Midnight Pleasures

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“This report is going to drive me nuts,” she thinks to herself.

“Maybe I just need a break,” she says out loud, her voice echoing in the empty office. She leans back in her chair and puts her feet up on her desk after kicking off her shoes. Her eyes slide shut as she slowly starts to relax her body. Working from her feet, she takes deep breaths as she relaxes the muscles of her body. She lets her mind clear of work and just lets thoughts float through her head. She goes over her day, thinking it was a productive day, except for the report she is working on now. But not wanting to think about the report she pushes that thought from her mind and thinks about lunchtime. She blushes as she thinks about what she bought over the lunch hour.

“No,” she says to herself. “I’m not going to be embarrassed.”

The more she thinks about it, the more frustrated she becomes.

“Ok, no more thinking about it. It’s not helping me get relaxed. Although, maybe if I used it, I wouldn’t be so frustrated and I’d be able to get this report finished.”

She continues to debate with herself – could she do it? Should she do it? The office was empty and it was after midnight. The cleaning crew had left hours ago and it wasn’t likely anybody was going to come to the office at that time of night.

Without putting her feet down she leans over the arm of her chair and reaches for her bag, fumbling with it until her hand reaches the bag from the store. She pulls it out and sets it in her lap, still undecided. Reaching into the bag, she pulls out the package and stares at it. She puts it on the desk, still debating her decision. She closes her eyes once again and tries to picture herself some place warm, maybe a beach.

As her fantasy continues to flit through her mind, she undoes the buttons of her shirt, parting it. She slides one hand over her stomach the other slipping down over her hip to her thigh. She very lightly brushes her hand over her breast, the other hand trailing a line up over her thigh and skirt and then back down. As her hand brushes over her breast again, she can feel her nipple bead against the lace of her bra.

Her right hand dips under her skirt slightly and caresses over her bare thigh. She pushes it up with her wrist as she continues to move her hand over her legs, lightly skimming her fingertips over her thighs.

She passes her thumb over the nipple of her breast, cupping it in her hand and squeezing it gently, yet firmly. She can feel her nipple harden against her palm and she gives a sigh of pleasure. She parts her thighs, letting one leg drop to the floor. She continues to stroke over the satin skin of her inner thighs, moving closer and closer in small circles to her pussy, but not Arnavutköy escort yet touching it.

She hears a small noise and stops to listen, cocking her head to the side. She listens for a couple of minutes but hearing nothing, she shrugs and continues her explorations. Her hand continues to skim her thighs, her other hand moving from one breast to the other.

With a flick of her wrist she opens the clasp on her front-closing bra and pushes it aside. She pushes up her skirt to around her waist and strokes a finger down the center of her lace panties. Working her way lower, down over her pussy, feeling her panties dampening. She rubs her finger up and down her pussy, her breathing coming a little faster as she gets more excited. Her fantasy continues to play out in her mind, the warm sand, the breeze blowing over her skin.

She squirms in her chair and wiggles out of her panties, letting them drop to the floor. She settles herself comfortably in her chair again. Her right hand slides from her breast down over her stomach and navel, lower, lower. She uses two fingers to stroke across her outer lips. She gasps at the sensations, panting lightly now, oblivious to her surroundings. She continues to move her fingers over her pussy, feeling how hot she is, how wet she is.

Slowly circling her fingers round and round her pussy, she drags one finger up and over her clit. She gasps and arches slightly in her chair. She removes her hand from her breast and reaches for her new toy, patting at the desk to find it. She picks it up from the desk and transfers it to her right hand. With a twist she turns it on and a low humming sound fills the room.

In her mind’s eye, she sees herself on the beach, her dream man beside her, pleasuring her in every way imaginable. She keeps her eyes tightly closed as she starts to move her toy over her stomach. Circling her belly button. Moving lower, lower, she passes it over her pussy lightly, up and down her lips. She moves it slightly and passes it over her clit. A low moan escapes her lips as she tilts her hips. Again and again she circles the small vibrator over her clit. As she squirms in her chair, she can feel herself dripping onto the chair, she is so wet.

As she feels her body starting to tense, her thighs trembling, she slowly opens her eyes. Taking a moment to focus she glances over to the doorway. Her eyes get wide as she sees him standing in the doorway, looking very male, very real, and very, very aroused. She lets out a squeak of surprise.

She has seen him around the office, thought he was a doll, but would never approach him, thinking he would never go for her. He would go for the sophisticated type. The calm, cool, Avcılar escort bayan think-through-your-actions type. She was too flighty, too fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type, too earthy to be considered sophisticated. She smiles a very seductive smile, licks her lips and beckons him to enter the office. Now it’s his turn to be surprised. He thought for sure she would send him packing and with a good slap to the face too boot. He quickly steps into the office and walks to her desk before she can change her mind.

