Mike and Carol and Lynne and Matt Ch. 03

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This is part three, you could skip part two, but likely would be lost without part one . It is not the same category as the first episode.


It took hours before I feel asleep. Lynne’s having been with both Carol and Mike had shaken me to the quick. I slept through Lynne’s getting up and getting the boys off to school, and woke to the sound of her in the shower. The sound of the water was enough to bring back Lynne’s recount of her playing in the shower with both Carol and Mike. I wanted to jack off at the thought, but that strange desire stalled me with the stark realization that I should not find the thought of my wife with another man, much less a woman, erotic. Yet, somehow it was erotic.

I pulled myself out of bed and walked towards the shower. The bathroom door was open and as I approached I could hear her moans above the water. Lynne was clearly playing with her pussy at a fevered pace. I watched as she fell back against the shower wall and bent her knees slightly letting out a sighing moan as she came.

I pulled back the shower curtain.

“Hey baby, come in, the water is great!” Lynne said; all smiles and warmth.

“Am I late?” I asked

“Better late than never” Lynn reached towards my cock as she welcomed me into the warm water. “How did you sleep last night?”

“Not very well, frankly.” I replied.

“You usually sleep pretty well after a blow job!” Lynne winked.

“Come on Lynne, give me a break! I mean honestly, you are acting as if nothing happened this week-end.” I raise my voice as I spoke.

“I’m sorry, Baby” She pressed forward, arms slipping under my arms and using my shoulders to pull herself to me. “You are taking this all wrong, sweetheart! Let’s get out of the shower and talk, but first let me wash your hair!”

Lynne knew that I loved to have my hair washed. She rubbed her body into mine at every opportunity as she massaged my head.

She pulled me to the bed, we sat naked as she spoke to me.

“Darling, we have been friends with the Conners for over 10 years. How many times in those years have I caught you checking out Carol? You don’t need to answer, but you know that you have fantasized about her more than once. Haven’t you! I would be willing to bet the thought of swinging with the Conners has crossed your mind as well, has it not!?” I felt myself flush as she spoke. “Their estrangement has been as hard on me as it has been on Carol and Mike. They are our long time friends, and this is hurting them and all of our kids. And I think I have a plan that can get them together.”

“And your plan involves the need to fuck both of them?” I puzzled over the thought.

“Look, I told you that the whole thing with Carol, ‘just happened’ and it did. But once the cat was out of the bag, I had to do something with it. Kind of like, ‘when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade’.” She said

“Ok, so when life hands you a one night stand with your friend’s wife, fuck him too?” I was getting impatient.

“Look, if you are going to get all pissy about things, then we can stop right here, and let nature take its course. Let the chips fall where they may. Do you want to risk our marriage ending?” She looked me square in the eyes. “I didn’t think so. Listen. Carol wants to fuck girls, I liked fucking her, I loved fucking Mike, you liked hearing the details, I think we can turn this into something where everybody is happy.”

She went on to explain her little plan, it involved the following Friday night, “girls night out;” but this time with a twist. This time, I would take the boys out, and Lynne would have Carol over to our place, knowing that Mike, as usual would come over Friday night after work.

It was not an easy week for me, but Friday came, and per our plan Carol arrived with the boys at 5:00 PM. I left with all four boys in tow, first out for Pizza then to the Cineplex to take in two movies and then out for ice cream, with strict orders not to return before 11:00 PM and to call on the way home “just in case.”

“Carol, I have wanted to talk about last week-end.” Lynne said bluntly.

“Lynne, look, I’m sorry, I was drunk, I do not know what got into me.” Carol said, her eyes cast downward.

“You do not need to apologize. I could have said ‘no,’ I could have gone to another room to sleep, I could have called Matt to come and pick me up. I could have done any number of things. But I didn’t I had sex with you, and I enjoyed having sex with you.” Lynne confessed.

“You enjoyed it?” Carol blushed.

“Yes, and I was wondering, instead of going out to eat and to a movie or something, can we just stay in tonight, the boys will not be back until after 11:00 PM.” Lynne moved closer to Carol and twisted the material in Carol’s blouse as she spoke.

“Your house, your rules” Carol smiled “What do you have in mind?”

“Well, I need a little trim” Lynne took Carol’s hand and headed Esenyurt Escort Bayan for the oversized bathtub in the master bath.

