Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 11

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Believes she’s a schoolgirl

Rose stood before her daughter squirming like an awkward schoolgirl. She wanted to ask something, but didn’t dare to, in case her daughter had changed her mind. It was times like these that brought home how firmly her daughter was in charge.

Rose had become used to her daughter dictating everything in her life, but sometimes it was excruciating waiting upon the girl to decide something. Her daughter sometimes dragged out a decision, making her wait for a pronouncement. The anticipation kept her on her best behaviour, trying hard to be a good little girl for her mother.

After a few weeks living a role reversal, they were both used to the arrangement. They had no choice but see it through, as it had gone too far, with everyone thinking Janice was Rose, and vice-a-versa. Neighbours, teachers, school friends, and even her boyfriend, accepted Rose was eighteen. Even the police had her fingerprints on record, and of course the school authorities had her registered as eighteen.

Janice was firmly in charge, with her mother accepting it, trying hard to be a good girl, and do well at school. It had been amusing ordering her step-mother around, though it became ordinary, with both accepting it as normal. It was still fun pushing her mother deeper into being her little girl. She couldn’t help dressing her mother in youngsters clothes, and treating her like a young teen.

It was partly because it embarrassed her mother, and also, because it reinforced the woman’s natural submissiveness. It helped keep her mother under control, and in the role of schoolgirl. There was no way she was going to swap with her mother, not now she had such freedom. She loved being in charge and telling her mother what to do.

Rose felt she should do something to put things right. Having everyone treat her like a schoolgirl, took away her adult authority. It was easier to just go along with it all, until she found it was impossible to swap back. Her daughter had taken charge of her, and was doing a good job. She didn’t want to hurt her boyfriend, and was enjoying high school the second time around.

Earlier the two women had played around with Rose’s boyfriend Paul, in a power play between them. Janice had teased her mother, about the boyfriend and she ended up on his lap. He’d kissed her and she kissed him back. It was natural enough, as they were both eighteen, but he thought she was the mother.

Rose felt more powerless than ever, from thinking her daughter could even take her boyfriend away from her. The naughty game was over, and Janice was going to send her mother to her room, for some peace a quiet. That was what Rose wanted, and why she was squirming like a gauche schoolgirl.


‘Have you done all your chores, girl?’ Janice asked her mother.

‘Like, yes, mom, like, you know, can I just go now?’ Rose asked, sounding bored and that it was tiresome talking to her mother.

‘Thanks for doing the washing up, Paul,’ her daughter said.

‘You’re welcome, Mrs Williams. Is there anything else I can do?’ he politely asked.

‘You can give me a hug,’ Janice said.

Maybe she shouldn’t be teasing her mother, but the guy was a handsome hunk and being in his arms felt good. She winked at her mother over his shoulder. The look of anger in Rose’s face should have warned her off, but she had to push the woman a bit more. A hand went down to the boy’s bottom and squeezed. Though he was eighteen like her, she felt older, especially as he deferred to her as the mother of his girlfriend.

‘If she doesn’t treat you right, come and see me. My room’s on the left,’ Janice whispered, loud enough for her mother to hear.

Paul was sensible enough to know the two women were just playing around, and she didn’t mean it. Or so he hoped. Rose mouthed the word, ‘bitch’, and smiled sarcastically.

‘That’s fine. You can take Paul to your room now. Don’t make too much noise,’ she warned, and patted his ass.

‘Mom!’ Rose said, realising what her daughter meant.

‘One more thing. Have you taken your pill today?’ Janice asked, as they were leaving the room.

‘Yes! Like, quick, yea, before she thinks of something else embarrassing,’ Rose told Paul.

Rose gave her mother a broad grin as she left the room, and Janice laughed along with her. All had been forgiven. It seemed they both had what they wanted, and it was all working out well. Janice had a good job, and a steady boyfriend. Her mother had settled in school, made friends, and she too had a boyfriend.

Janice was worried about Paul staying the night. He was a nice boy, but he was only eighteen, whereas her step-mother was twenty-six. Like everyone else, he had no idea they had reversed their roles.

