Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 14

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Big Tits

A new boyfriend

Janice’s stepmother was wearing her school uniform, having just come home from school. There was obviously something wrong. Her mother was hanging around in the kitchen rather than going to her room. She had homework as usual, and getting just the one book out wasn’t doing much good, and the woman was getting in the way.


Some months ago, Rose pretended to be her daughter, to get Janice out of a fix. Only the plan went drastically wrong, and she found herself being marched off to school by a security man.

Rose could stand a couple of days in a classroom, after which it would sort itself out. Only that didn’t happen. Months later, Rose was still in school, and had become used to being treated like a kid again. She had thoroughly taken on the role of schoolgirl, with her daughter taking the adult lead at home. In their own way, they enjoyed the role reversal, by adapting to it, and getting on with it.

Janice thrived in the role reversal, doing a good job of looking after the apartment, and her supposed daughter, better than Rose had. She earned more, and enjoyed a job in an art studio she had always wanted. Going back to school was a hideous idea, so Janice had to force her mother into being a schoolgirl, to take her place.

With her mother accepting the role, she still found it necessary to keep a strict control of Rose, as the woman had unexpectedly developed an overactive libido. Her mother was emotionally all over the place, with adolescent hormones raging through her once more. Why the adolescent feelings had been resurrected, she didn’t know, and only cared when they threatened their new relationship.


The inconsequential small talk was leading up to something, and Janice wondered when Rose would get around to the problem. It was amusing seeing her mother acting like a nervous young girl, as the woman had come to believe she really was a schoolgirl. It was no longer a pretence, the woman had become an awkward teenager.

‘Stop biting your nails, girl,’ Janice told her mother.

‘Sorry, mom, like, didn’t notice I was doing it, you know,’ Rose said.

‘What’s the matter, are you missing Paul?’ Janice asked.

‘Like, yea, I guess so. Paul will probably meet a college girl, and like, you know, he’ll forget all about me. I need a new boyfriend to look after me in school. Tommy is nice, do you think I should go out with him?’ Rose asked, feeling sorry for herself.

‘You’re young and have your whole life ahead of you. You’re probably right about Paul, so you can’t put your life on hold for him. Tommy is in school, so date him, and find out what he’s like. If he isn’t for you, try someone else,’ Janice told her mother.

‘Like, for sure, Tommy, yea. I do need a protector in school,’ Rose mused.

‘What do you mean, honey,’ Janice asked her mother. while preparing ingredients for dinner.

‘Well, you know, without a boyfriend, the boys take advantage. I’m already fired up from missing Paul’s attention, and they make it worse. I feel so stoked-up all the time. Sometimes I ache for one of them to just take me, you know? Like, it’s naughty, you know, so, really bad, I don’t let them, of course,’ Janice explained.

‘I know what you mean. Charley is away and that is effecting me. I miss him, and the sex. I have these weird dreams, do you? No. Well, we’re all different. So yea, I do know what you mean, honey. What do you mean, they take advantage?’ Janice asked.

‘Well, you know, like, on the bus they pretend to accidently touch me. All they want to do is grab my breasts. I tried letting just one of them do it, like, you know, to keep the others off. Jimmy wanted his friend to maul them too, so that didn’t help. Like, it was so bad, really yuk. The two of them were grabbing me all the time. One put his hand up my skirt, while the other mauled my breasts. Like, it was so good, but really bad, you know?’ Rose moaned.

‘You let two boys touch you intimately?’ Janice asked her mother, sounding shocked.

‘Not on purpose! Like, really, it kind of just happened that way. I thought Jimmy liked me, but he just wanted to maul my breasts, and other things. When his friend helped himself as well, I thought they would get over it and leave me alone. Instead they kept getting worse,’ Rose complained.

‘How worse could it get?’ Janice asked, sounding cross.

‘Oh! You know! Like they would corner me, and slobber over me with wet kisses, then delve into my clothes. When they made me sore down there, I put a stop to it,’ Rose told her daughter. ‘I told them this afternoon, after school,’ she added.

Janice realised why her mother was unburdening herself. She was afraid of what the boys would do to her, after breaking up with them.

Rose caught onto her daughter’s temper being directed at her, only it was too late to escape. The girl pulled her over her knee, and was berating her for being a slut.

‘You let a couple of boys finger you? You can’t do that, girl! You’ll be called a slut at school!’ Janice told her mother.

