Misdelivered Package

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I was delivering a package that was left at my door by mistake. The house numbers were correct but the address was a mile away on a street with a similar name. I parked and walked through a small courtyard to the front door. This home was in an expensive upscale neighborhood. I rang the doorbell and waited. No one answered so I placed the box by the door and proceeded to my car.

Movement through a window I passed caught my eye. The blinds were open enough that I could see the back of a chair and the man sitting in it. It was a mesh back office chair that allowed me to see he was naked and looked to be rubbing one out. I saw he was using headphones then noticed what was playing full screen on the laptop.

Two men were having sex doggy style. It was the first time I ever really saw gay porn. It’s always a click or two away but I avoided it. Now I was mesmerized, standing there for several minutes. They changed positions a couple of times. It was clear both were enjoying the experience. It ended with one receiving a facial with the cum being smeared in his beard by a big cock. I was stunned at the raw sexual hotness of the scene. I just wanted it to start over to see it again.

When I became aware of my surroundings I was highly embarrassed. He was now wearing a robe, standing and watching me rub my cock through my pants. Oh damn how long was I standing there watching. How long was he standing there watching. I saw him waive me towards the front door before he left the room. By the time I gathered the courage to walk to his door he was there. He stood about my height or maybe an inch taller. He looked to be in good shape. His face was clean shaven and he wore glasses. His legs and chest were covered with thick hair.

I recognized him from the gym. We hadn’t talked but occasionally our workouts overlapped. I stammered introducing myself. He seemed to be much more comfortable with the situation. I tried to explain that the package was delivered to my house mistakenly. He picked it up and invited me in. I followed him to the living room and took a place on the couch. I accepted the offer of a beer. I needed to calm my mind and something manly like beer seemed appropriate. He handed the glass to me and sat on the chair adjacent.

“That video you had on, it is really something.” I said. “I didn’t mean to stare through the window.”

“Yeah, that’s one of my favorite videos. Do you want to see another of my favorites?”

“Uhm yeah, sure. I’d like to see one.” I responded.

He retrieved the laptop and plugged the video into the 70 inch TV. He navigated through a few folders and started a video. Three men were making out and pulling their clothes off. They were quickly naked and repositioning. One was laying on his back on a bed with his head over the edge. Another came around to put his cock in the guy’s mouth. The other got behind and worked on getting into the guy’s ass. So hot, the guy was getting it in both ends. I saw my host had his cock out and was rubbing it. I needed to pull mine out and work it too.

“You can take your clothes off if you want.” He offered.

“Thanks.” I was getting worked up from the scene on the TV and having a naked man sitting close to me working his cock. I noticed after several minutes of watching him rubbing his cock that it was hotter than the video. I turned back to the video to see the guy in the middle was now getting railed doggy style while giving head to the other guy. Man that’s hot. I stripped and sat down just as I was being handed a second beer. I didn’t need it but I guess he needed another.

He picked up a box of tissues and placed it between us as he sat on the couch with me. The video was Ankara bayan escort heating up. The guy taking it was just getting a big facial. The other guy pulled out of his ass and turned him around to add to it. Geez it had me on the edge. I backed off my rubbing while he started working his more intensely. I was staring at my host’s cock. It was a nice seven inch cock, thick with a big shaggy bush and hairy balls.

He shifted down and his bare left leg came in contact with my right. It was warm and I was immediately turned on more by feeling his hair against me. I relaxed my leg enough so our legs rested together. I suddenly needed to feel him more. I put my left hand on my cock so I could lay my right on his thigh. I heard him sigh as he felt it. He shifted closer to me.

I was excited beyond belief that this was progressing but really scared of how far it could go. I’ve really never had an attraction to men before. The video and live show next to me was pushing me forward past that. I started moving my hand on his leg. Feeling the hair on his inner thighs under my fingertips was truly erotic. I slid my hand higher to softly brush against his balls. He gave another approving sigh. I moved my hand closer to cradle his balls. I wanted to cum right then. Feeling his balls in my hand while he was still working his cock was nearly overwhelming. I had to stop rubbing my own cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off his.

