisses.

“I don’t want to cramp your style and ruin your story,” she said giving him a sexy look. “If feeling a woman’s breast, while French kissing her, is what you normally do, when with a woman on a first date, Jason, then you may feel my breasts, while French kissing me. I don’t mind, really I don’t,” she said puffing out her chest and giving him the green light to feel her tits. “Actually, I like the comfort of you touching me in that way.”

“Thank you, Mother,” said Jason feeling awkward that he was caught feeling her breast. Yet, now that she said it was okay for him to feel her breasts, he felt better about feeling his mother’s tits.

As if about to open the safe to see the precious family jewels, feeling as if he needed to crack his knuckles, and blow on his fingertips, before feeling his mother’s tits, Jason was overwhelmed with incestuous, sexual anticipation.

“Actually,” she said putting the back of her hand to her forehead, as if it was a cool compress and as if she was Gloria Swanson, “no one has touched me like that in such a long time. To be honest, and I know that I shouldn’t say this because I’m your mother, but tonight, I’m Elizabeth or Jennifer or whomever you want me to be, but I like the feel of your hand on my breast, while pretending that you’re Ryan Reynolds feeling my boobs.”

“And tonight, you’re my Elizabeth,” said Jason lightly kissing his mother’s lips.

“Pretending we’re not who we are, but someone else, is so erotic,” she said giving him the sexy look of Elizabeth, instead of the motherly look of his mother. “You have a gentle touch and it’s been a long time, since anyone has touched me in such a sexual way. Only,” she said pausing and looking up at him, as if she was asking him to do just the opposite, “please don’t touch my nipples. Okay?”

“Your nipples? Why mother?” Thinking that she had her period or was about to get her period, thinking that her nipples were sore, afraid to ask, Jason persevered. “What’s wrong with your nipples?”

“My nipples are my erogenous zone and I’m not responsible for what I’d do, if you sexually aroused me by fingering my nipples,” she said, as if she was Sally Kellerman, nurse hot lips Houlihan in Mash, always saying one thing, but meaning something else. “I swear, even more effective than rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy, the key to my sexual passion are my nipples.”

“Mother!” Filled with confused emotion, he looked at her with shocked embarrassment and incestuous excitement. “I never heard you talk like that.”

“And I never thought I’d be making out with my son and asking him not to touch my nipples,” she said laughing to, no doubt, hide the look of danger on her face.

“Okay, Mom,” he said kissing her again, while relieved that his mother wanted him to not only continue kissing her but also to feel her breasts. “I promise not to touch your nipples.”

Only this time, not only given the green light to feel her breasts but also the information to know where to touch her and how to touch her, his hand more aggressively felt her full, C cup breasts through her blouse and bra, first one and then the other. He loved how her breasts felt in his hand through her blouse and through her bra, so firm and so heavy, while kissing her. Feeling her breasts, while kissing her added to his sexual excitement and his cock was already aching to fuck her and for her to suck him.

Again, as if she wore a sign around her neck that read, ‘Do Not Touch’, drawn to it, as a moth to a light, as soon as he felt her breasts, he felt her nipples make their appearance through her bra and blouse, and in the palm of his hand. Stunned that her nipples felt so big and so hard, suddenly having a difficult time keeping his promise to his mother to not to touch her nipples, his hand remained motionless, while his fingers kneaded her breasts. Afraid to break his promise to his mother that he just made not to touch her nipples, afraid that if he touched her nipples, he’d prematurely ruin everything and she wouldn’t strip naked, he felt, as if he was behind the wheel of a brand new, Mustang GT and asked to keep the speed porno izle limit to 35mph.

Why would she tell him not to touch her nipples, if she didn’t want him to touch her nipples? Maybe what she said was simple and true. Maybe she didn’t want him to touch her nipples. Then, again, giving him mixed signals before, maybe she wanted him to touch her nipples. Knowing that he’d break the promise he just made not to touch her nipples, knowing that he couldn’t help himself from touching her nipples, maybe this was her way to put the blame on him, she should he ignore her request and touch her nipples.

