Midtown Meat Mall (2 of 5)

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Chapter 5- Home Exploration

Over the course of the next week Teddy and his father made several trips to the meat mall to perform their duties and impregnate the cows. In that short time, Teddy had become quite the celebrity around the mall amongst the employees. Whenever he and his father stopped at the diner, there was always a catfight amongst the servers over who would get to serve the table. A part of it was that all the girls wanted to see and feel the Teddy’s gigantic dick they had all heard about. But more so it was the overly large tips that Teddy’s dad left after each visit.

The attention at the meat mall had begun to give Teddy a bit of an ego. He had become very brazen around the ladies. His father would no longer order a fluffer for him, but rather take them for himself. He told Teddy he had to earn that right by completing his chores around the house. The young man didn’t really care about that, because as soon as the waitress would start sucking his father’s cock, Teddy would simply lean forward and lead his long member directly into the awaiting pussy of the fluffer.

One time he was a busy fucking a waitress named Denise, a tall black woman who had a very thick ass, and long legs that seemed to go on for days. Denise’s pussy was wetter than any pussy Teddy had ever fucked, and he didn’t know what to do. After sliding into her, Denise quickly began to ride Teddy’s massive member, she threw her large ass back at Teddy so hard he couldn’t believe she took all of him inside her pussy. It didn’t take long before Teddy, who was still quite new to the game, was cumming deep inside her pussy.

By law, any male over 18 who knowingly wastes their semen can be punished severely. The punishments range from a hefty fine to potentially death in certain situations. The punishment for females who cause a male to cum when not for procreation is usually quite harsher, as their duty is deemed far more important in birthing another generation of children.

Fortunately for Teddy, Denise didn’t let out a whimper when he came inside of her. She knew that if she had said something, she would be fired immediately, and if the surveillance video was checked she would be punished harshly for aggressively riding him.

Back at home, Danielle was just as enamored with her sexual needs as her brother. She had highly enjoyed her day losing her virginity with her mother. As she was afraid to pop her hymen, she had never experienced penetration, and was quickly rummaging through the house to find anything she could use to masturbate with. Her favorite piece ended up being a toy rocket ship in Teddy’s room that was long and thin with a rounded over top. Whenever Teddy and his father would leave to go to the mall, she would immediately run to Teddy’s room, strip off her clothes and lay in Teddy’s bed rubbing the toy rocket against her clit and slowly pressing it deep inside of her tight young pussy. The feeling of the rocket inside her, as well as the rush of excitement knowing she was in her brother’s room masturbating was far too much, and she would quickly whimper quietly as she came hard on her brother’s childhood toy. Danielle was always sure to remain as quiet as possible because her mother was still home at the time. After finishing, Danielle would place the rocket back on Teddy’s dresser where it previously was, then go back to her room and grab clothes to take a shower.

When the weekend had arrived, Mike had decided to take the family out to dinner. They went to a nice family restaurant across town that specialized in southern barbecue, as it was Mike’s favorite food. They each filled themselves with a delicious meal of ribs, breasts, cornbread, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. The meal was great, the ribs were fall off the bone and the barbeque was tangy and sweet. Danielle was quite angered because a small drop of barbecue sauce had fallen from her ribs and landed right over her right nipple on her white t-shirt. Not wanting it to stain, she quickly got up and headed to the bathroom.

As she entered the bathroom, she went straight to a sink and wet a napkin with warm water, she scrubbed the stain on her shirt so hard she started to get excited each time the cloth rubbed over her nipples. She kept scrubbing away at the stain, unaware that someone else had entered the room with her. She quickly felt a rush through her body as the other person stepped behind her, and placed their hands up her shirt and took her perky tits in their hand. Stunned, Danielle didn’t initially react, then she saw the long brown hair of the other person in the mirror, and felt them kissing and sucking on her neck.

