Milking You Ch. 07

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I hold onto your back with my free hand and squeeze your other one as I feel my own body shake with delicious delight. This entire day and night with you has been so amazing. From the moment you walked through that door to the moment you slipped your cock inside of me. I’m so glad that you are going to be my partner in this business. It’s going to be so fun showing you how I pleasure my male customers. Knowing that at night you’ll be fucking me so hard giving me what they can’t.

You let your body relax as your head lands on my shoulder. Every nerve in your body is alive right now as your orgasm slowly subsides. You know in your life that you have never ever came this hard before. You feel like you just shot two days’ worth of cum inside me. You are sweaty but satisfied. Well at least until next time.

I feel your head on my shoulder and I run my hand up your back letting my fingers trace your skin. I am satisfied now myself. Moving my mouth over to your head I kiss the side of your cheek as I unlock my legs letting them relax. At the same time I look up at the ceiling seeing the shadows cross over.

You feel my kiss and you just sigh as you slowly pull your head up off my shoulder knowing you can focus now. Letting your arms hold your weight you look down at my face watching my expression.

I feel your eyes on me. Looking back down at you I catch your gaze as I smile. I can tell you definitely are one happy customer. I’m glad I gave you what you came for.

You see my smile and you return one of your own. You then remember what else you came here to do which is eat the creampie. Lifting your eyebrows you make your smile bigger as you slide your cock out of my pussy. Unlocking your hand away from mine you keep my gaze as mecidiyeköy escort you work your way down my body once again.

I look at you watching you move down my body. I know what you are about to do and I am so excited about it. This will be one of the very few times that I’ve had it done by anybody.

You see me watching and you are glad. Easing your body down the rest of the way you get once again on your knees and bring your hands up under my hips lifting me up to get better leverage. Letting your eyes scan down from my eyes to my well freshly fucked pussy you know you are about to get a tasty treat. Bringing your mouth forward you extend your tongue and slide it as deep as you can into my pussy. Curling your tongue you start slowly tongue fucking me as you gather your own cum.

I moan softly as I feel your tongue inside me again. Reaching over I grab onto the bedspread taking it between my fingers as my back arches. I can’t help it. Your tongue just feels that good.

You feel my hips arching once again and you moan into my pussy as you continue gathering your cum while you lick. You know it would be so easy to make me cum again while you are in this position. All you would have to do is slowly lick my g spot until I explode. Knowing I just came though you know it’d be downright evil to do that. But hell no one ever said you were a saint. Knowing you have nothing to lose you decide to go for it. Grabbing a bit harder onto my hips you start tonguing my pussy faster.

Oh fuck I know what you are doing. You are downright evil you know that. Here I am with my pussy all sore and swollen while you are trying to make me cum again. That’s so sexually wrong but merter escort I love it. Gripping even harder onto the bedspread I start riding your face knowing if you are going to be deliciously devilish then I’m going to let you.

Oh yeah baby. You feel me riding your face. God it’s so hot that I’ll allow you to do anything you want to me. Keeping at the task at hand you pull your tongue back a bit further and start attacking my g-spot hungrily. You want to cum so hard for you.

I feel you attacking my g-spot and my body goes up in flames with sexual pleasure. I can’t stop any of the feelings I’m having right now. All I can do is allow it.

“Yes make me cum again baby. Make me cum all over your fucking tongue!” I cry out.

You hear my words and know I am very close. Squeezing my hips gently you lick faster and faster. You are ready to taste my orgasm for the third time tonight.

Oh fuck this is it. I feel my pussy start to contract as I fuck your face wildly. Digging my hands harder into the bedspread practically pulling the god damn thing off the bed I crest and cum all over your tongue. I am totally delirious and spent now.

You can sense that I have had enough. Not wanting to push me any further you move your tongue out of my pussy and quickly swallow our combined juices. You then stand up on shaky legs and reach down to take my hand to help me sit up. The room spins just a little bit as the blood rushes through your body.

I feel your hand reaching out to me. With a deep breath I take it and sit up slowly feeling the blood rush through my body also. Scooting my body to the edge of the bed I place my feet on the floor as the reality of what we just mutlukent escort did runs though my mind.

“Oh my. I can’t believe I just came 3 times. Holy shit!”, I say.

You laugh at that comment. Hell you can’t believe you came as many times as you did. It’s so unreal.

Sitting down on the bed next to me you place your hand on my upper thigh.

“Yeah you did and it was amazing. Thank you for this experience,” you say.

I turn and face towards you. I enjoyed myself too.

“You’re welcome. Thank you for giving me one of the hottest fucks of my life,” I respond.

Leaning over you smile and kiss me softly. We then get up off the bed and gather our clothes putting them back on. I take careful steps as not to disturb my sore pussy. I then look over and see you walking slowly too. I know we are both done.

You see me looking and you wave at me as you grab your shoes, put them on, and head out the door heading home. You know you have to return tomorrow as my employee and you can’t wait.

I see you heading out and I smile as I clean up the place. Going back to the bed I grab the vibrator allowing my mind to remember when you used it on me. With a smile I walk back into the main room, over to the sink, and carefully wash it off. I then head back over, place it with the rest of the toys, and head to the front of the shop grabbing my keys off my desk. Turning one last I survey the room and all the memories it holds. With a wink and thoughts of future experiences I open the door, take a whiff of cool night air, and lock up heading home. I know i’ll never forget this night.


The next day


Business went back to usual. You came in to work bright and early with a smile on your face. Greeting you I went about my work jacking off my usual customers as you watched from the counter. You loved watching me be in charge. It turned you on so much. You never shared your experience with your friends. They have no right to know anyways. You felt empowered as a sexual man and know you would never ever be the same again.

All thanks to me.

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