Mom , Son Discuss Masturbation Ch. 05

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Big Dicks

Part Thirteen: “Sometimes when masturbating…I think of you.”

Finally! Forget about Jennifer Nettles, he said what she wanted and needed to hear him say. He thinks about her when masturbating. She couldn’t believe it. In the way she thinks about him when masturbating, he thinks of her.

Only what does he think about when thinking about her while masturbating? In the way that he stares at and is obviously so enamored with her breasts, does he think of her topless? Does he imagine her naked? Does he imagine touching and feeling her naked body? Does he sexually fantasize about having sex with her when stroking his cock? Does he imagine making love to his mother when he wants and needs to cum? Does he imagine her stroking him before sucking him and before cumming in her willing mouth?

“Me? Really? You think about me? Your mother?”

Wanting to jump his bones right then and there, instead she acted so surprised while playing miss innocent, a spider trapping a fly in her web, she had him now. She paused to look at him and to give him her best motherly smile.

“I do,” he said as if they were standing at the altar and he just agreed to marry her.

As if she was Lily Tomlin sticking a finger inside of her cleavage, she stuck her finger down her cleavage while following his eyes. No doubt he wished it was his finger or his cock stuck in her cleavage between her breasts. Continuing to sexually tease him, she looked at him while he stared at her finger buried between her tits.

“Now that you’ve piqued my curiosity, you must tell me more,” she said squirming in her seat while jumping all over his newly revealed sexual interest in her.

After confessing his secret, sexual desire for her, if only he’d get up from the table, she’d love to see how big and how hard his love barometer is. In the way that she was wet and her nipples were erect and hard in anticipation to them being fingered and sucked, she suspected that he had an enormous erection. Wishing she could, she’d love to take him in her hand before taking him in her mouth and ultimately burying his cock deep within her pussy. Ready for him to make more of a sexual move, she wished he’d lean across the table to stick his horny hand down her open nightgown top. If only he’d touch her, she’d allow him to feel her breasts and fondle her breasts while fingering her nipples. If only he’d touch her where no son should ever touch and feel his mother, she’d touch and feel her son.

“Okay,” he said turning red.

Obviously getting him to talk about something so incestuous was as if pulling teeth. Careful what to say next, she didn’t want to spook him and stop him from talking about what he thinks of her when masturbating himself.

“Tell me,” she said. “What do you think about when you think of me while masturbating yourself?”

* * * * *

Ready for sex, she was glad she showered. She was glad she put on makeup and fixed her hair. Ready for him to sniff her while licking her, she was glad she dabbed perfume on all of her pulse points. She was glad that she was sitting there looking younger instead of older. Hoping he’d think her more sexually desirable, she was ready for her son to take her sexually.

With her son showering last night, she was glad he was ready for sex too. Maybe if things worked out between them, with one thing leading to another, maybe they could even shower together one day. She’d like that. She’d like to be naked in the shower with her son.

While touching her and feeling her in all the places she imagined him touching her and feeling her, she’d love for him to lather her naked body before she lathers his naked body. After they rinsed, she’d love for him to push her up against the wet tile, shower wall, lift her legs over his hips, and fuck her, really fuck her. Pounding her pussy, she imagined him turning her around and bending her over to take her from behind. As if they were husband and wife on their Honeymoon instead of mother and son, she’d love for him to fuck her doggie style while the warm water from the shower cascaded down upon them.

Not having to take the time later, in the way he was looking at her, he made her feel so sexy. He made her feel so wanted. Now she was glad that she put her makeup on, fixed her hair, and dabbed on some perfume before coming down to the kitchen, something she never does before breakfast, unless she’s going out early for a doctor’s appointment.

Knowing that he was seeing more of her than he’s ever seen of her before, she was glad she wore her sexiest and sheerest nightgown. With her entire cleavage on display and her breasts spilling out of her nightgown top, it wouldn’t take very much for his fingers to coax out her big tits. In the way he continued staring at her cleavage, she could tell that he liked her tits. She looked at him with her big, green eyes that always appeared tired before but looked pretty now.

