Miss Behaving

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“Well my darling Darryl, it has been along time coming, no pun intended and I really think you have a lot of explaining to do!”

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“I can’t hear you? Speak up little boy! Stop mumbling!”

“You come round knocking on my door at almost midnight after weeks of messing me around and you want what exactly?”

“Oh yes “cuddles” Hmmm you have so much more than just that to look forward to …”

Suzanne smiles wickedly as she stands in front of her darling boy. She had missed his cheeky ways, his twinkly eyes and she knows, he knows it, but there is no way he is getting away lightly this time!

“Well …? What is her name then?”

“You may look shamefaced at me but I know Darryl, I know!”

“Yes, yes you’re sorry. Yes I know I went away and you got bored and lonely. And yes she tickled your fancy and yet here we are again.”

Darryl has always been such an easy read. He is like her. Needs plenty of affection to make the world a happy place. It may not be traditional affection but believe when you are both reading from the same ‘men in love book’ then it feels like coming home. And here he was in her home looking so damn sexy. How she had missed him but there was no way she was going to make this easy for him.

She takes him gently by the hand and leads him through to the kitchen. Sits him on a chair and pours a drink for them both. Suz takes his hand and breaths softly onto it with her minty fresh breath. The small contact of her lips against his skin is like a burn. He looks sheepishly at her. He knows this is only the beginning.

“Have you had your fill little man? Ready for what is coming next? You know it is going to be long and hard for sure.” She grins at him and can feel the excitement rising between them. The sparkle in his eyes is unmistakable. Pure lust.

He makes a grab for her, his hands sliding round her waist under her flowing dressing gown to the satin soft nightdress underneath. There is nothing soft about his touch though and for the minute she allows him the freedom of her body. Suzanne leans into his broad chest taking her pleasure from him. Her nipples puckering up and pushing obviously against the fabric.

His belt buckle is pushing hard into her as they move together to get as close as they can with the resistance of their clothes in the way. Her fingers slip between them and release the belt pulling it fully out from all the loops. She moves round to the back of him. His hands reaching behind him so as not to lose contact with her warm body. Using the belt she traps his hands and restrains them. Looking into his eyes, slowly takes his head in her hands and kisses him, lips to lips, then the tongue darting quickly along his lower lip and squeezing between his lips to taste him.

“Mmmm kızılay escort sweet… sweet as ever but…that perfume doesn’t suit you at all! How dare you come here reeking of her!?” Her anger is swift and he is instantly groveling for her forgiveness.

“NO! No way. Don’t think you are coming near me smelling of another woman. You are disgusting!” She reaches into a drawer and takes out a large pair of scissors.

“Stand still or this will hurt more than you can imagine!” She tears strips from him, slashing his clothes from his body. Leaving him naked and surrounded by tatters. From a hook at the rear door she takes a thick dog collar down.

“On your knees! Now!” Suzanne wraps the collar round his neck and tightens until it becomes uncomfortable.

“If you act like a dog then that is how I will treat you!” She attaches a lead and pulls at him.

“Come with me little puppy we are gonna clean you up!”

Suzanne takes him into her bathroom, turns the power shower on full to maximum temperature.

“Get under there” Suz picks up a long handled brush and starts scrubbing at his body, brushing hard. The skin already pink from the heat going deeper in colour and turning red in places.

“Bend over you nasty little disappointment. I am going to clean you thoroughly all over.” Dropping her gown she joins him in the shower. Her nightie clinging to her body as the water sloshes over her. Adding lots of soap to the brush Suz starts at his ankles working up and over his body. Up his calves and his strong powerful thighs she kicks his feet apart to brush the insides of his legs.

“Turn around, now, Now! Don’t make me more angry than I already am.” As he turns around she can see for herself why he is so reluctant, she laughs loudly at him

“You Dirty little Fuck! I am here scrubbing you silly and you are turned on?!”

She stands up and rubs her body all the way up his arousal.

“Mmmm” And then she brushes it hard and laughs as she does.

“That should do the trick for a little while till I at least get the rest of the stink off you.” Suz carries up over his tummy and chest. She pinches his nipples hard on the way past. Then spins him round to to scrub all of his back, shoulders and arms. Shampooing his hair with so many bubbles it seems the plughole can barely cope.

“You will be so damn clean when I am finished with you”

“Step out Darryl” she tells him. Draping a towel around his shoulders and rubbing vigorously at his entire body with another towel.

Suz leads him by the collar into the dressing room.

“Sit there!”

“Yes on the stool in front of the mirror.”

“If you are gonna come here smelling of a woman then you shall look like a woman too.”

“I am kolej escort going to start by covering your face with moisturiser, pink and girlie and flowery. Massaging it all into your cheeks. Now for the concealer, covering your bright red skin.”

“Hmm seems that hot shower did a treat on you. And for the foundation, smoothing it all over.”