Danielle let out a little moan as the strangers hand moved down her flat stomach, and slid her hand into the waist of the teen’s pants. Danielle, flinched at this, and pushed back from the sink. She quickly turned around to realize that the stranger was Kelly from the restaurant at the meat mall. Danielle quickly exclaimed, “You scared the crap out of me, I thought I was being raped!”…. Kelly, quickly shushed her, and told her she saw her heading to the bathroom. Kelly had worked a second job at the barbecue restaurant at night to earn some extra money. “I wanted to know why you hadn’t called yet, but when I came in here you were rubbing your nipples and moaning, so I thought I’d join in.” Danielle quickly grabbed Kelly, and gave her a big kiss, shoving her tongue deep into the waitresses awaiting mouth. “I wanted to call you, but I haven’t had a free minute away from my family. But, my parents are going out tomorrow night, and my brother is hanging out with his friends. So, I’ll have the house to myself. I’ll text you later with the address.” Danielle once again kisses Kelly, then fixes her shirt, and then heads back to the table to be with her family.

That night, Danielle texts Kelly her address, and they share a back and forth conversation to get to know each other a little. It was getting late and both were tired, so they said good night, and stopped texting. Danielle got up and headed to the bathroom to before going to bed, but was quickly stopped by a load moan as she walked past her parent’s room. She turned to realize that her parent’s forgot to close the door, and she saw her mother riding her father hard on the bed.

There were no sheets covering them up as Danielle intently watched her mother bounce up and down as her father laid on the bed. She couldn’t see her father dick, but based on how high she was getting in the air, her mother didn’t give him enough credit in terms of size. Brandi leaned back as far as she could, her large fake breasts heaving in the air as she slid up and down on Mike’s rod. Their moans became in unison as Mike lifted up and began to quickly pound his wife’s pussy. The sound of her parent’s bodies slapping together was a major turn on for Danielle, She hid behind the door as best she could, and began to slowly insert a finger inside her own juicy pussy.

In a very impressive acrobatic move, Brandi sat up and rotated around to ride Mike reverse cowgirl. This was Brandi’s favorite position because she loved the feeling of her taint being stretched during Mike’s shallow strokes. It didn’t take long before Brandi was close to cumming, and she took command. She began to throw her body down onto her husband hard and fast. Her moans had turned into screams, and the slurping sounds of her pussy juices could be heard with each entry inside her. As Brandi quickly approached her orgasm, Danielle had found herself with three fingers deep inside her pussy, and her knees quickly getting weak.

Danielle let out a whimper as she felt something very warm move up behind her. Her brother Teddy stepped behind her, and put his hand over her mouth to make sure she didn’t scream while he startled her. Danielle quickly turned and saw it was Teddy and punched him in the stomach. She looked down and saw he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and his dick was hanging out of the bottom of the leg. She whispered “Asshole, how long were you there?” Teddy responded, “Only a second”…. Danielle, who was always quick witted pointed down at Teddy’s erection and said “Yeah, right. I believe that.”

Danielle then quickly scooted her way into the bathroom to Mamak Escort avoid her brother, as he now turned his attention to his parent’s room. Brandi, laying on her stomach with her ass in the air was trying to catch her breath from her orgasm, when Mike got up, rolled her over and turned her sideways on the bed. He then pulled her ass cheeks apart and spit right on her asshole. Teddy was amazed, because he had a perfect clear view of his mother’s asshole. It was tight, and perfectly clean, she knew Mike liked anal so bleached her asshole regularly. Mike reached into a drawer next to the bed and pulled out a bottle of lube, he stuck a finger inside Brandi’s asshole, and wiggled it around a little opening her hole up just a little. He then poured a healthy amount of the lube directly into her ass, as she shivered from the cool liquid coating her insides. Mike sat up, and with one big thrust rammed his entire cock deep into Brandi’s awaiting behind. He let out a loud groan as he slowly pulled all the way out of her.