Sexually awakening her, by his lustful stare, he gave her a reason to get up in the morning and get washed and dressed illegal bahis in the morning. Glad that depressing part of her life was over, she was glad that she no longer had to get up early every morning to go to work after retiring from the Post Office with a back injury. She was glad that she could be home with him. Glad that he wasn’t staying out late drinking, she was glad that he had forsaken his friends to be with her. Giving her his full, undivided attention, she was glad he hasn’t brought home a woman for sex. She’d be so jealous if he did.

After she caught him masturbating and cumming, with her feeling sexually alive again, she never would have showered and fixed her makeup and hair so very early in the morning. Hoping to get him in bed, so ready to be licked and to get laid, she’d give him sexual pleasure in the way she’s never given her husband before and in the way that his ex-wife never did. Everything seemed dependent on his willingness to reveal himself and on the openness of their sexual conversation about masturbation. Instead of thinking of her as his tired, uninteresting, 54-year-old mother, she was hoping he’d think her more as his older girlfriend, his sexy cougar.

* * * * *

“Sometimes I wonder what you look like naked,” he said fidgeting with the handle of his coffee. Suddenly looking afraid, he paused before continuing. “Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have sex with you,” he said pausing for a sip of coffee as if his coffee was whiskey before gulping out what he said next. “Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to be inside of you,” he said looking at her as if he had confessed something so forbiddeningly inappropriate.

If his mother didn’t share his thoughts and his lust what he just confessed would indeed be so forbiddingly inappropriate. She quivered with the imagined sensation of his cock inside of her pussy. She quivered with the imagined thoughts of him making passionate love to her before fucking her. There’s only one way to find that out, she wanted to say but controlling herself from revealing too much of herself too soon, she didn’t.

“Oh my,” she said opening and closing the top of her nightgown really fast. “Either I’m having a hot flash or it’s getting hot in her,” she said with a laugh.

Hoping to remove some of the obvious stress he was feeling by making light of what he was saying, she was hoping to continue him to confess his sexual feelings more. If only he knew he had confessed something so sexually exciting to her because sometimes she wonders what it would feel like to have his cock buried inside of her too.

“Sometimes I wonder what sounds you make when cumming and when having an orgasm,” he said pausing before continuing. “Other times I just wonder what you look like topless and/or naked.”

Wow! There it is. As if he was swinging a battering ram, he just flung open her sensually erotic door wide open and, as if peeping on her dressing or undressing, he more than peeked his head inside. With him obviously sexually interested in his old mother, now with the ball in her possession, not wanting to fumble, it was up to her to run down the field with him to score.

“Seriously?” While trying not to show her sexual excitement, she looked at him and smiled. “Sometimes you think of me naked?”

“Yes,” he said without pause or delay.

“Sometimes you think of what it would feel like to have sex with me?”

“Yes,” he said just as quickly as he said yes before.

“Sometimes you think of what it was be like to be inside of me?”

Already deciding to have sex with him, imagining his big cock filling her with warmth and with love, she was so ready to have sex with him.

“Yes,” he said turning red.

Nearly overwhelming her modesty and her moral role as his mother, she had a strong urge to stand and strip off her nightgown. At the very least, she wanted to slowly lower her nightgown straps to show him her big boobs. If only to see the look on his face, she wanted to show him her tits. She wondered if she showed him her big boobs, if he’d touch and feel her big boobs. If only he gave her any encouragement, she’d be standing there naked right now.

“You think of me topless?”

Egging him on, she gave him a sexy look while he gave her an embarrassed look.

“Yes,” he said turning redder.

Not letting him go, she persevered by gulping out her next question.

“You think of me naked?”

In the way that she was thinking of him naked with him making love to her now, she was wondering if he was thinking of her naked and pounding her pussy at this very moment. Instead, no doubt, he was thinking of her sucking his cock and she would if only he’d stand and walk over to her with his cock pushing against his pajamas. Unable to stop her sexually aroused imagination, she imagined sticking her horny hand inside his pajama bottom, pulling out his cock, and while stroking him as she stared up at him, she’d take him in her mouth to suck him. Imagining stroking him faster while sucking illegal bahis siteleri him harder and deeper, she imagined him ejaculating in her mouth in the way that she saw him ejaculate all over his stomach and chest.

