Mixing Business with Pleasure

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Mixing Business with Pleasure

I was on a business trip in Miami, Florida. My hotel suite was paid for by the company that contracted me and they spared no expense. The room had California King Bed, a stocked bar, a hot tub and a fireplace for ambiance.

I was sitting at the bar with a glass of Angel’s Envy Bourbon, my favorite, and on my laptop doing some business. I looked toward the window and saw what a beautiful day it was. I figured I’d work for another half hour and then head down to the pool.

A half hour passed, I closed out the program and folded up the laptop. I changed into my swim trunks and flip flops, put on my robe and headed downstairs to the pool. I saw that the pool area was very busy, not an empty lounge to be seen.

I made my way to the tiki bar and waited to be served. I looked at the beautiful, and not so beautiful, people in their swim attire. Some in skimpy string bikinis, some in one pieces and more. Then you got the guys in banana hammocks. God I hate them, and some guys just have no business wearing them. Then you have the women, who I don’t know why they bother wearing anything at all. As a private investigator you tend to people watch all the time.

The bartender finally got to me and I asked for Angel’s Envy. He looked at me and told me they don’t have it. I grumbled and he said they have Buffalo Trace, my second favorite, so I agreed to that.

I actually found an empty bar stool and took a seat. I sipped my drink and continued to scan the area. After about twenty minutes, I saw a woman packing up to leave her lounge. I grabbed another drink and headed over to grab that lounge.

As I approached, I saw a woman lying on her belly on the lounge right next to the one I was going to take. She had a beautifully shaped body, long red hair and was wearing a not too skimpy yellow bikini. She had beautiful legs, sexy little feet with soft pink soles and a perfectly round ass. She was light skinned; I presumed she was of Irish descent.

I got to the lounge, took off my robe and flip flops and sat on the lounge. I looked over at her and her arms were crossed supporting her head, but her face was facing the opposite direction. I lifted the back of my lounge to an upright position and got myself situated. On the other side of me was an older couple, probably seniors soaking up some rays.

So I tried to spark some conversation and said, “Boy it’s a beautiful day,” directed towards the young lady to my left.

She actually turned her head and said, “Oh my God yes it is.” She had a very pretty face from what I could see, being she was wearing dark sunglasses. She had no makeup on, nice pink bow shaped lips and beautiful flawless skin; a natural girl next door beauty.

I extended my hand and introduced myself as Tom, she did the same and took my hand and said, “Cori.” I asked if she was here on vacation and she explained she was here with some friends who were out sightseeing and bar hopping. She went on to say she wanted a break from all that and stayed behind.

She asked about me and I said I was there on business. Then she asked what kind of business and I told her I was a PI.

She perked up and rolled to her side and said, “Bullshit! Really?” Her breasts looked amazing in her bikini. Not too big, not too small. Her tummy was flat, smooth and tight with a navel ring with an emerald green stone on it.

I chuckled and told her it isn’t as exciting as most people think. I mostly work for a big corporation that contracted me to do financial investigations. She was still intrigued and was asking how to be a PI, what does it entail and so on.

She ended up sitting upright like me and told me she was a legal secretary from Michigan. We chatted about our jobs and family history. She explained that she was 36 years old, divorced with no kids. I told her I was 51, three kids and divorced twice from New York.

I asked her if she wanted a drink and she asked for a Malibu Bay breeze. She reached into her beach bag and took out her wallet. I told her that I’ll take care of it, and went over to the bar.

As I was walking to the bar a young boy almost ran into me. As I turned around I saw Cori looking over the top of her sunglasses at me with a cute little smile. I thought to myself, is she checking me out? I’m not in the best shape of my life. My trunks weren’t too flattering, just Tony Bahama’s with a blue beach scene print.

I got our drinks and headed back. She was looking at me and smiling. As I handed her the drink, she pulled her glasses down and I saw she had strikingly beautiful green eyes. She smiled and said, “Thanks Tom.”

“My pleasure,” I replied.

We chatted about many things, politics, the way the world is in a tailspin, Russia attacking the Ukraine, our exes and crap like that. We had quite a bit in common. She said she was getting hot and was going to take a dip. When she stood up, I’d say she was about 5 foot 5 inches tall; me being 5 foot 9 inches she was taller than I thought. Pendik Escort Her hair was longer than I thought too; it was down to her ass. I watched her beautiful ass as she walked toward the pool, it was magnificent. I think she was putting on a show for me.

