Mine , Yours Pt. 03

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‘Caroline!’ mother yells. It’s Monday morning and Shane will be here soon, if that’s not what I’m being called down for right now, which means the absolute last thing I need right now is mother interrupting me.

‘Cara, we’re out of time.’ Dante says where he is standing behind the locked bathroom door, his knees slightly bent, and a firm grip on my pulled back curly hair.

I unlatch my lips from the warmth of his shaft and stroke him with both hands.

‘I’m not letting you leave here until you finish.’ I reply where I am kneeling on the tiled floor between his spread jeans. Taking him again in my mouth.

If Tori Andrews thinks she going to get another piece of my brother she has another thing coming. I wet my lips again and plunge forward but only managing to get him a little more than half down in my mouth.

I still can’t fully believe it. It’s in my hands and in my throat but I still can’t fully grasp just how really really big my brother is.

And I thought Shane was gifted? How the hell has Tori been able to take him? Even this far down my throat there’s still enough length to make little strokes on the remaining length.

I shut my eyes as I push my head forward only to pull my mouth away when I choke, couching and gasping for air, using a hand to catch the drool and spit from landing on my sweater, pouring everything I catch back on to him, then taking a deep breath and trying again.

I stick out my tongue and take him in again, popping out after going as far as I can.

‘Caroline!’ mother yells from downstairs.


She won’t come up and get me, she’s too stubborn for that. She’ll yell and yell and when I go down she’ll scold me but she won’t come up.

And I am not…*mhap*… leaving this bathroom…*mhap*… until … *mhap* … Dante… *mhap*… cums…*mhap*

I go down as far as I can before I choke again and pull away. I really think I’m getting more in, but it doesn’t look like I’m getting closer.

Is he getting bigger? Holy crap, that’s a scary thought. I would cum so hard and fast on him if he took me right now, assuming I could even take the whole thing.

I keep stroking, with one hand while I try putting his balls in my mouth one at a time. Dante moans and at least that means I’m making him feel good.

Okay one more time, I open my mouth and take him again, bobbing my head back and forth and fast as I can, inching my knees further under his jeans that are currently being worn around his thighs. Placing my hands on the exposed skin of his butt, I pull him into me.

‘Cara,’ Dante breathes, ‘look at me.’

I strain my eyes upward to look Dante in his.

‘Fuck that’s hot.’ Dantes whispers, throwing his head back. I make a mental note to do that from now on whenever I go down on him.

I accept that I can’t make it to the hilt so I suck the length I can get I hurriedly stroke the remainder.

We’re still trying to figure out how we can sneak in and out of the bathroom to shower together but it’s not been easy, and I don’t want to risk mother catching one us leaving while the other is still in there because there is no excuse we can give if she catches us and she’d throw Dante out in a heartbeat while she calls the police.

‘Cara…’ He gets even bigger in my mouth and I gag but don’t pull away. I would love to see how big a load Dante can have but I don’t want to make a mess.

Dante tries to pull out by moving his hips away, but I follow, walking my knees till they touch the door behind him. I guess it’s polite, but still, what is it that makes them automatically think I wouldn’t want it in my mouth?

Dante moans painfully. ‘Cara.’ God, it’s such a turn on when he says my name like that.

I feel rope after rope shot in my mouth, after what would be a normal amount for Shane, Dante keeps going and I can’t keep my mouth in place as it fills and I choke again.

I pull away. Dante’s jizz along with my drool falls all over my sweater.

‘Caroline!’ mother yells with increased rage.

I swallow what I have in my mouth and I take him one last time just because I want to clean him up as fast as I can, and also because after all of that I am really horny, and now that he’s just that little less big and hard I can finally take the whole thing and it actually feels really good.

‘Cara you have to go.’ Dante says, when I start licking his length just for the pleasure of it.

‘Okay, okay.’ I get up, taking off my sweater and wiping my mouth and hands with it seeing as I can no longer wear it, then reach for my backpack from out of the dry tub.

Dante notices that I am underdressed for the cold in just my tee shirt and jeans and he takes off his big and thick letterman jacket that he got last Friday and wraps it sweetly around my shoulders.

I am unsure if he wants to kiss me after all of—

I get my answer when he pulls me by the small of my back into his mouth, making out with me as hard and fast as he can before he unlocks the door and guides me out, slapping my butt on the way. I smile Porno 64

over my shoulder as I leave.

* * * * *

‘Sorry I took so long today, babe.’ I say to Shane, using our new pet name.

‘Ah don’t worry about it. What I’m more pissed about is that Dante got to you before I did.’


