Milk is Life Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: The following story is completely fantasy and the events and characters are all purely for the reader’s spicy, and kinky pleasure. Some of the characters however are possibly inspired by real people from the author’s personal life. Enjoy!


Sydney looked into the mirror, posing in different angles, observing the possible growth of her breasts. It had been almost two months since she found another soul in the loneliness of the Texas prairie. She felt she had been alone for life, but then she was surprised by the intrusion of Alonso.

He came into her life almost at random, finding an oasis of sexual pleasure that she had not had in a long time, found a possible lover, a survival partner. Her breasts were heavier than they were before his arrival, her nipples thicker, and darker. Perhaps it was that Alonso had firmly planted his seed in her and she was now carrying his child, or perhaps her breasts were adapting to the constant sucking of Alonso’s mouth; adjusting and growing due to heavier milk production. The growth from his nursing was obvious as it was a stronger demand meant higher production, but maybe, just maybe it was all of those factors.

Sydney never imagined she’d be with a partner again, much less pregnant, but regardless, she felt sexy and confident. She didn’t bother putting on a bra as she grabbed the closest flannel shirt. She was already in jeans and boots and was headed outside to meet Alonso, whom was finishing adjusting a few of their tomato crops. She only bothered to finish buttoning to the center of her shirt, displaying a healthy amount of cleavage.

Alonso was wiping away the last of the beads of light sweat from his forehead. Luckily, the weather was pleasant; a sunny and breezy 75-degree Spring day. The tomatoes had been properly readjusted for proper soil and he was lightly famished.

“How’s my champion doing?” Sydney asked as she finally arrived behind him. She pulled him in with a hug from behind, tracing her hands up and down his abdomen. Alonso looked back with a smile and began to circle his body to embrace her in return.

He looked down to her obvious and protruding cleavage, still smiling from ear to ear and said, “well I am doing a whole lot better now”. The two chuckled and then he continued with “the tomatoes should be in better soil, so we should be good for some time now.”

“Well it sounds like you deserve quite a reward for your hard work” Sydney teased with her blue eyes tempting his own brown eyes. He looked back down to her chest and said, “I’d love that. Shall we head back inside for it then?”

“What for? It’s a beautiful day, and it’ll help me let down with the breeze. C’mon I’m filling up fast and I’ve always wanted to nurse in public” she said with his hand in hers. She began to lead him to a small hill a few feet from the garden.

“What do you mean you’ve always wanted to nurse in public? We’re all alone out here remember?” Alonso said with a laugh.

She rolled her eyes with a small smile as the two sat in the shade of the tree in the grass. She began to unbutton the remaining buttons that she had earlier assembled and said, “well don’t you think it’d be a little hot to nurse where it only feels ‘natural’?”

Alonso watched as Sydney’s breasts came into view as the flannel came apart. Her nipples were already erect and dark as the two laid down together. He used the interior of her opened shirt as a blanket between the ground and his ear and settled his lips upon the left breast’s nipple.

Sydney loved this sensation. The warmth of his mouth deliciously engulfing her aching nipple and sucking in most of her breast, forming a strong latch. Alonso began to lightly munch and suck her breast, giving her nipple and areola stimulation, daring her body to draw it’s delicious nectar.

With no time, Sydney felt the familiar sensation of release and relief as her breast began to surrender the milk into Alonso’s insistent mouth. Alonso felt delight as the delicious milk filled his cheeks. He gathered rhythm with his sucking and swallowing, professionally drawing more and more milk from the breast while he nursed.

Alonso held her body close and Sydney held his head to her breast as he nursed. Her other hand held the breast to his mouth while squeezing, gradually breastfeeding him and rewarding him with all her body’s nourishment.


“Well this is the last place I would have ever expected to find such a specimen, and much less those who know exactly what to do about the illness” said the officer as she observed through the scope.

Her crosshairs were pointing to the beautiful couple below the hill. The man was firmly nursing at the woman’s breasts. “Let me see! No way there’s anyone out here!” said her partner.

“Will you keep your damn voice down? They could hear you with how deserted it is out here! Jesus, Shuman you know better” said the Officer with a very annoyed face.