He took his hand off his cock and put his left arm on the couch behind me. He was giving me my first ever opportunity to touch a cock other than my own. I wanted to take it but I hesitated. Why did I want to hold it in my hand? My desire to feel it in my hand was taking over my mind. In less than a half hour I had gone from having no desire to touch another cock to being controlled by it. I finally moved my hand higher and wrapped my fingers around his warm cock. It felt incredible. The skin was warm and soft, the head a little spongy contrasting his stiff shaft. I lightly ran my hand to the tip. When I slid it down he moaned. The second time I did this I was able to use his precum as lubricant. It was incredible to feel the texture of the shaft as my hand slid down his cock. The precum dried quickly and trying to rub his cock with a dry hand was limiting me.

I looked up to see one of the three guys in the video alternating taking the two other guys’ cocks in his mouth. I already knew what I wanted but the video taunted me. I looked down to his cock. I needed to work up enough courage to go through with it. Blowing a guy is something I hadn’t fantasized about. I hesitated longer because I don’t know how to do it. I wanted to lean forward and taste it. I wanted to rub my tongue across it and down to his balls. Just when I was about to give up on going through with it he put his arm across my shoulder and pulled me to him. It wasn’t enough to force me, just enough to encourage my closing in. Once I started moving his hand was barely touching my shoulder. I put my left hand around the base and pointed his cock at my face. I moved another inch closer and licked the precum off the tip of his cock head. The strong salty tangy flavor made me want more.

I wrapped my lips around the head. I could taste more precum come from his slit. I licked it and rolled my tongue around his head. The softness of the head was fun to use my tongue to play with. I took another half inch in my mouth and started massaging his shaft with my tongue. His reactions were rewarding so I wanted to continue and do even better. I tried to do all of the things I could remember enjoying having done to me. The angle leaning over him was getting uncomfortable but the feeling of a hard cock in Escort bayan Ankara my mouth was too good to give up.

I let him slip from my mouth. I got down on my knees in front of him. He spread his legs and I moved in between. I felt driven to give him a proper blowjob and this is my favorite position to receive one. I took a ball gently in my mouth while rubbing my tongue around it. He moaned and I moved to the other. I let it slip out too and licked his cock up to the head. I put my lips around it tasting the now familiar fluid on his skin. I lowered my head as far as I could. His cock filled my mouth feeling so warm and firm. The head pressed against my throat until I pulled back. I rubbed my tongue back and forth as I slipped his cock back to my throat. I repeated this in time with his hips moving. He had started gyrating slowly while groaning his approval. I felt warm and my head was fuzzy. I could hear his moans, groans and grunts while the video was adding more grunting and the sound of someone’s balls slapping on another guy’s ass. I was intensely focused on the situation and lost all feeling of time.

He told me he was getting close. I suddenly became freaked out about having cum in my mouth. Women had always told me how awful it is. I always hated missing the satisfaction of cumming in their mouth. I had to do it right. I was here with a cock pushing at my throat, my arms resting on his hairy thighs, his knees on either side of my stomach and my nose buried in his pubes. I have to go the last measure. I continued the same technique and speed.

His sac tightened pulling his balls close. I knew this was it. I lowered my head on his cock again. I felt it swell. The head grew against my throat and tongue. I lifted my head so I could lower it on him again. The first pulse shot cum directly down my throat. I swallowed to be sure. I held there while the second and third pulse shot in my throat, swallowing again. I pulled back just enough to get air then shoved his cock back in my throat. One pulse had shot on my tongue but the next went directly in my throat. His cum spread and covered my tongue. It wasn’t bad. I quickly found it was the sexiest taste I’ve ever experienced. The climax of the pleasure that I brought to him wasn’t a bad thing and I needed to taste it more. I pulled back so it would come out on my tongue. His orgasm was ending so I milked the remaining cum out with my hand letting it add to what remained in my mouth.

As I stood I saw I had left a large wet spot between us on the floor. I had been rock hard and dripping the whole time. I sat back next to him close enough that we were hip to hip. I rested my hand on his thigh again. I took a drink from the beer. I enjoyed giving head more than any previous sexual activities I’ve experienced. I can’t imagine anything greater.

