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Chapter 7

Dad had still been dressed when we made it to the bedroom, and all five of us made him party ready, including me poking a hole in the front of his diaper and pulling out his shockingly hard dick. I laughed and asked him if he has been looking forward to this all day or something. He groaned out fuck yes, that he has been so hard all day that he has had to force himself to go pee a few times because of it. We all admitted the same though.

Now, with no one knowing that we had done so, Trent and I had snuck off a little earlier to install nice large plugs inside each other, so that we are good and ready for what is about to cum. We did not use our plugs, they are too small for what we intended, so I had borrowed a couple of Dad”s, not that he would mind, I know. So, when we asked Dad and Zayden to prepare our gay baby boy pussies for the poundings that they are about to receive, they poked the holes in the seats of our super soggy baby diapers, and found our sins.

“Oooh, looks like we have a couple gay baby boy sluts here who planned to go all out, instantly.” Daddy said.

“Oh yes, no fucking foreplay, no fucking preparation, just good ole fucking.” I groaned out as Daddy was twisting and turning the plug inside me, pulling it out a little and then letting me pull it back in. Trent was moaning and sighing right along side me, so I am guessing that Zayden is giving him the same treatment.

It took a little work for them to pull out the plugs, damn near as much as it had taken for us to take them in the first place, because they are rather large, yet they are still Dad”s smallest, especially for us two shockingly little gay baby boys. We took them though, and that is all that matters at all. With a grunt, and an even deeper sigh, from both Trent and I at the same time, so Dad and Zayden had synchronized their efforts, we both ejected our plugs.

Someone must have already prepared Zayden, because almost as soon as our plugs were out, the men hopped on the bed, laying side by side, and Zayden”s dick is already poked out the front. We saw that Brandon and Jason are also poked out the fronts of their diapers as well. Brandon sadly is not all that large yet, a good size for the rest of his size to be sure, but even he worries that he will not be able to fuck us through his diaper, but we are all willing to give it a shot, several shots in fact, if only he could shoot. Sorry.

Trent and I very nearly hopped onto the men”s dicks facing us. I know that the other little baby boys have fantasized about men fucking them as well, but like I told them, I was five, maybe six the first time I dreamed of a man filling me, and my very own stunningly beautiful diapered daddy had been at the top of my wish list since, hence the reason I get Daddy”s amazing dick first, and since my ass seems to be the single most receptive to the amount that I am about to take, this also explains Jason getting to fuck me with him, I told the boys I want to be stretched, I want to really feel it, and boy will I.

As soon as Trent and I were seated and laid forward, and are comfortable with the large dicks as far inside us as they can be, we both nodded, non verbally telling the other two gay baby boys to slip in as well. Jason lined up to me, Brandon to Trent, and with nods to each other, they started slipping inside, first our diapers, and then our nice gaping open boy holes. Brandon could not go far, but Trent sighed none the less as Brandon fully seated himself first, and I admit I groaned deeply as Jason started slipping all his meat inside me, and I continued until he too was seated all the way inside me as well.

It had not hurt, so much as really stretched me, it is a little uncomfortable, yet is all amazing as well. This is what I have wanted, needed, craved, for a long time. And then, my ass relaxed to the two invaders inside me, and I sighed deeper than even I have ever heard myself sigh.

“Oh fuck yes, now that”s what I was made to do. The only thing that”d make this better, is if I had a cock in my throat too.” I said.

“Mmmm, same.” Trent sighed almost as deep.

“How”s it feel Jason and Brandon?”

“Amazing.” They both said together.

“Good, now fuck us, we”re not your boyfriends right now, we”re sluts and we owe you money, now take every penny, plus interest that we owe you, and fuck us like the sluts we deserve to be treated like.” I said.

And boy did they.

They nailed us hard and as long as they could, they would push us off the man cocks buried in us as they rammed into us, but then would pull us right back onto them as they pulled out, but also pulling us at the same time.

It was animalistic, it was pure rutting, and it is exactly what I needed.

For some strange reason, Trent and I could not last, though, and not even a minute, even though I can tell that he had been trying to hold off his impending orgasm just as much as I was, and we both exploded. The pressure on the dicks inside us must have already been nearly painful, but when we came and clamped down even harder on all four of their dicks, they squealed almost as if they were in pain and came every bit as hard as we did.

I am lucky that I get two nice big creamy cum loads, whereas Trent only gets one, yet I am certain that this still feels every bit as good to him as it does to me.

No one is capable of peeing yet, they are all still too hard, and, even though they had paused for a breath or two as they nearly ejected their balls out in such a powerful orgasm, continued fucking us good and hard.

We managed to last about two minutes this time, Trent and I set it off once again, and again I got two nice big loads of cum pumped into me, but then they were finally able to pee, and all four let go at much the same time, and started peeing deep inside us. Now, getting filled with one load of cum and then piss, that is amazing, but being filled with two and two, at the same time, there is not even a word capable of describing just how I feel about that, and, once more, the only way it could be better is if I had a third dick, pumping a third load of cum and piss into my mouth.

It took all four of them almost two minutes to actually pee inside us, and because of this, they mostly stopped fucking us, mostly. It felt amazing, to say the least, but then, once they were finished peepeeing deep inside us, they truly started piss fucking our cummy pissy gay baby boy pussies real good, and I tell you here and now, it is a good thing that I am wearing a nice thick, thirsty baby diaper right now. Thankfully it had still had some room in it, because otherwise I am reasonably certain I would be making a rather large mess right now. It is so glorious, though, that I would not worry in the least anyway.

We managed to last for only two more cums before the men were done, they went mostly soft inside us, and we all collapsed down, and no one moved, not until all four dicks inside us had shrunk down and were expelled from our gloriously sloppy baby bums. Trent lost Brandon first, and then I lost Jason next and then we both lost the men at much the same time, almost a minute later, yet still we did not move, for almost two minutes after that.

“Wow, that was, without a doubt, the single most amazing thing that I”ve ever experienced. Now I wish I could take three nice big man cocks in me at the same time.” I sighed deeply.

