Mistake or Maybe Not

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I suppose to start I should introduce myself. My name is Olivia; I’m around 5 foot tall, with rather attractive eyes, my best feature in my opinion. The other person in this story is my play partner, Julian. He’s a fairly hot guy, just over 6 feet tall, with intense blue eyes. We are both switches and in his case his eyes change in intensity letting me know which side of the line he’s feeling of a particular day.

We had planned a weekend together, not in minute detail but sketched out our plans and we were going to enjoy it, even if it killed us. Still being winter it was a bit cold and frosty outside, so staying in seemed like a good option, at least to me, but then I had more lecherous things on my mind, and its these things I plan to tell you about.

Anyway … I think that’s enough about us, and on with the story.


“Darling; I’ve missed you so much,” He said smiling at her, his smile almost concealing the wicked glint in his eye. With a raised eyebrow she smiled and lowered her head, allowing him to place the collar round her neck. A flush ran from her cheeks down her top to her breast. She slowly raised her eyes to meet his, in acknowledgement of her position. Grabbing her hair tightly in his hands he kissed her hard on the mouth, holding her tight to his body.

She gasped and moaned against his lips; pressing herself against him, rubbing her hips against his. He gently pushed her back and pierced her with the gaze that told her to move. He picked up his play bag and led her to the bedroom, a wicked grin on his lips and a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“Get undressed my sweet, it’s too warm in here for clothes.” He watched as she slowly removed every item, noting that as requested she had no panties on. Her vagina was clean shaven, just as he liked it to be. His smile broadened when she stood naked before him, a slight blush on her cheeks and her head bowed low, her eyes fixed on the floor just in front of her.

Out of the play bag he lifted three items which she eyed warily. She had agreed to this weeks before and they had talked about all the possible problems and had come up with reasonable solutions for each.

“Hold out your hands, my pet, and make a fist, there’s a good girl,” He said soothingly, and she had no choice but to obey. He slipped the mitts over her hands and tied them tightly around her wrists locking them in place, where they would remain for the rest of the day, and probably the night too. Next came the gag, which was again locked in place, though this would not likely remain for as long as the others, it made her completely helpless.

He reached across and pulled on her nipples hard, and though she tried to fend him off, feeling the burning pain she could not. He then tied a rope around her neck and to the cuffs which held them by her sides, making her even more unable to defend herself.

He let his hand trail down her body and as he reached the top of her pelvic her face once again became scarlet, her cheeks burning. He slipped his hands down to her thighs and with a light tap made her spread them. He could see clearly her arousal, her labia swollen with blood Tipobet and her clitoris peeking out from its hood; she was loving this situation more than she’d care to admit.

“Lets go watch some TV my pet,” He could clearly see the disappointment in her eyes. He gently rubbed her clitoris for a moment, before withdrawing his hand and grabbing the ring of her collar, leading her to the living room. She mumbled with frustration through the gag as he pushed her onto the couch; before setting a DVD to play and pulling her close; resting her head on his chest.


“Please let me cum, I need to cum, please?” her voice pleaded with him, her eyes wide with desperation. He just smiled and continued to tease her, taking her to the edge and stopping letting her cool off a little.

“You will wait until I’m ready to let you,” he said with a calm, unwavering tone, his eyes an almost steely blue, making her sink back submissively. As she did so he got up and left her laying on the bed, hands in the mitts and tied so she could not relieve her own frustration, but she knew that would work to her advantage soon enough. Soon enough he would be regretting his actions she thought, an evil grin sneaking over her features.


“Now its my turn my darling and you may learn to regret your actions yesterday,” she said with a smile, looking down at her partner kneeling at her feet, his cock firmly locked in the chastity device he hated so much and she loved with equal vigour.

She then fitted the mitts to his hands and cuffs to his ankles making sure both were fully secure before tying him spread eagle to the bed, where if things went according to plan he’d spend most of the day. He whimpered and squirmed watching her tie him tightly so he was completely immobile.

Slowly she rand her hand over his chest and down his abdomen towards his locked up cock. He whimpered, his need already starting to form but knowing he was trapped and probably about to regret the fact he left her wanting the day before.

She gently teased the edge of his cock, and gripping his balls giving them a quick intense squeeze. Watching his face as she did so, gratifyingly she saw him grit his teeth, his eyes slightly wide with the shock and pain of what she had just done to him.

“You’re going to be good today, aren’t you boy?” She asked not really expecting an answer, “If you’re really good I might let you out of that,” she said tapping the chastity device that held him in check, “but if you’re bad, you may just have to suffer a night in it.” The wicked glint in her eye proved her words to him, making him shudder at the thought of a night of discomfiture after a days play.

She then lifted a hood and slid it into place over his head, leaving an opening at his mouth, in case she wanted to gag him or even use that wonderful mouth of his to gain release, neither of which had been decided upon … yet. He groaned as the light was suddenly cut off, and he was unable to see what she would do to him next, so all he had was his own imagination to fuel him; which made him squirm even more.

