Modeling for Daddy

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Modeling for daddy

All character are eighteen years old or older.

Peter looked around not seeing his daughter anywhere. She was supposed to meet at two after her final class of the day. He began to wonder if she forgot they were meeting up that day. Mandy was a first-year student in college and very independent. She has been like that since her mother left when she was thirteen. Just like her mother she was a beautiful woman. Long chestnut brown curly hair, brown eyes, five feet eight inches and around one hundred ten pounds. As a young teen she did some modeling and acting.

Peter was an immensely proud father. He supported his daughter in all her endeavors. As a professional photographer, his daughter had a step-up from most of the models in the industry. He had many clients looking for young talent to grace their magazines and Peter took advantage of just that. Peter had even got his daughter on a few television programs. Sure, they were small roles, but it helped her to get her own television show.

The only problem was she was no longer interested in doing acting or modeling. Like many young actors and actors, they went on to do other things then just acting. Mandy wanted to get into working in social services. During her senior year in high school, she worked as a volunteer for the local health and human services.

Peter had one more modeling job for his daughter and hoped she would be willing to do the job. It would help pay for her schooling.

Peter wanted her to be able to keep the money she had earned when she was younger. That way she would not have to struggle.

It was Peter’s plan to do the photography himself, that way his daughter would be comfortable enough to wear the clothes, his clients wanted to use for the session. The clothes and undergarments were more on the risqué side of clothing.

Peter knew his daughter might baulk having someone else photograph her in such clothing. But he still had to ask her if it were something she would be willing to do. Peter knew she would at first turn him down. But when he would tell her she could keep all the clothes she would be modeling and then what these clients were willing to pay her for her services.

The clients were willing to pay one hundred thousand dollars and bonuses for sales of magazine sales and a percentage of clothing sales. Of course, all the money would not just go to Mandy. Peter would get a commission from the photos and the short video. The video would be left to Peter to use the clothing that was supplied anyway he chooses.

His phone rang and he looked at it seeing it was his daughter calling.

“Where are you dad?” Mandy asked.

“I am at Carlitos, I told you that in my message.” Peter told his daughter.

“Oh, sorry. I have so much on my mind. I thought you meant Carl’s on main street.” Mandy told her father.

Carls was not the name of the bar it just happened to be the name of the main bartender at the club. The owner was never around, so everyone started calling the place Carls. The bar was called B flat which is a common chord used in jazz music.

Peter told his daughter he would meet her there. He figured the jazz music she loved so much might help with the decision she would be making soon. B flat was a little further from his studio, but that might be to his advantage too. His clients wanted the photo shoot to happen as soon as possible. They had already sent the clothing to his studio earlier in the day.

Peter had closed the studio earlier to look over the clothing. He did not want any of his other models looking through the clothes. If his plan were to work, he needed his daughter to get the first look at the clothes herself. He knew once she looked at them, she would be more than willing to pose for her father.

Once at B Flat Peter put his plan into action. He first approached his daughter with drawings of the clothes he wanted her to wear. At first Mandy questioned her father as to why he wanted her to look at these drawings. That is when Peter told her about the clients and how much they were willing to pay for this one last photo shoot.

Mandy kept looking at the drawings, when Her father told her he had the dresses and other clothing at his studio if she wanted to look at them. Peter now had his daughter’s attention. It seemed like she was more interested in the clothing more than the money. That really did not surprise him. She was always more interested in the clothing even when she was younger.

“Would you like to see the clothes? They are at my studio.” Peter asked. He could see her eyes light up.

“Oh, yes daddy please.” Mandy said excitedly.

Both father and daughter made their way out of the jazz club and moved quickly to Peter’s car. Peter could tell his daughter; Mandy was excited about seeing the clothes. He knew she would want to try the clothes on, but he knew he could not allow that until she signed the contract to do the photo session. That was a stipulation from the clients.