“Mmmhmm, me too.” Trent sighed.

“I doubt that you can take two men in your little baby bum just yet baby. As it was, you were uncomfortably tight with just Jason and me in you, and while Jason”s a good size for a young gay baby boy, most men are still gonna be a fair bit bigger yet. I do agree with you, though, having three large cocks in you at a time, fucking and filling you like you deserve is pretty fucking amazing.” Dad said.

“Mmmhmm.” Zayden said.

“You”re not helping.” I giggled.

“Sorry. Don”t be pushing yourself too fast and far though, just because you”re horny, you don”t wanna tear your baby bum, at least too much.”

“I know.” I said, and the other baby boys agreed, but they also agreed that they truly wanted to be triple fucked by men as well, and would happily accept the pain.

“Now, you two little gay baby boy sluts are in desperate need of soggy baby bum changes, so, assume the position.” Dad said, and with a grin, we both got back into a nice position to be fucked, face down, ass up, knees spread.

“Not like that you slut.” Dad laughed, and then smacked my super soggy baby diapered bum, hard. Of course, considering just how soggy I am right now, I hardly felt it.

“Fine, but we want our plugs slipped back inside us then.” I giggled, and both Trent and I rolled onto our backs.

We were granted our wish, and as soon as our ruined baby diapers were pulled down, our plugs were slipped back inside us, we groaned deeply, we were then cleaned up, lotioned and creamed well, and finally diapered like we deserved. Given what we plan to do tomorrow, Dad and Zayden did not mega thickly diaper us, but knew that we would likely leak out lots, so just slipped two doublers into our nice thick diapers and taped us up real well. The doublers will be easy to take out in the morning, when we are ready for our next fun time.

We then diapered the rest of the babies, but they only got one doubler each, since they really will not be able to make use of more than that in the time we have to wet them. There is simply no point in wasting perfectly good baby diapers, now is there.

“Well, I”m hungry again, and really thirsty too, anyone care to join me.” Trent said as soon as we are all good to go.

“Oh yeah.” We all said as one.

After grabbing a rather large snack, and lots and lots to drink, we sat back and talked. That was when I remembered something.

“Daddy, I went to use my cell phone today, then realized that we still haven”t replaced it from when Jason”s dad destroyed mine. Any chance that we can go out tomorrow at some time and get me a new one please, and my baby boyfriends would probably like their own as well.”

“No, we don”t need them.” They tried to say.

“No need to Baby, I actually got them yesterday, I was wondering when you”d finally ask. As per usual, I just bought the phones, yours was already placed on our plan, and Trent, Jason, and Brandon”s were added as well. I got you all the same phones, but I chose four different cases for them, so you can each choose one. I actually upgraded my phone at the same time, and for buying five phones, they actually gave me a pretty good deal on them.”

“Oh, okay, I”m surprised that it took me that long to realize it, because I”m hardly used to being without a phone, I was five the first time I got one.” I laughed.

“Really.” Jason said.

“Well, yeah, we”ve always been pretty techy in our house, so I”ve pretty much always had cool electronics to play and learn. Hell, my first computer, a tablet, was when I was two. By the time I was four, I could reprogram things on it, and the few times I managed to screw something up royally, Daddy used it as a teaching experience for me, taught me what I”d done wrong, how to fix it, and how to make it work. He was already teaching me basic programming by the time I was three, since he says that I”ve always loved it as well.”

“And he”s already getting scary good, and in just a few more years, could start showing me a thing or two.” Dad said.

“I personally doubt that, because he keeps learning more and more as well, not to mention designing new and interesting ways of doing things.”

“Wow, but we really didn”t need phones of our own.” Jason said.

“Nonsense. You live in this house, what one gets, so do all. I also bought all four of you new notebook computers, since I know yours is getting a little old and slow now Heath, but mine is brand new still, since it kinda died.”

“Kinda died, um, hello, you fucking crushed it. How would you expect it to survive.” I laughed.

“Yeah, well, call me forgetful.”

“I did.”

“Why, what”d he do?” Zayden asked curiously.

“Oh, forgot that he put the computer onto the roof of the car as he was putting a couple other things in, and as soon as he backed up, it fell off, and then when he pulled forward to start driving, he drove right over top of it. Like, the entire tire made full contact with the entire thing, and it wasn”t until after he dropped off it and felt that bump that he realized what he”d just done. He actually brought the computer into the house, and we took it apart that night to see just how total the damage was, out of curiosity you see, and it was absolutely total. I don”t think there was one unbroken part in the entire thing. Was pretty funny though.” I said.

“It was, it”s a good thing that I never complain about buying electronics, fuck, I think I”m the only person in the entire city who gets bulk purchase deals in all the electronics shops for all the shit I buy. Call it an addiction. Trust me, going and buying four new computers and five new cell phones, I was nearly cumming in excitement.” Dad grinned brightly.

Now, the others might think that he was joking about that, I happen to know he is probably telling the truth.

“That”s too funny.” Zayden laughed.

“Or sad.” I said.

“Definitely both.” Dad added, and then rest of us nodded.

My baby brother boyfriends all look to be blasted by the fact that they just got two pieces of really cool electronics. Only Jason has ever truly had computers to use, but even he admitted to never being allowed a cell phone of his own. Dad went and grabbed all the stuff, set it all on the table, and we started unpacking it all. My cell phone was the only one that he had kept completely separate, since I already know my number and all, so he handed me mine first, then the other three got theirs, and their numbers are written on their boxes, they are all the same, just one number higher than the previous, which is cool.

I chose my case, a really nice purple colour, since it is my favorite, Dad knows that, so he more than likely fully intended that be mine. Jason took a really dark red, almost burgundy one, Trent chose the royal blue, and Brandon got the deep green one, which he said was perfect, as that was his favorite as well. I taught all three of them how to program all our numbers into their phones, even Zayden”s, but the rest they will mostly figure out as they use them.

