Midnight Visitor

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Taryn sat by her window, her naked body resting against the ledge. She stared anxiously out into the street, wanting and needing someone to tease her, to torture her and make her beg and plead for more. She had moved to a new town only months ago, and had not found anybody to drive her senses wild.

She stood up and sighed, closing the windows and refusing the world a second glance at her nakedness. AS each second passed, her arousal grew inside of her. Wild images entered her mind sending her senses slowly into overdrive. She could feel her former lover’s touch on her skin, with their fingers entering inside of her and playing with her till she came.

Without warning, her hands flew to her breasts with her fingertips closing around her nipples as she remembered their last encounter. Every detail remained vividly in her mind – all the touching, all the holding and all the torture that was inflicted upon her body. She wished she could relive that, if only just once.

Taryn sat on her bed, facing the mirror and spread her legs. All ready her body was full of heat. Reaching down in between her legs, she began to play with herself. She took her clitoris and held it against her fingertips and lightly rubbed it. Watching her reflection in the mirror, she could see herself turning red from the orgasm that would inevitably come to her.

Taryn was about to enter herself when she heard a noise behind her. Before she had a chance to turn, her lights went out and cold hands clamped around her mouth, dampening out the scream that stuck in her throat.

“Don’t be afraid,” tandoğan escort the voice whispered in her ear. Instead of fear, a sudden rush of electricity coursed through her body and she filled with a greater need for this person’s touch on her body.

“Lie down,” she was ordered and she did so. Her visitor took her wrists and tied them to the bed head. Turning around, Taryn’s visitor turned on the lights once more and arranged a variety of objects on the table. From the corner of her eye, she could see candles, rubber bands and a knife spread out before the visitor.

“Joe, is that you?” Taryn asked, her heart beating faster then before. Inside, her excitement was rising, her body filled with more heat from before. The visitor looked back at Taryn and removed her mask, revealing her former lovers face. Taryn squealed with excitement before Joe leaned down and kissed her.

“Let me get to work,” she said, picking up the knife and holding it in her hands. She spread Taryn’s, running the blade against her clitoris before inserting the blade inside of Taryn. S he moaned as Joe closed her legs. Joe could see and feel Taryn’s wetness, sliding her fingertips just inside of her and tasting Taryn’s pleasure.

Moving up Taryn’s body, Joe began tracing her way up Taryn’s body, licking and biting her way up to Taryn’s mouth. Reaching to the table, Joe picked up the rubber bands and joined them together.

Taking one of one of Taryn’s nipples in her hands, she tied the nipple tightly. Sensations that Taryn hadn’t felt in a long tekirdağ escort time flew up and down her body as she tried resisting the orgasm was that mounting inside of her. This time she succeeded but she wondered how long she would last before coming all over the place. Joe took her other nipple in her hand, forcing her breasts together and tied the band around it. The sudden lack of blood to Taryn’s nipples made her wetter then before.

By now, Taryn wanted Joe to stop teasing her and suck her until she came. She spread her legs in hope that Joe would take her pussy and lick it. But Joe just smiled at her and closed her legs and picked up the candle.

Lighting the wick on the object, Joe held the candle upside down, letting the wax drip onto Taryn’s body. Taryn moaned and begged for more. She went down Taryn’s body, covering her skin and her pussy with the candle remnants.

Joe smiled at Taryn as she opened Taryn’s legs, leant down and removed the knife with her mouth. She looked back at her and smiled licking her lips. Blowing out the candle, Joe pushed it inside of her pussy, the heat from the flame that had been there only seconds before being put out by her wetness. Taryn held her breath as Joe rammed the candle inside of her pussy.

By now, Taryn was on the edge of exploding. She wanted Joe to taste her more and make her cum. But Joe had one last trick up her sleave. Removing her clothes, Joe slid her hand between her legs and started fingering her pussy in front of Taryn. She watched Joe like a hawk as she grabbed her breasts and began tokat escort playing with them.

Taryn could see that Joe’s deisre for pleasure was burning inside of her as much as Taryn. Joe bought herself to the edge of an orgasm, but stopped. Removing her fingers Joe walked to the bound Taryn and placed her fingers in her mouth. Taryn licked every inch of her fingers, tasting her pussy on them.

Joe sat on top of her and leant down and gave her a long hard kiss. Moving down her body, Joe stopped at Taryn’s purple nipple and began to bite them. Taryn moaned, looking in anticipation to what she would do next. Joe turned around and faced Taryn’s pussy.

Placing her legs on the side of Taryn’s shoulders, she moved her body down so that Taryn’s mouth could reach the pussy that was being offered to her. Taryn began sucking on her clitoris with Joe’s moans filling the air. She could feel her lovers wetness and taste her pussy on her tongue.

Joe leant down into Taryn’s wetness and began licking, tasting her pussy. Her tongue explored a familiar territory as she slid her tongue inside of her. Taryn arched her back offering Joe more. Taryn and Joe licked and sucked on each other, tasting each other, until they both orgasmed, sending streaks of desire through their bodies. Joe sat up and turned herself around, kissing her way back up to Taryn.

“Thank you,” she said, kissing Joe on her mouth. For a brief moment, Taryn closed her eyes, thinking about the ecstasy that she had felt only moments before. She sighed loudly and opened her eyes and found that she was alone in the room.

There were no traces of Joe ever being in the room. Her hands and nipples were unbound and there was no wax on her body. She placed a hand in her pussy and felt that she wasn’t wet, but partially damp. It had been a dream. Only a blissfully wicked dream…

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