Mom and I Year’s End Ch. 02

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When I woke Wednesday morning, Jessica was gone and it was 9:30. I found my bedroom empty as well, showered, dressed and headed downstairs. Dad was working and Tommy was reading on the couch. Quietly, he informed me that Jessica had accompanied Jilly to her appointment to have her IUD removed, in case anesthesia were needed, and Angie had gone over to her parents’ house to box up more of her belongings that she hadn’t had time to pack after Thanksgiving.

He had a grocery shopping list from Mom, so after a quick bite and fixing a travel mug with coffee, we took my car to get the shopping done and stay out of Dad’s way at least until lunch time.

“Today is one step closer to getting Jilly pregnant,” Tommy said. “Nervous?”

“I’m really not,” I answered. “It was an easy decision, once everyone agreed that we wouldn’t keep my involvement a secret. Jilly wants a baby who will also represent Mom and Dad’s DNA and I can provide that, although not in equal thirds. Unlike your future kids with Jess, this one will be 50% Jilly.”

“Because my kids will also have some of Sam’s DNA?” Tommy asked.

“25% for each grandparent, on average,” I responded.

“You rattle that stuff off so easily. And I thought I was the math geek in this family. But I get lost with all the half-sibling, half-cousin stuff.”

“It’s basically just figuring out powers of two as fractions, half, quarter, eighth, etc, per generation and each shared ancestor. The difference between full and half is having two common ancestors instead of one. It would be easier to show you the math on paper, though.”


Angie, Jessica and Jilly were back by the time Tommy and I finished shopping. Anesthesia had not been needed and Jilly was feeling fine, greeting me with a long kiss and a whispered, “Next week, ‘Daddy’.”

A chill ran up my spine from being called that.

We put the groceries away, then made and ate lunch, while I showed Tommy the math related to estimating genetic inheritance, which he picked up quickly.

After lunch, Dad resumed work and Jilly left to meet her assistant manager about preparations to open the club the next night.

The other four of us then left to see “The Last Jedi”, then in it second week. It didn’t reach the high expectations of the franchise’s most fervent fans, but those are beginning to feel too lofty for any film to possibly meet, when every casting decision gets criticized as soon as it’s announced. Calling the highest grossing movie of 2017 a failure makes no sense, though. As a way to spend two and a half-hours in a theater, I’ve certainly had far worse experiences, even at movies ranked higher on the highest gross list.


“What are the bed pairings tonight?” I asked, over dinner.

Jilly said, “I’m still bleeding, so I thought I’d go over to my house to get some packing done and then sleep there.”

Dad said, “Jess and I will help you, then spend the night, too. Something about wanting to have sex with me in that bedroom at least once before the move.”

Angie turned to Mom and said, “It ought to be my turn with Tommy and yours with Derek, but do you maybe feel like a foursome with them instead of being two pairs?”

Mom answered, “That sounds great. I just need to get some of my own packing done first.”

Between the four of us, we filled three garment boxes plus two regular boxes of clothes to keep and one for donation, before packing turned into a lingerie show featuring Mom and Angie.

Tommy and I were down to our underwear, lounging on the bed as Mom and Angie kept changing in the walk in closet and coming out in increasingly skimpy outfits to model and tease for us. After a half dozen changes, they stopped at the foot of the bed and began making out with each other.

Whether intentional or not, Mom and I were on the left side of the bed while Tommy and Angie were to my right. So, when he and I crawled to the foot of the bed and stood to join them, I paired with Mom.

She was in a nearly-transparent pink chemise that boosted her breasts into tantalizing cleavage and I buried my face into her boobs, kissing from side to side. Angie was in a black teddy with a plunging neckline and Tommy already had a hand under the right side as he nuzzled her neck.

Mom’s hand slipped into the boxer briefs I had on and squeezed my turgid shaft. “Someone’s pretty turned on already,” she muttered.

“It’s hard… not to use the word hard, when I’m near either of you. I’ve got the sexiest family around, I think.”

“You’re only related to half of the women,” Mom said.

“I meant the seven of us are a single family now. More in the group marriage sense than parents and children, although it’s obviously still both.”

“A subject for later,” Mom responded, as she pushed me back onto the foot of the bed. “Right now, I want to suck on this hard, stiff cock.” She slid her way down my body, pulling my briefs off before she got to her knees. Her mouth engulfed me a second later, wet, warm and slithering.

