Mistress Heather’s Grand Unveiling

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The hot cum filled his mouth and he withdrew from his gagged face… She leaned down to him “that was great, my little slut!…. now lets see if that other hole responds just as well!!”

his heart sank. he knew that this day would come sooner or later, but he NEVER thought it would be this soon…. his eyes looked at Her and pleaded with Her not to do it. he hoped that his pleas were making progress. Through his hood, he could see Mistress Heather giving Tom head to try to make Him hard once again. All he could do was continue kneeling there helpless wishing to rub his sore jaw from being spread on the ring gag.

They got up from the bed, Tom fully erect once again. he knew that the second time would take Him forever to cum. They walked towards him one on each side and picked him up off of the floor and set him on the bed, face down. The spreader bar was taken off of his ankles…. She leaned into him once again and asked if he was ready…. like an obedient slave, all he knew was to say yes… he nodded. There was more talking… he strained to hear but They were too quiet and things were muffled through the leather hood. It sounded like Tom was pleading with Mistress Heather and She was getting more and more upset…this was not good for him….

After a considerable amount of time, Mistress Heather conceded to Tom and they came back to him and took off the hood and removed the gag… it felt so good to be able to close his mouth again…. She whispered in his ear as he exercised his jaw “W/we are A/all going out and you are the group bitch!” as Tom handed him a very short skirt… She pushed him onto the bed and taped up his cock between his legs before it could harden… his arms still bound behind his back…

“First, We must shave him…” She squealed with delight… “Oh Tom, this is a VERY good idea…. he is going to look so beautiful!!” They skillfully shaved him from head to toe saving his head of hair…. they put on a garter with fishnet stockings… he could feel the shoes being placed on his feet and saw the padded bra being placed on him… he liked the size of the breasts… She sat over top of him with Her make-up bag by his head… She worked fast and furious with intense concentration, and then suddenly She leans back and looks with Tipobet satisfaction.

They stand him up and put on a sexy top and that short skirt along with a long blonde wig. They take him to the mirror and he takes one look and instantly tries to get hard… he feels his cock struggling against the tape between his legs… he whispers…. “She is gorgeous!!” then realizes that it is his reflection speaking back to him… “If i may say so, Mistress Heather, You are VERY talented”…. “Shut up bitch!! you are not to speak until spoken to!” he nods knowing he was wrong….

She dangles the ring gag in front of him and then puts it in Her purse. Next She dangles the strap on and then places it on the dresser in front of him “We won’t be needing that since we have a real one right here” as She pats Toms cock… She packs a collar and leash and a few restraints into Her purse and then looks at everyone “Let’s go!”

They head out the door and down the stairs of Her home… and out to the car… there were a few people on the street looking at them… he felt as though they all recognized him. he was stuffed into the back seat of the car, the skirt riding way up and over… it was not a very graceful display… “Do NOT embarrass me slut” She whispered in a commanding tone “or else I will drag your sorry ass into the street and whip you there… understood cunt?”

he nodded… he knows he has to work harder to pass and to please Her… They drove down the street and across town… to the bad part… he had been here once before and saw some people… he assumes that is where they are headed tonight… The car stops and they get out… this time he is elegant and graceful in his exit… he stepped onto the street in the high heels and straightened up… She clipped a leash to his collar and gave it a quick tug…

“Let’s go cunt… you have work to do”, She barked… they walked together and up some stairs to a large door that creaked when opened.

The room was full of people and very dark. he felt very awkward in there, but soon realized that there were more important things to worry about. he was led through the lobby and into a large area where there were many people, some of them obviously dominant, others obviously submissive Tipobet Giriş and everything in between. he was ordered up some stairs and onto a platform with a large object covered by a dark blanket. She led him under the blanket and bent him over a table. It was very dark under the cloth… he knew something public was about to happen. he was bent over, his ankles were locked to a bar underneath and his toes could not touch the floor. She took his arms next and pulled them down below the table and locked them there… he was totally helpless… until She grabbed his head and pulled on it and lowered a large object that locked his neck in place. he heard a lock click next to his right ear.

“There cunt… You are now ready for the grand unveiling”, She said with a wicked laugh in Her voice. She stepped out from the cloth and left him in the darkness. Then suddenly, he could hear Her address the crowd….

“Everyone, can I please have your attention…” She waited a few seconds until the commotion died down… “I have acquired a new slave and tonight is the grand unveiling.” A cheer went up from the crowd. “I want everyone to have a chance and let me know if I have done well for Myself.”

Suddenly the cloth is pulled and the bright lights make him go blind for a second… the crowd gasps and commotion erupts… he is confused and disoriented from the lights and the crowd. The crowd starts chanting and screaming… he starts to see a figure move through the crowd… She is standing ahead of him…

“Oh… this is great… Lord Bishop is coming up….this is wonderful… he is great at testing new subs….”

He climbs up on the stage and She whispers something to Him… He looks down at him and laughs… “No matter Mistress Heather.”

he is really confused but soon it sorts itself out…. Lord Bishop unzips his pants and pulls out a 10″ cock… He circles the cunt on the stand and then shoves it in his face…

“Fuck the bitch!” a call from the crowd. “What a hottie!!” called someone else… a distinct ladies voice call out “I want that cunt for myself.”

Mistress Heather leaned in and whispered in his ear “Suck Him good or else you will wear the ring gag; you don’t want that do you?” he quickly shook his Tipobet Güncel Giriş head and opened his mouth to take the huge cock in his throat.

“Damn Heather, You have trained him well… he does this pretty good!” Lord Bishop exclaimed. He pulled his cock out of his mouth and walked behind and then suddenly, he starts to feel it press against his hole

his eyes widen along with his asshole… Lord Bishop forcing his cock into his tight ass deeper and deeper… he is staring to wonder just how long it is… he thought it must have been 2 feet inside of him now.. anymore and he would be sucking him again…

The crowd starts to gasp as Mistress Heather starts to grin… not any grin, but that evil wicked grin that scares him so much. he knew that this was not going to be fun… for him anyway.

Lord Bishop starts to pump his ass… there is absolutely no give for him… he is bound too tight to the table. he does his best to relax and be a receptacle for his cock. he is learning his place well….

Mistress Heather grabs another guy from the crowd and brings him up… whispers somthing in his ear…

“So what… but Your slave looks pretty good!!” He laughed. He walked back and forth a little and then unzipped his pants and showed the crowd… then He spins around, slapping His cock against his face… the crowd starts to laugh… once again, a cock enters his lips…

Lord Bishop pounding his ass, and this new cock in his face slowly entering at first then pounding at his face… two cocks pounding him… they were so large, he swore the were touching somewhere inside of him.

They both came inside of him and pull out. he cleaned them both up.

Mistress Heather then announced to the crowd… “What is My slave’s rating?”

After much commotion, it was determined that Mistress Heather’s slave was rated at 7…. She was pleased with this “Thank you all… it is quite an honor… please anyone … please enjoy” as She waves Her hand and shows the way to Her slave.

She stepped off of the stage and he watched Her go the bar and mingles… then suddenly people were climbing up on the stage…

he really does not remember much but thinks it went on for hours. She whispered in his ear “good boy you were a good cunt for your Mistress Heather”… releasing him from the table… he stands up quite weary from everything… he feels his stomach bulging… asking Her if he can use the washroom….

“Off you go” She said slyly…. but don’t take too long, we are leaving soon…

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