Once at Kıbrıs Escort the studio Mandy rushed to the door and waited impatiently for her father to open the door. Mandy did not even question why the door was locked. She was too excited to see the clothes she had only seen sketches of.

Peter opened the door and Mandy rushed into the studio. She quickly looked around while her father slowly made his way inside. Peter knew he had her where he wanted her. Her excitement was beginning to excite him also.

He had only seen his daughter this excited once before and that was when she found out she would get her own television show.

“Daddy where are the clothes?” she asked excitedly.

“I have them locked up in the back room. Honey, the clients want them locked up because they are so valuable.”

He was not kidding the clients told him the clothes they had selected were valued at close to eighty to ninety thousand dollars. The clothing was almost worth as much as what the client was offering for his daughter to model the clothes.

Peter opened the door and told his daughter to wait, and he would bring out the rack that held the clothes. As he was pulling the clothing out of the room, he first warned his daughter.

“Okay, honey you can only look no touching.” Peter told her.

“But daddy?”

“There are no buts. That is per instructions from the clients. You can look at them all you want but no touching.”

Peter could tell his daughter was not happy about not being able to touch them, but she was still excited to see them.

On the rack hung two beautiful gowns, two everyday wear dresses, a dress business suit, three swimsuits, two bikinis and a one piece. Then three sexy lingerie and several very sexy women’s underwear.

Peter doubted that his daughter would let him see her in the underwear, because they are very shear, and one was even crotchless.

Mandy was looking through the dresses on the rack wishing she could take them off the rack to examine them more closely. It was then she noticed the maker of the dress. The card on the plastic covering read Christian Dior. Her eyes went wide, she had only seen clothing like this on the big Hollywood stars. Sure, Mandy had her own television show at one time but “At Home with Candy” only lasted three seasons. It was after that she decided to finish high school and go to college.

“So, I will be able to keep everything if I agree to be photographed wearing everything?” Mandy asked again.

“Yes, baby they would be all yours if you signed the contract. The only condition is that you would not be allowed to sell anything, until the clothing comes out on the market.” Peter told his daughter.

“Can we start today?” Mandy asked her father.

“We could do the lingerie, some of the under garments and some of the clothes, but the dresses will have to wait until we get your hair done. We want to make you look as good as possible.” Peter told his daughter. Mandy seemed to understand.

“Also, you need to wear everything no picking and choosing. That means everything baby.” Peter said pointing to the lingerie and under garments. Mandy took a closer look at the clothing her father was pointing too.

“Will it be just you and me here, while you photograph me?” she asked blushing.

“Yes, it will be. The under garment and lingerie will be in a booklet for the customers that will look at to see how they look.”

“Do I have to do the ones that are crotchless. I mean, I don’t care if they see my tits but my pussy is another thing.” she said.

“Hunny, I am going to take tasteful pictures. I do not do pornographic photo shoots. I will even let you have a look at them before I develop the film.”

Mandy stepped back looking at her father then back to the clothes.

Peter knew she was struggling with the fact that she would be naked in front of him. It excited him a little knowing that she was just thinking about what he had proposed.

When he first saw the clothing, he was excited his daughter would get to wear such beautiful expensive clothing. Then he saw the underwear. He doubted Mandy would want to be photographed wearing such revealing under garments. Now Mandy was standing there looking from the clothing to her father. Peter watched as she was making up her mind.

“The clothes will be mine?” Mandy asked looking at her father.

Peter knew she was going to do the photo shoot. She was going to pose for him. He was surprised she was willing to do it for the clothing. He knew that he was going to use the money to pay for her college too. Even after paying for her college, she would have money left over as well. Then she could do whatever she wanted to do with the money.

“Yes, they will be yours as well as the money they are offering to pay us for the photo shoot and video.” Peter told his beautiful daughter.

“Okay, I will do it. What do I have to do?” she asked.

Mandy knew what she had to do, but she wanted her father Lefkoşa Escort to tell her.

