Mom and the Bully Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Author’s note:

Sorry for the long wait guys and gals. Been hectic.

This is part two of my three part series. The whole series will be in the second person perception. I’m not changing it. That’s the whole point of the story. To make it feel like you are her son.

Like always, thanks for the support and continue reading.


Today is Sunday, which means David goes back to his place. You feel so happy that he’s leaving. So relieved nothing happened. You walk downstairs to the kitchen to get yourself some breakfast. Suddenly as you near the dining room, you hear faint moaning. Like someone is sick or something, you walk in. David was sitting at the far end of the table dazed. He notices you and sits up straight. He clears his throat and looks at you with an annoyed look. You could have sworn you heard a thud from under the table.

“Your mom stepped out for a bit.” he said irritated, “she had an urgent call from the office and said she’ll be back in a few.”

You hear a bang from under the table again and tried to investigate. Only to get snarled at by David.

“Get the fuck out of my sight!” he hissed.

You quickly leave your dining room and head back upstairs to your room. Even at your house he terrifies you.

Meanwhile your mom slowly emerges from under the table wiping her mouth. Her face flushed red.

“That was close,” she said, “I think we should stop. It’s not right.”

His answer was to shove her face back onto his cock.

“You won’t be back for a while,” he reminded her, “finish up what he ruined. Then I’ll do you.”

She continued sucking on his cock. Coiling her tongue around his head and cupping his meaty balls in her hands. He holds her hair back, so it won’t be in the way. His right hand now slipping into her panties. Rubbing her tight pussy with it. She gagged as he pushed her mouth all the way down his shaft. Trying to get free from his strength, but fails to do so.

She just accepted the fact he’s inside her panties now rubbing her clitoris. Her body starts shaking as he brought her to orgasm. She moaned loudly through his cock. Which he seemed to like and groaned in unison with her. She tries to stroke his thick shaft with her right hand, while her tongue licks his head circling around his dick hole. She tastes his precum that seeps out. Then closes her mouth around his head as thick stringy ropes shoot out from his dick. She swallows every wad of his hot stringy cum.

She likes the taste of his sperm now. She sucks on his sensitive head, which causes him to lurch and moan.

She gets up from the ground and straightens up her skirt and blouse. Her purple panties were soaked from her orgasm. She went upstairs to change them. Slowly passing by your room as she does.

You were in your own little world, listening to your favorite music station and playing on your PS4. The growling of your stomach tells you that you haven’t eaten yet. So you cause your game and head downstairs.

You pass by the living room and spot David rummaging through your DVD collection. He looks both ways before stuffing one under his shirt. To your dismay, it was your favorite movie that you loved to watch. He then goes sits down on the couch and messes with his phone.

You decided to make your presence known and walk normally by him. He didn’t seem to care. You walk into the kitchen and began making yourself some food.

Your mom comes downstairs changed. She opens and closes the front door, making you believe she just came home from the office.

“Hey guys,” she said cheerfully, “I’m back.”

You call out a “hey mom.” and continued making your sandwich.

You hear her “greet” David and him saying a gruffy greeting. Then what sounded wet smacking sounds. Then her giggling. You think nothing of it and walk with your food to your room.

Crossing the living room, you see your mom sitting next to David, who was watching TV. Your heart beat fast as you saw your mom lean her head on his shoulder. You think it’s weird, but nothing is happening.

“She’s just resting her head on his shoulder.” you think to yourself.

You head back to your room with your lunch. Not knowing what your mom and bully were doing.

You didn’t hear her unzip his fly or the loud sucking sounds as she gives him another blowjob. You didn’t notice anything. Why would you? You were lost in the game you were playing and had your music playing.

Half an hour later, you finish your lunch and head downstairs. Your mom was the only one there. Tidying up the couch as you walk past her. David wasn’t there.

“Oh David left already hun.” your mom said, “but he did say he’s coming over next weekend.”

She chuckled nervously as she said that.

Your mom has been acting strange since David was stayed over. Almost like…no she wouldn’t do anything or allow him to. As you walk back upstairs to a play some more, your mom calls out to you.

“Hey sweetie,” she said getting your attention, “I’m thinking next weekend…we gaziantep yabancı escort bayan go see that new movie at the drive-in theater. What do you say?”