Teddy was amazed at the site of his mother’s gaping asshole wide open for him to see. His father quickly rammed back inside of her and continued to fill her and pull all the way out continuously. It was now Teddy who was trying to hide behind his parent’s door, as he started to quickly stroke his own cock. As his father fucked his mother’s asshole hard and quick, Teddy was matching the strokes with equal vigor. The loud screams of Brandi, coupled with Mike’s groans filled the house.

Danielle, leaving the bathroom had this time caught her brother watching their parents. She walked up behind him as he frantically rubbed the head of his dick, and she reach around grabbing the base in her hand. That feeling set Teddy over the edge, as he quickly came all over the floor. Danielle was amazed as she had felt each contraction of her brother’s penis, and the shot of cum that was with it. She couldn’t believe how good it felt as he continued to squeeze out load after load of his sticky white cum.

Danielle let go as soon as Teddy had completely finished, and quickly ran to her bedroom without saying a thing. Teddy then backed away slowly as his father let out a large roar, and it was his turn to fill Brandi’s ass with his own cum. Without making another sound, Brandi went into the master bathroom to clean up, as the rest of the family got into bed and fell fast asleep.

Chapter 6- A Special Guest

The next day, Mike and Brandi headed to the meat mall. They had planned to spend the day there, and venture up to the casino for a bit. Teddy had plans to go over to his buddy Steve’s house and play video games, leaving Danielle home all alone all day. Or at least that’s what the rest of her family thought. Danielle had texted Kelly again, and only a few hours later, Kelly was at her door. She was still wearing her work clothes from the meat mall when she arrived.

Danielle was surprised about this, but didn’t mind, because the uniform showed off Kelly’s amazing ass and beautifully tanned breasts. Kelly went on to explain that she had been called in to work because one of the waitresses got fired after she was having sex with patrons and was caught making them cum inside her. Danielle didn’t pay much attention to what Kelly had said, as all she could think about was seeing her naked again and tasting her pussy one more time.

Kelly asked Danielle if she’d like to take a shower. Kelly went on to explain that she was forced to work in the men’s restaurant and had so many dicks inside her that she really just needed to clean up first. Danielle quickly agreed and the girls headed into the bathroom. Danielle started up the water to get it to temperature as Kelly undid the two buttons on her top. This allowed her D-cup tits be freed from the fabric that was containing them. They wiggled back and forth some as they were no longer pressed up against each other inside her top. It was impressive how she was able to keep them in her work shirt, they spread wide across Kelly’s body, with large puffy nipples, just perfect for a motor boating.

Kelly then removed her skirt to reveal a triangular shaped patch of hair that pointed directly at her equally puffy pussy lips. Danielle shuddered at the sight of the beauty in front of her, as she quickly pulled off the t-shirt and sweat pants she was wearing. The two then hugged and Danielle kissed Kelly deeply. She could quickly taste the remnants of the dicks that Kelly had to service that day. It turned on Danielle even more thinking about Kelly sucking all those men as she would watch.

Both ladies stepped in the shower and then proceeded to pour some soap into a loofah to get it lathered up. Kelly squeezed the loofah over her chest as soap suds cascaded down her chest between her tits, all the way down to her waiting pussy. She took the loofah and placed it deep between her legs, then shuddered as she used it to clean the dried juices off her pussy lips from being finger fucked at work. She told Danielle to turn around, then stood right behind her. She shoved the soapy loofah between both of their legs making sure to rub deeply. They both moaned in pleasure as the rough loofah rubbed over their clits and slightly opened up their pussy lips. Kelly then went on to clean Danielle fully slowly rubbing the soap between the folds of her pussy lips and all over her small young breasts. The anticipation and excitement was killing Danielle, her nipples were so hard she was afraid she would break the ceramic wall tiles with them, and her pussy was just streaming warm juices down her leg. The smell of the room bathroom quickly went from lavender to the musky smell of sex as Kelly kneeled down and pressed her lips up against Danielle’s vagina.

