MILFs – Part 4

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“Ohhhhhh, Mark, I can’t get enough of your big, stiff cock!”

Constance squirmed happily, the walls of her pussy applying exquisite pressure on Mark’s deeply-embedded penis. She loved the feeling of him inside her wetly-clinging vagina like this. He was sitting naked on a rustic, straight-back wooden chair in her cabin, and Constance was sitting astride him, also naked. Her arms rested on his shoulders, her wrists crossed behind his neck, as she slowly moved on him, her hips slowly rising and falling. The position was so comfortable for her that she felt as though she could fuck him like this all day, and love every minute.

It was the morning after Mark’s late-night threesome with Constance and Betty. He had left Mona and Constance at the pool sunbathing at about 9:00 am. He had the afternoon lifeguard shift that day, and had told his mom that he was just going to go take a long walk in the woods, maybe read a book or something. As he said it, his eyes had inadvertently drifted down to his mother’s amazing breasts, overflowing her skimpy black bikini top. His look was not lost on Mona or on Constance. Nor did either of them fail to notice the bulge that began to appear in his loose shorts.

As he was about to leave, Constance was telling Mona that she was going to go work out in the spa’s exercise room. As she said it, she had glanced toward Mark and signaled him with a clandestine wink, and Mark was pretty sure that he was about to be the recipient of yet another marvelous fuck with the willowy redhead. Mona had given her friend a sardonic glance, one that made Constance wonder of she was on to her. But Mona hadn’t said anything further. Mark had arrived at Constance’s cabin an hour later, and Constance had eagerly welcomed him inside.

Mark’s hands slid up to cup her breasts from underneath, and he bent forward to take one of her protruding nipples into his mouth. Then he let it pop out from between his lips, and teased the eager bud with his tongue. He looked up at her and grinned. “You can have it anytime you want it, Constance. I can’t imagine any place my cock would rather be.”

“Hmmmmmm….I’ll bet I can,” she said, smiling, remembering Mark’s quick glance at his mom’s breasts. “But right now, I like it right where it is!”

He looked at her quizzically as she resumed her slow rocking motion. Her snug pussy felt like fine silk as it gripped his cock. “What do you mean?” How could there be any better place for his cock than this? Except for….

“Oh, nothing,” she said, a slightly bemused look on her face. “Just a passing thought.” She leaned forward and kissed him, their tongues softly touching. His hands slid around her and down to her ass, holding it as their kiss deepened. He moaned softly as she sucked on his tongue, thrusting into her mouth as if it were his cock.

After a few moments, Constance broke their kiss and leaned back, gazing into Mark’s eyes as they kept up their slow, gentle lovemaking. “Mmmmm…you’re such a wonderful fuck. Mark, do you mind if I ask you something?”

“Sure, Constance. I think we’re getting to be good enough friends.” His cock swelled inside her, and her muscles gave it an appreciative answering squeeze.

She laughed, her voice low, throaty, marvelous. “Mark, how many girls have you had sex with? I mean, not counting me and your Aunt Betty.”

“Three.” Two of them had been girls he knew from high school, and one was a teenage Latina maid named Elena, who worked there at the spa.

“Did you like it? I mean, were they good lovers?”

Mark figured Constance was fishing for a compliment, and he was more than happy to provide it. “They were okay, I guess. But nothing like you.”

Her sensuous lips curled in the beginnings of a smile. She could listen to this all day. “What do you mean?”

“Well…I guess I mean that they were all sort of shy, not sure of themselves. I never knew what they wanted, what they liked, and they didn’t tell me. I don’t even know if I was that good at it, or if they…you know, came? And it was always kind of uncomfortable, we were always afraid of being caught by their parents or somebody.”

Constance laughed. “Well, SOMEBODY sure taught you well!” Her muscles tensed, squeezing his cock again.

Mark grinned. “Maybe…but I’ve learned so much more about sex from you, just in the past two days! And it feels so great with you…” He trailed off, working his aching cock slowly in and out of her as she wriggled on it.