Officer Shuman, a dirty-blonde and hazel-eyed gentleman, shared mutual annoyance Kurtköy Escort as he obeyed the orders given to him and said in a low voice, “well may I at least see, Katy?”

“That’s Officer Ply, and yes, but keep yourself low” she implied while handing him the scope. He took the scope and tried to one-up her by saying, “and I told you before just to call me Mack”.

He adjusted the scope and looked through, confirming what Officer Ply had observed. Down the hill there was a couple, busily breastfeeding. Mack though, focused in on the woman’s breasts, ogling and almost foaming at the mouth at the gorgeous sight.

“Holy shit, those are some very ‘tig ol’ bitties'” he joked, salivating and imagining how delicious her milk could be.

“She did look like she could produce a lot for several people. I’d like to find out, but we’ll have to get clearance to approach” Katy said.

“Are you joking? She looks like she could feed our entire colony alone with those melons. Aw man, if they do join, could I get first pick to suck on hers?” Mack insisted.

“I don’t know Mack, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been beat by that guy she’s already nursing. Maybe you shouldn’t always think with your- “Katy answered before being interrupted by Mack again.

“They’re about to fuck, holy shit, they’re about to fuck…” Mack kept muttering before Katy stole the scope out of his grip again.

Katy observed and watched as the man was still feasting on his partner’s breasts but with his full weight on top of her. His pants were already halfway down his knees, as hers were also to follow.

“Well?” Mack asked.

“You don’t want to see this, pretty healthy-looking dick” Katy answered bluntly.

“Don’t tell me that” Mack complained with a disgusted expression.

“Well, like I said, you were thinking with your dick, but what I see are two beautiful individuals that would make very resourceful members of the colony if they were to join” Katy said.

“So, what do you suggest we do?” Mack asked.

Katy took a few snapshots with the scope and had them transferred to her phone through a USB cable. She slid her fingers across the screen a few times and then answered Mack’s question.

“I just requested clearance for approach and sent a few pictures of those two to the Mayor. In the meantime, watching that sort of got me a little, ummm, well… My own breasts are going to need release soon.” Katy said as she began to unbutton her uniform’s top.

“I was wondering if we were going to get lunch while we were out” Mack joked.

Katy pulled the tank top that was revealed under her uniform below her pale and pink-nipple topped breasts and said with a light scowl, “just shut up and do me this favor, please”.

Mack gladly moved closer to her and knelt in front of her to align his face to her breasts. He took the right nipple into his mouth and began to swiftly nurse, hoping for a strong delivery of fresh breast milk. Her nipple was seized by his latch and was then given the consistent stimulation of the tug from his sucking.

Katy’s breasts released her own wave of milk, sending her partner over the edge with joy. He increased his rhythm as his mouth filled with her warm milk. She slowly closed her eyes as she felt Mack’s wandering hands grope and fondle her breasts. He was taking full advantage of the exposure of her breasts and she was falling in full surrender.

He spent a solid five minutes sucking the right breast until he released it with a wet pop. As he latched onto the left breast, he began to unzip his pants to free his very uncomfortably hard member.

“Hey, what the fuck? No sex on the job remember?” Katy said as she observed what was going on.

Mack ignored her comment and took one of her hands and placed in on top of his cock. She took it away and repeated herself sternly.

He let go of her breast and swallowed his latest collection to say, “c’mon, doesn’t this make you really hot?”

Katy was going to lie to him to remain serious. It did turn her on completely to nurse, but they were on task by orders of the mayor and she was not going to risk this opportunity. However, she knew it wasn’t going to be fair to her partner attempting to convince new prospects to the colony while under blue balls, so…

“Finish nursing and I’ll jerk you off, deal?” she settled.

“That does sound lovely, but maybe trade you a suck-for-suck?” he countered.

“Suck-for-suck? What do you mean?” Katy asked puzzled, her nipples erect and still glistening in the exposure of the sun.

“I continue to suck on your breasts and you suck me off” Mack explained.

Katy was quiet, thinking. She presented her left breast back to Mack’s lips, whom parted and accepted the further nourishment. She reached down and began to yank his member into a soft rhythm, almost matching his sucking.

This wavelength of energy between the two only continued for about another three minutes, which she felt was enough on the left anyway, but poor Mack wouldn’t last another Maltepe Escort tug without coming.

