MMF Bisexual Fun

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You and I are finally able to meet up with Monet one night. Monet is a stage name for the guy, but he’s tall, young, and has long dick. We say our hellos and intros. He’s wearing a nice, sexy skirt, with thigh high heels, and a tight button down shirt. You’re wearing a super sexy short black leather skirt with a plastic like top that’s form fitting. I’m wearing a nice suit (I had to dress up to see my sexy girl). We all make our way into the apartment and into the living room. I sit down on the couch with Monet as you turn on the music and start to dance for both of us. Sometimes coming to my lap, and sometimes to his/hers. Always showing off your sexy body for us. Monet and I start to kiss while you dance between us and he starts to slide my jacket and shirt off, leaving the tie in place around my neck. You keep dancing as you come around me and help take my clothes off. You slide your hands up and down my chest as Monet works on my shoes and socks. Reaching over me so I can kiss you while you play with my chest and stomach, working your way to my belt. As you do this I reach my hands up to your head and kiss you deeply. Monet has the shoes and socks off and slides down my pants and boxers revealing my very stiff dick waiting for all the fun it’s about to have.

You and I stop kissing and Monet stays on his knees in front of me and takes my dick in his mouth and starts bobbing up and down. Meanwhile you climb on top of me and straddle my face giving me full access to everything beneath your skirt and in between your beautiful legs. I start to lick your pussy lips as you rock your hips back and forth, letting my tongue touch everything you want it to touch under your skirt. Back and forth, side to side. Over and over you do this letting me eat you out. Sometimes pushing your hops into my face, sometimes standing up slightly, all as his head bobs up and down my shaft.

Finally he gets up and comes around to stand on the couch so he can kiss you while I eat you out. As he’s kissing you and rubbing his hands all over your body, you take off his boots, slide down his skirt to reveal his long shaft, and his shirt to reveal his nice hard chest and abs. You and he run your hands over each other as I continue to eat your pussy eat making you cum over and over.

Finally, you climb up off me and sit down on the couch, next to me. Monet kneels down in front of you and starts to lick your pussy now making you writhe with pleasure as you and I start to kiss. I undo your too and throw it to the side so I can squeeze those sexy tits as I kiss you and Monet licks your pussy.

You and I kiss and kiss while Monet eats you out until you can’t take it anymore. We both stand next to each other in front of your face, I put my hand on your head while you slide your mouth over my cock and grab Monet’s cock with your hand. Him and I start to kiss as you move your mouth up and down my shaft and your hand up and down his until you switch to bring his dick into your mouth. Back and forth you go, sometimes sucking his dick, antalya escort sometimes sucking mine, sometimes putting both dick tips in your mouth to torture us both, always in and out, licking, sucking, and biting.

You go at it for awhile back and forth as we look down on you. Then we start to kiss again as you take our dicks into your mouth sucking on us hard. Then I pull out of your mouth and kneel down next to you. You and I kiss deeply and passionately while I reach my hand up to Monet’s cock and start to stroke him. Sliding my hand up and down his shaft with one-hand, and holding your head close to me as we kiss.

“Show me how to suck a cock my dear”

So you lean forward place your hand on the back of my head and move it towards his cock. I open wide as you push my head onto him. I close my mouth as you make my head bob up and down on that dick of his over and over. I keep my hand in front of my mouth on his shaft sliding it and twisting it making Monet moan with pleasure. I keep moving up and down his cock, moving my tongue as I take it in and out, sucking harder than softer s sometimes slurping sometimes biting lightly, sometimes gagging. As I do this you stay next to me giving me pointers and keeping your hand on the back of my head. After a bit of this we stand up and you sit back on the couch, but lean your hips so they’re at the edge. I stand in front of you and slide my cock inside you. Monet gets next to you on the couch and starts to lick your pussy and my dick. I slide my dick out of you and he laps your juices off it then I shove it back into you pushing in and pulling out of you over and over again making it so you cum all over my cock helping me feel those sexy sweet juices all over my dick before I shove it into Monet’s mouth. Finally, I pull out of you and stand you up. Monet gets behind you before sitting down. You sit back on top of him sliding his cock into your pussy as you sit on top of him, facing me still. And I slide my dick inside with his. You can feel his long skinny cock rubbing against my thick dick, both inside your pussy as I start to slide slowly in and out. Slowly at first then getting faster and faster having 2 cocks sliding against each other inside your sexy pussy over and over again.

Finally, I slide myself out of you, and we all stand up. This time I sit on the couch with my ass on the edge. You straddle me and slide my dick inside of you. Money bends down and pushes the head of his skinnier, sloppy, super wet cock against your asshole as I moves my hips up and down sliding in and out of you he’s slowly pushing himself in. He gets the tip in and pulls back out, slides back in and holds it there feeling your sphincter tighten around that cock, making you feel every bit of you until you loosen up, and he goes deeper. He’s starting to slide in and out, not all the way just enough to keep his dick wet and so you can feel him loose then tight loose then tight. Slowly he gets deeper, now his dick rubs on the outside of mine as I’m inside your pussy making kemer escort you scream with delight in and out both of us moving in time with each other pushing against your g-spot as soon has he hits my dick through your ass. Over and over. You cum again and again so hard you’re shaking and barely able to keep it together. In and out we move.