Constance gave Mark a penetrating look, her brown eyes probing deep into Mark’s blue ones. In this position, every movement they made seemed to gently stimulate her clit. “Mark, do you know why you like fucking me so much?”

“Because you’re beautiful, sexy, because I’ve fantasized about doing it my whole life?”

She smiled. “You’re so sweet. No…it’s because you thought you couldn’t. Because I’m so much older than you are.”

Mark nodded. “Well, yeah, I guess that’s true. I never thought I’d ever be with you…like this.”

“Did you like fucking your Aunt Betty, too?”

Mark grinned, remembering. “Ohhh, yes. I guess it was a little weird at first, but after I got used to the idea…I loved it!”

“Don’t you see, Mark, it’s the same thing. You loved fucking your aunt because you never, ever thought you could. Because it’s illicit. Forbidden. It’s incest, Mark. There are laws against it. Society says it’s wrong.”

“I know….but…she wanted to.”

“That’s right….she wanted to,” said Constance, rocking gently, undulating her hips, the muscles of her pussy massaging his rock-hard cock, almost sucking on it. “And you wanted to. Mark, society is wrong. It shouldn’t be illegal. You and your Aunt Betty are consenting adults, capable of making your own decisions. It’s not like she’s going to get pregnant and have your child. She just wants to fuck you. And you want to fuck her. It’s not wrong, what you did, what we did, what we’re doing right now. Society is wrong. Nobody’s hurt, and all of us get what we want. What we need. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Don’t worry, Constance, I’m not feeling all messed up or guilty about it or anything. I loved every minute of it.”

She smiled. “I’m glad, Mark, because your Aunt Betty is going to want to do it again and again, trust me.” She leaned forward, bringing her lips to his ear and whispering, her tongue teasing inside. Her breath in his ear was like a warm breeze. She enunciated her words slowly, carefully, in a way that sent chills down his back. “And so am I. Now, fuck me, sweet boy.”

Mark’s cock throbbed insistently inside her. My God, she was smoking hot! Kazımkarabekir Escort Her tongue seemed to slither wetly into his ear, slide down through his body and wrap itself comfortably around his come-filled balls. He lifted her out of the chair, and she wrapped her arms and legs around him, still deeply impaled on his rigid staff. He walked her to the wall and pressed her against it, the rustic wood paneling cool against her bare skin. Slowly, he began to fuck her, thrusting his cock into her like a pool cue in the hands of an expert player, not hard, but precise, with perfect aim, letting both of them savor every sweet sensation.

Outside the cabin, Mona leaned her head against the window, listening intently. The curtains were closed, so she couldn’t see in, or be seen. “So it’s true,” she murmured under her breath. “She’s fucking my son! My best friend!”

Mona had left the pool an hour or so after Constance, throwing a gauzy, transparent coverup over her bikini. She had first walked over to the exercise room, just in case Constance had told her the truth about where she was going. But as she expected, her friend wasn’t there. She had begun to put two and two together, and had gone to Constance’s cabin to confirm her suspicions. She had not been able to make out any of their conversation, but there could be no doubt that it was Mark’s voice she heard, and no doubt whatsoever that they were having sex.

Her initial reaction had been one of anger and betrayal, so powerful that she felt that she might faint. She had told Constance to leave Mark alone, and Constance had ignored her! But slowly, as she listened, her anger had faded, replaced by a kind of fascination. Finally, that too was supplanted — this time by her own growing arousal. She felt her vagina becoming wet as she imagined the scene being enacted inside the cabin. And then she became aware of yet another emotion….jealousy. She wanted what Constance had had the nerve to claim for herself. Mona’s hand unconsciously moved down her tummy, and slipped beneath her tiny bikini bottom, seeking her flowing wetness.