She pulled her hand off his cock and gently pulled her breast away from his mouth, letting a little milk dribble from his lips and her nipple. She tucked her breasts back into her tank top before pushing him onto his back. She bent quickly to engulf his entire head into her mouth, using her cheeks as a firm vacuum to his shaft.

Mack tossed his head back and enjoyed the very short-lived pleasure of the warm, wet sensation that coated his cock from all over. Her tongue toyed with his head as she bobbed up and down, and with her fist clenching the base of his shaft.

He came a massive, ball-bursting load into her mouth. Katy was collecting all his hot semen in her cheeks and swallowed with each rope that shot out of him. She licked his head and shaft clean after he was done, and let him recover. She checked her phone and found the notification of approved clearance.

She checked the scope again and did not see the couple in the field anymore, so she adjusted to look into the trailer home’s windows. No sign of anything so far.

“Mack, get yourself together, we’re going to head down” Katy said while still checking for their presence.

“We’re cleared to approach?” he said as his zipper came back up.

“Yeah, c’mon I don’t see them anymore, but I suspect they’re in the trailer home” she said, gathering the scope and taking it to the SUV that was ten feet from the knoll they were positioned.

She locked the car with the equipment on them, and grabbed their handguns. Mack appeared next to her as she handed him his. No ammo would be loaded into the chambers, but they had to be ready just in case.


“Oh god dammit you’re so fucking good at this baby” Sydney said as her cheek rubbed the pillow underneath her face. Her nipples grazed the sheets and the mattress while her ass was in the air and with Alonso ramming into her from behind.

Her labia were swollen with pleasure and Alonso was ready to burst. A few more, hard thrusts and Sydney clenched the sheets as her orgasm rocked through the two of them. Alonso loved seeing her come and went over the edge with her, mercilessly filling her up with his come.

“Fuck, I love you” Sydney said as she arched her back to relax a little before Alonso reluctantly pulled out of her. She turned her body and the evidence of her orgasm was all over her chest likewise as her nipples had leaked some milk.

Alonso joined her, laying next to her and embracing her body as they began to recover.

He loved the idea that she was his forever now, that she was his partner in the most abandoned world. He bent down and began to suckle one of her breasts again. He couldn’t get enough of them, even when she wasn’t producing as much milk, or if he had sucked her to low amounts, he still loved sucking on them.

He nursed for a few minutes until Sydney said softly, “I think I may be pregnant, Alonso”.

‘Mmmmm?’ he mumbled while still suckling to acknowledge a faint ‘seriously?’

“Yeah. I don’t know if you noticed how much bigger my breasts look lately, and my nipples seem a bit darker, so I assume we’re going to be parents” She continued softly as she began to caress his head as he ate her nectar.

The two began to melt into each other peacefully, falling into a sleepy trace as Alonso suckled at her breasts.

Five minutes went by and the two heard something, extremely alarming. Alonso stopped sucking, but kept the breast in his mouth. Perhaps it was all in his head. Sydney had picked her head up too though, and then the two heard it simultaneously.

There was a knock on their door. Alonso let go of her breast with a wet pop and looked up at her. Their eyes locked and almost immediately understood each other. They gathered the nearest clothes they could find, and quietly went into the closet to gather two guns from their safe.

Sydney had on only jeans, boots, and tied her nightgown to cover her torso; a bit silly looking but this was a red alert situation for them. Alonso had on jeans and a plain white shirt, while wearing boots. Both cocked their guns to load one in the chamber and quietly headed out to the living room.

They heard the knock again, and Alonso softly approached the door to check the peephole. Sydney stayed crouched to the left of the main window, aiming for any intruders that may think of going in through there.

“Syd, it’s people. They look like police” Alonso whispered. Sydney wasn’t too confident and felt that it wasn’t going to be worth opening. She was equally confused, surprised, scared, and thrilled all at once.

It also seemed strange to Alonso that it didn’t seem like they were going to leave. They seemed to be pretty patient, almost as if they knew that they were in there. The man was just pacing and looking around as the blonde woman officer was at attention in front of the door.

She knocked again. They did have guns, but only at their holsters Tuzla Escort and not in their hands or anything. They did have badges, but not one from the State Patrol or even any department he’d seen before.

