Missing Daddy Ch. 2

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I am in a deep sleep and dreaming of who knows what. Lying on my tummy with one leg curled up, my bare ass exposed to you. While I sleep, you squeeze some lube into your hand and start working it up and down your hard cock. You’re stroking your cock and looking at my curves. You position yourself on your knees behind me and slowly work the lubed head of your cock into my asshole. I shift around in my sleep but do not awaken. You slide it further in. I moan out in pain. I’m half-asleep and half-awake, sort of in a daze wondering if this is a dream. I am struggling to get my bearings as I’m suddenly abruptly woken as you slam the whole length of your cock in me and start fucking my ass very aggressively.

I certainly was not ready for this and can’t even admit to enjoying it, but after I look back and see that smile on your face, I just want you to have me. I want you to fuck my ass raw until you’re satisfied. I want to give myself to you to use until your hot load is deep in my sore ass.

“Good morning, baby,” you say as I bite my lip. You are so aggressive this morning. I begin to wonder what it was that made you want to take me like a whore. I push back into you, propping myself up on my knees slightly and scream out as your cock stretches my tight hole. The more I scream the harder you force your cock in my ass over and over. I know that if I let you have me this way that you will take really good care of me later. I do not attempt to get away, but instead I play the part.

“No, daddy, please stop! You’re hurting me,” I whine.

“Don’t you want to please me, baby?” you ask as you thrust deeper in my tight asshole.

“Yes daddy, but…” I whimper.

“Then take it like a bitch for daddy,” you say as you slap my Ankara escort ass with the palm of your hand. SMACK! “Do you want it harder, baby girl?”

“Yes please.”

“Yes please, what?” you ask as you slap my ass hard again. SMACK!

“Yes please, daddy,” I answer as a tear comes to my eye from the pain.

“That’s daddy’s good girl,” you say as you reach around and find my clit. You gently rub it in circles while you fuck me. Of course my pussy is slippery wet now. You’re sliding in and out of my ass in the same rhythm as you’re rubbing my clit. I’m moaning and screaming as the combination of pain and pleasure overwhelms me. I’m so close to cumming as I feel you tensing up and grunting as your hot sauce fills my asshole. Your fingers reach in me and find my G-spot making me scream and cum on your fingers. You collapse on my back. We lay as one hot, sweaty being as you catch your breath.

“God!” you say as you roll me over onto my back and hold me, “you are so amazing, and I really needed that.”

“What got into you?” I ask.

You answer: “I woke up and saw that sweet ass, baby. Damn, I forgot how much I missed sleeping next to you and waking up with you. And baby, you have made me the happiest man for giving yourself to me so completely. I just hope I can be everything you need me to be.”

I can see how genuine that comment was as I look in your eyes. I think to myself, how could you even think you’re not everything I want? Maybe its that you’re 15 years older than I am that worries you. Maybe you do not think you will be able to keep up. I know that I love how you take care of me. I am more than happy to let you take me aggressively now and again because I know you’d do anything for me.

I stretch Ankara escort bayan for the first time since being woken up. I wince from the pain in my ass. I know I will be feeling that wake up call all day. You can see how I’m aching and kiss me on the cheek. “You never cease to amaze me,” you say as you scoot down the bed and lift my legs up in the air to kiss me where I hurt. You gently kiss me around my sore asshole and flick your tongue inside lightly. “Feel better, baby?” you ask.

I smile and say, “Yes, thank you daddy.”

“I have a surprise for you this evening baby.”

“Really, daddy? What is it!?” I get so excited and cannot imagine what is in store for me.

“We’re going to the basketball game tonight, and I bought you something very special to wear for me,” you answer. “I will show you later baby, now go take a shower.”

“Okay, daddy,” I say as I jump up and skip off to the shower smiling.


That evening I am anxious to find out what you bought me to wear. I’ve been fantasizing all day, thinking that maybe it’s a dress or pretty skirt. We sit down on the bed and you pull a package out. “What is it daddy?” I ask.

“It’s a remote-control vibrating egg, baby,” you say as you turn the controls on the remote to make the egg vibrate faster and faster in the palm of my hand. I look up at you confused, wondering where I’m supposed to wear this.

You lay me back on the bed, pull my panties off, and slip the egg inside my pussy gently. Then you put my panties back on and tell me to get dressed. You walk out of the room giving the egg a little jolt with the remote and then turning it back off. I giggle as it kind of tickles inside me. You keep teasing me as I get dressed, turning the vibrator Escort Ankara on and off. I put my jeans, T-shirt and tennis shoes on and we head to the basketball game. I of course get teased most the way there.

We find our way to the seats and sit next to each other. You spot someone from your office and leave me in my seat alone to go talk to him. I’m a little upset that you left me there, and I miss you already. You’re a good 10 to 15 feet away from me, keeping me in your line of vision. I’m watching as the basketball players are practicing on the court before tip off. Suddenly I feel a jolt of vibrations in my pussy that makes me sit up straight. I look over at you smiling at the results. You keep it vibrating and vary the speed at your whim. I start to shift around in the seat, squeezing my legs together, looking around to see if anyone is noticing. My breathing is quickening. I look over and catch you looking as you talk.

I see you saying goodbye and making your way back over to me. Each step towards me increases the vibrations. When you sit down it’s on full power buzzing inside me. You gently push the hair away from my ear and whisper, “Cum for me, baby.” You cup my face in your hands and start to kiss me deeply as I cum in my panties. I’m moaning loud in your mouth, but the sounds of the crowd and your kiss drown the moans out. You turn the power of the vibrating egg off as you stop kissing me.

My heart is pounding hard and I cannot believe I just came with all these people around me who have no clue. I start to giggle and lay my head on your shoulder as I come down.

As the announcer encourages the crowd to welcome the players out on the court, I lean to you and say, “Daddy, can you please turn it back on?”

You look at me with an evil grin and say, “Mmm you bad little girl.” As turn the power of the vibrator all the way to the max, you say “Daddy will take care of you, baby.” I know this is going to be a fun basketball game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32