It was amusing watching her mother acting like a love-struck teen around the boy. Because she was so thoroughly into being a schoolgirl, her mother had become more submissive than usual. Around the boy she acted like his little obedient pet, even here at home in front of her Ataşehir Escort daughter. Janice wondered what her mother was like at school, and what she got up to in his car. Was she willing to pander to that boy’s whims when they were alone?

Janice could accept her mother smooching a boy from school, and even deeply petting would fit with her new role. The thought of that boy mauling her mother’s breasts and naughty bits, was awful. Damn! They might be at it right now in her bedroom.

He thought Janice was her mother so he behaved himself. He was polite and treated her mother decently in front of Janice. How was he treating her when they were alone? Was he taking advantage of her submissiveness, and her willingness to please? Was he making her do nasty things?

Thinking about her mother having sex wasn’t nice, but having sex with a boy from school was weird. The idea of her mother being that boy’s sex-toy, was creepy. She was eager to get him to her room, so maybe it was alright, they weren’t doing anything kinky.

It was one reason she wanted her mother to bring him home, and allowed him to stay the night. It was an opportunity to check them out. The other reason was that she enjoyed wielding this new adult power. Although only eighteen, she was considered an adult and a mother by everyone. It was fun exercising a strict control over her schoolgirl mother, and flexing her power over the eighteen-year-old boyfriend.

She’d phoned the school to explain the girl couldn’t cope with eleventh grade, and needed to drop a grade. When she came home crying, saying they were going to put her in ninth grade, Janice wanted to laugh out loud. Seeing her mother dressed in a junior high school uniform had been hilarious.

The woman seemed to shrink in the uniform, and behaved like a little girl, taking on the role of a junior schoolgirl. Pushing her into the role certainly helped to control the woman. There didn’t seem to be anything left of the adult, as all her status was wiped away, leaving a shy and awkward young girl.

The grade change didn’t work out, but she was pleased for her mother, as Rose was happier staying in twelfth grade. It also relieved Janice of a concern she had. The longer they played this game, the more serious it became, until her mother believed she was a schoolgirl. For Janice it would be impossible to give up her new adult status. So what was she to do with her mother, when she left school?

Though they were used to the role reversal, Janice could still embarrass her mother by dressing the woman in younger clothes, and treat her like a young teen at home. Her mother was slim, with a slight stature, except for a large bust which looked out of place on a young looking girl. With those large breasts, she looked like a girl developing too quickly, like someone too tall, or with thin gangly legs.

Men often looked at her breasts then quickly looked away, thinking she was too young. If they realised she was twenty-six they wouldn’t look so guilty. What was amusing was the boys. Rose didn’t notice, but Janice smiled to herself when boys stared at her mother’s large breasts.

They had grown while in she was in school, and Janice wondered why, but didn’t mention it to Rose as she was sensitive about it. She was sensitive about a few things recently, just like an adolescent joining the adult world. Whenever her mother tried to assert herself, Janice had to push her back in place, as she needed to preserve her position.

Her mother got away with pretending to be eighteen, and could just about get away with acting younger. So far she’d dressed her as a sixteen-year-old, and made it work. How far could she go with this?

Janice laughed out loud, and finished another glass of wine.


‘So what do you think of my mom?’ Rose asked.

‘She’s nice, but a bit flaky. I guess I mean she’s different. I don’t know any of the mom’s who would kiss a daughter’s boyfriend. Though, I don’t think any of the boyfriends would want to kiss the mom’s,’ he laughed.

‘You kissed my mom. Did you enjoy it?’ Rose asked, and began to question him.

‘Sort of. It was embarrassing. Yea, I did enjoy it, she’s a MILF. No! I don’t want to sleep with her, I’ve got you. No! I don’t want to kiss her again. She looks good, but I’ve got you, and I mean it. I think I’m falling in love with you, that’s why,’ he shyly spoke.

‘What if she was eighteen? Would you sleep with her then?’ Rose asked.

‘If we got to know each other, I might. But not while I’m going out with you, and she’s your mother,’ he tried reassuring her.

‘What if I asked you to, because she hasn’t had it in a while,’ Rose teased.

‘Oh! Well, that would be different. As a favour to you I’d screw your mother, of course I would,’ he laughed, and grabbed her.

He tickled her and pulled her clothes off, while she did the same to him. They rolled around on the bed naked, play fighting, with pinches and bites. Then suddenly it became serious. It started with Anadolu Yakası Escort a kiss, while both hands touched sensuous places.