“I’m going to try and communicate with them, okay?” Alonso whispered to his woman.

“Okay, I trust you” She answered back.

Alonso took a deep breath and said through the barrier of the doorway, “who are you and what do you want?”

The officer heard his message and moved closer to the door, not in any hostile fashion but to communicate in return. “My name is Officer Ply, and this is my partner Officer Shuman. We’re police and code enforcers in the town of New Hope. We we’re looking for any lone survivors out here and just wanted to talk” she replied.

Alonso looked at Sydney and she returned the same puzzled expression. New Hope? That didn’t sound like any town nearby or that was ever mapped in Texas at all.

“Do you think it’s real? What do want to do?” Alonso whispered to Sydney.

“I’ve never heard of it at all, but if it’s a chance to get new resources or if they have a hospital if we do indeed have a baby on the way, perhaps we can consider talking to them” she replied softly.

Alonso hesitated and took her consideration, but their safety to prevent any unwanted intruders was still a priority in the meantime.

“I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that city’s name or our badges” he finally said.

“I understand that sir. Our town was founded six months ago from a gathering of survivors of this new virus. We’re not recognized by the state or anything because of no communications other that radios and what-not but we’re still working on that. We have a mayor and everything” Officer Ply explained.

The other officer didn’t seem serious at all, just kind of pondered as if he was just there to tag along. Alonso thought about it and thought about his woman and their possible child.

“We’ll let you in and talk as long as you leave your guns in the grass next to the steps, completely unloaded” Alonso commanded.

Officer Ply looked over to her partner as he looked at her. She granted Alonso’s request but on one condition. She gave her gun to Mack and had him stand by the spot where Alonso had asked to leave the guns.

“My partner will only drop mine, completely unloaded until you swear that you will not fire on either one of us. He will remain armed until you give your word that you will also go unarmed. As I said, we just want to talk” she replied, all while Officer Shuman followed everything she had said.

He hadn’t pulled his gun out, but Ply had mentioned that he was armed. This meant that they were for the most part, just looking to talk. Alonso looked over to Sydney and motioned for her to relax.

Sydney released the magazine and emptied the chamber to her gun and put it away in a nearby cabinet. She quickly went into their room and came back in the same flannel shirt she had earlier put on.

Alonso also followed with the disarming of his weapon. Setting it on the kitchen table before coming back to the door and saying, “we’re both unarmed, and at ease. You have my word on that, but I won’t open the door until your partner places his gun on the ground.”

Officer Ply nodded toward Shuman and he released his weapon from the holster, emptied the mag and set it in the grass. He would walk towards the door to stand next to Ply.

Alonso looked towards Sydney, whom was sitting on the couch, anticipating the next move. She nodded to him and he unbolted the lock and opened the door.

Officer Ply was assertive as she extended her hand and introduced herself again, “Officer Ply, wonderful to meet you.”

Alonso took her hand and shook it. Officer Shuman immediately followed, also extending his hand while introducing himself as, “Officer Shuman, pleasure.”

Alonso shook his hand as well and said, “please come in and have a seat”.

Sydney stood up and began to introduce herself to the officers. The two were talking briefly to her with their introductions as Alonso gathered two glasses of water for them.

Alonso sat them down with the water. Ply’s peripheral caught the sight of the gun on the kitchen table and the mag that was next to it.

“You don’t plan on using that do you?” She asked slyly and a little coldly.

Alonso looked towards the table and realized she was talking about the gun. “No reason to, we’re just going to talk, correct?”

Ply took a sip of the water and nodded. Officer Shuman seemed completely calm and sipped his water.

“So, what can we do you for officers?” Sydney asked.

Officer Ply set her glass on the coffee table and began conversation, “well, first of all, we’d like to thank you for welcoming us in and for the water, very hard to come by clean water nowadays…”

Officer Shuman set his glass down on the table as well and agreed.

Ply continued with, “That’s the main reason that we came to this area. Our towns’ best engineers and plumbers noticed the reservoir had one long distance pipe output and it led us here. On our missions out we are always searching for survivors that are healthy, and are capable of helping our colony grow. You know, conserve humanity and society without all the Mad-Max stuff.”

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