It didn’t take long for Danielle to have an orgasm. Kelly had plenty of experience pleasing both men and women with her mouth thanks to her job, so Danielle’s relative inexperience could barely handle the pleasure she was receiving. The orgasm of the younger girl was hard and made her legs weak, so much so that it put all her body weight on Kelly’s face. Un-phased Kelly continued to lick deep inside Danielle, while breathing heavily through her nose. The warm breath rushing constantly against her clit, as well as the deep bass filled moans coming from the goddess between her legs made quick work of making Danielle cum once again.

The two ladies finished their shower, then headed into the bedroom where they took turns fucking each other with their fingers and eating each other’s pussy out. Worn out from the hours of sexual gratification, the two young women laid in bed together naked and satisfied. Kelly stroked Danielle’s hair as the younger teen rested her head on her chest. Thanks to the warmth between them, and Kelly’s soft pillow like breasts, it didn’t take long before Danielle had fallen asleep. A short time after that, Kelly too had nodded off into a peaceful slumber.

Hours had passed as Danielle woke from her nap. Groggy, she awoke to the site of one of Kelly’s beautiful mounds right in front of her. She gave it a gentle kiss, then proceeded to roll over and check her phone. She panicked as she realized that it was already 8 PM, and her parents and brother would be home any minute. Danielle woke up Kelly from her sleep, then proceeded to tell her that she had to leave quickly. The two ladies got out of bed and in a rush put their clothes on.

Kelly gave Danielle a quick kiss as they rushed to the door. Danielle returned the favor pulling her lover in tighter and kissing her deeply. She grabbed the round firm ass of Kelly and squeezed hard as each of their tongues explored the others mouth. Kelly pulled away and asked “Can we do this again?” Danielle quickly responded yes, as she placed one of her legs between Kelly’s and rubbed it against her crotch. After a slight moan, Kelly responded “Good, I’ll bring some fresh cock sushi next time! You’ll love it.” Then ending the kiss, Kelly made her way out the door and to her car parked out front.

Danielle went on to quickly clean up the house removing any trace of the day spent with Kelly. Her timing was impeccable as soon after she finished her brother came marching in the Ofise Gelen Escort door with his buddy Steve, and went straight to the family room to play video games. Danielle let out a sigh of relief and went into her room to clean it up before her parents got home.

Chapter 7- Parent’s Day

While their kids were growing up, Mike and Brandi seldom had the chance to go out and have a day away. The few times that they did, they really wanted to live it up. They often found themselves at a fancy restaurant early enjoying brunch and mimosas. Usually this would get both of them quite heated, and they would have sex in the car of the parking lot before making a trip back to the meat mall.

This day was like no other, as the two had brunch together and then quickly rushed out to the car where Mike struggled to get his pants down as Brandi straddled him, and lowered herself onto his awaiting cock. They both has mastered this maneuver from years of practice, and it only took a few slaps of Brandi’s ass on Mike before they both had a shared orgasm together. Brandi pulled Mike’s now flaccid penis from inside of her and sat in the passenger seat, pulling out the cum inside her with her finger, then proceeding to swallow every bit of it.

The satisfying quickie had the two lovebirds feeling on cloud nine, they knew it was going to be a good day. They proceeded to head to the meat mall, as the second part of their “date away” was to visit the casino. They arrived there shortly after, checked in at the front counter and then headed to the locker rooms to change and shower, meeting back up in the lobby 20 minutes later.

Brandi wanted to go straight to the casino, however, Mike knew he had to take care of his civic duty and visit the breeding booths. He gave his wife some cash and told her to go the casino and play slots for a bit, then he will meet her up there when he is finished. Reluctantly, Brandi agreed, and they got into an elevator, Mike said goodbye to his wife and gave her a hug, as he exited the elevator at the 2nd floor.