Blithely unaware of Mona’s presence outside the cabin window, Constance moaned, biting Mark’s earlobe as pleasure surged through her. She had been achingly aroused all during their gentle, wet lovemaking, as the two of them had talked of forbidden sex. Her orgasm had lurked just below the surface, ready to erupt, but she had not wanted to hurry it. Now she felt it rise quickly inside her as he reached down and gripped her ass cheeks, skewering his cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy. “Ohhhhh, God, Mark, don’t ever stop fucking me! Not ever, do you hear me? Fuck me forever!”

Mark, spurred on by her words, began to thrust into her harder, his pace quickening. Constance gasped with each hard thrust, her voice rising steadily, until she was emitting short, excited little squeals, on the brink of coming. Suddenly, Mark grabbed her and moved her to the bed, falling on top of her. Instantly, her legs slid up around his ass, and he began to fuck her with furious, pistoning thrusts of his thick cock. Her hips rose to meet them, working with him, her orgasm welling up and taking possession of her body.


She groaned as her climax overwhelmed her, bucking up against his rampaging cock, her nails clawing his back, her pussy spasming tightly around his pummeling cock.

“UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Mark felt his balls tense, his entire body alive with intense sensation as he went over the edge into his own long-withheld climax.. Grimacing, he jammed his cock deep into her welcoming pussy, and felt his semen explode from his balls, racing up the shaft and pulsing furiously inside her, bathing her pussy with it’s warm, creamy wetness. Again and again his cock flourished, flooding her as she held him tightly, shuddering violently from the force of her own tremulous orgasm. Mark thought he would never stop coming, imagining a gallon of sperm pumping into Constance’s marvelous pussy.

“Ohmygod!” said Constance breathlessly, trembling. “Ohmygod!”

Mark’s cock continued to flourish, even though his balls had nothing left to give her. His cock spasmed inside her, bathed in his own slippery come, every nerve ending alive with pleasure. “Uhhhh, jeezus!”

Constance flexed her muscles happily, squeezing his cock, as if to wring the last droplet of sperm from him. “Ohhhhh, darling boy…” she murmured. “That was sooo nice. I came so hard on your cock!”

Slowly, their heart rates and breathing returned to normal. Mark eased out of her, eliciting a little sigh of protest from her, and moved behind her as she turned on her side, facing away from him. His cock, still semi-hard, slid wetly against her ass, and she reached down and guided it back into her sopping pussy. Mark cradled her in his arms, fondling one of her nipples with his fingers as she wriggled against him, momentarily satiated.

Outside, Mona had heard enough to know that Mark and Constance had climaxed together. Her fingers were inside her bikini bottom, caressing her clit as she listened, imagining the thick, hard pulses of his sperm as they flooded her friend’s welcoming, spasming pussy.

Suddenly, the thought occurred to her that she could be seen by other people walking back and forth from the cabins. She dared not bring herself to orgasm, even though she knew she was achingly close now. Reluctantly, she withdrew her fingers and turned to walk sadly and unsteadily back to her own cabin.

Meanwhile, as Mark and Constance snuggled in the sweet aftermath of their mutual climax, Betty was lying on her back on the massage table, her head hanging off the end of it. And Mario, having already fucked her to two shattering orgasms, was now thrusting his cock deep into her perfectly aligned throat from behind her head. She reached up and grabbed her big breasts to keep them from moving too much as he methodically sank his cock into her throat, glistening with her saliva and the wetness from her pussy. She could taste herself on his cock as she relaxed her throat muscles to take him as deep as she could, wanting to swallow him whole and drink the sperm from his balls.

Mario gazed down at her as he fucked her face, loving the sight of her lips wrapped tightly around his gleaming shaft. Suddenly, he felt his balls draw up as he passed Kazımkarabekir Escort Bayan the point of now return.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH, SUCK IT HARD!!!” he groaned. And then he was spewing his pent-up come into her eagerly sucking mouth, withdrawing his cock until only the head was captured by her tightly ovaled lips. Thick pulses of semen flooded her mouth as he shook violently.