“Well, we need to sign the contract and send it in before we can start our session. Then they have to send back a reply.” Peter said to his daughter. “If we, do it this afternoon, we should have an answer back in the morning.”

Peter brought the contract up on his computer. He had already read the contract and negotiated the other clauses in the contract. All photos were copyrighted and belong to Gordan’s studios and could only be used for promotional use only. The lingerie and under garments could only be used for store use only.

Peter then pulled his signature pad out for Mandy to sign her name. Once she had done that, he then signed his portion of the contract. Then sent send. He then went over to the rack and started to push the clothing back in the closet where he was storing the clothes. Just as he got the clothes in the closet, he heard a ping on his computer.

Once he had the door locked, he walked over to his computer and saw that his clients had already sent a reply. They had agreed to everything on the contract and would be sending half the money to the account he had set up for his daughter.

Mandy saw the reply and asked her father if they could start today. It was still early in the afternoon, so he did not see why not.

“What would you like to try on first?” Peter asked his beautiful daughter.

Mandy knew she would not be able to wear the gowns so she told her father she would use the lingerie and the under garments. Peter then went into the closet and pulled out the clothes she would be using on another rack he had stored in the back.

Once he had the lingerie and under garments out, Mandy walked over and removed the bags. Looking through what she wanted to wear first. She picked out the first one which was more conservative than the others. She then went into the dressing room to change.

Meanwhile, Peter dropped down a backdrop canvas and then set up the lounge chair, where he was going to pose his daughter.

Peter had a large studio where he had several different setups. But he wanted to start here before moving to a different room.

Mandy finished dressing and exited the dressing room. She had found a robe to wear over the lingerie. It was chilly in the studio, and this would keep her warm until the lights warmed up the room. She walked out and found her father setting up the video equipment. She had forgotten there was a video going with the photos.

Peter looked up to see his daughter enter the room in a dressing robe. In a way he was glad she did, the studio was a bit on the cooler side, but would warm up with the lights.

“Come on over and sit on the lounge. I need to see how you are going to look under the lights.” Peter knew already she would look beautiful. Still, he would need to see how her skin would look. He did not want her to look shiny.

Mandy did as she was instructed. She has done this before and knew the routine. She sat and waited for her father.

Peter looked through his view finder and noticed her skin had a shine to it. He then reached behind him and got the cake pad he needed to powder her skin to take the shine off.

Mandy took off the robe to give her father a better view and waited to come over and apply the powder to keep the shine down from her skin.

Peter came over with a meter in his hand along with the pad and began to apply the powder to tone down the shine. Once he had finished that he took readings with his light meter and adjusted the lights so there were no shadows.

“Okay, baby you look beautiful. Now I want you to give me a pose.” Peter knew his daughter knew what to do. She has been modeling for years. Peter turned on the video camera to start recording, then picked up his camera and began talking to his daughter.

“Okay, Oh I like that pose. Turn your head towards me and give me a look. There you go honey perfect. Now look ahead and cross your legs. Give me a sexy look. Perfect.” Peter told his daughter.

Mandy looked beautiful in the lingerie it was not as risqué as the other two lingerie and Peter was looking forward to seeing her in those. Peter had what he wanted and had Mandy go dress in the next lingerie.

Peter stopped the video and made some adjustments to the set. He added an end table and a lamp. He then turned the lamp on and added a picture frame. He adjusted the lights, so he could have just the right shadows. This time he wanted some shadows in the background.

As he finished making his adjustments, Mandy entered the studio wearing the next set of lingerie. Peter was amazed at how his daughter looked. Peter turned the camera back on and had her sit on the lounger, this time when he looked at the scene, he adjusted the lights.


The lingerie Mandy was wearing was clearly more shear and Peter could clearly see her breasts and the outline of her vagina. He knew he would have to make some Girne Escort adjustments to the photos so not to let the viewer of the photos see her sex.

