Missing Magazines

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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story are above eighteen.


On the first look, it appeared neat and tidy with my things arranged properly in the cabinet. However, as I opened the door of my cupboard, I could immediately sense that something was wrong.

My things were arranged in a more orderly manner than I could ever do by myself. Someone had rummaged through my belongings and then had tried to arrange things back in order.

It had never happened before; even in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t believe that someone would search through my cupboard in my absence. I never anticipated that and so never took any enough precautions to avoid things related to my darker side falling into wrong hands.

It was a hot afternoon of June; and my second floor room was scorching hot. The window mounted desert cooler was running incessantly to maintain my room temperature.

I wiped sweat from my forehead.

I hurriedly shut the doors and locked them from inside; just to make sure that no one would barge in while I check my secret hiding place.

One by one, I emptied the middle shelf of the cupboard; removing the clothes and laying them out on the bed. Once it was done, I checked the base of the middle shelf. It was made of two layers of galvanized iron sheets hinged at the back; the last half an inch of their front ends were bent in opposite L-shape. Sheets were arranged in such a way that once the top sheet was lowered, the bent L portion of top sheet completely covered the opposite bent L portion of lower sheet creating a small cabinet of about half inch height and making it invisible to any casual inspection. I had been using it as my secret hiding place for my porn magazines. I was so sure about this hidden cabinet that I never even bothered to lock my cupboard.

It was the time to pay for my stupidity. I was perspiring when I tried to open the hidden cabinet.

With the tips of my fingers, I forced the top panel upwards. The thin top panel moved up showing a small cabinet of height about half an inch. It was my secret place where I hid my porn magazines.

Horrified, I looked at the empty space. My body began to sweat profusely with fear. I felt a painful knot in my stomach; my mouth went dry.

The cabinet was empty. The two porn magazines that I had kept there last night were gone.

I was panicked.

Who could have visited my room in my absence?

There were only three persons in my family who had access to my cupboard; my mother, my father and my elder married sister Roly who was nowadays vacationing with us. Her husband, Sandeep, was out of the town on an official trip, and wasn’t likely to return for next two to three weeks. Therefore, she decided to visit us, to celebrate her sudden found freedom with us rather than staying alone at her house.

Mom and dad…least likely to visit my room; I didn’t expect at least them to rummage through my cupboard in my absence until they had some very strong reasons to do so. The magazines had been there just two hours ago. Therefore, it ruled out my father as he was at his shop. Mom also kept herself busy with the household cores and she hardly paid any visit to my room in the recent past. I knew she would not touch my things in my absence.

Then…who? I thought that I knew the answer.

It had to be Roly.

My relationship with my elder sister hadn’t been very amicable. Being older to me, she always believed that she had a birthright to bully me. Somehow, I never subscribed to her notions. We argued and fought regularly until she was married. She was very close to dad and she used this closeness to her benefit. She never missed a chance to complain about my every mistake, even the smallest one, and got me reprimanded. Even before her marriage, she had an annoying habit of prying into my affairs, much to my dislike. Time and again, I found her snooping into my things. It was very irritating, and I fought with her many times. However, every time she got a better deal with dad and mom taking her side.

Even after her marriage, she continued to bully me with the help of my parents. Whenever, she visited us, I usually had a tough time.

Roly is five years older than me. She is a gorgeous girl with beautiful round face, long raven black hair, almost extending up to her middle of her back, and dark expressive eyes. She had a nice petite curvaceous figure, a narrow waist and slightly oversized breasts. However, after marriage she had become little chubby, nothing unusual as it happen to many married woman. I always believed that she had a great body.

She met her future husband in a family marriage ceremony. In fact, my brother-in-law spotted her in the marriage and immediately fell for her innocent, charming beauty. My parents were delighted when they received the marriage offer from Sandeep’s family. My father, a small time businessman, could never expect to find a better illegal bahis match for his daughter. He agreed readily.

Roly was only twenty then, studying in second year of her graduation. She was not willing to marry at that time and she protested. However, after some persuasion she agreed reluctantly. She was married next month.