“Mmmmmmmm,” moaned Betty, happily, her mouth filled with come. He had given her a wonderful massage, after which she had willingly acquiesced in his methodical, almost detached fucking of her body, culminating in his copious eruption in her mouth. At least now she knew what Mona had been talking about yesterday. The guy was a stud, no doubt about that!

But as she lay there, holding his thick, hot semen in her mouth, her thoughts drifted again to her nephew. As good as Mario was, in his way, he was no match for Mark in terms of meeting her prodigious sexual needs.

Mario slowly eased his spent cock from her mouth, and then reached down and gripped it in his fingers, moving them up toward the head as he held it above her open mouth. A last rope of come drooled downward from the tip, and finally snapped off, joining the white come in her mouth. She gazed up at him, savoring the taste, and then slowly swallowed.

“Mark…” said Constance quietly, as she felt his cock begin to reawaken, the head of it nestled just inside her sperm-flooded vaginal opening. They were still lying on their sides on the bed, spooning, basking comfortably in the afterglow of their intense climax.

“Hmmmm?” said Mark, his lips close to her ear.

“Have you ever fucked a girl in her ass?”

“Ummmm….no. I’ve seen pictures.” His cock was lengthening, thickening, stimulated by her words.

“Would you like to?” asked Constance.

“Uhhh….sure, I guess so.” The thought of it actually scared him a little bit, while thoroughly exciting him at the same time.

“Would you like to fuck me in my ass, Mark? Right now? I want you to.”

“Ohhh, God, Constance, you’re like a dream come true!” His cock was rock-hard again.

She giggled. “Mmmmmm… are you, sweetie. Just be nice and slow and gentle, okay? It’s really tight, but your cock is all nice and slippery with your come, so it should go in pretty easy. I’ll let you know if you need to stop for a minute.”

“Okay…I’ll go real slow,” said Mark. He slid slowly out of her drenched vaginal opening, and reached down and guided his cock slowly across the ridge that separated it from her asshole, lodging the head against the little ring of muscle.

“That’s it, sweetie, right there…now, just grip it in your hand and push it slowly inside, okay?”

Mark eagerly obeyed, wrapping his fingers tightly around the wet shaft. Slowly, he thrust his hips forward, pressing against the resisting opening. Gradually, he felt it enlarge, and he heard her quick little gasp of pain.

“Are you okay, Constance?” said Mark, pausing. “Am I hurting you?”

“Nooooo. A little bit, but it’s okay. Push just a little more.”

Mark did as she asked, forcing the helmeted head of his cock against her with increasing pressure. Finally, he heard her sudden intake of breath, and he felt the flared head suddenly slip past the tight ring that guarded her most secret place. He was inside her!!

“OHHH!!!” she gasped. “Ohhhh, stop for a second! Uhhhh, your cock is so big!”

Mark paused again, reveling in the sensation of her asshole gripping his engorged cock like a hot, tight fist.

“Is it okay? Do you want me to take it out?”

“Noooooooo, don’t you DARE!” moaned Constance. “Mmmmm, it’s better now, sweetie. You can go a little deeper now. Just kind of work it in and out, a little bit more each time.”

“Jeezus, it’s so TIGHT” groaned Mark. “I’ve never felt anything like it!”
“Mmmm, that’s why I wanted you to do it, Mark,” said Constance. The pain was lessening now, as her ass slowly became reacquainted with the presence of a hard cock filling it. “I want you to fuck me in every way it’s possible to fuck me. I’m so glad that I was the first one to let you do this!”

As she spoke, Mark was gradually working his cock deeper into her, inch by slow inch. The feeling was indescribable. “Oh, God, Constance, it’s so fucking HOT!”

“Mmmmmm….it feels nice now, Mark. Sweetie…here, give me your hand.” Taking his hand in hers, he guided it down between her legs, to the folds of her pussy. “Take some of your come, baby, and rub it on my clit, okay?”