Mandy felt a little uncomfortable wearing the clothes. But knew her father would do his best to not let this look like a porn shoot. In a way it was also exciting to be dressed in such a way and to be doing it in front of her own handsome father.

Mandy knew her father liked to take care of himself. He was taller than she was. Peter stood a good six feet and had a great body; she had seen him with his shirt off and loved to look at his nice, toned chest and a nice six pack abs, she had also seen him naked a few weeks after her eighteenth birthday, when she accidently walked in on him while he was drying off. She saw his long penis and big balls flopping around as he dried off. She blushed and ran out of the bathroom. Later, Mandy apologized to her father for walking in on him. He had told her not to worry about it, accidents happen when you live together in a house.

She knew he was right, after that day. Her father felt comfortable walking around the house in just his underwear. Mandy would do the same. So, having her father see her dressed in the sexy lingerie was like being in her underwear.

Mandy had wondered many times what her father’s long penis would look like hard. She had even rubbed herself off a few times, wondering what it would feel like to be inside her virgin pussy.

Mandy had dated a few boys, while growing up but the furthest she would ever let any of them do was feel her breasts. She had to uphold her reputation, but now she was no longer in show business and could do what she wants to do. And right now, she wanted to tease her father even though she was a bit scared.


His daughter state of undress and the beautiful lingerie did not go unnoticed and was causing a reaction inside his pants. He knew he would have to step into the shadows and adjust himself otherwise he knew Mandy would see his erection. It was not like she had not seen him naked before. He recalled the night she walked in on him after he had just gotten out of the shower. He had a towel over his head and was wiping himself down with another. He had no idea how long she had been standing there watching him. He had dropped the towel from his head and that was when he saw her standing there. Peter remembers doing nothing to hide his cock from her view. He wanted her to see it. His daughter was a full-grown woman.

He had watched her grow from a beautiful young girl into a beautiful woman. But it was not until that night she had walked in on him in the bathroom that he saw her as a woman instead of his daughter. He began wearing less and less around the house. What surprised him was that Mandy had also started wearing less clothing. Sure, it excited him to see her like that, but he never did anything inappropriate, nor had he thought of his daughter in that way either.

However, she was looking extremely hot in the lingerie she was wearing right now. And he could clearly see her young eighteen-year-old pussy and it was clear that she was a bit excited he could even smell her. Which in turn was exciting him. If Mandy were just another model, he would fuck her like crazy once they were done with the photo shoot. But she was not just another model, she was his daughter.


Once, Peter got everything set, he went back to Mandy and adjusted her where he wanted her. Then went back picked up his camera and began to take pictures of her in the lingerie. Peter had Mandy stand next to the lounge chair and snapped a few more photos. Then had her get back on the lounge chair arch her back and push out her chest.

Peter stared at his daughter for a moment and those beautiful small C cup breasts. Before snapping a few more pictures, before having her strike a few more poses. He wanted her to do some more poses that she would like to do. Peter was surprised when she spread her legs and held them there while Peter snapped off more pictures.

It was a good thing she was going to be able to keep all the clothing. Peter could see her pussy was causing the crotch of the panties to become moist from her well lubed pussy lips.

Mandy wondered if her father had a hard-on and that thought made her even more wet just thinking about it.

Peter had some great photos of her with her legs spread. When the material became wet, he could clearly see her pussy begin to open. He knew he would have to go back into the shadows and adjust himself. It was getting harder to hide his erection. He only had a few more shots on the memory card and he would have to put a new one in. Peter moved around and got a few more pictures but this time of Mandy’s beautiful breasts. He could see her nipples pointing out from the material of the lingerie.

Peter moved quickly to the side shadows and then told Mandy to get dressed in the next set of lingerie. He watched as his beautiful daughter got up and left the room.

Peter thought about jerking off before Mandy came back in the next set of lingerie. He knew the next set of clothing would even be more revealing. This time he wanted to use the bedroom set upstairs, so after adjusting himself he carried the video camera up the flight of stairs to the bedroom setup.

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