I don’t react at all, still holding his hand as he walks me down the busy hall to my class, though I take a big gulp.

‘What do you mean?’ I ask nervously.

‘The letterman jacket,’ Shane says, pointing to Dante’s number 9 black and gold jacket hanging loosely around my much more narrow shoulders the letter C stitched into it for captain, then to his own number 1 jacket he’s wearing, ‘I was really hoping to see you in mine.’

‘Oh,’ I react with palpable relief, ‘sorry, I didn’t have a clean sweater to wear. But I can wear yours tomorrow, if you want me to.’

‘Yeah, that would be great.’ Shane and I stop in front of my first class. ‘Good luck at tryouts today, in case I don’t see you until after.’

‘Thanks, I think I might need that. I’m really nervous.’

‘You’re going to fine babe.’

In the crowded hallway, I lean up and take Shane’s face in my hand and kiss him on the lips. Caressing the birthmark beneath his eye.

‘I’ll text you later,’ Shane says with a goofy grin on his usually composed face, ‘see you later.’

This is deal, I keep dating Shane. Dante keeps dating Tori, kissing is allowed, nothing else.

We might have actually gotten lucky the day we were planning to break up with them and weren’t able to.

How sketchy would it have looked if me and my brother end our relationships on the same day, then we both suddenly start walking around like were sleeping with someone on the regular.

As it turns out, Tori might not be a raging slut after all, she might even be a good person, I still hate her though. Then of course, Shane is an amazing guy and if it wasn’t for Dante, it’s very possible that I would have ended up falling in love with him, very easily.

Neither one of them deserves to have us just up and walk out of there lives like that just because we found that perfect person for us is living under the same roof.

It doesn’t really change anything if we stay in our relationships, I never left the house anyway, and soon Dante will be too busy to spend any time with Tori outside of school.

Which thankfully leaves him, and his many inches, all to me. We can still interact with our friends, and if we look freshly in love or… loved, everyone will assume it’s with the person they see us with.

We need to make sure there aren’t any more love marks, but in the event that they are it’s better we have someone to use as an explanation, and we just need to hide them from our other halves.

Tori and Shane might start getting frustrated when neither Dante or I give them sex, but if we can keep them happy then maybe that won’t be too big a deal, and no one needs to get hurt.

When we get closer to the end of the year and Dante and I get accepted to the same school, we can end things with them using distance as our excuse. We’ll leave this place and mother, then Dante and I will be free.

I wish we could have moved from mother’s ages ago, but Dante could actually go pro, and I want to go to school.

The money Dante has could maybe pay for a year of school or a place to rent, but not both, though that won’t matter soon. I’ll get a scholarship and Dante will get recruited and tuition won’t be a huge problem then we can say goodbye to mother forever.

There’s nothing wrong with a brother and sister sharing one place while in college, nothing wrong at all.

I can’t wait for that day. It will be the best day of my fuc—

No, actually yeah, of my fucking life!

* * * * *

I am standing in an empty hallway during lunch hour and staring at the sign-up sheet for the cheer tryouts.

I’m still in Dante’s jacket, choosing not to leave it in my locker after I realised how much it smells like him, and as I am thinking about it I lean down and take in a sultry breath.

Throughout the day I have been discretely putting the fabric close to my nose to breath in the smell, making me even more horny than I was after this morning.

I need to get one of his shirts, I could touch myself in the morning while the scent fills my lungs. I wonder if he’d give me a pair of his—


I yelp when a high pitched voice interrupts my thoughts, and turn to find Tori Andrews standing right in front of me, her hair falling on one side of her face too perfectly to have just happened, and dressed in a white low cut top and incredibly short dark skirt that shows off her really curvy body.

How is she able to get away with dressing like this in school?

‘Hi.’ I reply cautiously.

Tori is as tall as me and stands with her hands behind her back, looking me right in the eyes with a smile on her face that doesn’t touch her eyes.

‘How are ya?’ The way she asks is like there is a wrong Konulu Porno answer that could get me killed.

‘Uhm, I’m fine,’ my heart is beating hard, Tori’s gaze is piercing and I feel the urge to hide from it, ‘and, how are you today?’

‘Who, me?’ Tori asks sharply, like I could be talking to anyone else.

There’s an edge to her voice. I think about any way she could know, because it feels like she’s here with a threat.

‘Well, how I am depends…’ Tori says chillingly.

There’s no way she know, there’s no way she knows,

‘It really all depends on if you can give me an honest answer to my next question.’


‘And it better be honest.’

Shit shit shit!