She gently caressed him through the Tipobet Giriş hood, running her hands freely over his body, tweaking his nipples, caressing and pinching his balls, not much but enough to make him jump every time she touched him, knowing his thoughts were running wild.

“I’m going to go have a cup of tea now darling,” she said with a smile, “You just stay right here and I’ll be back in a bit.” Slowly and quietly she raised herself off the bed and left the room, hearing the rustle of the sheets and a groan from him, as well as a whimper; making her smile.


“Have you been having fun while I was away?” She got no response to her question, she’d left him for about an hour or so, checking on him regularly though he didn’t know it. He was obviously horny and the plastic prevented what would in other times be inevitable and he was struggling with that. However her voice had made him jump because he hadn’t heard her coming.

She lifted the flogger and, gently at first then with stronger strokes, began to flog him. Nothing was spared, she hit his cock, balls, nipples, chest, thighs and just for the hell of it the soles of his feet. He would whimper or moan with each strike, his hips moving without him even thinking too much about it.

Next she lit a candle letting the wax begin to pool for a while as she lent down and kissed him hard on the mouth, giving gentle teasing bites to his lower lip. “How are you feeling my love,” she asked tenderly.

In short, deliberate sentences he replied, “I’m ok just horny.” If it could have been seen his face went bright red at having to admit the obvious but he knew that there would be no point in omitting it or lying in that regard. He’d just get found out, she expected complete and utter honesty, as did he in similar situations.

“Good,” she purred, “Just the way I like my boy … needy, it makes you work harder for what you want.”

She lifted the candle and with no warning dripped it on his right nipple. He breathed in sharply at the unexpected pain, which quickly dulled to a throb. After a heartbeat or so she did the same on his left nipple, getting the same response from him. She continued at varied intervals to make a path down his stomach stopping just shy of his groin, making him groan with fear and anticipation of where she’d go next.

Though not allowing herself to be too predictable she dripped some on the inside of his knee making him jerk in shock. He had not anticipated it, his reaction told that much, which was what she was aiming for. For the next few minutes she jumped all over his body with the drips of wax before making a direct path up his thighs to his groin, again stopping short.

By now his breaths were coming in short gasps, he loved wax play but not being able to watch and anticipate what would be next was driving him crazy, his cock throbbing inside the device making it hurt a bit with the need for an erection and for release. However he knew neither would be probable in the time to come, though he sincerely hoped he could change her mind on that score.

Gently she lifted the chastity belt, making Tipobet Güncel Giriş a clear path for her to his balls. She dripped a few small droplets on there and the surrounding area watching him whimper and squirm from the pain and anticipation of pain that was getting to him so much. Finally she stopped after dripping a single drop just at the base of his cock, which made him almost convulse with the unexpected sensations.

She leaned up and kissed him deeply on the mouth, moaning into it as much as he did. Slowly she raised herself up to straddle his head whispering that if he was a good boy and did a good job, she’d let him remove the wax rather than her.

He could smell the musky smell that he had come to associate with her vagina, and in his head he could see the swollen wet lips awaiting his administrations. Slowly he felt her press herself down on his mouth and he could taste her juices on his lips. He opened his mouth tentatively sticking his tongue out and running it along her wet folds, finding her clitoris and giving it a quick flick, to which he got a gasp of appreciation from her.

This made him smile and his tongue continued its exploration, with him prodding his tongue inside her as deep as he could and lapping at the juices flowing out of her. He continued to go between pleasuring her hole, and flicking, lapping and generally teasing her clitoris closer to orgasm.

He continued to do this over and over until some time later she began to tense and squeeze his tongue whenever it entered her hole. At this point he focused more on her clitoris, murmuring, sending the vibrations along his tongue and lips making her moan harder as she started to cum. He opened his mouth to receive as much of her juice as he could but it still managed to run all over the hood and inside on his face as she rocked back and forth with the intensity of her release.

When she finally had control of herself once more she got off him and wiped the hood and then his face, after removing the hood, with a towel, before wiping herself. “Now you are a good boy aren’t you,” she smiled down at him, and as promised she released both his hands and removed the mitts to allow him to remove the wax she had poured over him in rather copious amounts.

He looked her in the eye and said, “Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of pleasuring you and making you cum like that.” His face held a slight embarrassment but more genuinely pleased that he had pleased her like he had.


“Please, just take it off for a little while,” he begged her. “I wont ask to cum I promise. I just … please?”

“And you’ll want to put it back on … or will be able to for that matter if I do?” she asked sardonically.

He huffed knowing she was right and there was virtually no chance of it happening. He had teased her like crazy and now she was returning the favour, in the most cruel of ways in his opinion. Women could do without release, it didn’t make them blue balled like men but then he’d given her the chance to Dom him and he had made the proverbial bed and now he had to lie in it.

She smiled down at him, knowing what she had planned for just over an hours time, then he’d probably die of either shock or happiness when it occurred, but that was for then and for now she could tease him, as they sat on the couch him still locked up in chastity but for now otherwise free to do as he pleased.

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