We then started unpacking all our new computers, and these are nice ones to be sure. Some of the largest screens on a portable escort computer, and certainly they are heavy, but really, even though they are portable, they will rarely leave the house. Dad always ensures that when he buys any computers, that they are the biggest and bestest bastards he can get. As I am waiting for my unit to boot up and fully initialize, I run to my room and grab a few DVD”s that have cool programs that we can all use. I pass them all out, telling the others what all are on them, and as we get our computers up and running, Dad and I go around and help them load all the programs.

Considering what my dad does, you would think that I have hundreds of games and play non stop. Yeah, except I actually do not. Sure, I have a few games, and I even play them from time to time, mostly they are games that Dad has either developed or helped to develop, but when I play games, it is usually on our games systems in our games room. Though, yes, I can and have plugged my computer into the TV”s in the games room and played games in ultra large, ultra high definition, since playing games on a small screen sucks once you have gotten used to playing on massively large screens.

No, most of the programs that I am loading onto all our computers are the 3D modeling programs and whatnot that we use mostly out in the garage. We can hook our computers up to them just as easily, and this way, when we feel like it, we can still create cool things, and then when we are ready, then we can plug in and go, instead of always having to be in the garage working, which, no, I do not mind either, just sometimes I get freaking cool ideas elsewhere. In all, we are loading up twenty two various programs, some are small, some are large, but these computers are larger and fast, so they have no problems.

It took us right through to, and just slightly past bedtime to get all our computers all set up, and I showed my brothers some of the cool things that they can do as we were working, and they are all very happy.

“Okay Baby Boys, I think it”s time for bed now, it doesn”t look like any of you need soggy baby bum changes, so I think you”re all good. Have a good sleep, love you, and good dreams.” Daddy said, and then gave each of us a nice not so father son kiss goodnight.

“Mmm, night night Daddy.” I said, as I was the last.

“Night night Baby.”

Us four baby boys headed to our bedroom, crawled our soggy baby bums into bed, and then proceeded to kiss each other goodnight, and though we all wanted to do so, not one of us even suggested taking care of our bothersome baby boners, we all know that the morning will be much better if we do not. We all cuddle up and fall asleep in just a few minutes, and sleep well all night long.

For some strange reason, all four of us baby boys woke up bright and early, incredibly chipper, and so fucking horny that our bladders are screaming at us. We all giggled about that, all thinking that we must have all had some seriously sexy dreams all night to cause us to wake up so hard. Hell, even I can feel pressure, but that is all at my dick, but it is the same pressure that I have felt before when I am too hard to pee, I cannot feel the actual pressure in my bladder, though I know I have to go, bad.

I asked Jason if he dumped any baby cream in his super soggy baby diaper throughout the night, but instead of waiting for him to check, I reached into his baby diaper and checked for myself.

“Uh oh, feels like baby wasted a little baby cum into the front of his baby diaper. Either that or you”ve been leaking precum like a fucking faucet on steady drip. You”re just a wee bit slimy in here.”

“Oh, fucking stop that or you”re gonna really make me cum, and I want one of my daddies to suck it outta me as one of you prepares my wanting gay baby boy diaper loving pussy to be fucked and filled like it deserves.” He said, ripping my hand from his diaper.

“From how hard and dripping you feel, hopefully you don”t blow their fucking heads off.”

“From how my balls feel right now, that”s actually a very real possibility.” He laughed.

“Good. Shall we go wake the daddies up and get this party started?” Trent asked.

“Hell yeah, even though we should probably be getting breakfast first.” I said.

“Fuck that noise, fuck me “til you can”t fucking fuck me any more. I don”t give a damn about food.” Jason said.

“Me neither.” The rest of us said together.

So, we hopped out of bed, skipped to the daddies” bedroom, and jumped onto the bed. The sound and feel of four incredibly horny boys jumping onto their bed startled both men awake, the fact that we ripped off their covers at the same time probably did not help.

“What the hell?” Daddy said as he was coming awake.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck me and fill me full like a good gay baby boy diaper loving slut deserves.” Jason said.

“It”s too early.” He groaned.

“You don”t needta be awake, in fact, the way I feel, you”re likely to pass out anyway, but I have a massive load of cum, and an even larger load a piss, I want you to suck it outta me, and then I want you to fucking double fuck my gay baby diapered bum good and proper.” Jason said, sounding so very husky.

As he had been saying that, though, he had been crawling up Dad”s body, pushing down his soggy baby diaper, exposing his hot horny gay teen baby dick for the sucking, and just as he finished, he was slipping it into Daddy”s mouth.

All dad did was make a strangled groan, but he reached up, slipped both his hands inside Jason”s diaper, held his bare baby bum, and pulled him the rest of the way in. I passed Dad the lube, telling him what I was giving him. He took it happily, and started lubing Jason up really well, after extracting his plug.

Brandon had taken a few extra seconds, but, before too long, he also has his hot little preteen gay baby boy cock inside Zayden”s hungry mouth. He too had had little chance to say anything, and he too has both hands inside Brandon”s soggy baby diaper, preparing his hot little gay baby bum hole for what we are all about to do to it.

Trent and I prepared each other by first pulling out and tossing aside both the diaper doublers that had been in our diapers, and it is a good thing that we had had two of them, because they are saturated, and our diapers are nearly as much, so they were desperately needed, not just desperately wanted as well. We then poked the holes in each others diapers, and then our daddy”s diapers, then pulled us all out at the same time to make each other party ready, and just as we are doing that, Jason is the first to slip into his orgasm.

“Oh fuck yes, you suck like a fucking slut, take my creamy gay teen baby cum you raunchy cock sucker, sucking your sons cock like a cock hungry slut should.” He nearly screamed out. Then, not even ten seconds later, “Oh fuck me, I”m still cumming, but I”m fucking pissing, god, fuck me that burns. Oh fuck yes, suck it all outta me.” He squealed. Never before have I managed to actually pee as I was cumming, it sounds painful, but really fucking hot.

Brandon slipped into his orgasm half a second after Jason did, though he was not nearly so vocal, and we barely heard him over Jason enjoying his, but he managed to hold off on peeing until his orgasm was completed, and he happily told Zayden to fucking drink every delicious drop, or else.

