Mine! Ch. 03

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Close Up

Man, was I hungry. I scarfed down half a dozen eggs, eight pieces of bacon, a stack of pancakes and three cups of coffee. Thing is, I still feel hungry…for something. I keep eyeing the raw steak in the fridge. Tyler says he bought it for me – for my training. But it will have to wait a few more sessions until I am…ready. I’ve been thinking about my situation. There’s Tyler. There’s my transformation. There’s also the certainty that he and I will be together for a long, a very long time. I mean, if he was just a regular guy…

“A regular guy would find you as desirable as I do, Zach. But I can give you much more…and I will, as you become mine.”

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. My body needs time to heal and adapt to all of the changes that it is going through. At least I have a lot of energy when I am awake. So, T, let’s get into course number four already! His smile is like the one I saw at the laundromat, only this time I feel like I did then; not afraid as I was most recently.

“Making you mine seems to agree with you.”

It does. I can forgive you your original deception, T. Just promise me that you will be totally open with me going forward…and I will be that way with you. With a speed that still startles me, Tyler is at my side and his embrace speaks volumes to me. There are all kinds of hugs. The polite one. The buddy one. The family member one. The one a lover gives. I am in the arms of a guy who is thrilled to have me become his. I feel his desire; and what’s more, I feel his gratitude. Tyler looks at me with a gaze that is…lovesick!

“I do?”

Yeah. And if you could blush… He takes my hand in his. I love the feeling.

“Let’s go to the bedroom. I will tell you what this course will do to and for you.” There is a heaviness in his voice.

I don’t know about all the ‘traditional’ shtick, but we sleep in a bed. And when this is all over, we will make love there, too.

“Zach.” Ankara escort That heavy voice again. “What I…what we are about to do is, as I have said, the anal seeding that will pass my altered DNA into your body. It will combine with yours, joining us as this process has with all of our kind throughout history. Please disrobe and be on your back for me.” He looks upset. For someone about to fuck and seed his intended lover and future mate, Tyler looks way too…concerned.

“I am concerned for this particular night of your transformation, Zach. It is not only that my seed will pass into your body. It is how it will get there that is causing me to be – concerned.”

Okay, T. Spill it. I am sitting at the edge of the bed, feet on the floor, arms crossed under my chest. I hope I look serious.

“This phase is most serious, Zach. I must not only enter your body with mine, I must ensure that my seed arrives at your bloodstream and makes its way to the marrow of your bones.”

That sounds really…

“It is. I will wear the same injection device that my own mentor wore with me.”

Device? What kind of device? What does it inject?

“My DNA will travel with my seed into you, Zach…” He hangs his head a bit.

No problem, so far. The usual way for it to get into me is for you to fuck me…right?

“The seed must go higher, and deeper than a normal insemination between two lovers. It must pass through various membranes, tissue, and even organs on its way to its target.”

Tyler takes something out of a velvet bag at the nightstand. It is made of metal. The base is in the shape of a penis, but then it extends to a rough textured blunted spire with what look like tiny retractable needles… NO! Not Gonna Happen!!

“It must be done, and…”

I Said NO! NO! ‘N’ -‘O’ …NO!! I burst into tears. You will kill me, Tyler! I will die on this bed and you will feed on me and be done with me! I should Ankara escort bayan have known…

“It looks worse than it is. It is really just a few inches longer than I am. Breathe. Hold it in your hand. I endured it. You will too. We all do.”

His voice is steady; he speaks slowly, as if to a child. At eight inches, Tyler will fill the base completely. That leaves about three more inches of metal hell for me to endure.

“The insertion is a slow one, and the pain is…bearable. It is only after I fill the device with my seed that the injection phase activates. There will be a momentary sensation like that of a dozen bee stings that will overwhelm your senses and you will pass out. I will withdraw the device and lay with you while your body accepts mine. I will not let you out of my sight.”


“I know. I was as you are now when at the hands of my mentor. He did not prepare me as I will you. This will pass. I ask for your trust, Z.” His words and tone are calming. Somewhat. I lunge up at him and pull him into me. He holds me close. Tyler…I will survive this phase?

“You will.” He knows. He has my trust.

“It is best for us to use the restraints again, Zach. This time with your consent. The goal now is to stop any involuntary movement from harming you during the…insertion.”

Okay. I slowly place my torso onto the bed. Tyler binds me as before, but this time my legs are angled up and to the sides. I have a good view of everything, which is usually the way I like this to go. I get so turned on by seeing my guy move to and within me, his body gyrating and covered in beads of sweat as he… Oh! Uhhnnn… I never had a man rim me before. OMG it feels good. Lubed fingers tease my tunnel and before long, I am as open and relaxed as I will ever be.

“You seem ready. Are You? We can take as much time as …”

Now. Right now, before I lose this high. Tyler, promise me… His kiss stifles Escort Ankara the words. His mouth on mine. One hand near my head. One hand busy squeezing a whole tube of lube up inside of me. I feel him reach for it. The metal tip is rounded, and though it feels kind of cold, there is no pain as it pierces my hole. He guides it up about three inches to the point where his cockhead will sit level with my entrance once his dick is inside of it.

“Good. Just keep thinking about my body and stay relaxed. For me, at this point, I was in terrified agony.”

I watch T insert himself into the base and he grimaces a bit. T?

“When I ejaculate and my seed is injected deep into you, I will also receive an injection, of sorts.”

What kind, T?

“A ring of small spikes will pierce the crown of me just as I ejaculate. My blood will mix with the semen from my body, and all of me will enter deep within you. We will feel the effects of the device at the same time, binding us forever in our agony and our joy.”

Somehow it makes sense. I have lost my fear of Tyler. Now I will stop being frightened of the device that will bring us even closer together. Take me, Tyler. I am ready for you. Make me yours, completely. My mind is lucid, yet in a kind of hypnotic haze.

“I will make you mine this day, Zach. I will…”

Tyler is at his edge with excitement and the desire to finish transforming me. He is slowly incing forward. His breathing is becoming rapid. I can feel the metal as it goes deeper into my body than anything ever has before. Tyler! The spire is pushing on me. It wants to pierce my gut. Tyler!!

“I know. Let it do its work, my love. Once through the flesh, there will be no pain until…”

Just then I feel an intense pressure deep inside of my gut. Something gives way and Tyler plunges the rest of the way into me, his nuts firmly pressed to my cheeks. He looks at me with concern. I felt it, T, but it was not as bad as… Here we go. Tyler just threw his head back and filled his chest with air. He’s holding the breath. His whole body is bent backward, hands at my hips, steady within me.



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