She did a perfect dive into the pool and swam and waded around for about 10 minutes and came back. She dried herself off, sat back down and put her shades back on. Her hair looked so sexy and wet. I have a thing for wet hair, it’s a big turn on for me.

We chatted some more and then I said, “You know the drinks are cheaper in my suite.”

She looked over at me and pulled her shades down and said in a stern voice, “What kind of woman do you think I am?”

I raised my hands palms out to my shoulders and replied, “Cori, I’m sorry I wasn’t implying anything.”

She giggled and said, “Relax Tom, I’m just fucking with you.” She stood up, put her hand out to me and said, “Let’s go.” She held my hand as I got up. I helped her put on her cover-up and she slipped on her flip flops. I put on my robe and flip flops, she grabbed her beach bag and we headed inside.

We chatted all the way up in the elevator. She was one of the chattiest people I ever met, especially for just meeting. We got to the top floor and headed to my room.

We entered the room and she just blurted out, “Oh my God, how much does this cost?”

I replied, “I have no idea, my employer pays for it all.” She walked around the entire suite checking everything out in astonishment.

She walked into the bathroom and yelled, “Holy shit look at this shower!” It was a walk in doorless shower with two showerheads and multiple wall jets. And being I had a corner suite, the upper half of the walls were glass with a great view of the ocean and the city.

I made us some drinks and invited her out to the balcony. She came out, went to the rail and couldn’t believe the view of the Atlantic. Then we sat down at the table and chatted.

After about fifteen minutes and empty glasses, she said enthusiastically with a big smile, “I wanna go in that hot tub!”

“Oh, sure, I replied.

As we got up she said, “Get me another drink please.” We went inside to the bar and I made two more drinks.

She giggled and said, “This is so fucking cool!” as she walked over to the hot tub. She kicked off her flip flops and dropped her cover-up to the floor.

She looked over at me and asked, “Aren’t you going to join me?”

I replied, “Oh, I wasn’t sure you wanted me to.”

She said, “Don’t be stupid, come over here.”

I walked over, took her drink and placed both in the drink holders on the edge of the tub. I took her hand and helped her into the water as she seemed to be a little tipsy. She smiled and sat on the bench as I stepped in and sat across from her.

“Bubbles! I want bubbles,” she said. Chuckling, I took the remote and started the bubbles. She was laughing like a child, I watched her and smiled. As I watched her, I was getting aroused and my cock was hardening.

Then she splashed me and said, “Why are you sitting so far away? I don’t bite. Well, sometimes I do. Come sit next to me, it’s lonely over here.”

I moved over and sat beside her. As our bare thighs touched, my cock became hard as steel.

With her drink in her hand she said, “Tom, thank you so much for this.”

“For what?” I asked.

“Just this, being so nice to me, being such a gentleman,” she replied. We toasted to new friends and clinked our glasses and sipped our cocktails.

We put our drinks down, she turned her head and looked at me saying, “Aren’t you going to try and kiss me?” Chills ran through my body at those words.

“I’m trying to be a gentleman,” I replied chuckling.

“Fuck that kiss me!” she replied. I leaned over to kiss her and wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me to her. With my arms wrapped around her torso, our lips connect as our bodies fused together. I smelled and tasted the alcohol on her breath. She pushed her tongue into my mouth with no apprehension and I reciprocated with my tongue. Our tongues intertwined and played as we breathed heavily into each other.

She climbed onto my lap pressing her breasts against my chest. She moaned and I groaned as she ground my cock slowly through my trunks. My hands slid down to her ass, I held onto her cheeks as we kissed and continued grinding. She threw her head back offering me her neck and throat. I planted my lips on her neck while flicking with my tongue. She whined with delight, as I tasted her tender skin.

She beared down harder as she grinded into me, whispering, “Oh God Tom.”

My mouth moved to her throat as I squeezed her ass harder. She continued to grind as she gripped my hair and my lips moved to her cleavage. She pulled my face into her as she cooed and whined louder.

“Oh God, of fuck oh yes, yes yes” she squealed as her legs squeezed mine. “Oh fuuuuuuuck!” she screamed as her head fell onto my shoulder Kurtköy Escort gasping and breathing hard. I felt her legs trembling.

“Oh my God Tom, I just came I’m so sorry,” she said in my ear.