Did he dare touch her nipples? He so wanted to touch her nipples. As soon as he felt her nipples push against the palm of his hand, she responded by kissing him even more passionately. He didn’t have to be her experienced lover to know that she was already aroused, even without him even touching her nipples. Her kisses told him that she was aroused and as if her nipples were tiny erect penises, her hard, erect nipples told him that, too.

Surely, no doubt, with her knowing, by her telling him not to touch her nipples, was like telling him not to have another freshly baked, chocolate, chip cookie. Just as he loved her big tits and not her erect nipples, he loved her homemade chocolate, chip cookies. Just as one cookie wasn’t enough, just as he couldn’t stop himself from having a second chocolate, chip cookie, there was no way that he was going to keep his promise by not touching her nipples.

He knew what she wanted him to do and, no doubt, she wanted him to touch her nipples. Only, even now more nervous about touching her nipples than he was about kissing her and feeling her breasts, he was afraid that her nipples was the lid to her Pandora’s box. There was no telling what would be unleashed and what would happen, if he ignored her request and touched her nipples. No doubt, by him touching her nipples, it was obvious that he was giving her what she so desired and what he so wanted. A win/win for both, how could he not touch her nipples?

With the encouragement received from her and from the wine, going for broke, he ran a slow finger over her erect nipple, first one and then the other. He fingered her nipples through her blouse and pulled them out more through her bra. Figuring his mother told him that her nipples were her erogenous zone and her gateway to sexually exciting her for a reason, he focused more on her nipples than on any other part of her body now. Ever so lightly running his palms and his fingertips across her nipples, he felt her passion grow and her nipples enlarge and harden with his deep, wet, warm kisses.

Whenever he touched her nipples, she responded in the way that he had sexually fantasized she would, when he was in his room alone and masturbating over the thoughts of making out with her and having sex with her. Never has he kissed a woman so passionately before, as he was kissing his mother now. Never has he been kissed by a woman as passionately before, as his mother was kissing him now. Never has he felt as sexually excited, as he felt now.

Going against her expressed wishes in hopes of exciting her even more, he continued fingering her nipples through her bra and blouse. Immediately, she responded by kissing him harder and deeper. Once he felt her nipples harden, he pulled them out even more with his fingertips, while feeling fondling, and caressing her breasts. Her nipples were so big. Her nipples were so hard. He couldn’t wait to see them. He couldn’t wait to suck them.

He already knew his Mom had big nipples, he’s seen the impressions that they made in her sheer nightgowns, sheer blouses, and wet bikini bra before, but he’s never touched them, until now, and seen them as big as they were now. They were huge, bigger than Jayne Mansfield’s nipples, bigger than Loni Anderson’s nipples, bigger than Kim Basinger, Pamela Anderson, and Dolly Parton’s nipples, she had bigger nipples than even Angelina Jolie. She had the biggest nipple impressions he’s ever seen and being the big movie buff that he is, he’s seen plenty.

He couldn’t wait to see them without her blouse and bra in the way of his lustful desire. He couldn’t wait to take her naked nipples in between his fingers, before taking them in his mouth. He couldn’t wait to suck his mother’s big tits. He couldn’t wait, he couldn’t wait, he couldn’t wait.

“Jason, please, don’t. Stop. I beg you. I asked you not to finger my nipples,” she whispered shrinking from his touch to fold her arms across her breasts, as if she was cold or as if she was violated on a bus or in an elevator. “You’re making me crazy with incestuous lust for you,” she said squirming, while shivering.

“Sorry, Mother,” he said even though he wasn’t sorry.

“To be honest, kissing you is one thing and allowing you to feel my breast is quite another, but for you to sexually arouse me in the way that you’re doing now by fingering, amatör porno pulling, squeezing, twisting, and turning my nipples is wrong, Jason. I won’t have sex with you. I can’t,” she said with her big, green eyes confessing otherwise.

“Sorry, Mother,” he said again, but this time with a devilish grin. “Too wrapped up in how much kissing you, while touching you excites me, I didn’t realize how much kissing you, while touching you would excite you, too.”

