Mistletoe and Wine

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Let me begin by telling you, that, regardless what others might say, our family sticks together like glue.

We’ve proven it time and time again, getting through anything life would throw at us together. However, last Christmas, our family was put to its toughest test ever. We nearly didn’t make it this time, had it not been for the intervention of an outsider. But let me tell the whole story from the beginning.

Our family was Mom, my older sister Bobbie – Roberta, as Mom used to call her when she was really angry – and I, Fred, short for Frederick.

Mom and our father got married in Vegas when they were still in their teens, partially, because he got Mom pregnant with my sister when they were only 18, partially, because, after the row Mom had with my grandparents about keeping the baby, all she wanted was a life of her own, a family of her own, and enough money to get by.

Little did she realise then, that she wouldn’t get that by running off with the first man she could think of.

Our father left us three months after I was born. I don’t know an awful lot about him. I don’t even know his name. Mom only called him “the coward”. Obviously, taking responsibility for his family had not been his thing.

He decided to abandon us for what he thought would be a happier life, and by the time her 21st birthday came around, Mom was on her own again, well, almost. She had my nearly three-year (two years and seven months to be exact) old sister to take care of, and also me, a new born baby of three months.

After our father was gone, my mother pledged to my sister and me that – come what may – she would never allow the tree of us to get pulled apart, or even worse, separated.

Mom did a great job keeping her little family together and raising us kids, while keeping a full-time job as an office administrator in a local law firm and, on occasion, when money was particularly tight, as a night-time attendant at the local gas station.

We were bright kids, and Bobbie and I finished High School with ease. Bobbie even made valedictorian.

Mom managed to get us through college, too. Sure, both of us took on summer jobs to help with the expenses, and our college loans are hefty, but both of us made it through, well, almost.

Bobbie graduated last fall with a MSc in Industrial Engineering, and she is now working at a large factory, developing and improving production processes. She’s doing well. In the year she has been working there, she has been promoted once already.

I, on the contrary, am still in college. Chemistry. Second-time Junior, to be precise. Yup, I flunked most of my classes last year and am on repeat this year. It had been that or drop out, but I’m not a quitter.

To make up for some of the damage the repeat year would do, I took on a part-time job as a Pharmacy Technician in our local pharmacy to help pay for tuition and give Mom a little bit of extra space by contributing my share to utilities and food. I even went through the hassle of getting certified, and am now the proud owner of the letters PTCB CPhT behind my name.

As far as our love lives go, I, for once, never had a serious girlfriend. Sure, I’ve had my share of flings, but I have never been ready to commit and usually ended things after a couple of months.

After my difficulties in college began last year, I vowed to stay celibate and focus on studying, and so I haven’t gotten any for the best part of this year. In fact, the last time I had sex was on New Year’s Day, when I woke up next to this pretty little freshman girl I had met at a party the night before. To be honest, I don’t even remember her name.

The lack of sex left me horny as f*** most of the time. I had resorted to frequent masturbation to fight the hormones, but the effect of this strategy was limited at best. For the past couple of months, I found myself lusting after every female that crossed my path, regardless of age or appearance.

I don’t think Bobbie ever had a serious relationship, either. I don’t even know if she ever had a boyfriend. At least, she never introduced me or Mom to a guy, or brought one home. In fact, I’m not even sure if she ever had sex.

In school she was always hanging out with her books, and now that she had a job she spent all the time she had on her work. I don’t believe she even thought of dating anyone.

Mom never brought anyone home since dad left us, either. I’m sure she was looking, as she would go out on occasion, and at times the babysitter stayed all night, but there had not been a regular guy in her life for the past 19 years.

For a while, Bobbie and I thought, more hoped, actually, she might have the hots for her boss, a filthy rich, single lawyer, but, unfortunately, that never played out.

With Bobbie working long hours and me trying to organize the repeat year in college, studying for the CPhT exams and taking on a job, we didn’t have much time together as a family, especially, since Bobbie got her own place in town when she started work. She only drops bahis firmaları by on weekends and holidays, so it’s only Mom and I at home now for most of the time.

To make a long story short, we were all looking forward to the holidays this year. Some quality family time. Just the three of us. I for one was particularly looking to have Bobbie back in the house. It felt awfully empty without having her around.