Neither baby boy are anywhere near prepared enough quite yet for what they want and need, even though our daddies had had to pull out rather large plugs, so, they kept sucking the two baby boys and fingering their baby bums. By now, I am certain that they have three fingers in each of them, but they are going to need four, and all the way. Just as I thought that, Jason groaned out deeply, followed half a second later by Brandon, and I know that the daddies just slipped them in. They are now working their holes real good, probably two fingers from each hand, opening them, stretching them, preparing them for the fun times ahead.

It took only two minutes for both boys to cum, and both are very loudly encouraging the men, and Trent and I damn near came from hearing and seeing it, but thankfully we managed to hold off.

“Oh, you gotta do me right fucking now.” Jason said, and then ripped his dick from Dad”s mouth, ripped Dad”s hands from his own ass, and then sat down fully and completely on Dad”s dick. “Mmm, yeah, now that”s what I need. Having a teen baby dick in me was amazing, having a real man cock in me though, infinitely amazing.”

Brandon also wasted no time in extracting himself from Zayden, and then sitting astride his hot hard diapered dick, and he moaned deeply as well.

“Come on Baby Brothers, double stuff us, fuck us like we owe you money.” Brandon said this time.

“Okay.” Trent and I said happily, and I went forth to Jason”s already well stuffed ass, while Trent headed to Brandon”s.

They were both so fucking tight that they damn near refused us entry, but we were persistent and did not allow said refusal, and slowly we made our way inside. Both baby boys groaned deeply from this, we know that it hurts, every bit as much as it had hurt Trent and I the night before, but, like us, we know that it also feels utterly amazing to them as well.

We did not stop until our soggy baby diapers are pressed firmly into the already nicely stuffed, soggy baby diapered bums underneath us, and my god, the heat and pressure on my dick, fucking amazing. I admit, I moaned out deeper than any of the other five did, almost as deeply as I did last night when I got to be the centre slut.

And then we started fucking.

It was full out rutting, fucking like sluts, there is no love, no tenderness, only raw and raunchy fucking, and even though I would much rather be in the centre position once again, I know that I cannot be the only one who gets that, so, I am happily fucking away. The problem is, I am about to cum, and I have been fucking for not even twenty seconds. I looked to Trent, and can see that he is having the same struggle as I, we want to keep fucking, but we simply must cum

We fought it for as long as we could, we maybe pushed until the one minute mark, but I seriously doubt it. The funny thing was, we are not the only ones to be cumming as we exploded inside Jason and Brandon. We caused all four of the others to explode as well, Jason and Brandon again, even though I had not thought that they would be able to so soon.

It felt amazing, feeling Dad”s dick ejecting his massive load of cum deep inside Jason”s ass, with my dick next to it, and we both pulse easily twelve or thirteen times, of course I am ejecting nothing, but Dad seems to be filling Jason up with more than enough for both of us anyway. But then, I exploded the other load that I am scarcely able to contain, I guess it was just too much, as soon as the main pressure was released, I started peeing, and much like Jason, it really fucking hurt, and I let it be known too, pissing and cumming at the same time, but it felt equally amazing as well. From the sounds that Trent, Dad, and Zayden all made at the same time, I am guessing that they all experienced the same pain, and are enjoying it every bit as much as I am.

I had not even finished peeing when I started fucking away merrily again, Jason is now so fucking sloppy inside it is simply amazing. He is still so very tight, so fucking hot, and gloriously sloppy, and, once more, even though I would rather it be me again, it truly does feel amazing to be double fucking Jason”s sloppy slutty, cummy pissy pussy good.

I managed to last for four more cums, even though Dad only managed three more, he was still at most half hard inside Jason, and I fucked again anyway. Jason sure did not seem to mind, and nor did Brandon, because Trent is still fucking him happily as well. As soon as we all came again for our fifth times, at least us boys, because the men could not cum again, we all slumped down, and are panting and gasping. It took easily ten minutes for us to come down.

“Wow, that was fucking fantastic.” Jason sighed deeply.

“Mmmhmm.” We all said as one.

“I need a gloriously soggy baby bum change, anyone care to plug me and quadruple diaper me like I deserve?” He asked.

“As long as I get the same.” Brandon said, and then the rest of us said we want the same as well.

And so, the two gay baby boy sluts who are supremely full right now got to get properly prepared first, and then the rest of us also all got the same treatment, though we all still have our nice large plugs in our gay baby bums, so clearly they did not have to be added.

“I don”t know about you baby boys, but I desperately need food now, and lots to drink.” Daddy said.

“Oh yeah.” We all said as one.


We all waddled our wondrously stuffed and diapered baby bums to the kitchen, where we made obscene amounts of food and drink, and even though I know that I should not have, I know that I do likely need it, and had double the amount of food that I normally take.

“So, what should we do today Baby”s?” I asked as we were just sitting there, sipping our tea, even Zayden had tea instead of making coffee, saying that he enjoyed the flavour far more.

“Well, I vote for going out, just like this, to the mall and looking around for an hour or two.” Jason grinned brightly.

“Yeah, not gonna happen. I mean, I”m as big a gay baby boy diaper lover as the worst of them out there, but that”s not gonna happen.” Zayden laughed.

“Actually, I think Jason just might be the bigger diaper lover, because he would do it.” I said.

“Really?” Zayden said.

“Oh hell yeah. I don”t care any more. You have any idea how much of a fight it”s been to not be diapered just as thickly at school every day, but my baby boyfriends and brothers won”t let me.”

“That”s good though, you really shouldn”t I”m proud of you, you”ve come so far, but, don”t do that to yourself. The world, it”s not kind to us, you know it a little because of your father, but, what we like, the people out there, they don”t understand us, they think we”re freaks, and they can and will make our lives a living hell if they can. The fact that we think their fetishes are disturbing means nothing. No, diaper love, that”s not a very common one, and even the freakiest of freaks who aren”t still think it”s weird. There are more and more of us all the time, so it”s getting better, but still, don”t do that to yourself Jason, I implore you, what you”ve already gone through, it could be so much worse.”