“Yes,” he said with his face turning as red as she imagined his cock was getting hard.

Wanting to reward him for being so candid in telling her what she so wanted to hear, she was tempted to strip off her nightgown right there in the kitchen to show him her big tits, her blonde, bushy pussy, and her round, firm ass. In the way that he showed her his cock, she couldn’t wait to show him her tits. In the way that he ejaculated cum in front of her, she couldn’t wait to have an orgasm in front of him.

She wondered if he’d like her breasts as much as she liked her breasts. In the way that he always stared at her tits, no doubt he was, nonetheless she wondered if he was a breast man. Then again, in the way that he stared between her legs at her panties whenever they played Scrabble and she deliberate flashed him while making her panty flashes appear accident, perhaps he’s a leg man. Just once, she wished she had the nerve to play Scrabble while in her nightgown and not wearing panties. Just once, she’d love to give him a sexy flashing show of her tits whenever she leaned down to make a word and of her pussy, every time she crossed and uncrossed her long legs.

“Tell me, Jason, I’m curious. When you think of me while masturbating, what do you think about? I mean, what particular part of my body do you think more about than another?”

* * * * *

Part Fourteen: “What particular part of my body do you think about more than another?”

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, taking the bull by the horns so to speak in her unmerciful, sexual teasing of him, she stood and walked to him to lean over him. If she received any encouragement from him at all, she’s lower her nightgown straps to flash him her big tits. If she received any encouragement from him at all, she’d strip off her nightgown. If she received any encouragement from him at all, she’d fall to her knees and take his big prick in her hand before taking his stiff cock in her mouth.

“I don’t know,” he said nervously while staring up at his mother before staring down at the open top of her nightgown. “I think of all of you,” he said not committing himself.

Assuredly in the way that she was leaning over him, with her nightgown top falling wide open and her big tits leaning forward with her, surely he could see her areolas as well as her nipples. Surely, especially when she sucked in her tummy as she was doing now, he could see all the way down her nightgown and see the top of her bushy, blonde pussy. Waiting for him to stick his horny hand inside of the top of her open nightgown, she watched his eyes look down her open nightgown top at her exposed breasts before staring down, all the way down, at the rest of her. In the way she was shamelessly leaning over him and in the way that her nightgown top had fallen completely open, he obviously and shamelessly had a clear view of her big breasts down her nightgown.

Knowing that he could, she wondered if along with her cleavage, if he could see the tops of her areolas. Knowing that he could, she wondered if he could see her nipples. Knowing that he could, she wondered if he could see the top of her blonde, bushy pussy. Just thinking that he could see her areolas, her nipples, and her pubic hair made her horny.

“Surely, there must be one specific part of me that you think of more than the other. Are you a breast man?”

Forcing his hand to commit his sexual attraction for her, she watched him peering down her open nightgown top.

“I love your big tits Mom,” he said looking up from her tits to briefly look up at her before returning his focused attention to her tits. “You have beautiful breasts.”

Still not satisfied she continued in her sexy seduction of her son.

“Or are you a leg man,” she said straightening her posture to take a step back.

While watching his eyes dart down, she slowly raised her nightgown higher and higher and all the way up nearly to the bottom of her pussy to expose her still shapely legs and thighs. She was so tempted to raise her nightgown still higher to show him her pussy. In the way that she’d love to flash him her naked breasts, she’d love to flash him her naked, bushy, blonde pussy.

“You have beautiful legs and such shapely thighs his said staring at her thighs as if he was staring at her pussy.

Not satisfied sexually teasing him with her big tits and her bushy pussy, she decided to tease him with her round ass.

“Or are you an ass man,” she said turning away from him to bend at the waist and to wave her round, shapely ass in his face.

“You do have a nice ass Mom,” he said. “You have the best ass and the best body out of all of my friends’ mothers. You’re my real live Angie Dickinson,” he said which was something that his father always said to her.

She swooned when canlı bahis siteleri he called her his real live Angie Dickinson. Continuing to sexually tease him, when she bent at the waist like that, she could feel her short nightgown raise with her. Having not practiced this move in the mirror, and with her not wearing panties, she wondered if he could see her ass. She wondered if he could see her pussy.

