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Eating Pussy

Her name was Debra, she was a top heavy brunette with a natural beauty about her. She stared into my eyes as she stroked me faster, her left arm behind my head, cradled against her body. She moved up slightly, allowing her left breast to hover an inch from my contorted face. Her pace quickened, as I focused my attention on her oversized, puffy nipple, surrounded by a large, pink areola. I latched onto it, softly at first, but as she whispered into my ear my suckling increased.

“Yes, sweetie, that’s it…suck on my tits baby. That’s what mommy wants. Mmmmm, press your tongue into it…your cock is so hard, if she won’t take care of you, I will. I’m not going to let all your lust go to waste. From now on, when she’s gone, and you’re horny, I’m going to make you cum. No more locking yourself in this room and jerking off alone. I’ll do whatever you want. My daughter is too busy to take care or your every need. That’s what I’m here for. To milk this cock. Do you like how my hand feels? Do you like letting your Mother-in-Law play with your dick? I want you to cum, sucking my tits. Knowing that your wife’s mom is the one making you cum. In the bed where you make love to her. In the bed where you masturbate, thinking of me, and her, together with you in this bed. When you are both gone I too cum in here. Just this morning I came in here after my shower. I sat on this bed, rubbing lotion on my body. Over these tits you’ve longed for. Across my belly and into my legs. My hands gravitated towards my pussy opening my folds with one hand, rubbing my clit with the other. Hmmmmm, I thought about you, fucking her, forcing your cock deeper into her, thrusting into her soft warmth. I imagine how her tits move with the motion. How beautiful they must be under your power. How much bigger, softer, and more mature mine are. How my tits would look to you, swaying with the force of you pounding into me. Do you like that? Do You?”

I moaned. I loved this new lover, I loved that she was as willing as she was. I loved that she knew me so well, which meant she had probably discussed our sex life with my wife.

How did she know that her daughter liked to pretend she didn’t want it? That she’d cum harder the more forceful I was…I writhed in pleasure, taking her tit in my Porno 64

mouth and clenching the duvet in ecstasy.

I ran my right hand down her back, pulling her even closer. She wrapped her right leg around mine, pinning me down. While she shifted, I pulled up the back of her robe, finding her soft, fleshy ass, without panties, my long middle finger sliding down the top of her ass crack. Even though I was still some distance away, I could feel her heat and moisture growing. She slid up my body even more, allowing me to get my hand fully under her ass, her cheeks split open, my finger now gently, sporadically touching her asshole. She had the head of my cock between her forefinger and thumb, it was slick with my precum.

“You’re naughty, baby” she purred. “I love having my ass played with. I love feeling a tongue fuck my little hole. It’s so tight. Put your finger there again. Just a little pressure on it. Yeahhhh, like that. I like to put a finger in there when I’m fucking myself. Hahaaa I think you like that. Your cock is throbbing even harder. I know you like to eat her pussy. I know how skilled you are. She told me that your soft lips remind her of a couple of her past girlfriends. I imagine that mouth moving from my pussy to to my ass. My cum all over your face. Would you like to taste me? Play with my ass?”

I groaned in the affirmative. Clutching her even tighter. She was pushing back into the ball of my hand. I was able to reach her clit now, and she fucked her ass into my wrist and forearm. She sped up on my cock again. Raising up enough to get a better angle, she pulled her hand out from behind my head and placed it next to my head in the pillow. She was over me now. Looking down at me. Her movement had caused me to move my right arm. I slid it back between her legs and she continued to ride my hand as I felt the fullness of her womanhood. Her silk robe cascaded down both sides of her full tits. They hung, in the most perfect way.

She placed her knee between my legs forcing me to spread them further, she started to ride my thigh and i pulled my hand free, grabbing onto the headboard with both hands above my head.

My body tightened as she expertly worked me to the point of no return, only to slow down Konulu Porno just enough to deny release. She sat up more on her knees now, taking her left hand and replacing her right on my cock. She put her right hand down to her sex and appeared to stick several fingers inside, only to quickly remove them and applying her wetness to the underside of my sack.

She was perfect. Soft. White. Her skin was milky from a lifetime of lotion. She had never had to worry about her body, she was tall but very curvy. Her tits akin to Danni Ashe, only slightly more aged. Dimples in places. Full and free. She had a slight amount of plump around her midsection. The tiniest mention of a belly. Folded once above at her waist. Her pussy was clean and neat. The faintest hint of a triangle above the flower from which his wife had emerged. As she stroked him, her body would shake slightly.

They had always had an attraction. From the first night when he met her. They had all gotten tipsy and upon returning to her home, she had gone and changed into a long, silk slip and proceeded to tease him for a few hours. When he had left he had kissed her fully. More drunk now than before. He had tried to go up her shirt to which she had quickly stopped moments before his then date had walked out. That night as they fucked he imagined her. Taking her as many ways as possible. Yet allowing her to still be the more experienced lover. As his date graduated from drunk and horny to lust crazed, he had leaned into her and whispered that he thought her mom had a crush on him. She came in droves and so did he. But after a few years with her work schedule he had to take care of his needs. Now here she was. In town in their house for an indefinite amount of time. After just a few weeks she had finally worked up the nerve. She had listened to him Jack-Off through the locked door and fucked her own pussy with a fury. She wasn’t yet 50, widowed, a natural beauty with a penchant for pills and wine, like her daughter.

He too took pills. Orange ones that allowed him to fuck and get hard seemingly endless amounts of times, at moment’s notice. He was obsessed with the process of edging himself while reading naughty stories and watching any porn he could hide. It was Porno İndir not his fault he was a pervert. A few distant cousins had seen to that long ago, but more on that later…

My balls were tight. She cupped them and ran her middle finger down underneath me, and she began to massage my anus.

“I told you I love anal play. I’m going to fuck your ass while I stroke your cock.”

She had her finger into me knuckle deep with ease, she had obviously cum multiple times and her slickness allowed her to invade me. I was in heaven. Her breasts bounced and swayed with the rhythm of her strokes. I was thrusting up into her hand, out of control with lust.

“I’m going to let you fuck my tits later. After I take you down my throat. So you think your wife will get behind me and hold my tits together as you fuck my chest? Running her hands across her mother’s full tits.? Squeezing me? Forming my tits around this dick? A tunnel of soft flesh for you to violate until you have nothing left. Looking you in the eyes, telling you to fuck me. To fuck my tits. I want her to watch you fuck me. To be forced to pleasure herself as you take me in every position possible. I’ll tell you to put your thumb in my ass as you fuck me from behind. She can lay down with her head underneath my tits. Sucking at them as they sway back and forth from your thrusts, as she fingers herself.”

She was clearly as into it as I was. Her left hand was a blur as she reached my prostate. She scooted up further now fully between my legs. My legs were spread now fully. I raised my knees giving her total access.

She was jerking me into her, my cock now sloppy from her own juices. The head of my dick hitting her clit every time. Her finger deeper into me. I locked my eyes on her perfect breasts. Mesmerized by their motion.

“Go ahead. Cum for me, baby. Cum for mommy. Give your mother-in-law your seed. You won’t ever have to waste it again. I’m going to give you everything. You can have us both now. Maybe we can see if someone else would like to join us as well…I’ve wanted to see your neighbors tits for weeks…”

I exploded, stunned that she had just mentioned Annette. Our neighbor who was in a loveless marriage that I had lusted over for the past year.

How did she know? It didn’t matter. My cum had shot up into her tits, and all over her tummy. She held me until I was empty. Then she lay down next to me, cuddling me in her arms. We fell asleep, at least I did, I slept until I felt a warmth on my dick, what was happening now?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32