“Yeah, I know. Doesn”t change how I feel though, izmit escort bayan I”d still do it anyway.” He said sadly.

“I know, it”s hard, having a desire like this, and not be able to show it off to everyone, but you get to here, and that really is enough. Here you get to be free, get to be who and what you are deep inside, show it, embrace it, bask in it even, but, not outside of here.”

“Yeah, I know, and it is great here. I wouldn”t give this up for the world.”

“Yeah, well, going out and doing that sorta thing, well, that”s exactly the sorta thing that”ll get all this taken away from you, from all of us. Fuck, just what we did last night and this morning, us big gay baby boys would be tossed away so fucking fast, we”d be lucky if we survived at all, though, honestly, it”d wouldn”t be living, what they”d do to us. Even you boys though, do you know and understand what the shrinks would do to you. You”d be mindless puppets by the time they finished with you, if you didn”t shut down completely and just die, you”d never be the same, and by the way, that”s due just as much to your diaper love as it does to being gay and wanting to be fucked by men.

“I”ve met many great therapists and psychiatrists who don”t feel that way, but, I”ve met more than a couple over the years who”d only too happily do just that, because they feel that children can”t be sexual at all, ever, and that anyone before the age of twenty having sex must have been abused, not to mention having weird desires and how they treat that. I met one, a few years ago, a woman, most evil woman I”ve ever met in my life, she harmed that child far more than his adult lover ever could have, and he killed himself. I told her that she was to blame for that, but, of course I was a monster because I thought she was wrong. Whatever you do, never put yourself into a position where you haveta see someone like her, and she”s the sort that the courts appoint.”

“Wow, I had no idea how bad it was.” Jason said sadly.

“Yeah, like I said, never willingly put yourself in that situation, enjoy to your fullest here, but away from here, tone it down, a lot, trust me. Death really might be preferable to what they”d do to us, all of us, equally, not one of us would escape unscathed. I wish it wasn”t so bad, I wish I could go to the mall in nothing but a massively thick diaper and profess to every hot boy and man there that I”d happily diaper them and diaper fuck them “til they couldn”t cum any more. I truly am just as big a diaper lover, just as much as I presume the others are as well, only, they”ve already figured a few things out, things you needed to. Possibly the largest abuse your father gave you was the amount he sheltered you from seeing everything around you, because, by your age, you really should”ve seen just how horrible the world truly is to those of us who are different.”

“Yeah, he sheltered me alright, nothing except what he said was correct, and even when I pointed out to him that I read differently, he”d smack me and tell me that what he was telling me was the truth, and nothing else mattered. He was incredibly stupid and backwards, and I”m probably lucky that he didn”t just outright kill me. That”s actually kinda what I thought he”d do, to tell you the truth, it never even entered my mind that he”d verbally abuse me so bad that he”d make me try and kill myself, and that”s exactly what he was trying to do. No blood on his hands that way I guess, I did it myself, how could he be blamed for that.”

“Your father was an evil man, but he”s exactly where he deserves to be, but, sadly, I think that he”s gonna be the type to run the place from the inside, and it might be worse that he”s there. Trust me, had he found out what I liked, I”d be dead.”

“Yeah, I agree, sad but true, but, if we”re lucky, the boss in there right now won”t take too kindly to him trying to take over, and he just has him killed.”

“Yes, we can only hope.” Zayden grinned.

“So, that still leaves, what should we do today?” I asked again.

“Well, since we”re all so heavily diapered, and there”s simply no point in taking them off “til they”re so fucking wet we”re leaking, we may as well just stay in and play the day away.” Dad said.

“But what?” I asked.

“Why don”t we all grab our computers and do a network game, just the six of us.”

“I don”t have my computer here with me, and it”s too old and small to play most good games anyway. I usually use my desktop or games systems for playing games.” Zayden said.

“We have more than enough computers around here, I”m sure we could figure something out. However, with that being said, I remember you saying something about your notebook computer being old and decrepit, so, I grabbed you one at the same time.” Dad said, grinning, and then hopped up and went and grabbed another computer, exactly the same as us boys”. It is already unboxed and probably already set up from the way dad is grinning.

“You didn”t needta buy me a new computer, I have a perfectly good one at home.”

“I know. Call it paent for unlocking my diaper love finally. I really do owe you for that.”

“Thanks.” He said softly.

So, we all went and grabbed our computers, Dad and I helped everyone to get set up, and then, because none of them know how to play this game, we taught them, and so, we played. We all had a lot of fun, and paused for a bit to have lunch, we had had lots to drink as we played, and then continued playing right through to dinner time.

“Well, I can”t possibly sit any more.” Dad said as we were packing up.

“Same.” The rest of us said.

We all helped to make dinner, talking, joking, and laughing just like we have been all day, and then we sat down to eat. After dinner we hit the games room and played games in there, though we played games that kept us standing and moving. Finally it was close enough to bedtime to call it, and the only reason, because Trent started dripping pee out the bottom of his diaper first.

“Mmmm, does this mean us little gay baby boys getta fuck our daddies together now?” Trent asked huskily when I pointed out that he had started to leak.

I had pointed it out, and then promptly hit my knees, buried my face in the seat of his quadruple saturated baby bum, and then I pulled his diapers out enough to bury my face in it and proceeded to suck some of his deliciously sweet baby pee out of it.

“Oh yeah.” Everyone said, though from what Trent asked or about what I am currently doing, I have no idea.

As soon as I stood up, Trent hit his knees and did likewise to me, while the others watched, and then as soon as he stood up, Brandon hit his knees and did the same to Jason, who then repaid the favour back to Jason as soon as he stood up. Then Daddy hit his knees and did the same thing to Zayden, and then Zayden did the same to Daddy.

“Fuck, that was hot.” Brandon groaned out.

“Oh yeah, and I”d already been hard before we even started doing that, now I”m so fucking hard I think I”m topping out the hardness scale somewhere around double the hardness of diamond.” Jason admitted.

