Missy Ch. 04

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I was so stunned I could barely blubber out a response. There was no alternative, no place to run or hide. I stood up, swaying, regained my equilibrium and stepped gingerly from my shadowy hideout into Anna’s bedroom. Offense being the best defense, I took the initiative.

“I’d say you have some explaining to do, sis,” I said in my best petulant, big sister voice.

“You do too,” she replied coolly. “What’s that stuff running down your legs?”

She was right. My pussy was working overtime and the prodigious amount of juice it produced had to go somewhere. My shorts were soaking wet and my inner thighs were oily all the way down to my knees. To make matters worse, I realized I was still holding her Victorian smut book.

“It’s a good read,” she said. “Missy gave it to me. Said it would give me some ideas. Now lie down here next to me and let me tell you a story.”

It was like my younger sister was about to tell me the facts of life, open my innocent eyes. Her attitude pissed me off but I was wildly curious. I joined her on the bed, flopping down far enough away from her for safety. But as she looked at me, I felt a choking feeling at the back of my throat. Her eyes were on fire.

“Hmmm, where to start?” Anna sighed. “How about right at the beginning.” In a heartbeat she had slithered up next to me and planted her pouty lips on mine, pressing her oil drenched breasts against me, sliding them up and down as our nipples made contact.

“Oh God, yes,” I sighed.

Her thigh slipped between my legs and made contact with my enraged clitoris and I instinctively began humping it. I felt absolutely no qualms about it, tonguing my sister’s mouth, feeling hers slip into mine, gasping in delight, experiencing another person’s touch igniting my body. I could still detect the remnants of Kurt’s cum and for a fleeting second, reconstructed the chain of events that gave me my first taste of sperm. From Kurt’s cock to Missy’s cunt and from her pussy to my sister’s mouth and now my tongue licking up the leftovers. Strange.

Anna and I kept on kissing, more like slathering each other’s lips and faces. It was burning lust, no time or need for questions. Our bodies melted together and the oil that covered her upper body squelched between us, lubricating our grinding as we sought bodily contact. My pussy was like a garden hose, wetting Anna’s thigh as I ground my pelvis onto her luxurious leg. This time I knew I would not be denied.

“Help me Anna,” I croaked. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Don’t worry, sis, I’ll get you there, just relax and try to hold off a little longer. It’s worth it.”

With that she pulled away and lay me down on my back. She shook her long, black hair forward and began brushing me with it, tickling me as she slowly moved down my body and back up again. The feeling was electrifying, so erotic that my groans escaped in a quickening rhythm. She teased me with her hair from head to foot, and her fingers also came into play, barely touching my skin yet giving me exquisite pleasure, heightening my desire. I realized my sister wasn’t giving me release, she was simply adding to the sensations already quivering through my body.

Her lips were suddenly at my nipples, her mouth opening wide to suck as much breast flesh into her mouth as possible. The suction was incredible and my groans turned into screams of pleasure as her tongue trammeled my nipple. Now the other tit took center stage and saliva dribbled from Anna’s lips as she nursed me, sucking and chomping, biting. Her ministrations went on for what seemed like an hour and I could feel myself letting go, giving up control. I also sensed my very first orgasm, building up pressure, bubbling in my groin. Somehow sensing this, Anna dropped down between my legs.

“Oh My God, look at this,” she said. “I’ve never seen wetness like this before.”

She slid a finger into my pussy, pushing in and upwards until it hurt. I was about to ask her to pull out again when she began crooking the finger and found a magic spot that started me on the way to sweet release. I knew there was no stopping now, fear or not. My heart was thumping as I encountered the unknown, watching my sister’s head between my legs, her finger stuck in my sopping pussy, her tongue stretching out, tickling the underside of my clit.

A volcano erupted in my groin, hot lava coursing through my body, spreading quickly from my pussy to my tits and then throughout extremities. I hadn’t realized my muscles were so taut but the eruption sent my hips bucking up and down as Anna clamped onto my cunt. The next wave hit with incredible force, as if my sister’s tongue was a lightening rod, sending strikes of pleasure through my body every time it made contact with my clit.

I was aware that I was heaving and moaning, screaming in delight but there was no holding back. I was truly out of control, helpless against natural forces. Gradually, the raucous, devastating, explosive orgasm slowly illegal bahis gave way to a soothing glow that I never wanted to end.