‘Why,’ Tori begins inching closer, ‘are you wearing my boyfriend’s letterman’s jacket?’

Wait… is… is that it?

‘Tori…’ I look her in the eyes which are narrowed like a predator, and I realise, ‘you don’t know who I am, do you?’

‘Bitch, do you actually think I care?’

She doesn’t, she actually doesn’t. I think I might be offended. I mean, fair enough we’ve never been formally introduced, but still, I’m also his bestfriend’s girlfriend, and all of Dante’s friends know who I am, AND we had three classes together last year!

‘Tori, I’m Cara. Dante’s sister.’

Tori eyes go wide and realisation dawns on her, ‘Oh my fucking god!’ Tori says in panic and embarrassment, breathing a deep sigh of relief. ‘I am so sorry!’

Tori slaps her hands to her face, ‘Shit! Cara, yeah I remember. Fuck, you even look like him. I’m such an idiot! I’m so so sorry.’

‘That’s okay, that’s okay.’ I assure her while laughing, taken aback by her language, but I also breathing my own sigh of relief.

‘Oh god, Cara, I can’t tell you how sorry I am.’ Tori says nervously, ‘I’ve been dying to meet you for so long but Dante says you can’t leave the house and I guess I’m always late to pick him up, or at least your ride’s early.’

‘It’s okay, Tori, really.’

Tori takes a deep breath then laughs, ‘God I thought you were some tramp who was trying to steal my man then I thought I saw you sniffing his jacket so I was just about to…’

Tori trails off laughing with more relief and I am left to wonder what she was about to do.

‘Anyway, I just want to say Cara, it is amazing to finally meet you.’ Tori exhales and I am taken aback again when she throws her arms around my shoulders in a tight hug.

‘I really hope we can be friends.’ She says next to my ear, not knowing what to do I slowly place my hands against her back.

‘Uhm, me too, Tori,’ we pull away, her with a more genuine smile on her face, ‘uh, do you want his jacket?’

‘Gosh, no! Of course not, plus it looks great on your skin,’ Tori answers, ‘anyway, what were you doing before I got here?’

‘Oh, I was signing up to for cheer tryouts!’

‘You want to be a cheerleader!’ Tori reacts excitedly, ‘that’s amazing! Pssh, you don’t need to try out.’

‘I don’t?’

‘Duh, of course not, I’m the captain.’ Tori pulls out a pen and scratches out my name on the sheet, then extends her hand to me. ‘Congratulations, you just made the team.’

Is she serious? ‘Just like that? You don’t want me to even—’

‘Cara cara cara, shh. Trust me, you’re fine,’ Tori says, ‘besides it’s the least I can do after being a complete bitch just now.’

Well I guess that’s that. ‘Thanks Tori.’

‘Not a problem,’ Tori says smiling widely, ‘anyway, this is mine and Dante’s lunch period, so you know, I better get going. I take it you’re going to class now.’

‘No, actually, this is my lunch too.’

Tori looks at me in complete shock. ‘Are you telling me—do you mean to say, that this whole time we’ve all had the same lunch,’ I nod in way of response, and Tori rubs her forehead, ‘god damn, your brother, he’s amazing but sometimes…’

Tori sighs again, ‘Well then let’s go,’ she says moving to my side and locking her arm in with mine, ‘we should all sit together.’

* * * *

This is weird.

Sitting at the lunch table watching my brother sit next to his girlfriend who he is cheating on, with me, while I sit next to my boyfriend who I am cheating on, with him, is weird.

I am sitting on Shane’s right side, with his arm hooking around my lower back and resting innocently on my leg, sitting across from Dante and Tori.

I hate how good they look together, Dante’s short hair and soft brown skin tone and chiselled features just messes with Tori’s autumn skin.

Dante eats with one hand picking fries off his plate, while his other arm is draped around Tori’s neck who is sitting at an angle to allow her to lean her back into the side of his chest while she holds his hand, absent-mindedly stroking his forearm.

‘Tori, did you really not know who Cara was?’ Shane asks in as much disbelief as I was in.

Tori laughs and leans close to Dante to whisper something into his ear. Dante listens then laughs quietly, staring at Tori in amused disbelief, who has a girlie smile Porno İndir on her face when he looks at him

‘Leave her alone,’ one of Tori’s friends, one of the Andonne twins, replies to Shane, she’s either Jasmine or Kim, ‘why didn’t any one of you assholes introduce us if she’s been here the whole time.’

She is sitting next to Tori, and is really loud and has narrow cut eyes beneath her dark bangs.