“Same.” We all said, cupping said diapered hardness, just on our boyfriends.

“Good.” We all said again.

“Come on, our gay diaper loving daddies deserve to be double fucked. We”ll haveta change, of course, which means we”ll have fuck through dry diapers and ruin them, but that might be for the best, less diaper material to get in the way, since none of us are exactly huge, but then, of course, we”ll haveta put at least one more diaper over top of them when we”re done. What a shame.” I grinned.

“Oh yeah.”

We practically dragged our diapered daddies to their bedroom, where they were unceremoniously stripped of their super soggy baby diapers, and would you not know it, but us naughty baby boys sucked even more sweet baby peepee from their baby diapers. Of course, we could not bend them down, so, when we taped up their fresh diapers, their dicks are poked out the tops, and it looks sexy beyond all belief. Us four baby boys got our soggy baby bums changed next by our daddies, and they too sucked as much peepee from our diapers was they could as well. Finally we are all ready.

Because Jason is largest, and he and I get to fuck Daddy, Jason laid down, and Daddy poked the hole in his diaper and pulled out his hot gay baby bone. As he was doing that, I was poking the hole in the back of Daddy”s diaper, getting him ready to go. We had not removed our plugs during the diapering, so I took care of that now, and gently worked Daddy”s very large plug from his hole. As soon as I had him ready, he got into position, and started lowering himself onto one of his brand new son”s hot hard baby dicks.

As Dad was getting himself comfortable, I was preparing my diapered dinky to enter my very own daddy as well, and as soon as I was ready, Daddy was ready for me, and so, I slipped in and sank all the way in easily. I know that Jason and I together are barely what Daddy is used to from just Zayden, but still, he moaned nice and low as I slipped in as well.

Zayden is right beside him, moaning lowly as Brandon is slipping into his already filled baby bum, because Zayden currently has Trent underneath him, and Brandon entering from the back.

I could not really worry about the trio beside me, my concentration being elsewhere of far more importance at the moment, so sue me right.

As soon as I was buried as deeply inside Daddy as I could be, I had to stop. I fucking near came instantly from just entering him, and I do not want that, I want to get to fuck him at least a little first. Once I felt I was ready to start, I started thrusting as much as I possibly could, and lasted at most thirty seconds. I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life, getting to fuck my daddy was so erotic. I think I have said it before, but I have had a major crush on my dad for a good portion of my whole life. There is no one that I love more than him, even Trent, and I love Trent a great deal. The first person I ever dreamed of having sex with was my dad, and now, finally, between last night and tonight, I have finally got what I have dreamed of for so long, and it made me cum harder, stronger, better than I have ever managed before, and that is even considering what I got to experience last night.

My massive orgasm caused all five of the others to explode not even a whole second after I started, and I got to feel Jason filling Daddy, as well as Daddy pulsing around our dicks, and it felt incredible. It was just as I was coming down from that that my piss just started ejecting from me, but, just before that, I realized that Daddy felt a lot sloppier than Jason should have been able to do on his own. Then that thought disappeared, because the feeling of peeing as I was still pretty near cumming, once again almost burned. All the while, I am still thrusting, I have no idea how I am, I just am, my body seems to be doing it of its own free will, and I am truly piss fucking my daddy.

And now, I get to truly enjoy, and start a truly wondrous rhythm, as long and deep as I am capable of doing, Daddy and Jason both doing what they are able to keep the rhythm going, and all of us enjoying a great deal as well. This time we last maybe three minutes before exploding once more, and it was damn near as good and powerful as the first.

Without too much shock or surprise, us boys barely even paused as we came, and kept right on going, fucking away happily. We managed three more orgasms, whereas our daddies only managed one more, yet they were more than happy to allow us to keep on fucking them, even though I am certain that both had gone soft after their last, our fourth, because they did not cum again on us boys” third cums.

“Wow, that was really fucking amazing.” I sighed deeply as I finally came down.

“Mmmhmm.” All five of the rest sighed deeply as one.

“Well, I don”t know about you baby boys, but I need at least one more thick thirsty tape on baby diaper added, but I think I also want two gloriously thick diaper doublers added as well.” Daddy said.

“Okay.” We all said.

Trent hopped up and grabbed all the diaper supplies that we are about to need, and just as I was pulling down the front of Daddy”s diaper, I was passed everything. Of course, the very first thing that I did after opening up Daddy”s diaper, was to suck out as much of the sweet cum that made me. I sucked greedily of every drop that I could possibly get from it, and he tastes so fucking good, I totally forgot to share with at least one of my baby brothers.

“Hey, did you swallow it all down without sharing?” Trent smacked me playfully, just as Brandon and Jason were kissing, sharing the cum that Brandon had just sucked out of Zayden”s diaper.

“Oh god, sorry Baby, it tasted so good, and I”ve dreamed of sucking down Daddy”s cum since I was like five or six years old. I”m sure you”ll still getta taste it though.” I said, and then pulled him to me and kissed him deeply.

“Mmmm, he does taste pretty fucking good, doesn”t he.”

“Oh yeah. I promise I”ll try and remember to share next time though, okay Baby.”


Trent and I then proceeded to add a doubler to Daddy”s already ruined baby diaper, then poked even more holes in it before taping it up. We then put onto him one more even bigger diaper, with yet another doubler in it. Finally we taped it all onto him real well, to ensure that it does not come off easily.

Daddy and Trent then diapered me up properly, and then Daddy and I diapered Trent, while the other three traded off and diapered each other good and proper as well. Now that we are all properly diapered, we are all in desperate need of a drink and a snack. Since the others are starving, their words, I figured that it would probably be a very good idea for me to have a snack as well. We each had a few pieces of fruit, some yogurt, a glass of water, an even larger glass of orange juice, and then a large four litre jug of tea between the six of us, this a nice chamomile tea, since it is pretty close to bed time, and this will allow us to calm down lots to sleep well.