He mutters quietly “Please, don’t let me interrupt you, continue.”

She smiles up at him and replies, “There is just a little something I have to do first.”

She reaches out her hand and opens the button of his pants, tugging the zipper down slowly, feeling his cock straining against her fingers. She reaches for his pants and tugs them down, along with his boxers. He moans low as the materials drags along his cock, creating heat, friction. Reaching out her hand, she wraps it around him, stroking up and down lightly.

She can hear his breathing picking up, his pulse racing. She throws her leg back up onto her desk, picks up her toy, looks him in the eyes.

“NOW, I’m ready to continue.”

She hears him growl as she closes her eyes again as she circles her pussy with the vibrator again, slowly at first, very lightly. She strokes his cock with her hand at the same pace. She leans to the side and braces her elbow on the arm of her chair. She gives a little tug and he takes a step closer. She peeks at him from under her lashes and gives another tug. He takes another step. Leaning her weight on her arm and side, she turns her head and opens her mouth. She moves her head and takes his cock into her mouth. She peeks up at him as she moves her mouth, lips and tongue over him. He is standing rigid, his hands made into fists at his sides, his eyes closed, head thrown back. She starts to suck on his hard cock as she moves the vibrator over and over her clit, getting more and more excited, wetter, hotter. She peeks at him again, feeling his eyes on her, caressing her.

He is watching her. He reaches out with one finger and circles her nipple with it. Her moan encourages him. He takes his thumb and finger and squeezes her nipple between them. She moans louder and sucks on his cock harder, faster. She presses the vibrator harder against her clit. Moving it down slightly, she slips it into her pussy, in, out, in, out.

She feels her muscles tensing, his cock throbbing in her mouth, hot, hard. He takes a deep breath and steps back, his cock pulling out of her mouth with a little pop. He grins down at her. Looking into his eyes, she stands up and sits on the edge Escort Bağcılar of the desk. She takes her toy and turns it off, tossing it onto her chair. He takes one finger and pushes lightly on her chest. She lies back on the desk. He braces his arms on the desk on either side of her. She places her legs on his shoulders. She tips her hips up and in response to her unspoken request, presses his head at the opening of her pussy. He flexes his hips once and his head slides inside her. She tries to move her hips to take him in deeper, but he pulls back slightly. He flexes again and slides in deeper, pulls back again, forward a little deeper, pulls back, forward again deeper.

With a final thrust of his hips he buries his cock deep into her pussy. Her hands clutch at his arms, her nails making ridges in his skin. He starts to thrust in and out at a slow but steady pace, her hips moving to his rhythm.

He leans down, bending her legs back toward her shoulders, pushing himself deeper still. He opens his mouth wide and takes her breast in his mouth, sucking at her nipple. She arches her back, pushing her breast deeper into his mouth. He starts to thrust harder and faster, his hips slamming into hers. She rocks her hips as she gasps for breath.

He pulls back slightly and as they gaze at each other, he thrusts harder, faster, picking up the pace. She feels her whole body start to go rigid. He lifts one hand and draws his thumb over her clit again and again. She arches her back, throws her head back and screams as her orgasm slams through her, spasm on top of spasm. Feeling her contracting around his cock, he yells as he cums deep inside her, continuing to thrust in and out until her feels her muscles start to relax and he is completely spent.

He drops to his elbows over her and lightly kisses her neck. She sighs as he raises himself, resettles his clothes and giving her a wink, starts to walk out of her office.

Just before he walks out the door she says, “You know if you could do that every day, I wouldn’t need my toy.”

He laughs as he walks out the door, leaving her at her desk chuckling. She dresses herself and finishes her report.

The next morning as he is walking down the hall with some co-workers, she walks out of her office and right into his arms. He automatically wraps them around her waist to steady her. He gives her that little smile that says, “We have a secret” and sets her back from him. She smiles as she looks into his eyes and then glances down at her watch.

“Oh my goodness, look at the time. If I don’t hurry, I’ll have to stay late again tonight, and then I might just need a vibe to keep myself awake.”

She gives him a saucy wink as she saunters off down the hall, giggling. He watches her walk away when one of his co-workers asks, “What was that all about? Ms. Mouse actually spoke.”

He replies with a shrug and a glance at his own watch.

“Haven’t a clue.”

He continues down the hall to his own office, thoughts of later that night flashing in his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32