‘Jesus, Kimi, do you even have an inside voice.’ Bradley says on Shane’s left, sitting directly across from Kim, he looks like he has a massive headache.

‘Fuck you Bradley,’ Kim replies, ‘you have small dick anyway.’

‘Still fucked you with it.’

‘So, this was fun but I actually think I should go sit with my friends,’ I tell the table, not that the conversation hasn’t been delightful, but being this close to Dante when he’s with Tori is a little much, more so when you throw Shane into the mix.

That and I can see Tabitha and Angie staring at me from here, and I don’t want them to think I’ve ditched them.

‘What, no stay, just a while longer,’ Tori says sitting up and allowing Dante to pull his arm off her, ‘I’m totally going to kick Dante’s ass later for not telling me you were here this whole time.’

Dante just shrugs, still eating his fries. ‘I thought you knew.’

‘Yeah, so did I,’ Shane says, ‘everyone here knows who Cara is.’ Shane says giving me a little squeeze that I return with a smile.

‘Well I haven’t been a part of everyone here since,’ Tori’s face scrunches like she’s trying to do math in her head, ‘baby, how long have we been together?’ She asks Dante.

‘I don’t know,’ Dante replies, ‘I’d say about three months.’

‘I think you mean four months bro.’ Shane corrects.

‘Wait a minute!’ Tori yells excitedly, ‘how long have the two of you been dating?’ She directs at me.

I honestly don’t know, most of our relationship was about me was avoiding Dante and those days sort of just faded together. ‘Uhm…’

‘Three months and two weeks tomorrow.’ Shane answers with complete confidence, smiling at me warmly.

‘Awww,’ Kimi reacts placing her hands above her heart, ‘that’s so cute!’

‘We almost have matching anniversaries Cara! I just had a great idea,’ Tori says, ‘how about the four of us all go out together.’

Oh god no, there’s no way Dante would—

‘Sure.’ Dante answers.


‘B.J. do you know about any other college parties happening?’ Tori asks.

‘There’s always a party somewhere.’ Bradley replies, pulling his hoodie over his eyes. I guess he must living the truth of that statement right now with a hangover.

‘What do you guys say?’ Tori asks me and Shane.

‘A college party,’ Shane mulls, ‘that does sounds fun. Cara, what do you think. I can ask my dad to talk to your mom about letting you go.’

A college party, with Tori and Dante, I don’t know if that doesn’t sound like a horrible idea. I look to Dante face to see what he wants me to say but he’s completely unreadable.

‘Uhm, can I think about.’

‘Yeah, of course,’ Tori extends her hand across the table to place over mine, ‘whatever you’re comfortable with.’

It seems like she’s trying really hard to win me over. ‘Hey Shane, did Cara tell you she’s officially on the cheer team.’

‘What? Aren’t tryouts after school?’ Shane asks her.

‘Yes, and as captain, I can officially say that Cara gave an amazing audition five hours from now,’ Tori says sitting back up, ‘we’ll get your measurements later, Cara. Practice is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays after school.’

‘Wow, thanks Tori. Congratulations babe, always knew you had it in you.’ Shane jokes kissing my cheek.

Dante pulls Tori by her mid drift into his body and nuzzles her neck aggressively, making Tori giggle uncontrollably.

Okay, now I definitely need to leave.

‘Thanks everyone,’ I rise to my and step over the seat, ‘I’m going to go to my table.’ I lean down and give Shane a kiss on the cheek and walk briskly away.

‘Bye Cara,’ Tori yells, ‘and feel free to come sit with us whenever you want.’

* * * * *

I love making out with Dante, it might be better sex, that’s if we ever get the chance.

We are lying on my bed, Dante is on top of me, between my legs, my knees are raised and he has his hands on the underside of my thighs. His face in my hands while we rock left and right in heated passion. Only our shirts are off, and me still in my bra. I’m wearing shorts, and he is in sweatpants, very thin sweatpants.

‘What was that today at lunch?’ I ask breathlessly between heavy kisses.

My big brother hungrily descends him mouth over mine, sliding his tongue deep into my mouth.


‘What was what?’ He asks quickly before pushing me further into the mattress, forcing my hips into the air when he drives forward.

I have forgotten my question and get lost in the heat of session. God, I am so wet.

I can feel Dante’s erection through our clothes and I roll with him so I straddle him from on top.

I slow down our kissing so I can gain some semblance of control, before I sit up, holding him down so he can’t distract me again.

I take couple deep breath and swallow a few times when I become more aware of his length pressing right in the very middle of my legs.

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