Midnight Drive

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We were driving back to her place rather late one night. It was a long drive home on one of those old, seldom used state roads. In the days before Interstate this would probably be a bumper-to-bumper adventure but now few cars seem to go this way. Truckers with their big-rigs still seem to use it as a short cut to somewhere however. Every once in awhile a pair of big bright headlights would flash in my rear view mirror and I wave him on by. For long stretches we were on our own, just a long straight, flatland drive. But it was a beautiful, clear, moonlit Florida night. You could smell the orange groves from somewhere out there in the darkness. There were not too many signs of civilization, only the occasional porch light off in the distance reminded us that humans still lived in this neck of the woods. In the distance we saw a single street light, which seemed very odd until we got close enough to see it illuminating an old Bell Tell phone booth.

I felt her hand touch my leg. “Pull over. I have an idea that I know you’ll like,” she said.

When she says things like that I know I am in for a good time. The car came to a halt, before the dust settled she was out the door and dancing around in the headlights’ glow. I switched off the car and watched in silence as Ms. Vixen began her tease. She walked over to the booth and tested its door, everything appeared to be in working order as she slipped in,dropped a coin and stared to dial the phone. The next thing I knew my cell phone was ringing.

“Hey lover you up for a good time?’

She fucking called me from 20 feet away! But I was ready to play along. “Just what to you have in that sick little mind of yours?”I asked.

“Don’t be like that baby. When I tell you, I’ll want you to come over here and fuck me. But first I want you to do something for me,alright?”

Before I could answer she gave me a look that made my cock swell. She licked her lips and her hand lowered to the hem of her skimpy cotton sundress. Slowly the hemline inched up until I could see her dark curly snatch come into view.

“Are you watching me?” I nodded.


One hand moved to her delta and completely covered her pussy, then I saw one finger disappear into the darkness. A moment later I could tell a second finger had been pushed inside.

“You like what you see don’t you?”

Again I nodded.

“Why so quiet? Pussy got your tongue?”

“No pussy’s got my tongue but I can see one that my tongue wants to have.”

She laughed and continued to pet herself all the while looking me straight Burdur Escort in the eye. Without thinking my hand had gone to the bulge in my lap, I pressed down and adjusted the cock that was growing painfully hard. Moving my prick made me grow even harder.

“You know you’re giving me one hell of a hardon don’t you?”I asked.

“How hard are you?”

“Do you need me to come over and let you feel?”

“Not quite yet lover. You sit tight and watch.”

She let the receiver drop and closed her eyes. Her dress had worked its way up her hips and I followed the movement of her legs as she spread them wider so that she could use both her hands to fuck herself. I could barely hear the noises that I saw her making with her mouth. I put my phone down and could actually now hear her moaning with pleasure across the cool night air. She was bathed in an eerie glow as she masturbated. I had turned off the headlights and the booth created the only light for miles around. It was deadly quiet but I could discern the squeaking of the hinges caused by her ass pushing against the door.

My cock hungered to enter her, my balls ached for relief. She knew this.

Picking up the phone I spoke, “Roxy can you hear me?” No response.

Louder, “Roxxxane can you hear me?”

She opened her eyes. Reluctantly one hand reached over to the phone and raised it to her lips. A sex drenched voice answered, “Yes lover I can hear you.”

“Roxxxane I want you to turn around. I want to watch your ass shake when you finger your pussy.”

She started to obey but I quickly said, “Wait, wait my dear Roxxxane. I want you naked. Take your dress off.”

This time I noticed some hesitation in her movements and she looked at me to see if I was serious.

“Do it,” I whispered.

Again the receiver dropped, as did the hem of her dress. Taking one quick look around she must have decided that the coast was clear. Now there was no hesitation in her movements, there was determination. Giving me a somewhat coy look she pulled first one strap and then the other until only her rack held the top of her dress up. She flashed me a boob shot and turned quickly around. I watched her peal the sundress slowly down and step out of the garment, letting it lay at her feet.

Picking up the receiver she purred into the mouthpiece, “I’m getting lonely over here. Have I given you any BIG ideas yet?”

“I have one really big idea alright. I am going to come over there and slide my big idea up between your legs. But first I want you to put your fingers back in that Burdur Escort Bayan wet pussy of yours and get it good and ready for me. Will you do that for me Roxxxane?”

“Yes, anything your little heart desires.”