Mike had planned to quickly visit the breeding booth, then head up to his wife. However, after the long night of sex the previous night, and the quickie after lunch, he found it difficult to get an erection. He decided to wait a little bit and headed to the diner and have some coffee. As he walked into the diner his eyes were quickly drawn to the first table, where a black waitress, who he recognized as Denise, was frantically riding the cock of a customer right out in the open.

Mike sat down at next table behind them as it was the only one that was open. He quickly checked his phone, as he heard a glass fall on the floor from the front table, and then one of the loudest groans he had ever heard. The groans continued as the table was kicked over, and the contents of it flew to the ground. Mike heard a loud “OH SHIT” from Denise, as everyone in the area knew that the customer had come inside of her. It didn’t take long before security rushed into the diner, and had her in handcuffs. She stood there with the customer’s cum dripping from her pussy lips, as she is read her rights by the security officer. She was told she is under arrest for causing an unlawful release of semen. Then she was quickly taken away. The customer was written a citation, then asked to leave the premises for the day.

Shortly afterwards, the other waitress working had a broom and dustpan and was trying to frantically clean up the broken glass, dishes and food on the floor. She apologized to everyone, and said they have another waitress coming down as they speak to help her out, so it will be just a little bit. Shortly after getting everything cleaned up, the new waitress arrived. It was Kelly, she was usually the first one called when a someone calls off, since she only lives a couple of blocks away from the mall.

As she walks in, she surveys the room, and smiles a little as she recognizes Danielle’s dad, who she remembered from the barbecue restaurant. She talked with the other waitress, who told her to take Mike’s table. Kelly immediately went over to Mike, and apologized for the commotion and wait. Mike had always been a patient man, so he told her there were no worries, and asked for a cup of coffee. Kelly said no problem, and fetched a cup of joe for Mike.

When she returned, Mike politely told her that he had sex with his wife earlier, and was having trouble getting an erection. He knew that the waitresses were busy, but if they had things in control, he requested a fluffer. Kelly, looked around the room, and noticed that the other waitress seemed to have everything taken care of. She nodded, then tied her long hair up behind her head and got on her knees under Mike’s table. She pulled his shorts down to reveal his soft cock, Mike was definitely a shower, as his dick sat off to the right side of his ball sack. Kelly grabbed it firmly at the base and squeezed hard as she pulled all way back to the head of Mike’s cock.

She continued doing this until Mike had an erection. She then kissed the tip of his penis, and licked all way around the head, before taking it in her mouth. Kelly was one of the most experienced waitresses at the mall, and was an expert at finding the right place at setting off both male and female customers. She sucked on Mike’s helmet, as she ran her tongue across the bottom of it. While doing that, she frantically stroked him along his shaft. It didn’t take long from her expert technique before she felt Mike start to pulse in her mouth. She immediately pulled away and gave him one more kiss on the tip, before letting go of the dick and it slapping against Mike’s stomach.

She let him rest a little and let he feeling subside a little. Then she grabbed his cock once again and slowly started to stroke it gently. She knew she had to continue to work him to keep him hard long enough. She licked up and down Mike’s shaft, and placed his scrotum in her mouth. While she sucked on his ball sack, she gently stroked his cock, at the very top swiping her index finger across the head. He reached down and caressed the side of her cheek, and told her that was good enough.

Kelly fixed her skirt as she got up, and Mike thanked her. Avoiding wasting time, he threw down a hundred dollar bill, then ran over to the breeding booths as quickly as he could. Kelly, after happily grabbing her tip, went to the back and checked her phone. She had one new message, from Danielle. This made Kelly smile, as she was awaiting that text, and then she giggled a little realizing that she will probably be in the same position with Danielle as she just was with her father.

It was only a couple minutes later that she noticed Mike walking out of the breeding rooms. He looked into the diner and made eye contact with Kelly, and gave her a nod. Kelly responded back with a wink of the eye, as Mike made his way to the elevator.

