Mischief at Work

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Just a short one but mostly true, it’s surprising what you can fit into an eight hour night shift. Hopefully you enjoy it. xx

I’m constantly surprised by the amount of mischief we can get up to at work, normally without anyone else knowing a thing. Sometimes almost right under their noses. Its a massive thrill for me walking around like butter wouldn’t melt and nobody knowing how much we’ve misbehaved on a tea break.

The last time that sprung to mind I’d worn my black leggings along with my work shirt, it was a little bit of a tease for you, knowing you would soon start complaining about having to hide your hard on whilst working because you would spend all night staring at my round arse and long legs. It back fired on me when i was sitting on my tea break in a little quiet corner with my feet up a high desk, drinking my strong black coffee minding my own business.

You appeared from behind me and sat down on a stool, you started stroking my thighs and arsecheeks. I moaned and pushed back against your big warm hands. You leaned into me and kissed me intensely. I suddenly felt and heard a buzzing running along my arse crack towards my pussy. It made me jump and you used your other hand on my stomach to hold me still as I started to squirm. You stared fixedly into my eyes and watched me fight for control, squirming and moaning as you pressed it hard against me. I couldn’t believe you’d brought a vibrator into work.

I’m guessing its payback for all the times that I’d teased you and wound you up at work leaving you horny, frustrated and trying to hide a üsküdar escort hard on at work. Fuck me it felt good though. People were working away only twenty foot away completely oblivious to our activities with the help of the noisy machines and god awful radio they piped in. I was so turned on and close to cumming you must have felt how wet I was through my leggings. The next thing I knew you slapped my arse cheek, kissed me deeply then announced “you gotta get back to work Princess! Have fun,” with that you gave me a cheeky wink then walked away, leaving me to catch my breath before heading back to work.

As I tried to wipe the smirk off my face I sent you a text message telling you what a bastard you were and that I would get you back for it later when you were on a tea break. The next few hours dragged I was so horny, frustrated and aching for you. After i finished my work I knew you were on a tea break as you finished later. I dashed up to the upstairs toilets because I knew they were largely unused, then I texted you to head up and meet me.

I kept watch until you got there and then I pulled you into the ladies, I quickly pushed you into a cubicle. I kissed you passionately while I undone your belt and jeans . As soon as your jeans hit the floor I sat on the toilet and pulled your boxers down your thighs, I was greeted by the sight of your cock springing free. Rock hard and already glistening with your pre cum, you groaned as I gently licked across the tip, I loved the taste of that little trickle as yenibosna escort it coated my tongue.

I started sucking slowly taking you deeper using my tongue to tease and working my way down the length of you. You quickly lost patience and started to thrust, your cock filled my mouth totally and all I could do was suck, it felt so good having you take control like that. I looked up and locked eyes with you, your blue lust glazed eyes stared into my now slightly watery deep brown ones. You grabbed my hair pulling my head off and away from you. You bent down and kissed me aggressively your tongue forcing its way into the space recently occupied by your cock. You pulled away and rammed your cock back into me hard. You fucked my face hard and fast, my eyes were streaming and I was gagging with every thrust, my chin being coated with my spit. Then suddenly I was empty again.

This time you pulled me to my feet and kissed me briefly before grabbing hold of me, spinning me around and slamming me face first into the door. You pushed down on my shoulders and pulled my hips back and I had to grab the mobility rail to keep from falling. I felt you pulling my leggings down to my knees and your fingers sliding along the length of my slit. You groaned and whispered in my ear “you’re so fucking wet Princess, are you ready for me?”

All I could do was nod and whimper “please!” that was enough for you and I felt you push inside me slowly. You felt amazing as you filled me, every inch stretching me, we both groaned zeytinburnu escort as you slowly pulled out. You slammed into me hard, after that you were relentless. Pounding into me hard over and over again. All I could hear was the slapping sound of your body hitting mine our muffled groans and the toilet door rattling under the weight of us. The next thing I knew you had kicked my legs apart, the change of angle meant you hit me deeper, every thrust sliding across my Gspot and slamming against my cervix bruising me inside in a delicious way.

I could feel myself tightening and spasming around you, my juices running down my thighs. Your hand moved to the front of me and I heard the click and the buzz of the bullet vibrator starting up as you pushed it onto my clit. I swear to god that I saw stars as you pushed me over the edge, I cried out loudly as you still slammed into me. You had to shove your thumb in my mouth to keep me quiet. My knees buckled and I think it was only your grip on the front of me that kept me upright. You bit hard on the back of my neck as you buried yourself deeply inside me, filling my cunt with spurt after spurt of hot cum.

I was still regathering my wits as you pulled my leggings up over my hips, I managed to get myself straightened up and splash some cold water on my face. I was stunned when I checked my watch and realised we’d only been in the toilet fourteen minutes. I still needed to look busy for the last ten minutes of my shift. It was a massive challenge trying to look normal while I walked around, trying not to grin as your cum dribbled down my leg with every step. Wondering if anybody could tell how naughty we’d been, I was certain it was written all over my face, how did they not smell it? it was all I could smell, our combined juices. It was starting to get me going again. I think my plan to tease you and leave you wanting more had backfired on me in the most incredible way possible.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32