“Why are you sorry baby?” I asked.

“I couldn’t help myself, it felt so good, I lost control,” she said.

“Cori, It’s fine we got caught up in the moment,” I said. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips, rolled off me and sat beside me. My cock hard as granite, my balls aching and probably purple, she asked me for another drink.

I got out of the tub barely able to walk, threw on my robe and went to the bar. I made our drinks and headed back. I saw her bikini top and bottom on the floor. She was in the middle of the tub with just her head and shoulders showing through the bubbles.

I asked, “What do we have here?”

She replied, “Get back in and find out.”

She took her drink and we both took a sip. We put them down and I dropped my robe. As I attempted to get back in the hot tub, she stood up and pulled my trunks down.

She said, “Oh I see why I came so hard. Come in and let’s sit naked together for a while.” Her breasts were beautiful with bright pink nipples and areola, and her pussy was still under the bubbles.

I sat next to her on the bench in the hot tub and we started to kiss again. I felt her hand slide across my thigh. Her fingers ran up and down my shaft and she hummed into my mouth. She grabbed my cock and started to pump it. My hands cupped her tits as our kiss got more intense, while her other hand cradled and fondled my balls.

Then she pulled away from me, sat back and I felt her feet sliding up and down my thighs. She smiled at me devilishly and started to rub my cock with her feet. Her soles were as soft as marshmallows. Her toes curled as she rubbed my cock and balls with her feet. I began to groan because it felt so good.

Then she put my cock between her feet and started to pump it. Her nipples just barely above the bubbles looked so good. I so badly want to suck them.

I watched her look at me and she asked, “Are you going to cum for me big boy? Are my little feet going to make that cock cum? Huh?”

“Oh fuck, yes if you keep doing that,” I replied.

“Good, cum for me Tom,” she said. Electricity ran through my body as my muscles tensed up. My cock throbbed as I began to climax.

“That’s it baby cum for me,” she said.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” I blurted out. With a long growling groan, I felt myself cumming under the water.

“Oh God Cori yes!” I exclaimed.

“Mmmmmm, good boy Tom, you feel better?” she asked.

“Oh my fucking God, yes I do, thank you.” I replied.

Suddenly her cellphone rang. She jumped out of the tub to answer it. I was still recovering from my foot job. I watched her hot naked body get out of the tub and she pranced naked over to her beach bag. I still hadn’t seen her pussy, but her ass was amazing.

I heard her side of the conversation. She said, “Yeah I’m fine…well I’m with a friend…yes a friend…no you guys have fun…I might not make it back tonight.” With that she turned her head and looked at me smiling. “What? Oh his name is Tom…yes Tom…he’s an old friend…I might crash here tonight…yes I’m fine…love you guys too…talk to you tomorrow.” And she hung up. She turned and started to walk towards me. Her pussy bush was shaved into a little red landing strip. Her full frontal view was breathtaking.

She said, “I hope I’m not being too presumptuous, but I’m not done with you yet big boy.” She bent down, grabbed my head and kissed me.

“Not at all, I don’t go back to the office until Monday,” I replied.

“Awesome, now get out of that tub,” she said as she took my hand and pulled me out. We put our robes on and grabbed our drinks. Both a little buzzed we headed over to the white leather couch in the middle of the living room. I sat down and she snuggled up against me with her legs curled up on the couch.

She turned her head, looked at me as her hand slipped into my robe and grabbed my now soft cock saying, “I know he needs a little time to recover, but I’m sure we can think of some things to do until then.”

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. Once again a passionate open mouth kiss. My hand slipped into her robe to play with her sweet tits. My hands squeezed, my fingers flicked and pinched her nipples until she deeply moaned into my mouth.

She pulled away from me, laid down on her back and untied her robe. She had one foot on the floor and the other foot on the couch with her knee in the air. Her pussy was bright pink, almost red with protruding labia. I gently reached down to rub; it was so soft and wet. I rubbed her rather large clit between my index and middle finger, and also rubbed the tip with my thumb. She moaned and arched her back.

I laid on top of her and we kissed again. My hands fondled her tits and nipples. She moaned into me as my hands played. My mouth moved to her neck as her Ümraniye Escort nails scratched my back. I sucked and nibbled her neck moving to her throat down to her cleavage. My hands squeezed her tits, my fingers tweaked her nipples.