Charlie turned up when Rose and Paul had gone to bed. He was a little surprised that she let a boy stay the night with her daughter.

‘I’ve put her on the pill. If I don’t let her have him here, it will be somewhere else. At that age a girl needs sex, just as much as boys. They’re learning, and its best they learn here where it’s safe,’ Janice lectured.

‘Well, you know best,’ Charlie said.

It came home to her that she had sent her mother off to bed, with a schoolboy, and she burst out laughing. She’d put her mother on the pill, so she could have sex with a schoolboy! Arranging for her mother to have sex with a boy from school was wicked. Of all the embarrassing things she had done to her mother, this was the most outrageous!

However, the woman was enjoying it, so maybe it wasn’t so bad.

‘What are you laughing at?’ Charlie asked.

‘Nothing, really! We’ve got the evening to ourselves, they won’t bother us,’ she cajoled him.

‘Didn’t you promise me something?’ he asked. ‘What could it have been?’ he teased.

‘Oh! That! I thought you’d gone off the idea,’ she teased right back.

Janice thought of her mother, and relaxed. It was hypocrisy criticising her mother, if she was going to do it for Charlie. She wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him.

‘I want a full on, long drawn out kiss. A great big smooch, with lots of tongue,’ she demanded.

It was partly to rid the feeling of that boy’s kiss of earlier, and also a reward for what she was about to do. Not having the time to practice deep throat, or even giving it much thought, she would try her best. A blow job was just another, ‘man demand’, and didn’t mean much to her.

In the bedroom they undressed like a married couple, folding their clothes before getting into bed. Charley didn’t even notice the bed had been moved away from the thin partition wall. He was keenly waiting for her to suck him dry. He was wondering if she had mastered deep throat.

She’d said it was a special treat, so maybe it wasn’t on offer often. To avoid spoiling the atmosphere, he kept quiet. There was no way he wanted to put her off. How he could encourage her to hurry up he had no idea. Not many women were interested in sucking a cock, yet they laid back quickly enough when he sucked them.

It was so unfair. He was more than willing to lend his cock out for women to use, but women kept their sex to themselves. It wasn’t as though he would wear their vagina out, so why were they so uptight about lending it out. He stifled a giggle of happiness when she gripped his cock.

He watched her sizing him up. She was looking up at him through those long eyelashes, with a challenging impish tease. At that moment, with her lips an inch from his cock, she looked so very young and innocent. It seemed an impossibility, but she did. He wondered if she looked seventeen or eighteen?

He thought she was twenty-six, a bit young to have a step-daughter, but she seemed to be coping well. Her age would explain why she understood the girl, and was so lax with her.

Janice was eighteen and was the step daughter, but he wasn’t to know that. If she told him her so called daughter, was really her mother, and he had spanked her bare bottom, how would he react? Janice wondered if he might want both of them in bed. What would it be like to share a boyfriend?

That would be controlling her mother beyond all imagination. Dictating how she had sex, and what she did in bed would be outrageous. When her mother came home from school, she could announce who the woman was to screw that night. Rose giggled, and wondered if she was becoming obsessed with controlling her mother.

Janice concentrated on her boyfriend, and kissed the head of his penis. The head throbbed, and for a moment she thought he was going to orgasm. She didn’t want him to spurt his load in her face. This was too soon, and she’d learnt he could control himself. Could he when she did this?

Licking the length of his cock to lubricate it, made it really twitch. Then she realised it was his whole body twitching, not just his cock. Sucking the head of his cock into her mouth was just the beginning. It seemed to fill her mouth, and she nearly choked. After promising and teasing him so much, she had to fulfil the bargain.

Pulling her head back off his cock, she made the ugly wet popping sound. Licking the red hood, she took deep breaths, hoping to hold her breath if she couldn’t breathe.

Sucking its head into her mouth, she recklessly plunged down. He didn’t have his hand behind her head, though if he did, she would have quit. Pulling her head back she took another deep breath, and plunged down again. It bulged out her cheek, as she wasn’t prepared to deep throat him. Maybe she might practice, if he was good and made her cum. Sure to choke, she kept it well away from her throat.