At the Thanksgiving dinner table, Bobbie announced, “I’ve three weeks off around Christmas, guys. I’ll be home from the week before Christmas, and I don’t have to go back to work until January. Isn’t this exciting?”

Of course, this was exciting news, especially, since I would be home during most of that time, too.

The week before Christmas was study week without any lectures. We were meant to catch up on stuff we missed during the year, and I, being there the second time around, had not much to catch up on.

After that, it was Christmas break, and the Pharmacy would run a reduced staff after the holidays. They had asked me and another part-timer to stay at home and enjoy the time off.

Mom would have to work, but that wasn’t really a big deal, since she had gone part-time, too, after Bobbie had left the house. One less head to feed meant less money needed, and the two days a week she worked made her enough money to pay for her own expenses.

Having the family together again would be a welcome change to our new routine.

“I want the house decorated, though,” Bobbie announced. “Proper Christmas decorations, like in the old days, when we were kids.”

We put up a tree every year, but as we all grew older, decorating the house had fallen by the wayside. We simply hadn’t bothered getting the boxes with garlands, lights and the little figurines down from the attic and clean and decorate the house any more.

“That’s a great idea, Bobbie. We’ll clean the house and bring all the old decorations out again. I have missed them over the years. When should we do it, kids?”

Mom and my sister were getting excited. I had always suspected Mom to be a bit of a Christmas-fanatic, who had missed the seasonal cheer, as our family had slowly let it slip over the years.

“Let’s do it this weekend,” I suggested. We’re all here, anyways. I don’t suppose you’re going to have to go to work tomorrow, Bobbie? I’ll get the boxes down from the attic, and we can spend Saturday and Sunday putting the decorations up, just like we did in the good old days.”

“I’ll make some mulled wine tomorrow evening, and we’ll get some cookies from the store, too. That’ll get us into the proper Christmas spirit,” Mom suggested ecstatically.

Bobbie and I didn’t have any objections, and so it was settled. Christmas decorations were going up this weekend.

I was still half asleep, when my sister stormed into my room the next morning. She was in her PJs, and was excited like a child.

“Wake up, Fred! Wake up!”

She pulled the blanket off me. She hadn’t done this since we were children. Trying to hold on to the warm and cozy throw, I grabbed the next best thing I could reach, and…

“Fuck! What are you doing, Fred,” my sister shouted at me, just before I felt her body fall on top of mine. In my attempt to grab the blanket, I must have pulled my sister’s PJs, and she lost her balance and fell down on top of me.

Feeling her body on top of mine was strange, but not unpleasant, especially a little bit further “down below”, where her belly pressed my morning erection firmly against my own stomach.

I opened my eyes just in time to see her jump off the bed and fix her PJ top, catching a glimpse of her plump, large boobs, as she hurriedly stuffed them back into her top. Her face was deep red, her breathing a little labored.

I laughed at the sight.

“Good morning to you, too, Sis, and sorry for toppling you over. That’s what you get for trying to steal my blanket!”

Bobbie didn’t answer immediately. She looked quite openly at my morning wood, as if she had never seen a hard cock before.

“It snowed overnight, Fred. Look. Just in time for us decorating the house for Christmas,” my sister said, when she had found her composure again.

I got up and walked up to the window. Bobbie was right. The whole area was covered in a blanket of fresh, white snow.

“Build a snowman?”

“Hell, yeah,” my sister answered, excited like a little girl again. “I’ll get the hat. There must be an old cap in the box down in the hallway, and I’ll look for a carrot for the nose, too. I’m sure there’s one left over from yesterday.”

“And I go look for some pieces of coal in the shed.” My sister’s excitement was contagious.

My sister left. I went to brush my teeth, threw on some clothes and went outside.


The moment I stepped outside the door, a snowball only narrowly missed my head. I wondered where it came from and who had thrown it, when two more balls hit me in the chest and scattered their payload all over me. kaçak iddaa I was covered head to toe in snow.

I heard excited laughter.

“Mom! Bobbie!”

I only spotted them from the corner of my eye. Bobbie must have been quicker than me and got outside first.

Mom held another ball, ready to throw, and here it came. It hit my hips, and added to the massive amount of snow that covered most of my body already.