Chapter 8- 4th Floor – The Gaming Room and Casino

Brandi exited the elevator on the 4th floor which was a large casino filled with slot machines and table games. In the back of the room was a single door with neon lights above that said “Gaming Room”.

Soon after the legalization of human meat, those in charge of the buildings where cows and bulls were housed had created games involving them. Initially those games were deemed illegal, but as society became more comfortable with the separation of cows and bulls from being human, the games became more commonplace. Betting had become a major source of untaxed income that the government wanted to get their hands on, so they made the games legal. All Casino’s would be allowed to have gaming rooms for betting on cows and bulls, which prompted all meat malls to quickly build casinos within them.

Mike was never a fan of the gaming room, and wouldn’t go in there. His wife, on the other hand, was a big fan and would spend time there as her husband was at the breeding booths. Knowing she had time before Mike arrived, she immediately headed to the Gaming Room.

Upon entering, a thick layer of smoke hit her, the sound of bettors yelling was deafening. Calling it a gaming room was a bit of a stretch. The area was much Otele Gelen Escort larger than the actual casino, roughly the size of 2 or 3 larger. There were plenty of games of various depravity scattered throughout the room.

In the middle of the room is a huge arena. Every hour, there would be a fight to the death between two trained bulls or cows. The winner of the fight would survive to fight again the next day, while the losers would be taken to the grill ringside and become the current meal at the concession stand. Occasionally, there would often be special events held in the arena where criminals would be publicly punished for their deeds.

To the left of the entrance was called the “cum cages.” In them, a trained cow would be placed with a random bull. The cows would then perform oral sex on the bulls until it came. This area was frequented by professional gamblers who knew as much about the bulls and the cows as they did about themselves. Brandi had learned in her youth to cozy up and flirt with those bettors, as they would easily give away their secrets in hope of impressing her.

Along the back was the Cow Rodeo, where cows would ride a mechanical bull, but wouldn’t be able to use their hands. Instead they would sit atop dual rods on the bull that were inserted in their vagina and anus. The bull would then buck and jump randomly to throw the cow from her mount. Bettors would then place bets if the cow would be able to stay on for more than 30 seconds.

Also scattered around the room were the carnival style games. Among them was the cock ring toss, where a player tried throw three metal rings around an aroused bull for free betting money. Next to it was a long track where bulls and cows would be given a handicap such as a weight they must carry, or an amputation of a body part, then race in a 100 yard dash which the patrons would bet on. There was also a game without prizes where anyone could pay $5 and be able to shoot at air-fired pellets at bulls who were chained to the wall.

Brandi’s favorite place to go is the Cock Tug-o-War. Two bulls were fitted with harnesses strapped to their penises. Their hands are then latched behind their backs. They two bulls pull away from each other until the loser has their cock and balls detached from the body. There was always something about these fights that turned Brandi on. Plus, she often flirted with the men that worked the game so that she could take home the severed penises to make her famous cock sausage pizza.

Knowing she didn’t have a lot of time before Mike would come up to the casino floor, Brandi headed over to the Cock Tug-O-War to watch a couple of matches. The first match had a tall white bull that was very fat. Workers had to lift its belly up in order to strap the harness to its penis. Against it was a much smaller Latino bull that was very skinny, and had a long flaccid dick and a very loose ball sack. Unlike his competitor, the employees had a much easier time strapping on the harness. The harnesses had a metal ring that was latched tightly around the bull’s penis and balls. A metal wire was then attached to the harnesses of each bull. The bulls are then fitted with a ball gag to prevent them from screaming loudly during the match.