Able Kadıköy Escort to take a lot of it in her mouth, she began to relax, and concentrated on breathing around his demanding monster. Was he going to cum in her mouth? The very thought of it was gross. If he warned her, she would fall back away from him.

‘Oh! God! Yes! That is so good!’ he moaned.

It was usually her loudly expressing pleasure. Her mother had imitated her one time at breakfast. It was embarrassing, and she had to admit not to have been aware of her yelling obscenities at the time.

Janice heard an urgent murmuring, then realised it was her mother’s schoolboy. Damn! The boy was having an orgasm! Was her mother sucking him off, while she did the same with her boyfriend? Making him last a little longer was now necessary, as though it were a competition between mother and daughter. Who’s boyfriend could hold out the longest?

Both of them were groaning loudly. The boy’s moaning was muffled, but easily recognised for what it was through the thin walls.

Rose could hear her daughter’s boyfriend moaning and groaning. With a special effort Rose sucked on Paul hard, to be rewarded with a louder and heavier groaning. Paul began to spurt his load down Rose’s throat. She didn’t splutter or choke. She held her breath for as long as she could, then gripped his cock with her lips, as she pulled back.

Paul had never ever felt anything like it. The emotions rocking his mind were almost physical, they were that strong. He was in love! As soon as he could breath and talk, he would tell her.

Janice continued to run up and down his cock, with a tongue and lips gripping her boyfriends cock. Less experience meant it took longer, and she had to work harder, or so she thought. Charlie was experienced but this was superb, and he wanted to hold back, wanting it to last forever.


Another male was being sucked on, but neither Janice nor Rose could hear his groans and moans. It was happening the other side of town. It was also far more of a professional job, as the woman took his cock down her throat. Like Rose, she was older than the boy she was blowing.

Miss Derby was a teacher and knew how to learn new tricks. Although it was one of her eighteen-year-old students, he was teaching her new techniques of pleasure. In addition he was training the woman to be his obedient pet-girl. It had been her fantasy for some years, to be a powerful and dominant man’s pet girl, but it certainly never included a student.

Being found out by one of her students, her weakness could have become a nightmare. He used evidence from her laptop to blackmail her, and she was determined to get the evidence back. Pretending to go along with it, she promised to spend the evening with him, but it didn’t go to plan, for her.

Brian just happened to be a natural dominant male. He also had a knack for finding out all about her fetish on the internet, and translating it into action to satisfy her needs. Before she had a chance to put him in his place, and silence him, he’d taken over.

It was so sudden, it was a shock. One minute she was pretending to submit to him, the next moment he’d mastered here. It took awhile for her to recover from that first session, and it was too late then, she was hooked. His teacher became his pet-girl, and they never looked back.

She happily nodded her head up and down his cock, massaging it with her lips and tongue. He spurted his cum into her mouth, and a look of disappointment crossed her face, to be quickly replaced by a smile. She hoped he didn’t spot the mistake, as she would be punished for the criticism.

The disappointment was from knowing he wouldn’t be filling her cunt with his potent cum for awhile. Not until later, and after she had worked hard upon him. She would enjoy sucking her master to erection, and of course her master would last longer a second time.

A smile of joy filled her face. There was always a silver lining with anything to do with her master. He was wonderful, and it was no wonder she worshiped him.

Sitting back on her haunches, she opened her mouth to show her master his semen. Most of it had splashed directly into her stomach, though she saved some for him to see.

‘You may swallow, pet-girl,’ he told his teacher.

It was still a thrill to see a teacher with his cum on her tongue. She swallowed the small amount, and he knew he must have spurted his load down her throat, directly into her stomach. Having his teacher blow him was awesome, and receiving deep throat was mind blowing. It wasn’t that her throat felt so tight around his cock, it was that his teacher was willing to do it.

He knew not to take her for granted, or to spoil what they had together in anyway. He was careful to give her what she needed, and not reveal this game to anyone.

When he sat in class, he’d stare at her, imagining her naked at his feet, ready to suck his cock.

The picture easily came to mind, as she had learned the deep throat technique just for him. For him it was the most enjoyable sex, but not for her, so he would make it up to her later. It would have to stop for awhile, so it didn’t become commonplace. He smiled at her, while she looked up at him, with a genuine expression of adoration.

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