The movement of her ass mesmerized me as she wiggled her fingers inside her slit. Even though I couldn’t see them I knew what magic her own fingers were creating in the wetness of her cunt. I had to fuck her soon.



“Are you ready for me?”


“Tell me what you are ready for Roxxxane.”

“I am ready for cock.”

“Whose cock Roxxxane?”

“Your cock. I am ready for your cock.”

It was time. I could wait no longer. I was out of the car and over to the phone booth in a single bound. Pushing on the door I forced my way into the confined space. She turned to accept me with wide-open arms and equally wide-open legs. My still clothed cock rubbed into the wet mass of her dark pubis. My hands found her ass and pulled her tight up against my body. Her hand went to my zipper and tugged it down. She kissed me with a hungry open mouth, sucking my tongue in.

Suddenly she became a rigid statue. We could hear a car or a truck speeding past us. I watched the lights get brighter and bigger and then disappear.

“Holy shit.” was all she said.

Our hearts were beating like drums. My cock too was a rigid statue and it needed entry into something wet and slippery.

She must have read my mind because her hand went into my pants and pulled me free. I slid quickly between her thighs, hips pumping my erection against the wet yoni she offered. I pushed her naked back up against the cold glass wall and felt her body tense. Now her hands went to my ass, pulling me closer and tighter up against her. The heat of her damp pussy and her ever tightening legs surrounded my cock. She wrapped her cunt lips around my shaft as I humped but did not enter. Wetter and wetter she was becoming, her juices mixing with my man lube. My hands pressed on the narrow walls of our container while my hips pushed my meat in and out of her slickness. So wet, so warm so slippery soft and smooth she was.. One leg moved to the right as her hand found my heat, she tried to force me into her but I would have none of it…not yet. This woman knew how to get a cock inside, even in these confined quarters. But I was not helping her in her quest. I felt her hot breath in my ear as she chocked, “Why are you doing this? I want your prick inside of me damn it.”

“Roxxxane tell me what you really want.?”I quickly Escort Burdur replied.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Again,” I demanded!

Her voice was almost a whisper, almost desperate, almost begging…. “Prick me!”

“Turn around,” I said, my voice heavy with desire.

With some effort, a pleasurable effort, we maneuvered her into position. Reaching her hand back between her legs she maneuvered my cock to the gates of ecstasy and I entered with reckless abandon. There is nothing on earth like sliding into a wet and willing pussy. And Roxxxane was very wet and very willing!

“How’s’ that feel Sugar?” I asked as I thrust her a deep one.

She let her body answer; she spread her legs as wide as she could so that I might have maximum penetration. I pressed her hands hard up against the glass and held them tight while working my hips in and out,in and out.

“That’s what I need, you’re prick deep….” her voice stopped and her cunt clinched.

The Big Rig had returned and we heard the skidding of tires on gravel. Like two fucking dear caught in the headlights we froze. Roxxxane is an exhibitionist but not usually a public performer, I could feel her panic transmitted through her tunnel and up into my cock…it was electric all the way to my brain. Without thought, reacting only to animal instinct, my cum started to flow and I began to fuck her in a frenzy of unstoppable lust.

“God damn you,”she yelled…at the driver I hope, but I didn’t really care.

“I’m cumming god damn it, I’m cumming…..” she yelled.

Her cunt grabbed at my cock, held it in a tight sexual grip, driving me wild with pleasure as I erupted. Once-twice-three-times my cock disgorged its burning liquid. I knew he was watching, she knew he was watching but in this moment it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the hot sperm erupting into Roxys’ cunt and the way she was twisting on my pole.



fucker,” each of her words was accented by another thrust of my cock as I drove my squirting meat faster & deeper into the velvety flesh of her slit.

One last massive shove and I filled her cunt full and then I became still. She continued to squirm on the end of my stick, riding back and forth in small movements. Was she now showing off for the driver of the big rig? I couldn’t see her face but I’m sure she was starring him down.

We heard the engine wind up loud and again the sound of gravel as his tires spun. The 18-wheeler pulled past us and with one long, loud blast on his horn he roared off into the darkness.

“I think we gave him a good story for the next rest stop.”

“Yeah…hey Clem guess what I just saw down the road a ways?”

She started to laugh so hard she squeezed my cock out of her warm spot. I didn’t find that so funny but I sure was laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32