Roly has now been married for four years …no child yet.

At the time of her marriage, I was just into my teens. It was the time, when I had begun to explore the difference between a man and a woman more seriously. My friends began to openly talk about cunts and cocks…bragging how they fucked some girl at school or some horny neighborhood aunt. Most of those tales were plain lies, a fact, I think we all knew but never accepted. Nevertheless, we enjoyed bragging about our fake sexual encounters.

Now at nineteen, I hadn’t yet seen a real cunt. The only pussy I could have an opportunity to watch was in the pages of the magazines which my friend and I secretly borrowed from a nearby magazine shop. We paid a huge portion of our monthly allowance for borrowing those magazines.

The magazines missing from my cabinet were the recent ones that I took from the shop. I hadn’t gone through them completely and suddenly they were gone.

I somehow managed to put the clothes back to the shelf and locked it. I then lay on my bed. I could feel my body drenched with cold sweat. Even the desert cooler and the ceiling fan running at full speed failed to bring any relief. I continued perspiring profusely and tossing in bed with apprehension. I knew very well if Roly decided to hand over the magazines to mom or dad, which was most likely considering our stormy relationship and her past track record, I was finished. I had always been an ideal son, good in studies, away from all kind of vices (that’s what my parents thought). I was dreaded at getting exposed.

I lay in the bed trying to control myself; but, it didn’t bring any relief so I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. My mind was confused and I wasn’t able to focus. The magazines were gone and I had no idea how to get those magazines back. In fact, I wasn’t even sure whether Roly had actually taken it from my cupboard or my mom accidentally stumbled upon it.

I had to quickly decide about my course of action. How was I going to defend myself if faced with the worst situation?

I didn’t have any answer.

Someone knocked at the door.

I didn’t hear it. I was lost in my thoughts.

After a brief pause, there was another knock, this time a little louder.

“Who’s it?” I woke from my trance.

“Open it baby.” It was Roly. She always called me baby, much to my dislike.

I tried to regain my composure and opened the door. She stepped inside the room.

“What happened?” She looked at me. “You look sick.”

Even with my best effort, I was not able to hide my fear. She must have noticed my drained look and pale face.

“Nothing…” I glanced at her, trying to guess any hint of threat from her face. There was none. “It’s just too hot here.”

“Really…” She looked at me. Our eyes met, I immediately diverted my gaze. “Mom wants you downstairs.”

So, that was it.

My secret was out. Mom was waiting for me downstairs. I began preparing myself for some very tough questions.

“You go. I’m coming.”

“She wants you immediately. Don’t delay.” She went out of my room leaving me sweating with fear.

I heard her walking down the steps. Once she was gone, I went to the bathroom and washed my face with cold water. It had some soothing effect and brought some of my senses back. I went back to my room and dried my face with a towel.

“Rohan…are you coming?” I heard Roly shouting from downstairs.

“Yes…coming.” I labored myself to the door, locked it from outside and slowly walked down the steps. Roly was standing near the last step, staring curiously at me. As she watched me coming, Roly turned and walked towards our parent’s bedroom.

I followed her silently.

“Rohan…” Mom was resting elegantly on a settee. “Are you free?”

“Why?” I asked, surprised. I was not expecting something like that.

“Roly wants to purchase some dress. So, If you’re free, you can accompany her to the market?”

I suddenly felt a great relief descending upon me. Color began to return to my face. At least Roly had not yet divulged my secret.

“Why not… I’ll go.” I said with a sigh of relief. Any other time, I probably would have argued vehemently at the idea of accompanying my sister for her purchasing.

Mom looked at me with mild surprise. She too probably didn’t expect such obedience from me. Nevertheless, she didn’t say anything.

Without waiting, I went back to my room.

When I came downstairs after changing my clothes, Roly was already in the living room waiting for me. She was wearing an exquisite pink salwar kurta, which perfectly fitted to the beautiful illegal bahis siteleri curvaceous body. She looked gorgeous.

We went out of house. I hired a rickshaw and gave the rickshaw puller the directions.

