Mike and Liz Meet Up At Last Ch. 01

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This is my first attempt at writing a story on here, so any comments and feedback is appreciated.


Liz and Mike had come across each other online, on a chat website. They exchanged some pleasantries and then started chatting more. Their chats became longer, more friendly and more flirty over time… and as they got to know one another the flirting took over. After a little more time the flirting became more sexual… more erotic and arousing… as they explored more about each other. They discovered a mutual enjoyment in this type of chat, talking about their sexual likes and experiences and finding that they both became turned on as they chatted.

Their chats became more explicit… and they sent each other pictures… nothing too naughty to begin with… keeping their online relationship discreet. But the pictures showed them one another… and eventually left just enough to the imagination. On a couple of occasions they spoke on the phone… so knew one another’s voice… adding to the excitement of the growing sexual feelings and their developing relationship.

Then, one day, Mike sent a message to Liz saying that he was going to be in the area close to Liz’s home, and would she like to meet up for a drink. Mike knew Liz was married but that her husband could not fulfill her as he once had done. Mike was working in that area and so was staying for a couple of days in a hotel close enough to be accessible but far enough away that no one would recognise them. After a bit of consideration Liz accepted the invitation… and both were excited at the thought of meeting up for real after the time they had spent chatting.

A few days later and they each drove into the pub car park, out in the countryside. The weather was warm and sunny. They knew what cars they were in, and pulled alongside one another. Getting out they smiled and kissed, taking in the other as they said hello face to face. Mike was fairly tall, dressed in shirt and casual trousers. His grey hair made him look almost distinguished but his smile was relaxed and cheeky. Liz was wearing a nice blouse and skirt, her blonde hair making her look cute in the sunshine. They sat in a quiet corner of the pub garden with a glass of wine and started to chat.

They quickly found they were as much fun in real life as they were online. Their conversation became cheekier and they flirted… fingers touching and hands resting on arms and legs.

Mike then suggested that they could go back to his hotel for another drink, and Liz eagerly agreed. She was enjoying the attention Mike was giving her, and enjoyed the touch of his hand on her arm… while Mike had been surprised by the squeeze Liz had given Ankara escort his leg. They got into Mike’s car and a few minutes later arrived at his hotel. A large corporate, no one bothered as they walked across the lobby and into the lift. A short time later Mike opened the door to his room and they both walked inside. Liz turned and kissed Mike on the mouth… and they both started a passionate embrace as their tongues pushed into each others mouth, teasing and exploring, while their hands wrapped around each other.

Their kisses became more and more passionate and intense…their tongues exploring and playing…and hands stroked through hair and down one another’s backs. As the kissing continued, Mike’s hands became bolder. First he stroked down Liz’s back to her bottom, and caressed and squeezed her bum. As he did so her dress gathered up and Mike found his hand caressing and stroking her skin and her knickers…making him moan slightly. Liz loved the feel of new skin against her skin…and she felt a gentle glow starting…one she recognised as arousal. And as they pressed closer as they kissed Liz also felt that Mike was becoming aroused too.

Mike’s hands stroked further, sliding back up Liz’s body, and a finger slowly traced the outline of her breasts. Mike slipped a hand under her blouse and slid to Liz’s bra, feeling the fabric against his fingers…and sliding to and fro across the fabric. Liz gasped as she felt a fingertip find the edge of a nipple and begin to slowly circle it. Mike’s finger became bolder and stroked across the tip of her nipple as he felt it becoming aroused and erect. Mike’s kisses moved to Liz’s neck and he kissed to and fro along her neck as his fingers teased each nipple in turn. Liz felt her arousal growing, and could feel her dampness between her legs. She hadn’t felt excited like this for a long time, and she slid her hand down to press the front of Mike’s trousers…finding a delightful bulge there that she desired.

Liz now started to unbutton Mike’s shirt…wanting to see his chest, and in return Mike unbuttoned Liz’s blouse. He pushed her blouse away to reveal a lovely black bra…Liz’s nipples clearly aroused and erect against the fabric. Liz pushed Mike’s shirt off to find a smooth chest, no paunch, but reasonably trim and slim for a man of Mike’s age. As she looked at him, Mike’s bulge was clearly visible now…the effect Liz was having on him was having the effect she had hoped for. Liz reached for the top of Mike’s trousers, unbuttoning them and pushing them down, and a smart pair of boxers came into view, with a nice looking tent in them! Liz felt her wetness between her legs, making her knickers damp…and when Mike unclipped her skirt it fell to the floor. Ankara escort bayan They both stood in their underwear smiling at one another, and then kissed deeply again.