‘It’s so unfair! I didn’t plan it that Escort Bayan way, it just happened. I couldn’t fight both of them off. They kept pestering me, and doing things to me. I miss Paul and need a good seeing to. All they wanted was to use me,’ Rose told her daughter, hoping for sympathy.

‘Oh! No! Please don’t spank me, please, mom, it’s not fair!’ Rose begged her daughter.

‘Oww! That hurt!’ Rose yelped.

‘It was supposed to,’ Janice said, and pulled her mother’s panties down.

‘Ouch! That was worse! It hurts, please stop!’ Rose bleated.

‘I’ve told you before to behave in school. You could have been expelled!’ Janice shouted.

‘Oww! It wasn’t all my fault.’

‘Ouch! I’m sorry, mom.’

‘Ouch! No more, please!’

‘Owwww! Please, mom, I’ve told them not to, honest.’

‘Oww! Sorry, mom, I’ll be a good girl in school, honest, mom.’

‘Oww! Please, no more, it hurts.’

‘Oww! Please, mom, I promise to be a good little girl for you, honest,’ she dry sobbed.

‘Oww! Mom! I’ll do as I’m told, really! I’ll be an obedient little girl for you, honest I will, please!’

‘No more playing around with boys?’ Janice asked her mother.

‘I won’t, I promise. It was a bad mistake mom. I’ve learned my lesson. In future I won’t give them an inch, or they’ll take advantage. Sorry, mom,’ Rose cried.

‘Damn it, girl. You should know this already,’ Janice told her mother.

‘Mmm, yea, like, I guess,’ Rose sobbed.

Janice pulled her mother around to sit on her lap for a cuddle. Not sure if it had turned into a hiccup, or she was still sobbing, Janice held her tight and reassured her.

‘You know I love you, honey. I don’t want you to get into trouble. You seem to do silly things, and get the worst of it,’ Janice explained.

‘I should know better, but I get driven by something inside. I can’t help it. I want sex all the time. I never used to be so horny like this,’ Rose complained.

‘You’ll get a bad reputation in school and that will follow you to college. You don’t want that. You just can’t play around with boys all the time. Keep to one, and the others will keep away,’ Janice told her mother.

‘I know, like, I’ll be a good girl from now on, you know, really I will. Like, I’ll try extra hard, honest, mom,’ Rose humbly promised.

‘Good girl, honey. I know you’re a good girl, and I’m proud of you. You just need to be careful with boys,’ she told her mother, and kissed her forehead.

‘Did you really mean college?’ Rose asked.

‘Yes, of course, you need to think about college,’ Janice told the woman.

‘I’ve already been! I can’t spend the rest of my life as a schoolgirl,’ Rose complained.

‘Rose has been to college, not Janice, so you’ll have to go as Janice. I’m working as Rose, and if I change jobs I’ll have to keep the name. Anyway, you can get a better degree, and a better job this time around,’ Janice pointed out.

‘I’ve got another year of high school, and three or four years of college. I could be in school for the next five years! I’ll be over thirty when leaving school!’ Rose mumbled, looking awestruck.

‘Don’t forget you’re supposed to be eighteen, so everyone else will be twenty-three. That’s why I want you to be careful. If you come home pregnant, you’ll have to marry the boy. You’ll be eight years older than him, pretending to be the same age. You’ll be stuck for the rest of your life eight years behind,’ Janice pointed out.

‘I can’t marry a schoolboy, I can’t!’ Rose defiantly spoke.

‘How are you going to live? I can’t support you all your life. You’ll have to get married for a husband to support you. Go to college and get a good job instead!’ Janice asserted.

They sat for awhile thinking about it.

‘Like, I’ll have to really be careful with boys!’ Rose said, and they laughed together.

They made up, by hugging and kissing. At last Rose went to her room to start her homework.

Janice breathed a sigh of relief. Her mother was getting out of hand, and she was worried about her. Being in a classroom full of adolescents was effecting her, with a vengeance, and it was overpowering her self-restraint. Her stepmother had always been of good moral character, though now she was playing around like a slut.

Since Rose was thinking of herself as a teenager, she had become irresponsible and less able to control her sexual urges. It wasn’t a nice image, thinking about her mother having sex with schoolboys. Letting her bring them home, to check up on the guys wasn’t nice either, but it had to be done.

Janice smiled to herself, while tidying up the kitchen. She was deciding which schoolboys could sleep with her mother! The idea of it seemed outrageous, though it had to be done. Controlling every part of her mother’s life, as though she were a child, was another enjoyable task. She decided what pill she was on, and even what tampons to use.