Mark moaned, loving the exquisite sound of her words. With his cock buried deep in her ass, he reached in and gathered the slippery semen still flowing from her pussy, and slid his fingers up over her clit, spreading it over it.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice, honey. Now you can fuck me, nice and easy. Rub my clit while you do it.”

Slowly, Mark began to thrust in and out of the incredible tightness of her asshole, his fingers sliding over her slippery wet clit. “Ohhh, God, Constance, I love fucking your ass! I don’t know how long I can keep from coming!”

“It’s okay, baby, I want you to. I want to feel all your hot come spurting into my ass! Ohhhhh, FUCK me, Mark! Rub my clit faster, and I’ll come too!”

They worked together, Constance moving back against him as he drove his cock deep inside her now. His fingers slid from side to side over her sensitive clit, quickly bringing her toward her second orgasm as he impaled her ass with his cock. Slowly, his tempo increased, her body increasingly welcoming the obscene invasion. Mark tried his best to wait for her, wanting her to come just as he erupted inside her.

Frantically, Constance grabbed his fingers and increased the pressure on her clit. They rubbed it together as she felt her orgasm welling up, her body tensing as he shoved his cock deep inside her ass.

“Uhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes! YES!! YES!!! OHHH, MARK, I’M COMING!!!! UHHHHHH!!!!! COME IN ME, BABY!!!! NOWWWWW!!!”

Mark groaned, unable to hold back another second. “AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!” he cried, his cock erupting inside her like a fire hose, sending pulse upon thick pulse of his come into her tightly-gripping ass. He could feel it race up the shaft and burst into her, feel each rhythmic flourish as he emptied himself inside her!

Constance shivered with pleasure, feeling each flourish of his cock, each hard pulse of his semen as it spewed into her ass. Ohhhhh, God, it was pure heaven!

He held her tightly as she shook with pleasure, his cock deeply embedded in her. Finally, Escort Kazımkarabekir her tremors subsided, and the last of his come oozed from the tip of his cock into her. She smiled as he held her, utterly content.

“Mmmmm, Mark, this is going to be very hard to top!”

Mark laughed. “You’ll think of something, Constance. I just hope it doesn’t kill me.”

She giggled, and then her face took on a more serious expression. “Mark, there’s one more think I wanted to ask you.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, it’s kind of hard to know where to begin…” said Constance hesitantly.

Mark waited for her to continue, still enjoying the feeling of his cock deep in the redhead’s sperm-filled, tightly-gripping ass.

“I guess I should just say it. Mark, did you know that your mom saw you masturbating one day not too long ago?”

Mark raised his head, shocked. “WHAT?”

She grabbed his hand. “Shhhhhhhhh, it’s okay, Mark. Mona wasn’t born yesterday, she knows young men jerk off. I’m sure she knew, deep down inside, that you do too, and that it’s perfectly normal.”

“She never said anything to me,” said Mark, still getting used to the idea that his mom saw him.

“But she told Betty and I. That first night here, when we were all a little tipsy, before you and I made love the first time? I think it just kind of slipped out.”

“What else did she say?”

Constance giggled again. “Oh, so now you’re curious!”

Mark reached up and slapped her ass cheek with his hand. “Come on, Constance!”

“Well…she saw the magazine you were looking at. She found it later.”

“Oh, my God….” said Mark. “She must think I’m some kind of a fucking pervert!”

“No, she thinks you’re a normal, red-blooded American boy, who just happens to have perfectly normal sexual fantasies about older women.”

“Jeezus,” said Mark. “I’ll never be able to face her!”

“Oh, sure you will. And she knows something else about you, too.”


“She knows you have a wonderful cock,” said Constance, smiling. “She watched you come, Mark, and I’ll bet it was a wonder to behold!”

Mark flushed with embarrassment again. His own mother had watched him come!

“Mark…this is what I wanted to ask you.” Constance paused as the seconds ticked by. “Whatever your answer is, it’s perfectly all right with me, understand? I just want to know.”


