Mixed-Up Revenge Ch. 03

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Charlotte looked at Ray, “Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting.”

He grinned at her, “Well, I’ve always wanted to see two girls go at it, and you seem to be angry at her for something… besides, I know you’re turned on right now. I think that it would be a good finishing punishment.”

Looking back at her sister, Charlotte considered… it really would be a good final revenge. Years of having to deal with Karen lording over her rushed through her mind… along with all the times Karen had blamed things on her, all the guys that Charlotte had liked that Karen had gotten to first… the way that Karen had treated Ray – even if it had ended well for Charlotte. Not to mention the burning ache in her pussy from watching Ray take her sister’s ass cherry… sure she wanted his hard dick in her, but that wouldn’t be nearly as deliciously naughty…

“I can give her a spanking while she eats you out,” continued Ray wickedly, watching the expression on her face carefully. He added, “Of course we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Something inside Charlotte snapped into position and she grinned up at him, kissing him hard, “You dirty man… I’ll do it. You better enjoy the show though.”

“Oh I will,” he grinned, “Besides, there’s just something so much more taboo and erotic about it when it’s your sister… heh, you’re right, I’m definitely a dirty man. Think I need professional help?”

“Maybe, but get it later,” she told him, giggling and tossed her hair flirtatiously as they moved towards illegal bahis the bed, where Karen seemed to sense their approach and stopped struggling. With their arms around each other they stood where she could see them.

“You’re going to do one last thing for us,” Ray told her, and he turned his face towards Charlotte as he stroked her hair, “You’re going to eat out my new girlfriend here…” Karen’s eyes got very wide and her struggles renewed, “And I’m going to be spanking you to make sure you’re doing a good job. That means that the spanking will stop when she cums.” Both of them grinned at her horrified face as Charlotte got onto the bed in front of her and spread her legs, scooting forward so that her wet pussy was right in front of Karen’s gagged mouth. Screeching, the older sister tried to turn her head from side to side, anything to get away from that spread pink pussy.

“Ready?” asked Charlotte, looking up at Ray with a mischievous grin, her eyes alight with anticipation and excitement. Grinning he slammed his hand down on Karen’s ass as Charlotte pulled the gag from her sister’s mouth and pressed her pussy to it. Karen’s shriek vibrated her pussy lips, but there was no tongue follow-up. So she told Ray, “Hit her harder, the shrieking feels nice but she’s not even trying.”

As Ray’s hand crashed down on Karen’s backside again she began licking at her sister’s pussy, ignoring her revulsion in favor of reducing the pain. It was slick and musky, but didn’t taste too bad as long as she didn’t think too illegal bahis siteleri hard about the fact that the pussy belonged to her younger sister. Charlotte moaned as her sister’s tongue began sliding and licking along her heated slit, frantically swiping up her juices. Seeing the expression of satisfaction on Charlotte’s face Ray reduced the brutality of his spankings; realizing that the better she pleasured her sister, the less her ass would hurt, Karen started sucking and licking like a fiend.

Doing everything that she herself liked, she sucked on her sister’s pussy lips, nibbling them gently and sliding her tongue up and down the wet slit, trying to press a stiffened tongue into the hole. Moaning, Charlotte humped her pussy up and down on her sister’s face, coating her lips in juices as her hands wound in the blonde hair. The spankings lowered down to a light sting as Karen ate out Charlotte, licking frantically and teasing her sister’s clit with her tongue.

She made little figure-8’s with her tongue, licked until the organ cramped and then sucked and nibbled until she could lick again. Eating frantically her ass wiggled as she tried to escape the slaps; they weren’t particularly hard anymore but the more that he hit her the more her ass hurt anyway, and she certainly didn’t want them to go back to being hard and painful. So she licked, nibbled, and found herself actually starting to get into eating her sister out. There was something very sexy about being so vulnerable, and even though the girl in canlı bahis siteleri front of her was her sister, she couldn’t deny that she had always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman.

Laying back, Charlotte kept one hand in her sister’s hair and began playing with her tit with the other. Continuing to spank Karen’s ass, Ray could feel himself getting harder as he watched this erotic display of lesbian incest, as he watched his girlfriend completely succumb to lust under her sister’s tongue. Charlotte was writhing in heat as her sister found her clit with her mouth, nuzzling it with her lips before sucking it between them and rolling it between her teeth. Karen was eating her out better than any guy ever had, even Ray, she seemed to know all the exact right spots and pressures to use on her, spreading pleasure throughout her entire body. Moaning lustily, Charlotte shuddered and her back arched as Karen bit down, nibbling gently.

Shrieking with rapture, Charlotte came hard, her juices flowing into Karen’s mouth and she swallowed her sister’s juices automatically. Ray watched as his girlfriend writhed, her face flushed with passion as her hands pulled her sister’s face deeper into her pussy. She sighed as her orgasm completed, her expression dreamy as she looked up at him over her sister’s body.

Karen sagged, completely exhausted and her mind overwhelmed by everything that had just happened.

The couple untied her hands and legs and left her there, dressing quickly and running out to the car.

“That was hot,” Ray told her as they drove down the road.

“I can tell,” Charlotte giggled as she caressed the bulge in his pants with his hand, “You better hurry so that we can get back to your place and take care of this.”

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