It would be terrible to find a teenager had been using her mother just for sex. The guy had to be checked to make sure he was a nice guy, and they could Bayan Escort form a relationship. Her mother’s judgement was affected by her sexual needs, and so Janice had to check up on her, and keep the woman under control. What would she do if her mother came home pregnant, with a schoolboy’s child?

Dinner was eaten, and Rose had completed her chores. Rose was back in her room, worrying about the two boys she told to leave her alone. She really did need a boyfriend, and quickly.

Janice went around the neighbourhood, needing a favour. Eventually she came back with the loan of a bicycle. Sending her mother cycling to school was an amusing idea, and it would help her avoid the boys on the bus. It was no wonder she wanted to talk about it, and get her mother’s help, though she would be surprised over this.


Looking in on Rose, she found the woman had fallen asleep, so she tucked her in, and placed the school books on the floor.

It had been a long day, and she too was tired. It was a good thing she had refused a girls night out.

Asleep, the woman looked young and innocent. The idea of a couple of school boys finger fucking her mother, was a terrible thought. Apparently they had pounced on her whenever they could get away with it. It had to be admitted, her mother had behaved like a tramp, letting them do it to her. She just hoped the woman had really put a stop to it, and learnt her lesson.

Quietly closing the bedroom door, a nasty image came to mind. It was of her mother bent over, taking it from both boys at once. Shit! This was not the way she wanted to fall asleep. She wandered into the kitchen and made herself some hot milk.

‘Bloody, hell! I’m only eighteen, going on thirty. There are disadvantages to being a parent after all,’ she mused, while waiting for the ping.

Shedding clothes on the bedroom floor, she slid into bed, and soon fell asleep.


A knock at the door was a surprise, as everyone knocked and walked into the kitchen. Or as Charley cheekily said, they came in her back door. He’d said it a couple of times before she got it, and still she didn’t laugh.

Before opening the door she had a giggle, remembering telling him something naughty.

‘You’re being bad, so no using my back door. In future you’ll have to come in my front door whenever you come,’ she crossly told him.

‘Any time?’ Charley said.

‘Yes, you can come anytime you like, but you’ll use my front door,’ she crossly spoke, then burst out laughing. ‘Stop it, you always do that to me.’

Opening the front door, she had to stifle the laugh, and said, ‘Yes?’

It was obvious who the two young guys were.

‘We’re here to see, Janice,’ Jimmy said.

Janice didn’t like the look of them, especially Jimmy. She didn’t have to say come in, they barged their way past her. They smelt good, and had wide shoulders with tapering backs down to nice bottoms. They were hunky young guys her age, but she thought of them as being young, around her daughter’s age. It was all wrong, but she had slipped into protective mother mode.

Either lecture them and send them on their way, or teach them a lesson, which one would she choose. Then a naughty thought occurred, which one of them would she choose? They were both handsome, and she happened to know they were available, even if they didn’t know it yet.

‘She’s completing her homework. I won’t disturb her, we can have a chat,’ Janice told them.

Ushering them into the lounge, she asked, ‘Would you like a beer?’

Of course they did. In a mirror over the fireplace, she caught them checking her out. A little thrill went through her. So, a tease it was then. Not going out with the girls from the office, meant she had plenty of time to tease the poor boys.

Bending forward to hand them a beer, the dressing gown gaped open. They nearly fell off the couch, then bent forward for a closer look. The serious sex faces turned to grins, as she took a step back, in surprise.

Their reaction was both gratifying and annoying. A gentleman would look away, but they were just inexperienced boys. They were probably virgins from what her mother said. There was now a greater reason to tease them.

‘Nice!’ Jimmy grinned at her, looking her in the eye.

How dare the kid! Game on, she said to herself.

‘Thank you. I need a man’s opinion, because I’m going out tonight, looking for one,’ she meaningfully spoke.

Opening up the gown, to show them her underwear, she said, ‘What do you think, boy’s?’

Their eyes opened wide in astonishment. Janice had taken to wearing stockings and the full hit of filmy underwear to please Charley. Showing it off to these two boys had scored a hit, as they looked at her in awe, as though she were a poster girl. The poor things were used to schoolgirl’s knickers, and plain sports bra’s, not the fancy lace she wore.