“You’re slow this morning, Fred,” she laughed. “It’s three to nothing for Bobbie and me!” I went down the few steps outside the door, and bent down to make a snow ball of my own, when Bobbie’s ball hit me straight on the ass.

“Oops! Sorry, Fred,” my sister shouted.

“Never mind, Bobbie! Take this!”

I threw my ball in the vague direction of where she stood, and heard a high-pitched squeal.

“Fred! You dirty… That one went straight down my jacket! Now I’m all wet and cold inside!”

Bobbie went back inside to change. Mom and I started building our snowman.

“I’m really glad you’re both here this weekend, Fred,” she said as we were rolling the big ball that would be the base of the snowman. “I’ve missed the action in the house since Bobbie’s moved out and you have the job in the Pharmacy.”

“I’m glad we’re all together, too, Mom. I miss having her around, too. It’s true what Bobbie said. It is a little bit like in the old days, when we were younger.”

It was true. Ever since my sister moved out, the house was empty and eerily quiet at times.

Bobbie joined us again, just as we were getting ready to dress the snowman.

“What took you so long, Sis?”

“I had to shower and change after you drowned me in snow, Fred. And then I had to blow-dry my hair and put some make-up on to get ready for the day. I see the snowman is coming on nicely.”

“It is, we’re nearly done, Bobbie. It’s just the cap and the carrot and some pieces of coal for teeth…”

“…and this.” Bobbie had made two large globes of snow, and pressed them against the snowman’s chest. “Now she has boobs,” Bobbie laughed. “I’ve always wanted to make a snow-woman.”

“Leave off the cap. I think I have an old beanie somewhere in the house.” Mom went inside to look for the hat.

“A snow-woman, Bobbie? What brought that one on?”

“I’ve always wondered why people only made snow-men. I like our snow-woman.”

“So do I.” Mom had returned with the woolly hat and pulled it over the snow-woman’s head. “She’s beautiful. Just like my daughter!”

She gave Bobbie a long hug.

“I’m glad you’re here, Bobbie.”

“I’m happy to be with you, too.”

“Breakfast anyone?”

All three of us were hungry, and I was starting to get a bit cold, now, that most of the snow had thawed and saturated my clothes.

“I’ll hit the shower. Meet you in the kitchen in fifteen! Bacon and eggs for me, please, Mom.”

I went upstairs. When I entered the bathroom, I was greeted by the light floral smell of my sister’s shampoo. I’d never noticed it before, but this morning, when she lay on top of me, I had gotten a whiff of it from her hair.

Smelling my sister’s scent was strangely exciting, especially, after seeing her boobs this morning and having my dick squashed beneath her belly.

I undressed quickly and stepped in the shower. The water was still warm from my sister’s shower earlier, so I didn’t have to wait. As the warm water ran down my back, images of my naked sister started appearing in front of my closed eyes.

I’ve often fantasized about my sister. Vividly, to say the least. Imagining her big tits usually got me off. That was even without having seen them for real.

This morning, Bobbie hadn’t worn a bra, and the full, heavy orbs of her ample breasts had bounced freely off her chest. Although she was quick to grab each of them and stuff them back into her PJ top, I was still able to catch a decent glimpse of them, and of her nipples, too.

Her areolas were dark and fantastically large, about the size of a silver dollar, if you know what I mean. They easily covered 2/3rds of the front of her breasts. I could see her nipples clearly through the fabric of her top, too, and because they were sticking out, I was sure they were hard.

Remembering this morning, Fred Jr., as I affectionately called my dick, grew, and I began stroking him, slowly, with firm, even pressure, back and forth. When I was fully hard, I took a little bit of my sister’s shampoo in the palm of my hands and squeezed my hard rod with my soapy palm, continuing to jerk off.

‘Now I’m all wet and cold inside!’ My sister’s words rang back in my ears. Hell, yeah! She had probably been wet and hot inside all morning, after staring at my cock! And how she had looked at it! Had she never seen a hard dick before? My horny mind went into overdrive.

Playing along to the images in my head, my hand went back and forth quickly along my cock, the soapy lather from my sister’s shampoo providing ample lubrication.

‘Suck it, Sis’, my fantasy took over. kaçak bahis ‘Suck my cock, yeah, put it deep inside your mouth.’ My hand was following the image in my head and I was now gently but firmly massaging the plump head of my cock.