Angie plopped her butt onto the bed beside me, as she pulled Tommy’s face between her legs. I turned my head Porno 64

and kissed her, raising my left hand to squeeze her breasts through the teddy’s top.

After a short while, I had a flash that Mom’s tongue was swirling around my glans in synch with Angie’s tongue tangling with mine in my mouth, as if they were one woman loving me with two mouths. Just having that thought produced guilt, like I was treating Angie as an extension of my Mom, but it passed away as the physical sensations returned to being as different as they are. However similar their outward appearances, that’s as far as it went. Oversimplified, Mom has always been saltier, while Angie is more sweet. Mom takes charge, Angie goes along more. I loved them both as much for their differences as their similarities.

I realized I was thinking too much and put my focus back on sensation, letting the passion Mom was pouring into me flow into Angie.

Mom sensed I was about to orgasm a second before I did, squeezing the base of my cock to forestall it. She pushed away from my groin, stood up, turned around and backed herself onto my cock, slipping it completely inside her before I really knew it.

She then leaned back, turned her head and took over kissing Angie, while my hands went to Mom’s hips and began pushing her away then letting her slip back onto me.

A minute later, Tommy stood and stepped between Angie’s thighs as she broke the kiss with Mom to lay back on the bed. He licked his lips and gave me a quick smile as he slowly thrust himself into her warm depths. “So good,” he muttered, as he reached under Angie’s thighs to lift them, winding up with her knees hooked over his elbows as he thrust harder into her.

Mom faced forward and pushed back at me with her legs, slapping our thighs together as we sped up. One particular thrust caused me to fall back onto the bed and I grabbed Mom’s arms to pull her along with me, winding up with her laying atop me, still impaled on my cock. I used my elbows to do a bit of a lobster crawl to get myself more firmly onto the bed, then Mom turned around and moved into cowgirl position. I lifted my feet until I could brace them on the footboard, giving me more leverage to thrust upwards.

Angie reached a hand up to squeeze Mom’s left breast, while I squeezed the right. We managed to squeeze Mom’s nipples at the same time and Mom let out a deep moan in reaction.

Tommy’s thrusts into Angie were making her breasts jiggle on her chest, but I couldn’t reach either one. Mom reached a hand over to squeeze each of them, before bracing her hands on my chest. “Oh, fuuuuccccckkkk!” she cried, as I felt her shudder around my cock. “Right there, baby!” I tried not to change a thing that I was doing, but didn’t really know what I’d done that was so right. I guessed that I must be hitting her gspot.

As her orgasm intensified, I glanced towards Tommy and spotted the signs that he was close, too. He slammed two more times into Angie before he stiffened and started to cum, just as Angie screamed his name. My body was the last to join in, pumping several streams of my cum into my mother, imagining briefly that I was impregnating her, instead of preparing to do that with Jilly in a short while.

Where had that thought come from? As much as we disregarded the laws when it came to incest, disregarding biology made no sense. Was that what I really wanted, to have a baby with my own mother, DNA be damned? Bonnie had turned out okay, after all.

The train of thought was snuffed out by Mom collapsing on my chest, pressing her boobs into me as her mouth sought out my neck. “That was nice,” she whispered in my ear. “You guys should probably go back to your own bedrooms, though. I still have to work tomorrow.”


On Thursday night, Angie and I were invited to her parents’ house for dinner. Angie said Wendy was going to be there, but Rachel and Bonnie would not.

When we entered the house, I was surprised to see one more guest, my college fuck buddy. “Alissa? What are you doing here?” I spluttered.

“Hi to you too, Derek,” she responded, getting up from the love seat to give me a long hug. She then turned to Angie and said, “You must be Angie. It’s nice to meet you. Congratulations on your engagement.” She hugged Angie briefly, then turned back to me and said, “As far as why I’m here, do you remember when you said you were taking a DNA test a while back, that I mentioned that my two moms had used a sperm donor to have me and I was thinking of testing myself to try and find my biological father’s side of the family?”

I answered, “Yeah. I’m assuming you found a match with someone here?”

“Yes, the day after Christmas, I got notified that I matched to Wendy and this was the earliest I could come visit from Annapolis. Based on her test, she’s my half-sister. Imagine my surprise when I found out she knows you.”

“Or you’re my niece,” Wendy said, also rising from the love seat to hug Angie, then me. “I don’t know who either of my biological parents were, since I was abandoned at a church and then wound up in the foster care system until I was 18. Konulu Porno So, either Alissa and I share the same father or her sperm donor is my brother, which I think is more likely, given our age difference. Alissa disagrees, but I really don’t care. I finally have blood family.”

