Mistress Tanya Ch. 03

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After a couple more orgasms Tanya disengaged herself from my mouth. She and Sam rotated me back upright and released my bonds. Tanya left the room and Sam told me to follow him and he’d show me to my room. I followed him down the hall a little further to a door which opened into a large guest suite. He told me to go collect my clothes and bag but that I was to not wear any clothing while here. With that he turned and left. I looked around a moment then went to get my stuff.

Getting back to my room I showered, shaved, and took care of my nightly rituals. Turning off the lights I crawled into bed. My balls still ached and my cock was still red and stinging a little. I must have been bone tired because I was asleep in no time.

I awakened as usual at daylight. Getting up I took care of my full bladder then brushed my teeth. My cock was not stinging near as bad this morning but my balls still had that hollow ache. When I returned to the bedroom I found Tanya standing by the bed. She was completely nude and her body was absolutely stunning. I couldn’t help but stare. She told me that she’d heard the water running and came to visit. I was informed that Sam was still antalya escort sleeping but that she needed some action this morning.

With that she crawled up on the bed with her head down and ass high in the air. Spreading her legs she told me to get busy. My cock sprang to life and was desperately trying to break free of its prison. I climbed up on the bed and immediately moved my lips to her sweet pussy and began licking and sucking for all I was worth. She began pushing backwards against me as I orally pleasured her pussy. I was rewarded with copious amounts of her sweet secretions which I eagerly drank down. As she was nearing orgasm she told me to tongue her ass. I quickly began to tease her rear hole with the tip of my tongue while she began to alternate running her finger inside her pussy and bringing it back out to tease her own clit.

I began to stab at her hole with the tip of my tongue and just as I felt her sphincter relax a little she told me to tongue fuck her ass. I pressed harder and drove my tongue through her anal ring. I worked it in and out until I was probing deep inside. She soon began to moan in pleasure while pushing back against kemer escort my lips. I knew she was very close to orgasm and moved my hands up to gently tease her nipples to which she hissed, “harder”. I began rolling her nipples between finger and thumb slowly increasing the pressure. While I was doing this she was rubbing her clit with abandon as I continue to ram my tongue deep into her ass. A moment later I felt her anal ring tighten around my tongue as she let out a loud scream of pleasure. Her body was wracked by spasm after spasm until she collapsed forward on the bed.

I quickly started licking her pussy and ass dry of her juices and there was quite a lot. I gently licked from her ass to her clit and back again over and over as she softly mewed like a kitten. After a few minutes she regained her composure and sat up. Standing up she took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom where I was told she needed a shower and wanted me to help. I could think of worse ways to start the day.

Checking to make sure the water temp was right we stepped inside. It was a large shower that had a bench on one side. She sat down and motioned me konyaaltı escort to my knees between her legs. She pulled me forward so that I could once again orally worship her sex. I began licking and sucking causing her to begin moaning again. I had my mouth tightly affixed to her pussy when all of a sudden I got a mouth full of warm liquid. Oh shit, she was peeing in my mouth. She grabbed my head and held it tight against her flooding pussy.

At first I was shocked but that quickly turned to excitement. I began to lick at her pussy once again and was rewarded with even more urine. In a husky voice I heard her say “that’s a good slave, drink my pee”. So I did. I swallowed a mouthful and although not exactly sweet tea, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. So I did it again a couple more times. By now she was empty but the act of me drinking her urine must have turned her on because she exploded in another very intense orgasm.

After she recovered, I stood her up and soaped her beautiful body from head to toe. After she stepped out I quickly washed myself down. When I got out of the shower she was gone. I quickly dried off and brushed my teeth. I decided to make my bed and then head for the kitchen to see what else this day had in store.

If the past 12 hours were any indication, it was going to be a wild weekend. With that thought I headed down the hall to the smell of coffee and sound of conversation.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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