Brandi, having visited the game frequently, and was quite good at recognizing who to bet for, she promptly put a $500 bet on the much larger bull. Bars were then placed across the ring so that the bulls cannot move forward. The buzzer then goes off, and the match begins. Neither bull does much as pain is caused by movement. The referee quickly intervenes and uses a cattle prod to shock each bull until they pull. As Brandi had thought, the smaller bull had a very hard time getting the larger bull to budge. The larger bull however, had little trouble pulling its competitor forward to the point that the spectators could clearly see the ring pulling its package forward and straining to stay attached. The referee gave another shock to the larger bull, and instinctively it jumped back and a loud ripping sound could be heard coming from the groin of the Latino bull. The referee quickly went over to check, and while the skin was still attached, he could clearly see the entire penis had been ripped from its body and hanging limp.

The larger bull had won the fight, and the harnesses were removed. With a knife, the referee sliced the penis away from the losing bull, and blood rushed from the cut straight to a drain in the floor. It was only a handful of seconds before the bull died from loss of blood, and was pulled away. Immediately, they began cleaning up the ring for the next matchup. Brandi went to collect her winnings. She then stopped over to one of the employees cleaning up the ring and asked if she could have the losing penises. The employee said no at first, but after Brandi coerced him, and let him place a finger inside her, he quickly changed his mind.

Brandi stuck around for 2 more matches that she lost her bets on both, then went to collect the bull cocks she requested. The employee had placed them in a to-go container from the cafeteria, and she gave him a kiss for his deeds before walking away. Just before she left, there was a commotion going on at the center arena. It was announced over the loud speaker that a public punishment was about to occur. Out of curiosity, Brandi made her way to the arena to find out what was going on.

Standing in the middle of the arena area was Denise, the waitress who had been arrested for making a customer cum inside her at the 2nd floor diner. A man dressed in a suit stood next to her and began to read a statement. “On this, the 4th of December, 2084. That the defendant, Denise Cowlings, was brought to trial for the abuse of male ejaculate on multiple occasions. Video evidence was provided to the council showing Ms. Cowlings participating in both vaginal and anal intercourse with patrons of the 2nd level diner which ended in the unlawful release of semen from her male counterparts.” The crowd began to boo at Denise, and she broke down into tears. “It is the judgement of the council that Ms. Cowlings is guilty of these crimes, and the clear proof provided by the video evidence means she will not have the right to a trial by jury. By this, the council has decided that Ms. Cowlings is no longer suited to be a member of society, and from this day forth be designated for consumption as a cow.” Upon hearing those words, Denise’s heart sank, and she fell to her hands and knees crying.

The man continued, “It is at this point that we will have an auction for this cow before it is sent to be processed. Do I have an opening bid of $100?” The crowd was silent as one man in the front row yelled “$100”…. The bids went up slowly until the man in the front row had won with a bid of $350. After winning the bid, he jumped into the arena, and stepped behind the cow he just won. She was still on the ground crying when she felt her skirt being lifted up, and the man shoved his cock inside of her in front of all the spectators. The fans yelled jeers at Denise as she was fucked from behind by her new owner. They began a slow clap, to which the man matched his strokes inside of her. Her crying intensified as his speed and the speed of the claps gained momentum. It wasn’t long as the stand erupted in celebration as the man came inside Denise, and raised his arms in victory.

He then stepped away and pulled up his shorts, then proceeded to take a victory lap around the arena, as the cow was taken away to be processed in the basement. Brandi had never been a fan of these public displays of punishment, so she headed back into the casino so her husband wouldn’t know what she had been doing. She exited the gaming room and sat down at one of the slot machines and started playing. It wasn’t long before she quickly became bored with the slot machines, but fortunately Mike arrived after Brandi had been waiting for only 10 minutes.

Mike walked up to his beautiful wife and gave her a kiss. He asked how she was doing and apologized for taking so long. Brandi completely understanding of everything, told him she was doing well, and was currently up on money. Mike celebrated with her, and asked if she’d like to go play some blackjack. She quickly agreed, and together they played blackjack for a few hours before Brandi had lost all the money she won. They both decided it was getting late, and they should get home. Mike cashed in his remaining chips, and Brandi grabbed her to-go container, and they headed back home for the day.

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