I asked, “Alissa, has your mother also been tested? Could she perhaps be Wendy’s sister instead of the link being through your father?”

Alissa answered, “We thought about that. Wendy and I don’t match on mitochondrial DNA, the kind that’s inherited from your mother only. If Mom Kate and Wendy were full sisters, they would both have inherited that DNA from their mother and Mom would have passed it to me. They can’t be half-sisters, either, or my percentage match to Wendy would be cut in half. So, the link has to be through my father instead.”

“Any other matches?” Angie asked. “I would imagine that someone who was a sperm donor could have a lot of children he doesn’t even know about.”

Alissa answered, “We both match someone named Maria Giambetti, who hasn’t responded to our emails yet. Based on the test results, she would be Wendy’s first cousin. She’s not a mitochondrial match, either.”

“Holy shit,” Angie and I both muttered at the same time. Could it be?

I said, “If it’s the same Maria, her maiden name is Rosetti and she’s one of my dad’s first cousins. Yet, you didn’t match to me or my sister. Did you use the same test company I did?”

“No, does it matter?” Alissa asked. “The one I used was cheaper.”

“Well, they’re separate user databases for each company, so you only get matches who used the same company. Because you used a different one, I can’t eliminate the possibility that you’re related to me. I’ve got to call Dad in on this.”

I got out my cellphone and called him. “Hi, Dad. This is going to sound like a strange question, but did you or Uncle Don ever donate sperm, let’s say during college?”

Dad answered, “We both did, at a fertility clinic in Norfolk. It was an easy way to make quick money. Why are you asking?”

“Well, you’ve met Jake’s foster sister Wendy, right? She did DNA testing using a different company than the rest of us and she’s found two matches. One is a first cousin match to a Maria Giambetti that I’m betting is the same person as your cousin and the other is my friend Alissa Gould from college, who matches to Wendy as either a niece or half-sister. Alissa was conceived by sperm donor, so…”

“So, you’re thinking that Alissa is possibly either my daughter or Don’s, which would either make her your half-sister or cousin?”

“Exactly,” I said. “But that would also mean that Wendy is your full sister, since you and Don are too young to be her father.” I saw Wendy and Alissa’s eyes both pop out, hearing that. “I don’t want to imagine it, but is there any chance that your parents might have abandoned a daughter, before having you and Uncle Don?”

Dad paused several seconds and sighed before answering, “Mom did. She confessed to it, in a letter that was included with her will, along with the baby’s birth certificate and some other paperwork. According to that letter, Dad left for Vietnam in 1968 and he was already reported as missing in action before Mom knew she was pregnant. He had been injured and it was months before he recovered enough to escape, but she assumed he had died. In her letter, she blames her grief and the fact that she and Dad weren’t married yet for her decision to hide the pregnancy and abandon her baby girl in March of 1969, rather than arrange for an adoption. In June of that year, Dad managed to escape captivity and came home. They married and either conceived me before the wedding or right after, but she never told Dad about the baby girl.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” I asked.

“Mom’s will instructed Don and me not to reveal Mom’s shame unless our sister were found. Don and I have tried to track her down, unsuccessfully. I was actually a bit disappointed when your DNA test only matched Jess and the Giambetti’s, since I hoped you might also match my sister or any children conceived from my sperm or Don’s. But, if Wendy and Alissa used a different company, we wouldn’t match, would we?”

“Nope. Maria apparently submitted samples to at least those two testing companies. We’ll need more tests to confirm, especially Alissa’s paternity, but it looks like we’ve got two more family members found, with the possibility that more might get tested later.”

Dad said, “And potentially another case of incest, between you and Alissa, that we’ll have to address, since there are people who know you’re lovers. Jess and I have already eaten. We’ll be right over and I’ll call Don. He and Laurie are still staying at the Winslows, helping them pack up for their move to Florida. He’s going to freak, but he’d kill me if I didn’t give him a chance to meet Wendy and Alissa before he leaves town on Monday.”

“Hang on,” I said. I turned to Jake and Debra and asked, “Is it okay if my dad, uncle and sister swing by? Dad and Jess have already eaten, he says.”

Debra answered, “We’ve got plenty of food Porno İndir either way, Derek. Your family is always welcome here.”

“That’s fine with the McDougall’s, Dad. See you soon.”