She wrapped her legs around me as I flicked her nipple with my tongue while my other hand played with the other. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and nibbled. She gasped and dug her nails into my back as her back arched. I pinched the other one as I bit a little harder. She groaned and squirmed as my mouth and hand switched sides. Her nails scratched my back as I played.

I moved down her body, sucking and flicking my tongue with my hands still playing with her breasts. My mouth traveled down her belly to her navel. I flicked her piercing with my tongue. Her hands moved to my head, her fingers entangled in my hair. My face moved lower to her little red landing strip. My mouth played for a bit as she pushed my head lower.

I repositioned myself and laid on the couch on my belly. I kissed and licked her inner thighs; her skin was so soft and sweet. She put her one leg on my shoulder as my mouth got closer to her honey pot. I ran my tongue along her flexors. She squirmed and moaned as I got closer.

Finally I kissed her on her pussy lips again and again. She hummed and moaned as I added pressure to each kiss. Then I ran my tongue up and down between her lips. She grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled the back towards her head.

“Eat me Tom. Eat my pussy,” she said between her moans.

I wiggled my tongue between her lips, she tasted so good. She breathed heavily as I tongue fucked her. She pulled harder on her legs giving me access to her ass. I spread her cheeks and ran my tongue across her taint flicking along the way. I reached her puckering bung and flicked it with my tongue as I slipped a finger in her pussy.

She gasped out, “Oh fuck yes…right there fuck!” I rimmed and flicked her pulsating bung as I finger fucked her pussy. It felt like an electric current ran through my tongue as I pressed harder. My tongue circled a few more times as I made my way back up to her pussy. Her juices ran down her taint and I licked them up as I headed up towards her clit.

I inserted another finger as I flicked her clit with my tongue.

“Oh God yes!” she cried out. My tongue circled, fondled and flicked. My fingers fucked and probed her pussy. I sucked her clit into my mouth, my tongue rubbed it against my teeth. She squirmed and cooed as I played. Her clit swelled in my mouth, my fingers fucked her harder.

“Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she screamed. I felt her start to jerk as she screamed out my name and her pussy started to tighten.

“Oh God baby, don’t stop, don’t stop! Fuck! I’m cumming!” she screamed. I pulled my fingers out and sucked on her pussy, my hand replaced my mouth on her clit and I rubbed vigorously. Her body convulsed and her legs started to spasm.

She screamed, “Fuck!” as I got blasted with her juice while she squirted in my face and mouth. Surprised at this unexpected treat, I pulled away for a second not realizing what had just happened. She squirted more on my face and chest; she whimpered and cried as she had this explosive orgasm. I went back in to get the last of her cum and juices until she pushed my head away. I sat up on the couch as she lowered her legs, her body jerking and shivering. She closed her legs and put her hands down by her pussy. Her eyes closed and she breathed hard. I rubbed her thighs.

“You OK Cori?” I asked.

She replied, “Holy shit Tom, nobody has ever brought me to that level aside from when I play with myself.”

“Wow I, I wasn’t expecting that,” I chuckled.

She rolled over to her side and said, “Spoon with me, get behind me.” I laid down on my side behind her and wrapped my arms around her.

I kissed her neck gently and whispered in her ear, “Baby that was amazing.”

She turned her head and said, “Oh my God you have no idea,” and kissed me on the lips.

Now my cock was fully recovered and pressed against her leg. She lifted her leg, my cock laid on its side on her inner thigh and the top of it against her drenched pussy. I grinded my cock on her thigh; the top of my cock sliding between her lips. We engaged in a passionate kiss as my cock slid back and forth. We moan into each other’s mouths. My hands played with her tits as her arm reached around and she held my head with her hand.

Between our moans she said, “Are you gonna fuck me or not?” With that I took her leg behind her knee and lifted her leg higher. I repositioned behind her and slid my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her head and pulled our faces tighter as my cock slid in and out. We hummed into each other’s mouths as my dick pulsated inside her.

She broke our kiss and said, “I said fuck me! Not make love to me!” I pulled out, straddled her leg and lifted her other leg high, pushing back into her. I pulled back and slammed hard and deep.

“Fuck yes! That’s it, fuck me big boy!” she exclaimed. I pounded her hard and she yelped at each thrust.

Her tight pussy felt so good around my cock. She squeezed her tits and nipples as I fucked her hard and fast, while my other hand played with her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32