Mind Control Harem Ch. 02.5: Pets

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Bella woke up, curled up against Justin in his bed. She cuddled against him gently. She was wearing some light blue pyjamas, while he wore a dark grey shirt with red boxers (he usually just slept with what he’s wearing at the time). She smiled warmly, looking at his cute, slightly rugged face. She then snuggled against his chest. While she did adore being his little fucktoy all the time, it was very nice whenever they spent cute, warm moments like this together.

Bella enjoyed it while it lasted, because a few minutes later, Bitchpuppy crawled into the bedroom. Bella loved Bitchpuppy (or Sophie), and adored hanging out with her ever since Justin ordered her to move in with them. She was adorable as a little sexpet, and it was fun when the two of them got to hang out together and just talk (provided Justin let Bitchpuppy speak instead of just bark).

Sophie had decided to retain her rational thought when Master gave her the choice while hypnotizing her, so, though even though she still has to obey what Master (and sometimes Bella) tells her to, she’s still Bella’s old friend, and Bella thinks she’s more than fun to hang and chat with.

Bitchpuppy was extremely reluctant to keep being a pet at first, even a bit tempted to escape and call the police, but, to her surprise, she quickly grew into it, realizing it was legitimately a cool experience. Of course, she still tried to maintain her pride, and was flustered by the constant seualization and humiliation, but she knew that she found it enjoyable. Although Bitchpuppy moved in with Master and Kitty, she continued her normal public life, studying and such; it was just whenever she got home that she became a little fuckpet, like Bella.

Justin was kind, but firm, punishing and training her whenever necessary. However, even the most humiliating moments were arousing to her, though she was a bit to proud of what was left of her dignity to admit it. He also had pretty constant and intense libido, so it was more than frequent for him to use her and Bella as sex toys. He showed obvious preference for Bella, but Sophie didn’t mind; Bella and Justin were going out, and she wasn’t really romantically involved anyways, she was just a little sex slave.

Now, whenever she’s not revelling in and feeling annoyedly embarrassed of Master’s little fuck sessions, she’s pretty chill, down to hang out with the Bella and Justin. Still, Justin makes sure she remembers her place: like Bella, she has to eat her aphrodisiac pet food out of a bowl on the floor every day, (almost) always wears her puppy buttplug tail, and lets Master and Cumkitty grope and use her whenever they please, only allowed to bark and moan in response.

Bitchpuppy approached Bella and Justin in their bed, before crawling over to Bella’s side. She then got up into the begging position and let out her tongue, panting and whimpering softly to get Bella’s attention. Bitchpuppy continued by bouncing her the soles of her feet, making her breasts bounce with her loose, beige plunge bra.

Bitchpuppy still felt extremely reluctant and embarrassed doing this, but Master trained her early on, making her learn that this was the only way she was gonna get any food, so she relented. Either way, after a few weeks of unintentional conditioning, the humiliation made her aroused. Even right then, she started to feel her nipples get hard and her pussy get wet.

Bella giggled and pet Bitchpuppy happily; she loved treating Sophie like a puppy. It was cute and sexy, and got Bella trabzon escort pretty worked up too. She got up, feeling her own buttplug up her ass shift as she did so, before taking Bitchpuppy by the collar and leading her into the kitchen, Bitchpuppy following on all fours, swaying her ass involuntarily though sexily as Master had trained her to. Bitchpuppy had been sleeping in her dog cage, wearing only her brown “Bitchpuppy” collar, beige plunge bra and panties (with a hole in the back), a fluffy brown puppy buttplug tail, and her puppy ears (though she did have some blankets and a pillow; Master wasn’t cruel).

Bella reached up to the cabinet and got the aphrodisiac dog-food, before pouring it into the dog bowl labelled “BITCHPUPPY”. She then eagerly started eating her food, not too worried about the effects of the aphrodisiacs as she had learned in her first days there that they were inevitable while living here. Her food tasted like savory meat- maybe bacon, maybe steak, but delicious- and it made her feel a tingling in her pussy again, the strong aphrodisiacs making her libido set for the day.