Janice almost broke up in laughter at their pathetic expressions, but held back, trying to look authoritative and adult. Even before catching him move, she automatically took Escort a half step back, only it was too late. Jimmy had simply stood up, wound his arms around her, then sat down again, pulling her beside him.

The two of them were a well practiced team, as Rose hadn’t been the first, and Janice wouldn’t be the last. Rodney wrapped his arms around her, gripping her breasts, and holding her in place. She took no notice of him, as Jimmy had moved in for a kiss. Not an ordinary kiss, it was a no holds barred, deep invasion.

Her arms were pinned to her sides by Rodney. She couldn’t rock back to escape, as he held her in place with his head, while kissing her neck. She was stuck between them, being mauled and assaulted. Trying to pull her legs together, she found Jimmy’s knees separating them.

As she expected, at that moment fingers came exploring. The flimsy panties looked good but didn’t stand up to his assault. Two fingers slid up between her lips trying to find her clit. It hadn’t come out to play yet, so he relentlessly probed and explored, until her pussy gave in, and he entered her.

Rodney was happy mauling her breasts, and kissing her neck. Jimmy was happy duelling with her tongue, and finding out what was between her legs. Janice cried out for help, and found her voice was muffled under his tongue and lips.

‘Please! Let me go!’ she cried out, only hearing her own voice, knowing no one could hear her pathetic voice outside of the living room.

Rodney guided her, to lay back on the sofa, with both boys climbing on top, squashing her into the soft cushions. She could hardly breathe and fought for life, rather than her chastity. Both boys were playing with her body, while she heaved in great breaths.

Was she panting from what they were doing to her? They had sexed her up, and it was her fault for teasing them. They were wrong because they hadn’t given her a chance to say, yes or no.

‘Oh! No! You can’t, please, don’t,’ she hoarsely whispered.

Janice was hot enough to have sex, and needed it, but not with two strangers! These boys had sex with her mother, and that made it dirty and horrible to be doing it with them. She didn’t want them just walking into the house and fucking her. Not both of them, not both at once! If she let them do it now, it would give them the green light to come back anytime they wanted.

Her mother had trouble fighting them off, and now she understood why. Spread out on the sofa, she was an easy target. Their hands were everywhere, yet her own hands weren’t working. Either they were tied, or they were pinned beneath her.

Fingers were exploring her vagina, and another was delving into her asshole. Her clitoris had come out and was protruding, large and hard. One of the boys was rubbing hard, accidently doing it just as she liked. Her head fell back and she opened her mouth to yell. A cock filled it, and another nudged her lips down there.

Oh! God! These boys were going to take her, both at once!

She woke up in a sweat, with a scream frozen in her throat. A hand went between her legs, desperately needing to finish off what the dream had started. In real life she wouldn’t contemplate having sex with more than one man. In a fantasy it was wrong, yet daring and exciting.


Next morning Rose had to cycle to school, as Paul wasn’t around, and she wanted to avoid the school bus. Besides that, she lost the argument with her daughter.


On the bus, guys wanted to touch her breasts and put their hands up her skirt. It started as a bit of fun, when they pretended it was an accident, but it got out of hand.

She didn’t have a boyfriend to protect her when Paul went away, and so the boys felt free to play around, and tease her. They didn’t realise they were touching up a mature woman, who deserved respect and restraint. Rose couldn’t blame them, as she was dressed in a very short schoolgirl uniform, with her breasts trying to break free.

She had giggled the first time it happened, and tried not to make a fuss. A big mistake. Hands started blatantly exploring too much of her body. It was tiring being constantly on guard, fending off wandering hands. At one point she gave in and let them take turns touching her breasts, just so long as they did as they were told.

That had been a very big mistake. Word got around, and she was called a dirty slut, or worse. On reflection it had been the wrong thing to do. Had she been so horny it affected her thinking? Since Paul was away, she had been getting desperate, so maybe it had.

She’d never been this horny before going to school. Sitting in class with the heavy wave of adolescent hormones washing over her, she was going through a second adolescents. Her breasts had decided to develop on an already developed chest. At least that was what she thought might be happening to her.

It wasn’t just her breasts growing, it was her libido too. Well, Tommy could cure that itch. Mmmm! Nice! Come on, Tommy!


Riding a bike to school after so long was a bit scary. At twenty-six she was too old to be going to school, and should have been in a car driving to work. Her boyfriend had gone to an early course in college, leaving her in high school, which was another thing that wasn’t right. Rose was a mature woman, and shouldn’t have a schoolboy lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32