It was still almost an hour early when we all decided that we are now pretty near exhausted, and so, we all headed to bed. Tonight Jason and Brandon decided to take one of the other bedrooms, so that left Trent and I alone, which we are okay with. They are much closer together, same as Trent and I are, and Dad and Zayden are, so, even though we are all boyfriends together, we are still three separate couples too.

Trent and izmit sınırsız escort I cuddled up and kissed tenderly for several minutes, saying nothing, neither of us even got hard in the least, it was purely loving, then seconds or less after saying goodnight, I love you to each other, we are sound asleep.

When we all awoke Sunday morning, not one of us are close to full yet, and so, we sit around in our gloriously thick baby diapers for the most part of the day. We played in the garage, we played in the games room, but, we did not play in the bedroom. We are all still so satisfied from the previous day that even when we went and changed our boyfriends a little before dinner time, we each only came once.

That was when Trent informed me that I had the tiniest little bubble of precum ooze out of my dick on my last pulse. He swiped his tongue across my dick head, and proclaimed it heavenly.

“Last night, as were were fucking, I think I might”ve had my first actual cum, it was way more intense than I”ve ever felt before, and Daddy felt sloppier after we came than I thought Jason could”ve done on his own, so, I wonder if I had my very first wet cum deep inside my Daddy”s gay baby bum.”

“That”d be so hot, I knew you were getting close, and I”d hoped to be able to suck the first load from your hot little gay baby balls, but ejecting your first load into your own daddy”s baby diapered bum is pretty fucking hot too.” Trent said.

“No shit.”

We proudly told all the others what we had learned when we congregated once again to start making dinner, and they were all proud of me, especially Daddy, who gave me a very not so father son kiss of congratulations. I damn near came again. For the rest of the day, we just kicked back and watched a movie and then TV, enjoying the company and our nice double thick baby diapers.

Monday and Tuesday went by shockingly fast, and it was thankfully much easier to get Jason into proper thickness of diapers, he had taken what Zayden said to heart, and no longer nearly begged us to quadruple diaper him, even for school, so that is good. Surprise of surprises though, but still no one would talk to us or even come near us unless it was unavoidable. That is okay with us, though, it only hurts them more in the long run if you ask me.

Wednesday, while Dad was at work, the builder doing our house for us called and told him that the house will be ready to move into on Friday already, that they are going to be completed ahead of schedule, which we are most certainly okay with. Dad almost instantly called the moving company and arranged for them to come and move everything Friday morning. We will just all have to pack up all of our personal belongings Thursday night, so that we do not scare the normal people.

We were all excited when we got home on Thursday, and did pack up all that needed to be packed up, we only kept what we need for tonight and tomorrow within easy reach, and the rest was packed into the car, so not too far if we still need anything.

Even though we really did not want to, Dad made us boys all go to school, saying that we would only be in the way of the movers anyway, and that they are scheduled to be done just shortly after we get off school, so we may as well go and keep our minds busy for the rest of the day. Yeah, well, that was a pointless waste of time, all four of us, hell, even Zayden admitted the same, could not concentrate on anything.

Dad and Zayden had made it official as well, and last night Zayden had went to his house and packed up anything that he cares to keep, and is just going to rent out his house, fully furnished, and is moving in with us. I even teased him and told him that he will be the mommy I”ve always wanted. Yeah, we all burst out laughing at that.

The day could not possibly have ended fast enough, and us boys ended up just catching a ride with Zayden, and we are going straight to the new house, since it is too far to walk now, by a fair distance. Zayden said that he should be staying to keep working for at least another hour, but he too is too excited.

The last time I was to the new house, the exterior was pretty much done, but now it is completed, and it looks great. Even the driveway is now done, which it had not been before, as well there is new grass laid. Funny that considering where I used to live, this time of the year, there would have been zero chance that sod could be laid, considering the roughly one meter of snow that we had on the ground, whereas where we are now, it is bright, sunny, reasonably warm, about five or six degrees, and is a little rainy most days. I am told it is because we are in a temperate rain forest that we rarely get snow, or at least much of it at our elevation, which is pretty near sea level. I am perfectly okay with that, I grew up in an area that routinely got seven months of hard winter, and quite frankly, I hated it. I am not a cold weather person at all, so warm and rainy in the middle of winter I can deal with.

As we pulled up, though, all the others in the car with me all gasped. Sure, they had seen the conceptual drawings, they had seen the plans, but it truly is a spectacular house, and that is just the outside view. The inside should be considerably better.

The moving truck is no longer here, so hopefully that means that they are done. We park next to Dad”s car, and hop out, and I lead the way inside the house. As we enter, I hear four more gasps. But then, even I myself find myself in awe. The last time I had seen the interior, it had just been in the beginning drywall stage, and even then only half of it had been up, but now that it is finished, it truly does look amazing. Dad saw us as we came in, and came over all grins.

“So, what do you baby boys all think about your new house?” He asked happily.

“Wow.” We pretty much all said together.

“Yeah, pretty nice, huh.”

“Oh yeah. And I love all the privacy we have, there”s not even a neighbor for at least a kilometer, the house is set way back into the trees, so you can barely even see the road, and then, the interior, wow.” Zayden said.

“Yeah, this is more our style, come, check it all out. The movers are done, so, feel free to strip down to your soggy baby diapers.” Dad said, and then led us all in stripping, which we all did happily.

The movers had not been paid to unpack anything, they just packed it up and moved it here, they did set up the furniture for us though, so that is good, and pretty near everything is in the room that it is supposed to be in, so, this weekend will be a lot of setting up, and I am not entirely convinced that it will be enough time. We spent probably every bit of a full hour, touring the entire house. It was as we were looking at the full, unfinished basement that Trent giggled and said that we could make a most amazing sex play room down here. Well, that totally got all our thoughts rolling, and I think we all have a few good ideas, and I know Dad well enough to know that he will likely do it as well.

The last time I had been here, the pool had not actually been finished, nor had it been covered yet, but now that it is, it really is beautiful. We spent almost a third of our budget just on the pool house, and at damn near a million for the entire build, and that is over and above the land price, it is pretty spectacular. All of us oohed and awed over it several times. Finally we checked out what will be the back yard. Right now it is just completely bare, Dad did not even bother having them put sod in the back yard yet, since we did not know what we wanted to do with it.