“Stop resisting me!”

“Eye shadow to bring out the pretty blue twinkly shades.”

“Ooh now what shade of lipstick shall we choose? Yes. Bright red to match my own” Suzanne loads her lips and presses them hard against Darryl’s mouth. Pretty lass.

“There my darling little girl lets get you dressed. Tight pink panties and a nightdress to match. Soft and sexy and silky against your skin. Hmmm it doesn’t quite cover everything down there does it?” she smiles “but it does go well with the collar and belt” she winks.

Suz takes up the lead again and drags him to the next room, a huge big bed dominates the space.

“Come on then little lass lets get you sorted”

There are fleece lined cuffs attached to each corner of the bed.

“Lie face down there my little sweet, I am going to teach you a lesson that you will remember for a very long time.” Suz tightens the cuffs on each limb. Strapping Darryl to the bed tightly. She slaps him hard on his leg.

“Stop resisting! This will be the most fun you have had since you were here last.”

“I do so enjoy having you at my mercy baby. I’m gonna make you so sorry for being so disrespectful”

Suz lifts Darryl’s nightdress revealing the silky panties. She slides them down too, revealing his tight sexy bottom.

“Hmmm right big boy, you do know what is coming next don’t you?”

She shows him the big jelly cock and she sees his buttocks clenching in an automatic reaction. Yes he does know that Suz is going to ram that huge penis into his puckered little brown hole. He knows that she is going to make sure it slides all the way home and he knows he is going to be screaming out loud as she fucks him over and over again. Suz straps the cock into the strips around her bottom.

“Raise your arse up now!”

“Slap. Slap” her hand lands heavily on one cheek then the other.

“Now raise it higher! Stop wiggling away. Submit to me my darling!”

“Slap. Slap” two more blows land.

“Slap, slap slap slap slap slap”

“Stop whimpering!” Suz kneels between the legs of Darryl. She rubs the head of her cock up and down between the bright red cheeks of Darryl’s lush bum. She can feel the moisture building in her already juicy pussy. Pushing her fingers between her lips she scoops it up and runs it along the length of her huge jelly cock. Reaching forward she forces her fingers into Darryl’s mouth

“Go maltepe escort on taste them, taste me, see how wet you make me with your bad behaviour!”

“Tell me what you have been doing?”

“I want to know just who you have had fucking you while you have been away from me!”

“Did they tease you like I do, or they make your bottom cheeks as red as I do?”

“Do they tie you up and make your cock strain against your pretty panties like I do?”

“Hmmm I love hearing how bad you are but I don’t want you stinking like another girl when you come here!”

“Do we understand each other now Dirty Girl?”

“Ten more spanks for you just to make sure we understand each other and it isn’t going to happen again!” The blows land hard and fast till the tears run down his face and the sobs are audible

“Mmmm there we are, you took your punishment well baby”

Suz plants little kisses all over his burning bottom but without missing a beat plunges cold lube deep inside him. The thick jelly cock follows. Just the head to start stretching him open. The pain rips through his body as the shaft is buried to the hilt.

“Oh babe sweet, sweet babe, doesn’t that feel so good, you are so tight I can feel you squeezing me, I am gonna fuck you now, yes now!” Suz draws back a little and pushes hard against him again. Plunging her fake dick into him over and over.

“That’s it take it baby, take it good, you are so sexy and I’m gonna fuck you right up, yeah I am” Suz lays on Darryl’s back pushing him down into the bed, her hands on his shoulders.

“That’s it yeah push back onto me slut! Take it, take it good” Running her nails down his back scoring her name into his skin just so he doesn’t forget who he belongs to.

“How is your little pussy feeling now Darling Darryl? Are you ready to come for me?” She whispers into his ear unstrapping her cock she leaves it buried deep inside him. Crawling up next to him, she turns his head and kisses him on his glossy lips.

“Such a pretty girl! Yes you are.” She strokes him softly all the way down his body. Reaching under him and running her hand over his silky panties. She feels the straining fabric barely covering his throbbing cock.

“It isn’t gonna take much is it baby girl, you are gonna cum really quick for me now!”

“I want all your creamy jizz, let it go baby.”

“Release it to me.” She doubles the speed which she is stroking him and feels the tension building. he is wound so high. Her spare hand gives one final thrust of the jelly willy and she cups her hand around his cock to catch all his lovely cum.

“Mmmm there is so much seed spilling out of you. You are so, so sexy my baby doll!”

His breathing is harsh and the soft whimpering escaping his lips makes Suz sure he had learnt his lesson. He won’t be Miss Behaving again too soon. She removes the cock from his bottom hole and swiftly pulls the panties back up to cover his hot bruised cheeks. Suz unties his bonds and feels his body curling up. She slides up into the curve of him and lets his body protect her from the rest of the world.

Sweet dreams Darling x x

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32