This time it was Lynne whose top came off first, and she nearly was nude before Carol was topless. Lynne started the water running. Then she found the shaving cream and a new razor. As the tub filled with water, both wives slipped into the tub. Carol went in first.

“Here, sit in front of me, facing the waterspout.” Carol directed. “Now move forward and let the water run on your slit.”

Lynne arranged herself allowing the rush of the water to flow over her bare genital region. As the water plummeted her pussy with pleasure, Carol toyed with her tits. Just before Lynne was to climax, Carol pulled her up and back and away from the flow of the water.

“Oh, damn, I was do close!” Lynne gasped.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear… save it for later.” Carol joked. “Time to trim you up a bit.”

Carol reached for the cream and the razor and skillfully applied the whipped foam to Lynne’s crotch. With the expertise that comes only with practice, Carol quickly removed Lynne’s stubble.

As she ran her fingers around the defoliated area, she exclaimed “all done, as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Do I get a thank you kiss?” Carol beamed with pride.

Their lips met once again and once again Lynne’s pussy warmed to the forbidden excitement of being with a woman. This time Lynne was the first one out of the tub and she took one of her special towels and dabbed the moisture off Carol’s body before handing her a towel to return the favor.

They nearly skipped to the bed. This time after a few moments of kissing, Lynne moved down into position between Carol’s legs. Her tongue was not as experienced as was Carol’s but nevertheless Carol’s ass moved violently on the bed and Lynne did her best to kiss, suck and lick every crease and crevasse of Carol’s love folds. Carol shook violently as her orgasm swept over her body.

“Oh, my goodness, that was wonderful!” Carol moaned. “You are so good at that!”

“It was my first time!” Lynne confided. “and I hope it is not my last.”

Carol made a move to return the favor, but Lynne indicated she should not.

“Can we make a commitment to each other Carol? Can we commit to only do this with each other? No other woman?” Lynne prodded.

“What about Matt?” Carol said with a shocked look on her face.

“Carol, hear me out about this. Have you been happy since you asked Mike to move out?” Lynne looked Carol straight in the eyes as she spoke. She had her hand cupping Carol’s breast, their naked bodies entwined as they spoke.

“No, I miss him very badly, as do the boys. The house is not the same; he is such a good man, and such a great husband and father.” Carol could not lie to Lynne, so she did not even try.

“And I miss all the good times we had together. Life has changed for all of us.” Lynne continued. “I have something to tell you. I had sex with Mike, and it was wonderful.”

“You did what?” Carol said.

“I like you and I like being with you, but I am also attracted to Mike, and after we were together it was like a light went on. Who says we cannot be a happy foursome again. You didn’t want to ruin your family; you just wanted to be true to your sexual self. You know Mike cares about you. I care about you and your kids so much I would risk my marriage to make things work for everybody. Hell, even Matt cares about you. He cares enough that even though he knows we had sex, he left us alone tonight!” Lynne was attempted to outline her plan.

“Matt knows?” Carol quizzed.

“He knows everything. There has to be honesty for a relationship to work.” Lynne stated the obvious.

“He knows about you and Mike?” Carol was in shock.

“He knows everything!” Lynne was beaming.

“Look we were all friends, we still are all friends. I do not want that to end. I think this can work. Mike and you move back in together, hell he works so much you won’t really know the difference. We still have Fridays as ‘boys night and girls night’ we can switch out homes so the boys get the since that they are having sleepovers and we are accommodating them. We can get together as much as we want during the weekdays while the boys are in school. And from time to time, you and Matthew can take all the boys out and Mike and I can be together. We can go on vacation and get two sets of adjoining rooms the boys can have a suite and the adults can have a suite. We’ll get one room with a king size bed and the adjoining with two twins!”

“And you will sleep in the king with whomever wants to play around” Carol chimed in.

“And whoever doesn’t want to play can sleep in the twins!” Lynne continued.

“Shit, you have really thought this out!” Carol emphasized the word “thought.”

“Not really, just kind of making it up as we go along!” Lynne giggled. “There is only Avcılar Escort Bayan one more piece to put into place” she continued, “Mike needs to know everything.”

“Oh, I could not tell him that we had been together.” Carol said.