I needed my sister now, I needed her closeness, her warmth, her kisses, her tits pressed against mine. With Olympian might, I grabbed her and pulled her to me, seeking her lips, her tongue, the source of my pleasure. Her face and hair were soaked and I began tonguing her, cleaning her like a cat. I was shivering, quivering, electrified with bodily sensations. I could feel the contractions still rippling through my cunt and abdomen. And for the first time I gazed deeply into my sister’s eyes and realized how deeply I loved her after all. She was crying softly now but laughing too.

“You’re a squirter,” she blurted. “You ejaculated just like guys do. I almost drowned.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I stammered.

“Are you crazy? It was fantastic, I loved it,” she mewled.

Again, we melted together, luxuriating in each other’s bodies. We embraced, touched, toyed and giggled, communicating without words. It gradually occurred to me that I should reciprocate Anna’s ministrations. Missy had left her high and dry, and I knew that our bout of lovemaking had certainly heightened her need.

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about things but, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I pushed Anna onto her stomach and began massaging her back, just like the luxurious sessions my coach sometimes gave me after a meet. (We all knew she was a lesbian but I’d never given a thought that the luscious workovers she gave me might have been more than just clinical) Anna sighed deeply as I worked on her beautiful backside, sitting on her ass cheeks, letting my hands enjoy her dark, silken skin.

Now I let my fingers slide along under her arms and ever so gently I kneaded the breast flesh that pressed out from underneath her. She lifted up and my hands found their way between the mattress and her tits, and I rubbed my palms on her nipples, tweaking them with my thumb and forefinger.

“Big sis, what are you doing to me?”

“Making my little sister hot I hope,” I replied.

“Keep at it, I need to cum…I want to cum all over you.”

Now I was at her ass. I swiftly got up, ran to her bathroom and returned with a bottle of baby oil, squeezing a generous portion onto my hands and warming it. Then the work began in earnest. I began exerting myself, kneading her ass cheeks with considerable power, working the muscles, pinching roughly and rubbing. I’d hit upon something. Anna’s backside was obviously an erogenous zone for her and soon she was panting, begging me to continue.

Remembering the affect Justin’s finger had in Missy’s ass, I began getting into it myself, grabbing both of my sister’s beautiful cheeks, squeezing them together, letting my hands glide over them, and then pulling them apart again, revealing her puckering asshole.

“Goddam it, Linda, keep doing it, I’m melting,” Anna gasped. “We should have discovered this years ago.” She laughed and sighed simultaneously.

On a whim, I bent down and bit her butt cheeks and it must have electrified her because she let out a scream of extreme pleasure.

“Yess, that’s it, sister. Bite me, slap my butt, hard!”

I brought my tongue into play now, kissing, biting and pushing my tongue hard into her muscular bottom. Within seconds she was heaving up and down, begging for more. And I gave it to her, running my tongue between her ass cheeks. I didn’t mean to, it would have grossed me out any other time, but I accidentally ran my tongue over her sphincter and it was like lighting a firecracker.

“Oh fuck,” she cried. “How did you do that? I want to cum so bad, sister but keep doing what you’re doing.”

So here I was, fumbling my way through new territory licking Anna’s asshole for all I was worth. Just a few inches away I could see her magnificent twat, oozing liquid onto the bed. Purely on instinct, I stuck a finger into her molten cunt and then tickled her sphincter with it, inserting my fingernail inside her anus. She was an animal now, begging me to go further. So I did and one knuckle, then two disappeared into her nether hole. Now I saw that her hand had slid down to her clit and was massaging it furiously. There was no time to lose. I wanted to give Anna an orgasm just like she’d given me, so I pushed her hand away and dragged her backwards so that I could reach her clitoris with my tongue without withdrawing my finger from her ass.

I was panting just as hard as she was. The whole experience was turning me on so much that I wanted to come again. I buried my tongue into Anna’s twat, sucking in the juice that flowed from her. I began pistoning my finger in her ass and my hot poker of a tongue found it’s way to a huge, erect clitoris. It stood out like a tiny cock and was just as turgid. With beginners luck I sucked the thing into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue as fast as possible.