You know the one she’s talking about. You’ve been wanting to see that movie since the trailers were released. You feel so happy. Until…

“David asked me if I wanted to go with him,” she added afterwards, “But I told him it would be a great idea for us three to go. I don’t want you to feel left out.”

You nod your head and continue upstairs.

“Shit!” you think out loud, “I better keep a close eye on him…and my mom.”

Your mom stayed in her room for the rest of the evening. Which was odd to you. But then again you didn’t think much of it.

Dinner was a fend for yourself night. You made enough for seconds or if your mom got hungry. You cleaned your plate and went back upstairs to game until you felt tired. Sleep took you soon afterwards.

You had the same dream as before. You hear the sounds of your mom moaning and her bed squeaking steadily. You get near her door and it’s more clear. Her door is closed but not latched. So you silently open it and got a rush of humid hot air. Your heart stops as you see what is happening.

Your mom naked riding some guy who looks like David. What a minute…that is David. He holds your mother’s waist as she grinds on top of him. Her juicy fat ass rippling and bouncing as she rode him. Her skin glistening in the early morning rays coming into her room.

You couldn’t help but get aroused and whipped out your own meager 5 inch erected cock. Then began to jerk off to your mom having passionate sex.

“Oh God,” your mom moaned, “your cock feels so incredible inside my pussy…uh!”

She paused to kiss him tenderly on his lips.

“Can’t believe we’re actually fucking now.” she added, “I’m glad you are my first. I’m so in love with your cock. YES FUCK ME!”

David leaned her forward and began jackhammering into her. His heavy meaty balls slapping against her ass, as his slimy slick pussy clad cock went in and out of her.

She sits back up and arcs her back. Her face beet red and glistening. Suddenly she turns around and sees you there, holding your hard cock in your hand.

Her eyes grew large and she screamed. Throwing a pillow at you and yelling “get out freak!”. She dismounts David and you see his 9 inch long thick cock. She grabs the sheet and covers her body.

“Sweetie time to get up for school!” your mom calls from outside your door.

You get up and sighed. It was only a dream. Yet it felt so real. The hot air in her room felt like it was real, the smell of sweat too. You slap your face and stretch. You then pull on your jeans and slip into a t-shirt, then head downstairs. You can hear your mom humming like always when she’s making breakfast or in a good mood. The smell of pancakes fills your nostrils as you walk into the dining room.

As you sit down and wait for breakfast, your stomach growling as she walks over to you serene like and placed 3 big pancakes on your plate. She pours you a big glass of milk and placed it next to you also. You begin stuffing your face as your mom sits down and cuts a slice of pancake with her fork.

It was unusually quiet this morning during breakfast. Your mom usually told you about her plans for today and her goal of being the number one Realtor in the county. But she just silently cut her pancakes into bite size pieces and chewed them.

After about five minutes, your mom speaks in a somewhat soft voice.

“Hey sweetie?” she said getting your attention, “David invited me to go see a horror movie with him this coming weekend. I know that I promised you to go see that other movie, but it was sold out. He invited you too, but you wouldn’t like it.”

Your heart stopped as she announced that.

“So…would you mind if I go see the movie with him?” She asked shyly like a teenager asking her parents permission.

You knew that he was going to do something if you didn’t go.

“I’ll go too!” you said a little too loudly.

Your mom jumped back by your sudden interest.

“Okay…if you want to. But you won’t like this movie. Like I said, it’s a horror movie and as I recall you hate those.” your mom said with a matter of fact tone.

You looked away as you replied “mom I was a kid when I saw that movie. How was I supposed to know, that it gave me nightmares?”

She chuckled softly at your embarrassed tone.

She was right though, you hated horror movies. It spooked you a little too much and gave you nightmares as a kid. But that was years ago. Surely you can handle it now… right?

“I want to, it sounds fun. Besides…if I can’t handle it, there’s always the arcade across the street. Then you guys can come pick me up afterwards.” you stated.

Your mom nods her head agreeing with you and smiles.

You just hope nothing happens.

After breakfast, you get ready for school and gaziantep genç escort bayan walk out to your mom’s car. You get in the passenger seat and wait for her to come out. She came out a few seconds later and pockets her cellphone. It buzzed as she got in the car.