‘Show me your cunt, Bobbie! Oh yes, let me see! Is it nice and wet for me?’

Images of an imaginary red and very wet pussy appeared in front of me. I licked my lips, just like I would have liked to lick her pussy.

I stroked faster, faster, faster…

My hips jerked violently when I came, and my cum shot across the shower stall, hitting the glass partition. The white goo stuck to it for a second before running down slowly. I washed it off with water.

Wow! I needed a moment to recover. I couldn’t remember when I had shot my load this far.

I finished the shower, got dressed and made it down to the kitchen just in time for a delicious plate of hot bacon and eggs.

“You timed that one well, Fred. Food is ready,” Mom said and placed the plate with the steaming food in front of me.

“I’ll run to the store after we’re done here, kids, get the wine and the cookies. Any special requests?”

Bobbie wanted her favorites: Pecan, Maple and Cinnamon. I didn’t care. As long as they were sweet, they’d be OK for me.

“Surprise me, Mom. I don’t care.”

“Wanna come up to the attic with me to get the boxes, Sis,” I asked jokingly. To my astonishment, my sister agreed.

“I’ll help you get them down, Fred. No problem. I’ll go up there and hand them down to you. That way you won’t have to carry them down the ladder.”

“Ok, Bobbie, I’ll go up with you first and we’ll carry them to the hatch together, though. No need for you putting your back out up there.”

After Mom left for the store, I opened the hatch to the attic and pulled down the ladder. It was time to get the boxes down.

I graciously let Bobbie climb up first.

“I’ll catch you when you fall, Sis!”

I went up immediately after her, my nose almost touching her butt. This was the real reason I wanted to go second. I’d have the most magnificent view of her very well-defined and very womanly ass. Perverted, right? But it got even better!

When she lifted her knee to climb up into the attic, for a second, I had a perfect view of my sister’s crotch, and I imagined what her pussy might look like underneath her jeans. This would become another one of my fantasies. I was sure about that.

It didn’t take us long to find the boxes with the Christmas decorations. They were in the exact spot where I had left them the last time we had used them. We dragged them to the hatch, and Bobbie handed the boxes down to me, one by one.

I caught myself staring up at her a couple of times as she was bending down, hoping to catch another glimpse of her ample cleavage, but no luck. Her bra was holding the two globes on her chest firmly together.

When all the boxes were down, Bobbie looked at me and smiled her kind and loving smile. I liked that smile. It always made me feel good.

“Thanks, Bobbie. That was great, doing it together like this!” I said, maybe a little too euphoric.

Whoa! I hadn’t meant for this to come out like that.

“Eh, getting the boxes down, I mean. So much quicker than me trying to drag them down all by myself,” I added, blushing. I was sure my face was fiery-red.

“You’re welcome, Fred.” Was I going crazy, or had my sister just winked at me?

“I’ll get a cloth. The boxes are filthy.” Bobbie disappeared in the kitchen.

By the time we had the boxes cleaned off, Mom was back from the store, and it didn’t take long before the smell of mulled wine and cookies filled the house. Mom had a habit of warming store-bought cookies in the oven.

“They taste so much nicer when they’re warm,” she always said.

When the mulled wine was ready, I had a roaring fire going in the fireplace in the living room. We hardly ever used it, but today it seemed like the right thing to do. The snow outside, the smell of cinnamon and punch in the house, all this was crying out for the warmth of a fire.

While I was getting the fire ready, Bobbie had pulled the first of many garlands out of one of the boxes and draped it along the mantle. With the fire roaring in the hearth and the garland with its red and golden baubles and bows reflecting the shine of the fire, the room was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Mom’s eyes lit up when she saw what we had done to the room.

“What a wonderful idea to decorate the house, Bobbie. I missed this Christmas spirit the last few years. The room looks so cozy with the fire and the green around the mantle!”

We were on our second glass of wine, and the world was starting to look a little bit nicer than normal.

“Wait until tomorrow, Mom, when the tree is up and we have all the other decorations up as well. You won’t know the place,” Bobbie said, slightly slurring her speech from the wine.

“I can’t wait children.” She gave each of us a long hug. “I’m glad I have you. I wouldn’t know where I’d be without you!”

Mom had always been an emotional person and it didn’t surprise me to see her eyes well up a little as she first hugged Bobbie, then me.

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