After a few times of making you cum Monet slides out of your sexy ass and you stand up shakily, dripping with cum and pre-cum. I slide down the couch so that I’m sitting on the floor and you come walk up to my face letting me lick it all up. Monet stands next to you and starts to play with your nipples and tits. Squeezing and biting them at times as I lap up all those juices. After only a little bit of time I get out from under you and then you bend over the arm of the couch. I stand behind you and slide my dick into your pussy as Monet lays down in front of you. You take him inside your moth sucking on his long shaft and starting to bob up and down as I slide in and out of you. I grab your sexy pony tail and pull hard on your hair as you suck on that cock. I smack your ass with one hand and pull your hair with the other. Over and over, in and out, up and down.

Finally Monet starts to scream in pleasure and starts to shake as his cum explodes in your mouth. You hold his penis in there until he’s completely done and slides his dick out of your mouth. I slide op fucking you and lay down on the couch as you lay on top of me. I open wide and you give me that nice, hot cum. Then you kiss me as I swallow it all up and I take Monet’s dick into my mouth to make sure he’s completely dry. Before letting him sit down for a break. Now you slide my dick inside of you and bang the fuck out of me. Over and over again as you bounce up and down on top of me making your sexy tits bounce up and down. Slapping against your chest. Moving your hips back and forth, rounding your hips with my cock inside you. Mmmmhmm baby.

Up and down baby in and out, you play with your tits, then you play with my nipples. You wrap your hands around my neck and squeeze me hard as you pump me harder and harder in and out of you. You start to shake like crazy and finally release your sweet cum the same time as my hot cum explodes out of me and into your pussy, causing me to push deeper inside of you making you cum again. I pump in and out of you some more as you regain your composure. Next, you climb off of me and stand over my head so I can suck all that cum out of your sexy pussy. Then you lay down on the ground next to me and I move on top of you as you open your mouth wide so I can give you all that cum in your sexy mouth of yours.

While I’m giving you my cum Monet comes up behind me and starts to push his cock against my ass…

Monet pushes his cock against my ass as I kiss you passionately, wrapping my tongue against yours and flicking my tongue lightly against your teeth. Sucking your tongue into my mouth and you do the same for me. As we’re playing konyaaltı escort tongue hockey Monet slowly slides the head of his cock into my ass. You slide out from under me and switch directions before sliding back under me so that we can 69. You start to suck my cock making it go hard again as I finish sucking my juices out of your pussy and start to tongue fuck the hell out of you again, all while Monet slides his whole cock into my ass, making me even harder with pleasure. Expanding in your mouth. He moves in and out of me pushing my hips forward sending my dick deeper into your mouth. Over and over he pumped his dick and you pumped mine until finally he pulled out and bent over the couch.

I stood up after one last long suck on my dick from you and went up behind him and shoved my dick hard into his ass, slamming it deep inside him making him scream with pain and pleasure.

I pump him hard in and out, hard smacking his ass. You stand behind me and give my ass a good smack and squeeze, then come around and kiss me on the neck and mouth while I pound this guy over and over. I pull out of him and I sit down on the couch again. You come and sit on top of me, facing me and slide my dick into your sexy pussy. Monet stands behind you, you lean down on top of me and expose your sexy ass to him. He slides into my ass while my dick is in your pussy. He then slides out of my ass and slowly pushes his way into your ass pushing my dick deeper inside you as he enters you from behind. Back and forth he moves between us. Into you, pumps a few times, then me for a few pumps. Over and over again. The whole time you’re sliding my dick in and out of your pussy while laying on top of me.

Over and over he does this back and forth, in and out as you rock back and forth getting your pussy and ass fully satisfied over and over making you quake with cumming again and again. After a while he stops his thrusts, you get off of me and get on your knees in front of him and I kneel down next to you, as he keeps moving his head over his cock sliding it up and down his shaft faster and faster. We open our mouths wide as he arches his back and groans loudly while his hot cum explodes from his dick and goes into my mouth, your mouth and over our faces. We wipe the cum off of each other while we stand up and you lean over the couch with your ass in the air one last time. I get behind you and slowly push the head of my dick into your ass, since he’s gotten you used to the feeling it’s ready for my thickness.

I slowly push into you getting deeper, spreading that ass sphincter out slowly. Sliding back out as it closes back up, back in, out all the way and I shove my dick into your pussy making you cum immediately, covering my cock with your nice warm juices. I slide back out and into your ass again pumping you hard over and over making you cum yet again. I slide out of you for the last time, and you turn around and kneel in front of me ready for my hot load to go into your mouth again. Of couture oblige your desire and you take my dick in your mouth right as I release my load making it hit the back of your throat as you swallow it all up pumping every last drop out of me. I bend down and kiss you again, deeper and more passionately than ever.

“Mmm baby, can’t wait to do that all over again”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32