“I feel what you feel, Jason, when you touch me,” she said looking at him with the eyes of a woman, instead of the eyes of his mother. “Just because I’m your mother doesn’t mean that I don’t have sexual feelings. Other than that I’m a woman and you’re a man, there’s no difference in my sexual excitement from your sexual excitement,” she said. “Genetically the same, the only difference is that you’re male and I’m female.”

Instead of stopping, instead of obeying his mother, and instead of keeping his promise not to touch her nipples, being the brat he’s always been, his plan was to continue fingering her nipples. When they started making out again, as soon as she invited him to do so, by moving her arms out of the way, he continued feeling her breasts, but while still fingering her nipples. Her nipples were still big and hard and with just the first touch, she was already squirming and breathing harder. As if her nipples were akin to the feeling he received, when a woman fingered and stroked his cock, as if her nipples were an extension to her clit, it was then that he realized the control he had over his mother and her body through the mere touch of her nipples.

Breathlessly kissing him, she was so vulnerable. Wiggling and squirming her body on the couch, while helplessly in his control and under his spell, she was so sexy. She was so sexually excited. Even up this close, with his face plastered against her face and his lips pressed against her lips, feeling as if he was kissing an angelic movie star, she was so beautiful.

Allowing him to touch her and feel her, she was so easy. All that it took to get her going was to French kiss her, while fingering her nipples. If she was this aroused with him just fingering her nipples, he couldn’t wait to take the next step and reach his hand under her short skirt to feel her panty clad pussy. He couldn’t wait to finger her slit, before pushing he panty aside to probe his mother deeper, while kissing her and still fingering her nipples.

Never removing his hand from her breast and his fingers from her nipples, he kissed her again and again, only each time even more passionately. Each time, he kissed her with increased passion, she returned his passion with deeper and longer French kisses. They were really making out now, really going at one another, and French kissing, while Jason fingered, squeezed, pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples. Then, when Elizabeth dropped her hand to her son’s lap to feel and fondle his cock through his pants, immediately, Jason broke off the kiss.


“Oh, don’t be such a prude, Jason,” she said reaching for her glass of wine to take, yet, another sip. “I was just sexually touching you in the way that you’ve been sexually touching me. I warned you, Jason, not to touch my nipples,” she said scolding him, as if he hadn’t picked up his room, while slurring her words. “I couldn’t help but fondle your cock through your jeans,” she said with attitude and justification, “as soon as you started fingering my nipples again.”

“You grabbed my cock through my pants, Mom,” said Jason looking at his mother with a mix of shocked disbelief and sexual excitement. “I can’t believe you grabbed my cock.”

In all of his masturbation sessions, he imagined his mother grabbing his cock through his pants and now she finally did. Glad that she grabbed his cock, nonetheless, he couldn’t believe that she grabbed his cock. Even though his cock was covered by his pants and underwear, even through the thickness of all that material, her hand and her fingers still felt so very good feeling and fondling him.

“You make it sound like no woman ever felt your cock, before.” When he didn’t answer her, she repeated herself, but this time, in the form of a question. “Has no one ever felt your cock through your pants before?” She looked at him with sarcasm. “If they haven’t touched you, Jason, then you haven’t been with a real, sexual woman before,” she said sipping more of her wine.

“Sure, lots of woman have felt my cock through my pants, but you’re my mother.”

“Not tonight, I’m not. I’m Elizabeth or Jennifer or Michelle or whoever the Hell you want to think I am for us to get naked and for you to write your story. Besides, didn’t you think this would happen with the wine, the music, the lighting, the French kissing, and the touching?” Fluttering her eyelids, while looking up at him with lust, she was still swooning by his kisses anal porno and by his touches. “I warned you not to touch my nipples,” she said breathlessly, obviously, while denying all responsibility for what she did and, no doubt, what she was about to do.