Constance took a deep breath, and then took the plunge.

“Mark, have you ever fantasized about your mom? I mean, about having sex with her? Did you ever think of her when you masturbated? Or when you were with me, or your Aunt Betty?”

Mark hesitated, shocked that she could read his thoughts so well. “Are you kidding?”

“Mark, listen, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I think it’s kind of sexy, actually. Lots of boys fantasize about their mothers, or their sisters, or whatever. And it’s not like she’s not attractive.”

“Well…I guess I’ve thought about it. But I’d never do it.”

Constance smiled. Despite his words, she could feel Mark’s penis surging back to life inside her ass. “You never thought you’d ever fuck your aunt, sweetie. But you did, and you loved it.”

“That was different,” said Mark, all too aware of his resurgent cock. “She’s my mom!”

“Well, don’t worry about it, darling boy,” she said, wriggling back against him. “I want you all to myself anyway. But for what it’s worth, I think your mom has given the matter some serious thought, after she saw you that way. Just a hint or two I picked up.”

Mark was so shocked he couldn’t frame a reply. Constance, though, having planted another seed, was ready to move on. “But right now, I think we should take a nice shower together, and then I’m going to find some more nice places to put that lovely cock of yours. We’ve still got an hour before you have to go do your lifeguard thing!”

Mona stood in the shower, feeling the hot, hard pulses of cascade over her head and down her body. She had come back to her cabin, her thoughts confused and contradictory, her mind still reeling from the thought of her son and Constance having sex together. She knew she should be angry at Constance’s betrayal, angry at Mark for not knowing better than to fuck her best friend, a woman almost old enough to be her mother herself. And yet…she mostly just felt empty. Empty and left out. Why should Constance be having all the fun, while she was left alone, with no young, hard cock to fill the yearning void in her pussy?

She began soaping her body, running the bar over her arms, her shoulders, her full breasts, her nipples. She set the bar of soap down, enjoying the feeling of the high-pressure needles of water, and began to rub her slippery breasts with her hands. Her nipples came to eager life as she fondled herself, squeezing her soft breasts together, as if there was a stiff, throbbing cock captured between them. She imagined it moving between them, imagined it poised and eager to spurt come across her outstretched tongue. She could almost taste it.

She thought of Mario as she picked up the soap again. Mario would be glad to fuck me again, she thought to herself, as she slid the bar of soap down over her belly button. Easing it down further, she began running it between her legs, soaping her pussy until it was thoroughly lathered up.

But Mario was not the answer, a voice in her brain said. Mona again put the soap down, leaned back against the cool tile wall, and began to rub her pussy with her fingers. You know what the answer is, said the voice. You know.

She moaned as her slippery fingers slid past her clit. Her mind was suddenly filled with the vivid image of her son’s penis buried deep inside Constance, thrusting in and out of her, driving her into orgasm upon orgasm, his youthful come spewing inside her, filling her with it’s creamy warmth.

“Ohhhhh, God,” she whimpered, her fingers caressing her throbbing clit. Suddenly, the scene in her mind shifted gears, and now Constance was guiding Mark’s cock into HER pussy, encouraging him to fuck her, to fuck his own mom! “Uhhhhhhhhh!”

Blindly, she reached for the detachable showerhead, and disconnected it from its holder on the wall. Bringing it down between her legs, she aimed it directly at her clit, her legs spread apart. The hot, high pressure pulses of water caressed her, massaged her clit, almost like hot spurts of come. She slid lower on the wall, until she was sitting on the wet floor, lost in her soaring arousal, her entire being focused on the beat, beat, beat of the shower pulses on her clit.

“Oh, God, Mark, FUCK ME!! UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” she screamed as she came, her body erupting in violent, volcanic fury, waves of pleasure washing over her, siezing her. She sat there, naked, wet and forlorn in the shower, trembling from the waves of her self-induced orgasm, utterly alone.

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