Molly Learns Ch. 2

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Thursday at lunch I was filling Jamey in on most of the details when the girl came into the cafeteria. She asked if I went the night before and if I met Chris. I wanted to tell her too, but she was in a hurry, then she asked if I had plans for Friday night, maybe we could catch a drink after work and she could hear about the night. I had talked to Christine all of ten minutes, and yet she was familiar and comfortable and I was agreeing to go with her.

When Friday came, Christine wanted to know if it was okay if we stopped past her place first. I followed her home and as she got out of her car I marveled at her beauty. She was probably 5’9″ or 10″, she wore high heels taking her to six feet or more and she was all leg, she was tall and thin and while very pretty with great legs, she had no breasts, there was hardly a bump.

Christine fixed us a quick drink, and rather stiff. She sat across from me on the floor as I talked about my night with Chris. She was interested and asked questions about details that I had nearly forgotten. She sat cross-legged, her short shirt riding up and her pussy etiler escort looking at me, she wore no panties. The retelling was exciting and I felt embarrassed, doubly so because her pussy was like a magnet, I kept looking at her and it excited me too.

Christine noticed and said she often got her self excited. Then she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom and went to her dresser. Christine opened a drawer and took out several different dildos. She looked at me and said, “No man knows how to please a woman” Then she asked me to sit down, she had a confession to make and handed me dildo of soft rubber about 8″ in length.

Christine looked at me and said you have held that before. Then she slipped off her dress, standing there wearing only heels and then took her long blonde hair and removed the wig. Her hair was light brown and short, almost a man’s cut … soft skin, flat chest and a dildo I had touched before. “I’m sorry I deceived you Wednesday. I still want to make love to you and I want you to make love to me.” I sat with eve gelen escort my mouth open, just looking at her, Christine was Chris.

Then she said, I’m going to take a shower, you can decide if you want to go or stay and off she went.

Chris had excited me like no one before. Christine was friendly and exciting, I liked her. I was drawn to and excited by her naked beauty. Quickly I removed my clothes, went into the bathroom and slid into the shower beside Christine. She looked down at me and we hugged, my face buried in her chest. Christine stood 5’10” and I was barely 5’1″, she bent down and we kissed slowly gently the water beating down on us. Then I began to wash her, my hands rubbing her back, from the neck to the shoulders and down into the small of the back, then slowly moving over the mounds of her ass, my hand moving in slowly increasing circle, my middle finger sliding into the crease, moving quickly over her, then slowly circling down and over and again finding the crease, this time pausing as the middle finger found fatih escort a tunnel opening, my finger tracing the opening then, slowly entering. The finger moving slowly, Christine buckled at the knees and sagged against the shower wall. My left hand circled around her chest and began caressing the small breast, with the hard protruding nipple, while my middle finger right hand worked in and out, then slowly a second finger joined the first. Christine shuddered and moaned as I slowly worked on her, my hands exploring and caressing she turned her head toward me and we kissed our tongues darting at each other. Then Christine turned toward me and we embraced. Quickly we turned off the water and moved to her bed.

Christine lay on her back and I buried my face in her pussy. The smell of her, the taste of her juices, my tongue worked feverishly. I couldn’t penetrate as deep as I wanted I wanted all of her and could only reach the length of my tongue. Christine was moving with me, her thighs gently rubbing my cheeks, the feel of her legs on my back. She was moving spasmodically and begging to be fucked. I reached for a dildo and slowly inserted the tool into her pussy, working it up and down, being sure to rub the clit. Christine was coming off the bed and slamming down until finally she screamed and twitched and shook. I took her in my arms and held her, now fully understanding how it can be as exciting to give pleasure as it is to receive it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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