“This is too illegal bahis siteleri much, sis,” Anna screamed. “You cunt, fucking awesome cunt sucker, I’m going to cum all over your face, yeah, yeah, that’s it. Fuck!”

And she had the release she craved, humping her ass into my finger and back out, grinding her pelvis onto my chin, choking me with her pussy, her dripping, drenched, white hot pussy. Like she had done, I kept on sucking her still-erect clit and soon she was bucking and screaming again, offering up a second orgasm to my tongue and finger.

As she lay back down on the bed, exhausted, I pulled out my reeking appendage from her ass and returned to her side. Wanton as she was, she grabbed the finger and licked it clean with her tongue, sucking it like a candy cane. And then, she offered it to me and soon our mouths were a boiling mixture of pussy excretion and essence of ass.

At some point we helped ourselves under the covers and fell asleep in each other’s arms. I was so happy and wonderfully fulfilled and I know Anna felt the same way. But God we were horny as well and we awoke throughout the night, giving pleasure to one another. I must have had 15 orgasms through the night, each coming easier than the next as I slowly shed my inhibitions. And I’m sure Anna had just as many as we tested our newfound intimacy to the hilt. I truly was a squirter, and the force and quantity of my ejaculations remained constant as the night wore on.

Finally I wanted to see for myself, so Anna went between my legs and teased my overworked pussy with her tongue until I was on the verge of letting go again. At the point of no return she hopped up, planting her slimy, juice smeared lips on my aching tits, her tireless tongue teasing my nipples. My finger, lubricated with excess cunt excretion found my erect clitoris and rolled it around, and that now familiar volcano began building in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t stop it now but I was learning to control it, holding back as long as I could before the lava began its unstoppable flow through my body. Anna’s jaw had opened like a snake’s taking in almost half of my bountiful breast, pinning the nipple between teeth and tongue, chewing the pleasure right out of it.

“Anna, suck it,” I screamed. “I’m cumming right… right…right…NOW!”

The scream that escaped from my mouth could have rattled windows and my bucking body was gyrating, venting the pure physical force of my release. During previous orgasms I’d always squeezed my eyes shut, focusing on the pleasure in my groin and breasts. But this time I kept watching as my sister spit out my tit and dropped back down to my volcanic cunt just as the first eruption escaped. It wasn’t like the milky jet of ejaculate I’d seen Kurt and Justin offer up. It was more like someone holding their fingers to a water fountain. It squirted in all directions, a clear, oily liquid that coated Anna’s face and neck, dripping down onto her tits. It bubbled and oozed from my gaping cunt, a never-ending supply of lubricant. Anna took the last shot in her mouth, letting it dribble from the creases of her lips.

“I want more, Linda,” she pouted. “I’m a greedy little cunt, aren’t I? Look at me slobbering around your twat. I’m thirsty for your cum.”

And with that she inserted two fingers into my canal, searching and quickly finding the G-spot on the roof of my vagina. She actually started scratching it with her fingernails and instantly the volcano was building again, hotter than ever. I couldn’t believe there was so much sexual energy inside me but I was so eager for release. With my mouth, I sucked my tingling tits as best I could. It was a poor ersatz for Anna’s expert tongue but it would have to do as she was now ministering to my clit again, lapping up and down and then back and forth, shaking her head to increase the tempo. I didn’t need much encouragement, I simply tried to hold out as long as I could but it was useless.

Again the lava surged through my system and the floodgates opened again. I watched as Anna took another shot of she-sperm in the face. It splattered into her eyes and her shiny black hair was soaked as if she’d just run through a water hose. As I slowly returned to planet earth, we again cradled in each other’s arms and I began cleaning my ejaculate off her. It tasted so good and Anna luxuriated in my efforts to lick her clean.

“You’re fantastic,” she said. “I never thought I could be so horny, but your cunt is driving me crazy. A squirter!”

“Are you sure that’s what it is? Maybe my bladder just gives out.”

“You want to taste the difference? Here, I’ll show you.”

Quick as a cat she kneeled over my tits and released a short, hot jet of piss onto my chest. Talk about perverse all you want but the hotness of it brought my nipples to full attention again and new energy was surging through my body. Anna turned the spigot off but not before I got a nice shot on my chin and nose. Already so far canlı bahis siteleri gone, I gathered some in with my tongue and for sure, the difference between it and my ejaculate was gigantic…sour as opposed to salty, creamy.