“Well, what if we just let things unfold and pretend that tonight is the first night? Mike will be here in a few minutes, he always stops over on his way home from the Hospital. We could invite him in, have a few drinks and..” Lynne was interrupted by Carol

“You my dear are an evil genius.” Carol chuckled.

“It might not work, but if it does not we are no worse off than now and if it does…” Lynne said.

“We have our big happy family back together again.” Carol said.

Lynne reached next to the bed and pulled out a bag. She opened it and pulled out two new matching pleated babydolls from Victoria’s secret.

“Do you like this?” Lynne inquired.

“Oh, yes, I like.” Carol answered.

“Can you make nice with Mike?” Lynne continued.

“Of course, I love the man, everything else aside, I love the man.” Carol wiped a tear away from her eye.

The ladies changed into their outfits and readied the house with candles. At 7:30 PM the doorbell rang. Carol remained in the living room as Lynne greeted Mike at the door in the white babydoll.

“Come in” Lynne smiled warmly before hugging and kissing Mike.

Mike was shocked “Where are Matt and the boys?”

“They are out until 11:00 PM!” Lynne whispered before she kissed Mike again.

“So we are alone!” Mike smiled.

“Not exactly, Carol is here.” Lynne said as they approached the living room.

“Carol” Mike said as Carol stood and walked towards Mike in her matching white babydoll.

“Hi Mike, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’ve missed you so much!” Carol stood crying inches away from her estranged husband.

Lynne slipped off to the bedroom, leaving the estranged couple alone.

“I miss you too sweetheart, I want you to be happy. I care about you so much.” He reached out to take her hand.

As they touched, they pressed forward to kiss. Not a passionate lust filled kiss, but a kiss which is borne of a life together.

“Would you like a massage?” Carol enquired.

Mike was stunned, this had not been expected. Carol took him by the hand and lead him to the room which only an hour before had been filled with her erotic cries of ecstasy. Lynne stepped out of the shadows and joined Carol as they pulled Mike’s scrub top over his head. Carol stood in front of Mike and softly kissed him as Lynne moved behind Mike and tugged off his scrub bottoms, leaving his boxers covering his now nearly erect cock. Lynne moved back in front of Mike, standing next to Carol. She reached out and turned Mike’s head towards her.

“Kiss me” She commanded.

Mike’s eyes rolled towards Carol, “she said ‘kiss me’ are you going to reject her after all she has done to get us together?” Carol said.

Lynne’s lips found their target and Mike found the passionate, lust filled hungry kiss which had eluded him from his own wife moments ago.

“Get on the bed” Carol took charge now “Prone, maybe that will help you control your hard-on.”

Mike complied and the wives took turns working his back.

“Roll over!” Lynne said.

He did as he was instructed, placing his hands over his blood engorged cock to try to mask the obvious effect this was having on him. Carol moved at an angle on the bed with her head near his. At the same time she pulled his hands away from his crotch and up towards his head. She planted a soft kiss on his lips. Lynne’s job was to remove his boxer shorts. As she did his dick sprang out and pointed up, now fully erect. Lynne straddled him in a “reverse cowboy” position and rocked back and forth while moving up and down.

Carol looked into her husband’s eyes. “Do you like that?”

“Yes.” Mike whispered.

“What do you like about it?” Carol inquired.

Mike looked stunned.

“Mike, do you like my tight pussy on your cock?” Lynne offered a possible answer.

“Yes.” Mike said.

“Yes, what?” Carol said.

“I like her tight pussy on my cock.” Mike said.

“You are fucking your best friend’s wife in front of the mother of your children.” Carol pointed out. “and all you can say is that you like her tight pussy?”

“I like the fact that my wife lets me fuck my best friend’s wife.” Mike uttered.

“You are not fucking your best friend’s wife, your best friend’s wife is fucking you!” Lynne said “Would you like to fuck your best friend’s wife in front of your wife.” Lynn was grinding faster.

“Yes, I want to fuck you.” Mike said.

“Would you fuck me fast and hard?” Lynne said?

“Yes, I will fuck your eyes out with my big cock.” Mike said.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Lynne said “Don’t you think you should ask your wife?”

“Oh, god, I am sorry, honey, can I fuck your best friend?” Mike said.

