Mistress and Her pet

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Double Penetration

Mistress [email protected] comes home from work and sets down Her purse, keys, and things and heads into Her pet’s room to see what she’s doing. As She opens Her pet’s door She caught Her breath and smiled. There was Her pet ready for Her, nude and resting provocatively against the rack with a smile and a gleam in her eyes hot enough to melt snow.

“Welcome home, Mistress.” Jess said coyly.

“Thank you, pet, you been a good girl?”

“Mmmm…i don’t know, Mistress. When pet’s good, oh she’s really good, but sometimes pet can be naughty, but only as naughty as i want to be.” Jess teased.

[email protected] raised an eyebrow to Her pet’s teasing remark. “Oh, is that so pet?”

“Mmmhmm, that’s so, Mistress.”

Pointing Her finger to the floor by Her feet, [email protected] spoke firmly. “Come here, pet. Now.”

Hearing the sexy commanding tone of her Mistress, pet immediately obeyed. “Yes, Mistress.” Curling up at Her beautiful long legs, Jess looked up at Her, awaiting Her command.

“Good girl. Now, stand up.” Once Jess stood [email protected] grabbed Her slut by the hair and pulled her over to the rack, having her face it as She started to pull her wrists into the leather cuffs. Her breath caressing across her neck and Her breasts pressing against her back, Jess shivered in pleasure, anticipating what her Mistress had in store.

After placing Her pet’s wrists into the cuffs, [email protected] slid Her hands slowly down Her pet’s sides and down her thighs and legs, seeing her tremble. Pressing Her knee between her legs, [email protected] spread Jess’s thighs, keeping her legs apart as She placed her ankles into the floor restraints.

“Now, pet, you will thank Me after every smack. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jess said trying to control her wavering voice.

“Good girl.” [email protected] ran Her hand across Her pet’s slick slit then smacked izmir escort Jess smartly across the cheeks, before walking over to Her wall of “tools” of Her trade.

“Mmmm, Thank You, Mistress.”

Picking up Her riding crop, She grinned. “Oh, I haven’t even begun yet, pet.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Walking back over to Her pet, She teased her by running the crop slowly down her back, sliding across her cheeks and star. “Mmm…” Jess moaned quietly biting her lower lip.

With a quick flick of Her wrist [email protected] smacked the crop precisely across Jess’s ass. “One. Thank You, Mistress.” Jess said catching her breath. Quickly flicking Her wrist again She landed the crop in the same spot. “Two. Thank You, Mistress.” Jess gasped. Flicking Her wrist and smacking Jess’s ass slightly hard, She smiled as She saw Her pet arch, grasping her hands around the chains. “Mmm…Three. Thank You, Mistress.” Fast and precisely [email protected] flicked Her wrist so the crop landed smartly against Jess’s star. Jess cried out in pain’s pleasure, catching her breath. “Four. Thank You, Mistress…mmm.” [email protected] cast Her final smack firm and fast against Jess’s ass, seeing it turn a beautiful red. “Oohhh…Five. Thank…You, Mistress.” Jess said through whimpers.

“Don’t you dare cum, bitch!” [email protected]tlin ordered seeing Her pet was getting closer to the edge.

“Yes…Mistress…” And with that [email protected] pressed Her finger against Jess’s star, then rammed it inside. “Ooohhhh!” Jess gasped, biting her lower lip.

Smiling at Her pet’s reaction, [email protected] pressed another finger in, crossing them, pumping in and out of her ass.” Mmmmm…”Jess moaned feeling her cunt flooding, her breathing erratic. Pumping faster and deeper, [email protected] licked the back of Jess’s neck, biting her shoulder. “MMMMmmm…ohhh…Mistress…please…” Jess alsancak escort panted.

“Not yet, slut!” [email protected] commanded.

“Mmmmmphhh…yes…Mistress.” Jess whimpered between moans. Pumping Her crossed fingers deeper and harder into Her slut’s ass, [email protected] reached around with Her other hand and pinched Jess’s nipple hard and twisted. “Ahhh..mmmm..” Jess cried out breathlessly. Feeling her cunt respond from her Mistress’s expert touches. “Ohhh…God…Mistress…” Jess panted as She pulled on her nipple and licked down her neck, leaving a hot wet trail on her fevered flesh. Ramming Her fingers deep and hard in quick thrusts, [email protected] commanded Her pet. “Cum, bitch. Now!”

Moaning loudly, Jess released her nectar in a hot rush, dripping down her thighs. “MMMMMMmmmmmm….oh, God….Thank You, Mistress….mmmmmmm….” [email protected] smiled as She quickly removed Her fingers from Jess’s ass, feeling her muscles clenching and grasping them as She pulled them out. “Mmmm…” Jess whimpered, breathing hard, her body quivering and trembling from her climax.

“Good, pet.” [email protected] moaned sexily into Jess’s ear. Jess moaned in reply breathlessly.

Undoing the shackles on Jess’s ankles, [email protected] looked at Her pet’s dripping cunt, licking Her lips. Smelling Her pets lust filling the room, as She ran Her hands up Jess’s thighs and sides, and across her breasts before undoing one wrist at a time from the leather cuffs. Pulling Jess’s head back by her long raven hair, [email protected] kissed her hungrily, Her breasts pressing hard into her back. Jess moaned into Her mouth opening her mouth wider for her Mistress to explore with Her tongue.

Turning Jess around, [email protected] pressed her body against the rack, pinning her wrists with Her hands, kissing her hard and deeply.

After [email protected] ended the kiss breathlessly, buca escort Jess moaned, her eyes half-opened, face flushed with desire, she licked her lips. “Mmmm…thank You, Mistress, pet loves You.” Smiling, [email protected] replied. “I love you too, baby.” Jess smiled, her heart pounding.

Running her hands across her Mistress’s beautiful body, Jess looked up at her Mistress as she took one of Her hardened nipples into her mouth. “MMmmm..” [email protected] gasped. Jess sucked and nibbled Her nipple lightly, loving her Mistress’s taste. Running her hand sensuously slow and in delicate patters down [email protected]’s belly to Her pussy, Jess felt her Mistress was wet.

“MMMmmm.” [email protected] moaned, pulling Jess up by her hair, looking into her lust-filled eyes. “Make Mistress cum, pet.” Smiling, Jess was happy to obey. “Mmmm…yes, Mistress.”

Sliding her hands across her Mistress’s long silky legs, Jess knelt before Her, parting Her folds gently, taking them into her mouth, sucking and tasting her Mistress’s sweet essence on her tongue. “MMMmm,yessss,pet.”

Flicking her tongue across [email protected]’s pearl, Jess nibbled it lightly, rolling it between her lips, feeling Her pearl swollen with need as she sucked hungrily. “OOooohhh…yesssss, baby…..” [email protected] moaned arching Her back and grinding against Jess’s tongue. Jess thrust her tongue fast and firmly into her Mistress’s hungry pussy, licking and tasting her sweet juices flowing in her mouth as she caressed Her inner walls with her tongue and pressed her finger against Her dark star.

“MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm….aghhhhhhhhhhhh…..god, baby.” [email protected] moaned loudly as She came and trembled.

“Mmmmm…” Jess moaned as she lapped up her Mistress’s sweet nectar flowing down Her thighs, and licked Her folds, crevices, and star not missing a single drop, savoring Her sweet honey and licking her lips.

[email protected] pulled Jess up to Her, kissing her hungrily, tasting Her own juices on her tongue. Kissing her Mistress back with passion, Jess ran her fingers through Her beautiful hair cascading across Her shoulders. Breathlessly Jess murmured. “Love You, Mistress.”

“Love you too, baby.”

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