“How come you agreed so easily today?” Roly asked mockingly as she settled on the rickshaw.

“What should’ve I done…refused?” I replied with little irritation as I followed her on rickshaw.

“No…no…I’m happy that you’ve come.” She replied smilingly.

I could feel that she was taking a gibe on me, but I was not in the position to give her a befitting reply…therefore, I kept mum. It better keeping my head cool. We sat side by side on the rickshaw. We remained silent as the rickshaw trot along the bumpy road. She tried to talk me casually, but I was lost in my thoughts. After sometime, she gave up and we rode the rickshaw silently. In fact, I was expecting that she would probably talk about the magazines and was mentally busy preparing my excuses. When it didn’t come, I began to relax.

The road to the market was full of potholes. Every now and then, the rickshaw was jerking violently throwing our bodies against each other. With every jerk, I could feel the supple body of my elder sister colliding against my side. Occasionally, I felt her boobs touching my shoulder.

It was difficult to say what happened to me. I was afraid, nervous; but I could feel my cock getting hard. It had never happened to me before. Living in a conservative family like mine, I never had any sexual inclination about my elder sister. I knew it was a sin to think dirty things about your own sister and I could never dare to look at my sister as a sexual object.

However, that day something different happened. I could not believe that in a minute or so, I was supporting a massive hard on. It made me uncomfortable.

Thankfully, the market was nearing. As the rickshaw stopped by a big showroom, Roly got down and hurried to the shop. It was closing time, so she didn’t want to waste time. I got down and paid the rickshaw puller. I waited outside the shop buying me some precious time to allow my erection to subside. Then, I followed her.

Roly spent about half an hour selecting a dress material of her choice. All this time, I watched her nonchalantly. Finally, she chose one and asked the sales boy to pack it. The boy packed the garment and handed it to her. She paid the bill and took the cash memo.

“Finished…let’s go.” I was happy that she took much less time than I had expected. Usually, she would bargain with the salesman for hours; a habit of my sister which I find very irritating.

“Just a second…” She held my arm. “You wait here. I’ll be back soon.”

I stayed there, watching her go to another counter, and began talking to the salesgirl. The salesgirl took some small cartons from the shelves and placed them on the counter. One by one, she opened them and began showing the contents to my sister. Then I realized; the salesgirl was showing panties to my sister. The counter was not very far from where I was standing. I could see as the salesgirl displayed panties of different shapes, and colors. Roly was checking them curiously…sometimes feeling its cloth…sometimes by stretching the elastic.

Suddenly, Roly turned her head and looked directly at me. Startled, I immediately tired to look in other direction but my response was not fast enough. I knew she had seen me spying on her. My face turned scarlet with shame. She smiled at me; her face remained expressionless and she again turned her back towards me.

Ashamed, I hurriedly went out of the shop and waited for her.

She came after about another five minutes. I was still feeling uncomfortable, but she didn’t say a thing. We hired a rickshaw and went back to our home.

As soon as we arrived at home, I paid the rickshaw and immediately scurried to my room. I went downstairs only to eat my dinner. I realized that I was behaving strangely and probably my mother sensed that as she appeared little perplexed. I found her staring at me a number of times during the dinner. Every time I turned my gaze and looked in other direction. Dad didn’t have any time to watch me as he was busy watching a cricket match while he ate his dinner. Roly appeared indifferent.

Finally, when I was alone in the safety of my room, I took the stock of the events happened in the last few hours. Roly or whosoever had taken the porn magazines from my cupboard; hadn’t yet disclosed it to others. That was a big relief.

Probably, Roly was only playing games with me and she would not tell our parents about my secret pastime.

“Or was it with my mother? Why the hell she was staring at me during the dinner?”

Still, I couldn’t convince myself that magazines were with my mother. Had she found them she would have immediately confronted me. My sister and I had been raised to a very conservative upbringing. Talking about sex was a big taboo in our house. Under canlı bahis siteleri any circumstance, my mom wouldn’t accept her teenage son hiding porn magazines in his cupboard.