“Will you do a good job, will you fuck her right, she’s my friend, and I would not want to be embarrassed by a less than perfect performance.” Carol said, getting into the fun of things.

“Yes, I will fuck her good for you.” Mike said.

“You can fuck her on one condition.” Carol said.

“Anything you say, I will do anything.” Mike was trying to fuck Lynne while under her as she had slowed her grinding, but every time he pushed up, she moved up.

“You cannot cum in her pussy. And once she cums, you need to pull out. Is it a deal?” Carol said.

“Yes, I will fuck her until she cums.”

They rolled over and Mike started pounding into Lynne’s eager pussy as she groaned and thrust her hips to meet his cock. Carol moved to meet Lynne’s lips and the exchanged a long lustful kiss.

“Oh, Carol, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Lynne gasped for air.

“Get off her Mike, get off her now!” Carol said forcefully.

Mike pulled back, and rolled off her. Carol slid down and took Mike’s place. She pushed her face into Lynne’s wet pussy and masterfully licked and sucked until Lynne was crying out in another orgasm. Lynne pulled Mike’s face to her and kissed him passionately as her body shook.

Carol moved up to her former place on Lynne right side and took turns kissing her.

“Take a shower and get cleaned up” Carol said to Mike.

As the water ran in the bathroom, Carol and Lynne lay next to each other.

“Do you think this could work?” Lynne said

“It will work better than what has been happening for the last several months!” Carol said.

“But honestly, what about Matt? How does he fit in?”

“I think we can make this work, we just all have to be very kind to Matt, and of course I will still fuck him twice a month.” Lynne smiled.

“Twice a month?” Carol quizzed.

“That’s about how often we have sex.” Lynne replied “He is not at all as well endowed as Mike and frankly sex is just sort of frustrating with him.”

“We will think of some things we can do.” Carol said. “I’ve caught him checking out my tits, you know you are not the only conniving female in this relationship!”

“Ok, I’ll trust you to spice up our relationship!” Lynne laughed.

When Mike was out of the shower, the wives had changed back into their jeans.

“Get dressed horn-dawg” Lynn said “we all need to talk.”

Once dressed they went to the living room.

“I would like our family to be together again” Carol said. “But there will have to be some conditions. As much as I love you, I am just not sexually attracted to guys. I cannot live a lie. If we move back in together, there will be no sex between us. Lynne will take up the slack and you will be her hubby number two, which means you have to plan sex with her, you cannot expect it at the drop of a hat. She has other obligations. I will be there for you emotionally, I will be your best friend, I promise. Do you understand?” Carol paused awaiting his reaction.

“Yes, I can live with that. I want you to be happy and I am thankful for Matt and Lynne who will be willing to help us work this out. And I promise Lynne, I will not take advantage of your kindness and impose on you!” Mike said.

“Don’t worry about that, Mike. I will be happy to accommodate your needs, we’ll work it out” Lynne said with a wry grin on her face, trying hard not to betray her desire to have his thick cock in her pussy at her every whim.

With that Lynn and Carol went to the kitchen to make some nachos and allow things to settle down.

When the boys returned home, they were shocked to see both parents in the living room, laughing and talking about old times.

“Boys, your father is moving back home to stay.” Carol announced.

The uproar sounded like a mixture of a NFL football game and Christmas with all the boys talking at once.

“Get in the cars boys, we are going home” Mike said, then he turned to Matthew and Carol. “Thanks, thanks for everything. You two are the best.”

“That’s what friends are for!” Lynne said with a wink.

As the door closed behind them, our own two sons headed off to their bedrooms.

“I cannot believe that worked!” I said.

“I’ll tell you all about it after the boys are asleep!” Lynne winked again.

“Ok, I see what Mike and Carol get. I know what you will be getting. I do not mean to be selfish, but what about me?” I enquired shamelessly.

“Baby, you will get as much sex as you ever had. The major difference is instead of my using my vibrator, I will be using Mike. I think right now, everybody sees you as the hero in all of this and both Mike and Carol are concerned that you not be left out. Honestly, I will have not admit that I took you for granted in this, but Carol said that she will do her best to spice things up for you. Now get naked and I will tell you the story until you cum. She started to outline the story above. She talked until I came, and then stopped. It took several jack off sessions until I got the whole story giving me more details than I really needed to know.”

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