Bella watched Sophie eat happily, playfully slapping and groping her ass a couple of times to make her whimper in shock, before she felt someone grab her ass. Bella jumped and whimpered, before blushing, realizing it was Justin.

“Hey, kitty.” He kissed her softly as she meowed, before pulling away gently, and proceeding to enter the kitchen, slapping Sophie’s ass a bit more roughly them Bella had along the way, glad to watch it jiggle and to hear her whimper.

Master got Bella’s cat food bag, and held it out of her reach. “What do you do if you want your kibble, Cumkitty?” He looked down at her expectantly, and she blushed, knowing the routine. She got down on all fours, looked up at him innocently (trying not to eye his toned torso too much), and said, “Can I please have some food, Master?” as she swayed her hips and tail from side to side. Satisfied, he gave her her aphrodisiac food, making her wet as well, and he then served himself some coffee.

Once Bitchpuppy and Cumkitty finished eating, they both went to the bathroom to brush their teeth and take a shower; they still felt extremely shy showering together, but Justin had made it obligatory.

Bitchpuppy stripped off her bra and panties first, trying to act more confident, though visibly blushing and trying to hide her vagina by closing her thighs (though finding it impossible); her humiliation was only furthered by the fact that she wasn’t allowed to take her buttplug tail out while she showered. Cumkitty followed, taking off her PJs and turning much more red, revealing her body to Bitchpuppy, also leaving her tail in her ass. However, they both continued, walking into the shower, turning it on, and realizing it was giving less water than normal. They were both a little shocked, and even more so when Master surprised them, as he was facetiously leaning against the doorframe of the bathroom.

“You two gonna have to get a little closer if you want to share the nice, warm water. Get more acquainted, girls; no washing yourselves. Only wash each other. I’m gonna go get dressed.” Before they could say anything, he turned, closing the door behind him, presumably to his room. They stood in shock for a moment, neither one saying anything to break the tension, but they started to feel the effects of the coldness as the warm water splashed against their ankles, neither one having entered the noticeably thin tunalı escort stream of water.

Bella started shivering from the cold, and, though she felt a bit selfish and mean, she stopped hesitating, stepping into the water on impulse and letting out a cute feminine sigh of relief.

Sophie started shivering as well, though she looked down at the floor, reluctant to look Bella in the eye while the two were naked and in such an awkward situation. However, Bella, feeling terrible for being the only one in the shower, looked up at Sophie and, blushing, murmured, “…You can… hug me, if you want…” up until then, Bella had been covering her cute pink nipples with her arms, but she forced herself to put them down to her sides, her eyes watery from embarrassment, but her expression determined to help out her fellow pet as she looked directly at Sophie.

Sophie, in response, smiled a little, and nodded, grateful, before pressing her body up against Bella’s and moaning as she felt the warm water run from Bella’s body to her own. Unintentionally, though to the pleasure of both, their nipples rubbed against each other’s as their breasts were pressed and squished into each other, their normal arousal being augmented by the pet food aphrodisiacs. They moaned softly, and pressed closer together, not too confident, as they only looked at each other in glances, but beginning to get more accustomed to the shower, and enjoying the comforting water and the exciting feeling of each other’s chests.

Bella then thought of something. “We’re gonna have to get clean…” Sophie pulled away a little bit, but nodded. She hesitantly reached out for the bar of soap, and almost tried to wash herself, but realized she couldn’t. Master had given her an order, and it was literally impossible for her to disobey Master. She had to wash Bella, and Bella had to wash her. Sophie sighed, before beginning to rub the bar of soap along Bella’s abs. Somewhere not too… titillating. Bella bit her lip, knowing what was coming.

Sophie then proceeded to Bella’s back, arms, and legs, before knowing that she had nowhere left to go. She began massaging Bella’s ass with the soap, making her a bit excited, then her thighs, which made her whimper with anticipation. Bella’s face turned red again as she felt her friend wash her private parts, as if she were a child. Sophie continued, and reached down, rubbing the bar into Bella’s cunt. Bella gasped, moaning loudly, and, even though it was extremely gentle, her knees buckled. Sophie didn’t let her fall though, and gently pulled her back to her feet, looking her in the eyes. Bella whimpered, “Thank you…” before Sophie gently kissed her, still a bit shocked, and continued cleaning her cunt. Meanwhile, she started to rub soap on her breasts, groping them and rubbing them, making her whimper and moan as she felt pleasure building up inside of her.