Mike cupped Liz’s breasts and squeezed them, then slipped her bra straps down so her breasts became free, and her bra slipped away. Liz’s nipples were erect and hard, aroused, and she gasped as Mike leant down to flick the tip of his tongue across one. Liz could wait no longer and slipped her hand into Mike’s boxers to run a finger against his hard erection before she grasped it in her hand and stroked gently.

As they kissed again, they moved to the bed and sat down, embraced in one another, and both knowing that what would happen next was going to be exciting and fun…

Liz slowly stroked Mike’s erection, feeling it continuing to grow in her hand. She slipped it from his boxers, and enjoyed the sight of a hard uncut cock…slowly she pulled her hand down his shaft, making the foreskin slide back and uncover a smooth purple head, with a bead of pre-cum oozing from the tip. Liz gasped.

Mike had been playing with her breasts and nipples, and now he had put his whole mouth over a nipple, firstly sucking, then moving his teeth to slowly graze along her erect nipple, closing his teeth to bite and stretch the nipple, focussing the sensations along the sensitive skin. Mike stretched one nipple then the other…each time kissing and sucking and biting. Liz reacted by both stroking Mike’s cock harder and by opening her legs…with her other hand she pushed at the back of Mike’s head, pushing his head down. Mike understood, and his hands moved to grasp the top of her knickers. Pulling slowly, and as Liz wriggled, Mike removed her knickers. Liz opened her legs wider to show Mike her pussy.

There was a neatly trimmed bush around swollen and clearly aroused lips…pink and puffy. Some moisture glistened along the lips…and Mike leant down to lick at it. His tongue flicked from one lip to the other, making Liz twist and turn to feel his tongue more. Then without warning Mike ran the flat of his tongue right along her pussy…pushing the lips apart, and sliding his tongue into her wetness. Mike loved how she tasted…sweet and damp and sticky. He slid lower and pressed his face between her legs…kissing and licking. His tongue went in deep, then eased back and found her clit. The tip of Mike’s tongue rolled round and round, feeling the bud and making it grow and swell with arousal. Then Mike parted Liz’s pussy lips with his fingertips and slowly slid his tongue in and out, reaching inside and flicking around.

Liz’s hand grasped and stroked harder…she rolled down Mike’s hard cock and felt his balls loose but full…and caressed Escort Ankara them. And as she held his balls, Mike’s tongue flicked right along her clit, and triggered an orgasm. She gasped and bucked as the spasms ran through her. Strong and powerful she pressed herself to Mike’s face…rubbing and pushing to make the orgasm last.

But Mike didn’t let her relax…he understood Liz was still aroused…his tongue flicked again. But this time Liz knew what she wanted. She grabbed Mike’s hard cock, pulling it to her, opening her legs wide. “Put it in me,” she said. “I want you to fuck me Mike.” Mike slid closer, turning so his body lay over Liz. Slowly he moved closer. The tip of his cock brushed Liz’s pussy, and she felt the smoothness of it against her lips. He moved his cock with his hand…sliding it up and down her lips. Her wetness grew and she felt his cockhead become wetter as it became covered with her juices.

Then with a single thrust, Mike slid his cock into Liz’s pussy…all the way…her lips and vagina parted as the hard cock entered her. She could feel it against her…in her. Mike held it inside for a moment then slowly pulled back until just the tip rested between her lips. And then slowly he moved just the very cockhead between her lips…to and fro. No more than that…the head slid to and fro between her lips…parting them and then letting them close. She could feel the sensations of the entry…but Mike was holding her at the edge but not going any deeper. She groaned with desire.

Then, without warning, Mike thrust deep into Liz…and started fucking her hard with the whole length. The sensation and the feeling made Liz gasp…and she could hear Mike groaning as he became caught up in the excitement and arousal. Liz wrapped her legs against Mike, as he pushed in and pulled out…fucking her harder and deeper and faster. She could feel another orgasm building…this one she knew would be powerful, and she reached with her hands to scratch down Mike’s back. “Would you like my cum,” asked Mike. “Oh god yes,” Liz gasped, and Mike’s fucking increased…his cock sliding in and out…both of them groaning and gasping with each thrust.

Mike groaned, and Liz knew what was about to happen…she felt his cock twitching inside her and then a flood of warmth as his cum started to spurt from his cock. Several spurts of warmth filled her, and then she became caught up in her own orgasm as she felt herself starting to spasm and shake. Her pussy grasped Mike’s cock as she came over and over and Mike continued to slide to and fro, a little slower now.

This time they both slowed and rested…Mike’s cock remained hard in Liz’s pussy, but she felt some of his cum dribbling between her lips. Mike felt it too, and reached a finger to gather up their juices….rubbing it along his mouth and then hers. And they kissed, tasting one another in the kiss. And knowing there was even more to come once they has gathered their breath.

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