Then he leaned over to start working my cock with his mouth. After having no attention for so long his mouth was glorious on my cock. It felt magical. My face tingled as his mouth enveloped my cock completely down to my balls. His hand was holding my balls before slipping lower to find my ass. His fingers spread my cheeks apart and found my hole. It was so much better than when I play with it myself. He pulled his hand away and sat up to get a bottle of lubricant from the end table. He put some between my cheeks and on his fingers before taking me back in his mouth. The feeling was amazing. When I was close to shooting my cum he pulled his mouth off my cock and came up to kiss me. The first time I was turned on by two guys kissing was my first kiss with him. Past kisses with women paled in comparison to the eroticism we shared. I noticed after we had made out for a minute Bayan escort Ankara that his fingers were pumping in and out of my ass. He must have had three fingers in me and it felt good.

He asked me to turn away and get on all fours on the couch. I was nervous about what was going to happen because I knew what he wanted. I wanted to say that was too much. An hour before I had no desire to have anything sexual to do with a guy. Yet here I was with the lingering taste of his cock and cum on my tongue, longing to have his fingers back in me. If I’m being honest I was longing to feel his cock enter my ass, wanting to feel him pumping his cock in and out, needing to feel his balls slapping against me, feeling his cock throbbing and shooting his cum into me. It was too strong to deny so I found myself following his direction, kneeling on the couch then bending down to hold myself up with my hands. I leaned further down to rest my chest on the arm of the couch. I felt completely exposed and vulnerable. My ass was high in the air, cheeks spread wide and my hole exposed to a man I just met an hour ago.

And then I felt it. The head of his cock touched my cheeks as he pushed toward my hole. When it pressed to my hole I lost my breath. I couldn’t think of anything but his cock pushing into me. Then it happened, it slipped past my ring stretching me more than anything I had before. Only the head was in me and I couldn’t catch my breath. The pain was present but I needed that cock in me. He pushed another inch in and gave me a minute to catch my breath again. I could feel my ass slowly becoming accustomed to his cock. I needed more and couldn’t wait. I pushed back on his cock feeling it slip in further. He pushed too until I could feel his pelvis pressing on my ass cheeks. Feeling him against me was worth the pain of taking his cock in fully. The pain was subsiding and the feeling of fullness remained.

He started to pump me slowly. He pulled back and pushed back in. I leaned down as much as possible to get my ass as high and spread open as possible. His pace started to increase. I felt his cock sliding faster in and out of my ass. He held my hips using them to pull himself closer, driving his cock in me. He started moving faster, pulling me close then pushing me away until his cock was barely still in. The feeling was better than any I have had.

I felt my orgasm rising. His cock making me cum without any attention being given to my cock. His thrusts into me bringing me closer. He thrust and I felt his balls slap me. I was on the edge. He thrust again slapping me with his balls. I couldn’t control myself. I started grinding against his cock with every thrust. It pushed me over the edge. I moved my hand to catch my cum just in time to collect some of it. I pulled my hand back and buried my mouth in it. My cum tasted just as good as when his shot across my tongue.

He increased his pace, ramming my ass without mercy. Though my orgasm had subsided his pumping my ass still felt good. The feeling so erotic while hearing him grunt and groan. Then he stopped, leaving his cock fully impaled in my ass with his balls resting on mine. I felt his cum pulse through his cock squirting into me. Oh it was so exciting and satisfying to feel the throbbing and pulsing cock filling me.

He pulled out and sat back in the chair. I went to use his bathroom. His cum ran down my thigh with each step. I did what I could to clean it up before returning to the living room. I sat down to put my clothes back on.

“That was amazing. Thank you.” I said when we made eye contact.

“It was. Thanks for taking care of my package.”

When I drove home I replayed the encounter in my mind. I felt a little of his cum ooze out of me. I saw in the mirror a splatter of cum on my goatee. I felt a flush of heat travel through my body knowing that things changed for me in the last two hours. My mind raced thinking of how to find a guy to satisfy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32