“I fantasized about me touching you and you touching me, Elizabeth, but I never thought it would really happen. I mean, I was so surprised, when you agreed to strip off your clothes for me to write my Nude Day story, but I never thought we’d be on the couch making out like horny teenagers, in the way we are now,” said Jason. “I never thought I’d be feeling my mother’s tits and fingering my mother’s nipples through her blouse and bra, while my mother fondled my cock through my pants.”

“Well, just as I told you not to think of me as your mother, not tonight, anyway, I told you that my nipples are my erogenous zone. I warned you,” she said sipping more of her wine without apologizing to her son for grabbing his cock. “I’m not responsible for my actions, if you continue to sexually arouse me in the way that you are by fingering my nipples.”

“Okay, Elizabeth, I understand,” said Jason nodding his head in agreement, but thinking otherwise, in his nipple fascination to continue to maintain her sexual excitement.

“I swear, Jason, if you continued feeling my nipples like that, squeezing them, pulling on them, turning them, and twisting on them, I’ll suck your cock,” she said looking him square in the eyes. “I swear to God, I will. I’ll suck your cock. You make me so sexually excited by French kissing me, feeling my tits, and playing with my nipples that I’ll frigging blow you.”

“Mom!” Suddenly, Jason’s mind was filled with the image of his mother on her knees with his hard, hairy cock buried in her mouth.

A sight he’s always imagined, he couldn’t count the number of times that he sexually fantasized, while masturbating over his mother blowing him, while staring up at him with her big, green eyes. He couldn’t count the number of times that he put a hand behind her pretty head to hump her mouth and fuck her face. He couldn’t count the number of times that he exploded his cum in her mouth and she swallowed. He couldn’t count the number of times that he shot a second load of cum all over her pretty face, dark brown hair, and beautiful breasts.

It took all the control he had not to reach out and grab her nipples with both hands. It took all the control he had not to rip open her blouse, lift her bra, and suck on her big tits in hopes that she’d suck on his hard prick. It took all the control he had to whip out his prick and push her down to her knees for her to blow him.

“Please stop calling me Mom, Jason. Tonight, I’m Elizabeth or Michelle or Jennifer or whomever you imagine blowing you. Tonight, we’re just a man and a woman on a date. Tonight, I’m a cougar, a friend of your mother’s, who picked you up at a bar and is intent on seducing you. Tonight, just for one night, we are not mother and son.”

Blowing me? There it was again. His Mom just admitted that she wants to blow him. She wants to suck his dick. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. The image of his mother blowing him, really sucking his cock, and him cumming in her beautiful mouth, consumed him. Beginning the day with her sitting up in his room, no doubt, pretending to be shocked and offended by his incestuous stories about her, here they are a few hours later making out, feeling up one another, and talking about blowjobs.

“Sorry, you’re right, I forgot, Elizabeth.”

“Besides, I’m sure that if you were French kissing Michelle from the coffee shop, Katy Perry, or Jennifer Lopez, while feeling their tits and fingering their nipples through their blouse and bra, they’d be feeling your cock through your pants, too, before taking out your cock and stroking you, before sucking you.”

Even more erotic and sexually exciting than having Jennifer Lopez or Katy Perry feeling his cock through his pants, before taking him out of his pants to suck him, the vision of his mother sucking his cock was all that he could think about and all that he now wanted. The vision of his mother taking out his cock, holding his erect prick in her little hand, while stroking him, before sucking him fueled his passion for his mother. He couldn’t wait to strip naked. He couldn’t wait to show her his cock. He couldn’t wait for her to see his erection. He couldn’t wait to see, if she’d take his erection in her hand, before taking his hard cock in her mouth.

“Elizabeth! Please stop talking about blowing me. You’re making me really excited,” he said repositioning his erection that hardened in his pants. “Even though this was all my idea, this whole thing is a getting a little weird and a lot out of hand.”

Forget about his mother getting naked in front of him and forget about him getting naked in front of his mother, all Jason could now think about now was his mother sucking his cock. Consumed with the thought of his mother on her knees and giving him a blowjob, while he played with her tits and fingered her nipples, all he could think about was cumming in his mother’s mouth and her swallowing his cum.

To be continued…

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