She wished he’d reach out his horny hand to touch her, feel her, and grope her. She wished he’d squeeze her ass and/or slap her ass. She wished he’d stick his horny hand between her legs to cup her cunt and finger her cunt, his mother’s cunt. She wished he’d lift her short nightgown all the way up to her waist to expose her blonde, bushy pussy and her firm, naked behind. Turning to face him again, with her nipples making their erect appearances through her nightgown, it was obvious that just as he was sexually excited, she was sexually aroused too.

“I’m a breast man, Mom,” he said. “I’ve always liked big tits.” He paused while staring at her nipples pushing against her nightgown. “I’ve always been enamored with your big tits,” he said looking as if he was going to reach out his hand to touch her, feel her, and grope her big tits through her nightgown but he didn’t.

* * * * *

Part Fifteen: “I’m a breast man, Mom…I’ve always been enamored with your big tits.”

Wishing he’d make more of a sexual move on her, if he was a breast man and was so enamored with her big boobs, she wished he’d reach out his horny hand and feel her tits. She even wished he’d tickle her while deliberately pawing her and groping her. If nothing else but giving him more to masturbate over, she wished he’d pull down the front of her nightgown to expose her big tits to his horny eyes. She wished he’d stick his hand down her nightgown top.

Being that her nipples were one of her erogenous zones, if he dared to finger her nipples and dared to suck her nipples, ready to take him in her hand and stroke him, she’d suck his cock. She wish he’d finger her big nipples and actually suck her nipples through her nightgown while sticking his other hand up her short nightgown to finger her pussy. Perhaps expecting too much too soon, maybe she was asking too much of him. Maybe what stopped him from taking the next incestuous step forward was that he was her son and/or that she was his mother.

“So,” she said looking down at her protruding breasts before looking up at him to make eye contact. “You like my tits?” She looked down at herself and opening the top of her nightgown with her thumb, she peered down inside as if inviting him to look too but he didn’t. Returning her gaze to her blue eyes, she interrogated him for more information. “Tell me. I’m curious now. What do you like about my tits?”

Wanting to do this all morning, she was so tempted to lower her nightgown straps to flash him her C cup tits. She wondered what he’d say if she showed him her tits. She wondered what he’d do if she flashed him her breasts. She liked to think that he’d flash her his cock again. At the very least, she’d like to think that he’d touch her tits, feel her tits, fondle her tits, and suck her tits. Only she didn’t want to make the first move by exposing her breasts to him. She wanted him to take on the responsibility, the guilt, and the remorse, if there was any, of their imagined, incestuous mother and son sexual relationship.

“Gees, Mom, you’re putting me on the sport. Not having seen your breasts, I don’t know Mom,” he said.

I can rectify that, she thought but she didn’t dare say or do. She wanted this to be his game and not her game. Too willing and too ready, she needed him to be willing and ready too.

“Surely for you to stare at my tits in the way that you’re always staring at my tits, there must be something that you like about my tits,” she said.

As if afraid to continue this discussion, he bit his lip before speaking.

“I like how big they are. I like your long line of cleavage. You have cleavage like Loni Anderson used to have on WKRP,” he said with a dirty laugh.

“Loni Anderson? Wow! I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said. “What else? Tell me more.”

“You’re putting me on the spot. After never discussing any of this stuff and never talking about sex, I can’t believe we’re talking about masturbation,” he said. “I can’t believe we’re talking about your tits, your legs, and your ass as if you’re a woman I picked up in a bar and brought home for the night.”

The problem is that he still thinks of her as his mother. If only he thought of her as a woman he picked up in a bar and brought home for the night, she wouldn’t mind giving him a one night stand. Always nervous as a little boy, it was time for her to do her magic in comforting him and reassuring him that their open and honest discussion about masturbation was as normal as it was healthy.

She walked to him, put her hand around his neck, and pressed her breasts against his face. Practically smothering him with her big tits, she was waiting for him to touch her, feel her, and fondle her tits while fingering her nipples but he didn’t. With him apparently too afraid to make the first incestuous move, obviously he couldn’t. She let go of him and took a step back.

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