I hung up and turned to Wendy and Alissa. I said, “My dad confirmed two things, that will still have to be backed up by DNA testing at the same company, just in case they’re coincidences. First, his mother did drop off a baby girl born in March of 1969 at a church before he was born, thinking that my grandfather had died in Vietnam, when he had been injured and captured instead, then escaped. She kept that baby a secret until she died, then revealed it in her will. Second, both my dad and my uncle Don donated sperm at a clinic in Norfolk during their college years.”

Alissa said, “So, I’m either your half-sister or your cousin? We committed incest?”

I answered, “It’s not illegal, if we’re cousins. Even if we are half-siblings, my conscience is clear. We’ll just admit that we didn’t know and stopped once we did. We just have to test you against both my dad Stan and his brother Don to be sure. Or it’s all a huge coincidence and you both link to Maria another way.”

Wendy said, “I could accept one coincidence, but two? I don’t think so. I’m going to assume I’ve just found two brothers and their wives, a nephew and three more nieces besides Alissa. Oh, god. So much for pairing up with your dad at the swing club, if he’s potentially my brother.”

“What swing club?” Alissa asked.

I answered, “My parents have been swingers most of my life, although I only recently learned of it. They’ve been involved off and on with a woman named Jilly and are currently in a polyamorous triad with her. She owns the swing club and is there tonight, running it. She’s also the mother of my half-sister Jessica, who is on her way here to meet you. Angie and I have been there as guests and will probably join after graduation. Jake, Debra and Wendy know other members and they’re in the process of joining as well. There’s going to be a New Year’s Eve party and pretty much everyone in both of our families will be there. Not my uncle Don, though. He doesn’t approve.”

“You’ve seen your parents have sex there?” she asked.

“Briefly and from a distance,” I admitted. “It’s a big enough place that it’s not too hard to stay away from each other. It might be a little harder with my brother and sister there, too, but I expect we’ll all cope with it.”

“I’m confused,” Alissa said. “If you have a brother, why isn’t he my brother, too?”

“Half brother. Tommy and I share the same mother, Jess and I share the same father and maybe you do, too. Jilly’s late husband Sam Tirman was thought to be Jess’s dad, but he’s Tommy’s father instead and vice versa for Jess and my Dad, Stan. Both conceptions occurred unexpectedly because of our parents’ swinging and were only recently discovered, also by DNA testing. Jess and Tommy are both my half-siblings but they’re only step-siblings to each other. They got engaged on Thanksgiving, right after I asked Angie. Unless your mother Kate is somehow related to either my mom or Sam, you wouldn’t be related to him, either. Given how many coincidences seem to be swirling around our family, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Angie added, “That same father swap means that Tommy is my cousin a couple ways, instead of Jess. Sam is my dad’s half-brother and also my mom’s cousin. Add them together and Tommy’s almost a full first cousin, genetically.”

“Holy hell,” Alissa said. “It sounds like a family bush, not a family tree!”

“More like several trees whose limbs have grown together, but yeah, it’s complicated,” I responded. “We’re all going to treat you like family, regardless of what the biology says, anyway.”

“Does that include all of you committing incest with me, too?” When I didn’t answer right away because I wasn’t sure whether she was joking and nobody else reacted to the question, her eyes widened and she whispered, “It does, doesn’t it? No wonder your conscience didn’t bother you that you might have fucked your sister and nobody else here reacted to the implication of incest at all. You’ve been there, already. Your other sister? Your mother? What have I gotten myself into?”

I looked right into her eyes and replied, “A loving family, if you’ll accept it. Or you can walk away and have nothing more to do with any of us. I just ask that you keep my secret, if I’ve meant anything to you.”

She took a step closer to me and said, “Our secret,” then kissed me with more love than she ever had before. When we parted, she said, “I actually do hope you’re my brother, just so I’m equally incestuous.” She turned to Angie and asked, “Are you prepared to share this lunk?”

Angie answered, “I already was, Alissa. Or did you think I wasn’t aware that you’re fuck buddies on campus? He had my permission to be with other women all along. The difference now is that I can admit that I’m actually sharing him with a lot more women than just you and whoever he pairs with at the club. His mom Marcy, Jess and her mom Jilly, even my mom and sister on Christmas Day. Wendy hasn’t been with him yet, but I figure that is a matter of time, although finding out today that she’s probably his aunt means the swing club can’t provide the opportunity. Also, all those women I just mentioned are bisexual, so there’s a lot of family love being shared here, if you’re open to that.”

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