She looked embarrassed and shifted into reverse. Pulling out of the driveway and then shifting into drive. She drove down the road to the school. Never taking her eyes off the road. Your mom was a careful driver. Her phone buzzed again as she stopped at a red light.

She pulls it out of her jacket and flips it open. She smiles and texts a reply to the sender. Her phone vibrated again signaling a new text. As she was about to text, the light turned green and she quickly closed it to shift into drive again.

As she got near the school, her phone vibrated again for the fourth time. She takes it out as she stops by the school entrance. As you get out and head towards the building, here comes David. He walks by her window and talks to her.

Your mom twirls her hair through her fingers as she talks to him. You notice that he shook his head at what she was saying. You sneak close to the car to hear what they were talking about.

“He said he could handle it. If not, he’s going to the arcade across the street from the drive-in.” your mom said.

“Okay…I’m just saying” David said quietly to her.

They were talking about Saturday. Nothing bad. The bell rang signaling time for class. You head off.

Your mom continued talking to David as you walk towards the school. You didn’t see him lean towards her and kiss her briefly. Then your mom pulls out of the school parking lot. A big smile on her face.

Your teacher does roll call and when he gets to David’s name, he was marked absent. You wonder why he didn’t show up. Probably playing hooky most likely. But wait didn’t you see him just before class started.

“Sorry if I’m late teach!” came David’s voice.

You turn your head and David walks into the room and hands the teacher his late slip. David walks back to his desk.

“Hey dipshit!” whispered David to you.

You ignore him and take down notes on what the teacher was saying to the class.

“THIS weekend,” he said getting close to your ear, “make yourself fucking scarce. I didn’t want to invite you, but your mom insisted on taking you with us. So when the movie starts make like a branch and leave us!”

The rest of the school day ended without incident. As you were waiting for your mom to come pick you up, David comes over to smoke next to you.

“So I am clear?” he blows a ring of smoke at you, “about THIS weekend?”

You nod your head annoyed at this point. He puts out his cigarette and walks over to his car. Loud music blares from his speakers as he tears out of the parking lot. Your mom drives in a few minutes later. You get in and close the passenger side door.

“So how was your day?” your mom said cheerfully.

“Nothing much happened today.” you said faking a smile, “besides David picking on me and stuff.”

“Sweetie,” your mom said gently, “he’s your friend…so of course he’d tease you. That’s what friends do.”

She pats your back and leaves the school.

For the rest of the week, nothing happened. David continued openly flirting with your mom after school and she’d respond shyly. Then the dreaded weekend came. Your mom told you that the movie you were going to, was a slasher horror movie. You gulped and waited til David showed up.

Your mom was in her bedroom changing into a new outfit she bought. Walking down the stairs in a pair of form fitting jeans and a blouse. Something she never wore before. Just as David knocked on the front door.

She answers it and he whistles.

“Wow Ms. Vickers,” David said eying her up and down, “you look incredible.”

She blushes at him saying that.

“Well thanks hun,” she said sweetly eyes him up and down.

“You look quite handsome yourself” she added as a after thought.

She then notices something behind his back.

“What’s that you got there?” she asked trying to see what it was.

“Oh this?” David said pulling out a small box from behind his back.

“I got it for you.” he handed the box to her.

Your mom opens the box and gasps.

“Oh David, I can’t accept THIS,” she said pulling out a beautiful diamond necklace.

“I want you to have it.” he said, “think of it as a generous gift.”

“After all,” he teased, “it is a gentleman’s job to spoil his girl.”

Your mom blushes deeply.

“Let me help you put it on” he said leaning close to her.

She pushes her hair aside, to expose her long slender neck. He then places it on her neck. They stare at each other as he does. Your mom had that glazed over look on her face. Then remembering that you were there, immediately stepped away from him.

“Ready to go?” your mom said grabbing her purse and looks at you.

You climb into gaziantep gerçek resimli escort bayan the backseat, while your mom sits in the drivers seat. David sits next to her. Both chatting about their week and how the movie will be. She eventually talks about her job and her new client. David talks about the upcoming game in two weeks. Asking if she’s going to watch him play.