It got to be Roly. More I thought, more I got convinced.

“Would she give it to mom tomorrow?” I thought.

I was not sure but I had a gut feeling that if she hadn’t told my mom and dad about the magazines then probably she wouldn’t now. The way sex was treated in my family, it wouldn’t be easy even for her to talk to parents about it. It would be very difficult for Roly to talk about her brother’s sexual secrets with mom or dad. I hoped that she would also appreciate the fact that I was twenty now and I too had my sexual needs.

I began to feel somewhat relieved.

Still, my magazines were with Roly and I could not feel fully secure unless I got my magazines back. It was obvious that Roly must be keeping them in her room, probably tucked inside her wardrobe and I would have to find out that place and get my magazines back. Once, I had those magazines, they would immediately be returned to the bookshop from where I had borrowed them.

Now, all I had to do was to find where she was hiding those magazines and for that, I would have to spy on my sister.

That wouldn’t be difficult. Roly and I had their bedrooms at the first floor of our duplex house. Her room was just opposite to mine, separated by a corridor. Once the lights were off in the night, I could very well peep inside her room through a keyhole in the door.

I turned off the lights in my room, dragged my chair close to the door and sat there silently, waiting for Roly to come upstairs. She was still with mom, probably watching a soap opera in the living room. I could hear the vague sound of television coming from downstairs.

It was a long wait. Every minute appeared like an hour. I sat silently in the darkness praying from her to arrive fast. Finally, after about twenty minutes, I heard the footsteps. I quickly knelt in front of door and put my eyes to the keyhole. All I could see was a part of the dimly lit corridor and the doors of her room. It was locked from outside.

Footsteps approached near and then she came into my range of vision.

She was still wearing the same dress. Though her hair appeared disheveled, she still looked gorgeous. She walked over to the front of her door, gripped the knob and opened it. She was about to step inside her room, when suddenly she turned. She left the doors ajar. She silently tiptoed across the corridor and stood in front of my room.

I held my breath. She was so close to my door that I could only see the lower portion of her body through the keyhole. Roly remained there for some moment. I patiently waited for her to go back.

All of a sudden, her knees began to bend. Holy shit! I exclaimed. She was kneeling in front of my door and then her face appeared in front of the keyhole.

“Good heavens.”

I immediately withdrew my eyes from the keyhole and crouched on the floor. I could presume her eye peeping through the keyhole. I thanked myself for turning off all the lights, even the night lamp. Otherwise, she could have found that I was not in my bed. My room was pitch-dark and it was least likely that she would be able to see anything.

Finally, I saw her shadow moving away from my door. The light from the corridor began to seep through the crease between the door and the floor. I again reached to my old position and put my eyes back to the keyhole.

Roly tuned off the tiny lamp illuminating the corridor and step inside her room. When she turned back to lock her doors, she was still looking in the direction of my room.

It was another uneasy wait of about twenty minutes, when I finally decided to move out of my room.

Noiselessly, I opened the door and stepped in the corridor. I tiptoed silently across the corridor and knelt in front of the door. I could see the lights seeping out of the crease under the door indicating that my sister was not yet sleep. I bent my knees in front of her door resting on the floor and glued my eyes to the keyhole.

Her room was well illuminated. Roly had changed to an almost transparent pink gown. She was sitting on her bed, flipping through a magazine kept on her folded legs. I could not see the magazine but from its shape, I could guess that it was one of the magazines stolen from my cupboard. A second magazine was lying near her pillow.

Roly flipped through the pages of the magazine one by one, from the first page to the last, occasionally stopping in between to gape at a particular page. Once she was through with the magazine, she tossed it casually on her side. She turned and put two pillowed one over another. She leaned back with her torso resting on the bed and her neck settled against the raised pillows. She then lifted another magazine which was lying near her pillow.

My heart jumped to my mouth. My guess was right; my elder sister was reading the same porn magazine she had stolen from my room. From my position, I could see only the front page of it, which showed a full page colored photograph a gorgeous blond woman squatting and exposing her shaved cunt with her fingers.

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