The back yard had sloped down to a nice creek, still a few hundred meters from the house, but it was not flat, so we had them tier it off once, to make it more flat. There is a guard rail fence made of glass to prevent falls, because it is a meter and a half drop, and there are stairs in three locations, getting down to the second tier. We both wanted to have a nice big garden, as well as lots of flower gardens too, so that will still need to be done, but the lower section will get the vegetable gardens, as well we are going to plant some fruit trees and bushes around the perimeter. The upper tier will eventually be finished in nice pavers with lots of gardens and whatnot, and we even have plans for a cool outdoor kitchen, but Dad did not want to do that now, since our budget had pretty much all been used up.

As we looked down to the second tier, and toward the creek, the others saw a pipe sticking out and asked what it was, so Dad explained to them that it comes from the kitchen sink, that we put in a food disposal into it, and that all food waste comes out that pipe, and that will be where our compost bin is, so all food and yard waste goes there. They thought that was kind of cool. He also explained how all rain water is collected and stored, and that all yard and garden watering comes from that, and even the toilets are flushed using collected rain water. He also told them how there are twenty solar panels on the roof of the house to help with electricity, and that the entire house had been constructed with utmost efficiency in mind, that it only takes the power of one one hundred watt light bulb to heat the house on average. They all liked all this.

“So, what do you all think of our new home now?” Dad asked once we were all back inside.

“I think I can speak for us all, when I say fucking amazing.” Zayden said.

We all nodded our agreement.

“Yeah, the movers were astounded, but then I told them what it costs, and the one guy damn near shit his pants. With land cost, we”re at damn near one point five million, but we have almost four acres, there”s a creek running through it, it”s awesomely private, and then the house on top of it all, it truly is worth every penny of it.” Dad said proudly.

“Wow, I had no idea you were that rich.” Jason said in awe.

“While we certainly have a fair bit of money, where I”ve always considered myself richest is in the love of my son, and now I have four amazing sons, and a wonderful boyfriend, so I am far richer now than I have ever been before. I really couldn”t care less about the money, sure it”s nice, allows us to have some of the nicer things in life, such as this house, but it”s not money that makes us happy, it”s the love that we all share that truly makes us happy.” Dad said happily, a tear leaking out as he said so, and then we all hugged and cried happily.

Even though we really should be unpacking, when Jason asked if we could go and have a fun family gay baby boy orgy to celebrate the love of family, we all agreed that that sounded really fucking amazing, so, we headed to Dad”s bedroom and baby diaper bum fucked, lots. We spent damn near three hours in the bedroom, and all the others were famished by the time we were done. Of course, I do not feel hungry, but I know that I have to eat every bit as much as the others do, and so, we went and ate a really good dinner.

We spent the entire weekend, and Monday too, unpacking everything, getting it all set up and running, and now our games room looks fucking amazing, way better than it ever has before, but only because we had designed it to be amazing. We enjoyed the shop, the pool, the games room, and our theatre a little when we rested, but the whole weekend really was busy.

We stayed quadruple diapered the entire time, and other than a few loads dropped during diaper changes, the only real sex had been Friday night. Trent was only too happy to get to finally suck some delicious gay baby milk out of my gay baby balls, and he sighed so deeply from it, it was shocking.

It took a while for us to get used to our new house, but we are all enjoying it a great deal. Come spring time, we got the gardens started, we did the upper patio ourselves, since we felt we could, and it looks as good as we had all hoped it would. Us baby boys were still pretty much ignored or ridiculed every day at school, and Zayden happily suspended no less than twenty kids for bullying us, and expelled one for outright hate crimes, but, by the end of spring, we were all pretty tired of it, and so, we asked if we could do homeschooling instead, and after a week of nearly begging, Dad let us, and now we are especially happy. Dad even works from home pretty near half the time, so that is great.

Just as the school year was about to end, Zayden heard from one of the principals at another middle school, that there was a pair of boys, twelve and thirteen years old, who had been found to be gay diaper lovers as well. Zayden went and met with them, asked them how they are coping now that they were outed, and they admitted not so good. Not only were they outed at school, but at home as well, and pretty much both are now without parents, since all have pretty much shunned them, though they have not been kicked out outright yet. When asked if they wanted to come live with us, and why, they wholeheartedly said yes. Us baby boys had a great gay baby boy orgy that night, and then all eight of us had fun the next night, and our newest gay baby brothers got to feel their brand new daddies dicks deep inside them. They also love the fact that we double, triple, and even quadruple diaper each other quite frequently, and really, we almost never wear just a single diaper, even when we go out, we always have a nice thick doubler inside our baby diapers as well.

Will we add more kids if the opportunity presents itself, absolutely. Did we build and enjoy our sex play room in the basement, fuck yeah we did. Do we all love each other, fully. Yes, and yes, that pun was totally intended. Sure, we still have our actual boyfriends, but some nights we play as a group, some nights in our boyfriend groups, and sometimes we even separate and go into different pairs, my favorite is when I get to have my daddy all to myself and we make love to each other.

And that there is my tale. I had thought that Middle School really sucked, and boy did it. Mmm, it so gloriously sucked too.

****And another one bites the dust. If you made it this far, I hope that you enjoyed. As always, should you wish to contact me, feel free to do so at erich5748 at ail. I usually tell people how a story came about, at this point, but I started this one so long ago now that I actually forget. Sometimes it is seeing or meeting a special boy that sparks an idea, sometimes that idea comes to me in a dream or while I am working and doing menial tasks and have time to think, but, like I said, I actually cannot recall this one now. I had been so busy the previous six months, since just after I started this story, that there were sometimes as much as weeks between pages or chapters, and I practically had to read the entire story to figure out where I was. Hopefully this did not cause any time issues, even though I edited it, and did find and fix a few of these, I could have just as easily missed one or two as well. So, there you have it. Thanks for reading.****

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