“Well of course I- I mean…we will. Right sweetie?” she stated looking at you through the front mirror.

You give a shrug. You hear her sigh and continued talking to David. Both engrossed in their conversation. It looked like they were on their first date and you’re her nosy younger brother that tagged along. Soon you pulled into the drive-in for the movie. Your mom parked in an empty area and turned on the speaker to listen to the commercials and movie trailers.

In another area of the drive-in, a romantic movie was playing. It was showing the part where the main guy confesses his undying love for the main girl, who smiles with tears in her eyes. You heard your mom sigh as she saw that.

“That’s the type of guy I want,” your mom said dreamily, “someone who takes control- but is also sweet, charming, passionate and a great kisser.”

You could’ve sworn she looked at David as she said that.

“You’ll find that guy eventually…Ms.Vickers.” David said quietly.

Just then your movie starts and everyone was pretty into it. Your mom hands you a $20 dollar bill. You look at her blankly.

“Go buy us some snacks sweetie. A big thing of popcorn, something for you and three drinks…please?” your mom said sweetly.

You get out of the backseat and walk towards the concession stand. Your mom-followed by David, moves into the vacant backseat. You saw her leaning against his shoulder, but didn’t think much of it. The concession stand is further than you thought, it took you 30 minutes just to get there. Then there was a long line of people ahead of you. You take out your phone to send a text to your mom.

“Long line,” you wrote, “it’ll be a while before I can get back to you guys. How’s the movie?”

You sent the message and placed your phone back your pocket. You didn’t get a reply from her yet.

Meanwhile after you left to get snacks, your mom was enjoying her alone time with David. As soon as you were out of sight, they started kissing each other. Your mom even straddled him as their make out session got intense. He started unbuttoning her blouse and pinched her left nipple. Which caused her to squirm around and moan. David takes off his shirt exposing a muscular torso. Your mom picks her lips.

She then started kissing his neck and then down his exposed chest. She dismounted him and got on the floor between his legs. He leans back, allowing her to unzip his jeans and pull them down. Her soft hand glided into his boxers and pulls out his flaccid 5 inch long cock. Even soft he amazed her.

She sucked him into her mouth and began giving him a blowjob. She likes doing that to him. She’s gotten good at pleasing him. She knew he liked it. So it made her feel good that he enjoyed her blowjobs. Five minutes into her blowjob, her phone vibrated. She took it out without stopping what she was doing. Then glanced at it as she read your message.

“He’ll be gone for a while,” David said looking down at her phone eagerly.

“It’s plenty of time to try it?” he suggested, “I know you want it inside you. I’ll be gentle.”

He began sliding his hand into her pants and grabbed a handful of her soft juicy big ass. Stealthy rubbing his middle finger around her anus. She didn’t stop him. It made her feel so wet and wanting to fuck him.

“It’s not about me wanting to, believe me I want too” she began to say, “it’s just that I’m not ready. I want it to be…special with you. I want romance, not just a one-time thing.”

She gave his hardening cock a few tugs and sits up straight between his legs. Then slowly mounts him, placing his now erect 9 inch long thick cock between her thighs. Slowly rubbing his cock against her jeans clad crotch.

“You’re doing well so far with waiting baby,” she whispered huskily into his ear, “just a little bit more and you’ll have it.”

She bites his earlobe.

Then she pushes him back and continues kissing him. Both rubbing their hands over each other. The car began to fog up as they got intense again. Passersby looked at the two making out and thinking they’d fuck in the parking lot of the drive-in theater. Not even paying attention to the movie at all.

Your turn finally came and you told the concession stand worker what you want.

You texted your mom afterwards and told her you were on your way back. She sent two immediate responses saying “take your time” and “the movie started to get intense and gory”.

So you took her word for it. Not knowing that she was dry humping David in the back seat. You got to the car and noticed how foggy the windows are. Your heart beats a mile per minute as you open the passenger side door. It was quiet expect for the movie playing over the speakers. You get in and close the door. Placing the snacks and drinks on the driver seat.

You hear little sounds that were muffled by the audio. It sounded like giggling and kissing? No, surely nothing like that.

You turn your head, only to get a foot jabbing your cheek. This time you hear a gasp and muttering about “make yourself presentable”. Then nothing.

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