Anna finished relieving herself in the bathroom and then came back to me, curling up against my wet, satisfied body. I wanted to reciprocate her orgasm again but she refused, claming her clit was too sore. I thought of rubbing some baby oil on it to relieve the rawness, so I grabbed the bottle and squirted some onto my hands, lubricating my fingers. I crouched down, taking a good look at her red, flush cunt. Sure enough, the hood of her clit and the nipple itself were inflamed. My intentions were honorable, I just wanted to coat the little pleasure point to keep the air off of it but as soon as I applied the ointment a sigh escaped from Anna’s lips.

“Oh yeah, Linda, rub it in, heal the little monster,” she moaned. “Linda, my tits are so sore, can you do something about it?”

Smiling, I squeezed more oil out and began massaging those incredible, wonderful breasts. I started beneath her arm pits, massaging in circles, down, around, all over her twin mounds, taking care to avoid the areolas and nipples. Her breath was quickening as I covered her tits in oil, coming ever so close to her nipples without touching them. It didn’t take long before she was squirming trying to force me to take on those erect, turgid red rocks of flesh.

But I was having fun. I’m a strong girl, it’s one of the side effects of spending an average of six hours a day in the pool. So I had no problem fending off my sister’s feeble efforts to finger herself.

“No sis, no more for you, you’re sore, remember?” I teased. “I’m just going to give you a nice, relaxing massage, so your taut little nipples and your clit and your cunt can have a rest, isn’t that nice of me?”

As I said that, I put my own breasts within reach of her greedy mouth. She couldn’t resist and started toying with my nipples again.

“Please Linda, I take it all back, I’m not sore at all,” she mumbled as she played with my tits.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” I replied as I squeezed her rounded boobs together, rubbing them back and forth upon one another. Anna was squeezing her thighs together now, rocking her hips, trying to generate some kind of friction against her clit.

“No fair, Anna, you’ve got to get some rest.” And with that I stuffed both of her nipples into my mouth at once, tonguing the twin nipples with all my might. We’d been having sex with one another almost all night long but this was the most out of control I’d seen my sister so far. She was frenzied, begging for release, pleading with me to insert a finger, to massage her clit, anything to drive her over the edge. When I let those beautiful nipples plop out of my mouth, they were covered with saliva and baby oil.

Between my strength and my sister’s petite stature, I flipped her over like a rag doll, spreading her legs before she even knew it. I began massaging her tight round ass cheeks again, pulling and pushing them, roughly, taking big bites with my teeth. This only proved to me beyond a doubt that Anna’s ass was one big erogenous target. Her screams of delight increased the harder I manhandled her nether side.

As I worked her I could feel my own loins heating up again, and that now familiar desire for release was again upon me. My horniness fueled my own lubricious desires to please my sister and that meant anything goes.

“Time for a little shock and awe Anna,” I said. “Get ready to cum. I’m going to rip you apart, sweety.” And I slapped her hard on the ass, eliciting a scream of pain.

“Linda, you’re crazy, that hurts too much. Aaaah! stop it please!”

She was squirming now, trying to turn over, out of range of my slapping hands. But she was no match for me and I continued slapping her beautiful butt, her skin turning white and red. She kept on screaming but I saw her hand slip down between her leg to begin massaging her clit.

“Sorry, off limits,” I puffed, and pulled her arm away from her sopping pussy. Now she was crying. I didn’t know whether it was frustration or pain but in my frenzied state I didn’t care. I gave her one final slap, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and buried my tongue in her asshole, licking her crinkled orifice, poking my tongue in as far as I could while sinking my fingers into her cunt. I ran my fingers back and forth, searching for and finding her G-Spot while continuing to eat out her ass. She wasn’t much longer for the world, and all pain had given way to intense pleasure.

I took my fingers from her cunt and pushed the palm of my hand up towards her belly. My mouth sucked and poked and bit her beautiful asshole and she humped wildly on my hand, the resulting explosion ripping through her like a smart bomb.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she screamed, burying her head into her pillow, slamming her pelvis into the butt of my hand.

The effect of my tongue on her sphincter was electric and within a minute of her first orgasm, she poured down another, pushing back and forth so hard she almost broke my nose. Occupational hazard, I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32