Bella knew she had to clean Sophie too; even though Bella technically could disobey Master’s orders, she was a good girl and never would, and either way, she knew Sophie literally couldn’t clean herself after Master told her not to; she wasn’t just going to let Sophie clean her and be mean enough to not return the favor. So, Bella, still being aroused and feeling an orgasm building up, hugged Sophie close to her, rubbing her own soap onto Sophie as she continued to stimulate her pussy. She grope Sophie’s breasts and rubbed her back and abs, before going down to her ass and pulling slightly on her tail, tunceli escort making Sophie let out an involuntary woof (which, by now, she had been trained to do like a good bitch). Bella then got an idea. She started gently tugging on Sophie’s tail, pulling the plug in and out, making her whimper and moan with her. She groped and massaged her ass and asshole as she did this, and, though under normal circumstances this wouldn’t excite Sophie too much, her ass had been trained to react like a much more erogenous zone, no to mention the pet food.

The two continued to play with each other, groping and massaging each other as they felt the little amount of water run down their bodies, until Bella’s knees buckled again and she felt her orgasm approaching. Sophie noticed, and rubbed her fingers deeper and more rapidly and elegantly against the walls of her cunthole. As Bella’s orgasm hit her, she groped Sophie ass hard with one hand and pulled out her buttplug with the other, making her scream with pain and pleasure, and forcing her to orgasm as well. The two collapsed, now just touching themselves as they lay on the ground, bucking their hips, their juices being washed into the drain, and moaning wildly.

Once they recovered, they comforted each other gently, Cumkitty teasing Bitchpuppy’s nipples a little bit, making her squirm. They held each other for a few moments, before finally getting up and washing each other off.

Kitty, with Puppy’s buttplug still in hand, realized that Master would probably want Puppy to still have her tail in, so she told Puppy to get on all fours. Bitchpuppy, though a bit embarrassed, nodded, knowing why she was telling her to. She got on all fours (her back curved by default since Master trained her to do that as well), and presented her ass to Bella, before Bella proceeded to stick the buttplug tail in, gently at first, but, knowing how much it could take, quickly becoming more rough, making Sophie whimper. The buttplug was bigger than it was originally, now about the size a golf ball; it took some resistance, but quickly was swallowed by Bitchpuppy’s fat ass. Once done, Bella slapped her ass playfully, and the twot urned off the shower and got out.

They put on some towels, and finished getting ready for a day with Master; Sophie put on her plunge bra and sports panties (fitting the tail through the hole), as well as her puppy ears and collar labelled “Bitchpuppy”, and Bella put on her black frilly, girly panties (also fitting the tail through) and lacey bra, before putting on her matching kitty ears and collar labelled “Cumkitty.”

They crawled together to Master’s room, where he was waiting for them. Looking dominantly down at them with an intimidating, stern, masculine gaze, he crossed his refined, vein-ridden arms. “Were you two good girls?” They nodded, meowing and barking respectively, and he smiled. “Good.”

He then used on hand to grab one of each of their breasts, making them both whimper as he proceeded to pinch their nipples through their bras. “Say, ‘thank you’ for grabbing your sensitive little nipples.”

“THANK YOU, MASTER!” They whimpering in pain and pleasure together, Bella always happy to obey her boyfriend/Master’s orders, and Sophie trying to act reluctant as usual, but being forced to submit from the pain and secretly feeling aroused. He took them by the collars and led them back down the hallways, with them crawling behind him, swaying their asses seductively like good little sex pets. They stared at his firm ass and broad back as they walked behind him and tried not to rub their thighs together too hard, which were still dripping and wetting the floor as they crawled behind him.

“Now, we’re gonna go get another fucktoy to play with,” he said, as he led them out the front door.

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