Michelle My Hotwife Ch. 02

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When I awoke the next day, I was amazed at how relaxed I was. I looked over at Michelle and saw that she was sleeping soundly, as she usually was as I got up three hours before her most days. In the shower, I jerked myself to one of the best finishes ever. I had a hard on all the while I ate breakfast and made my lunch. I went and got dressed and looked at my Michelle still sound asleep. I kissed her passionately and left for work. The boys seemed to know something was up with me. I seemed happy and had more spring in my step. Tim was the first to ask what was up.

“Dude, what is up with you today? You left early last night, you didn’t drink, and here you are prancing around like you just won the fucking lottery!”

“Tim, something happened to me so wild that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I said with a smile. Tim shook his head and walked away. The boys avoided me the rest of the day, thinking I was going through some sort of metal breakdown and didn’t want to be anywhere near me when the bottom fell out. I headed home after work again denying the boys a round of beers. When I walked in the house, I saw that Michelle was still at work. I wasn’t surprised by this as it was only because of the after work beers I usually had with the boys that made me later then her. I was still wound up about the night before and determined to make the most of the situation that had so neatly presented itself to me. Thinking long and hard on the best way to proceed, I decided that I needed to catch her in the act again, only this time I would join in. I knew she would be home soon and I needed to play it out the same way I did last time; only now I knew the signs I was looking for.

Michelle walked in the door just after six that evening, she was surprised to see me but happy. She went and changed and then had her usual before dinner smoke out back before joining me in the dining room.

“No beer with the boys tonight?” she asked sitting at the table. I looked into her coffee brown eyes and smiled. She truly was a beautiful woman.

“Not tonight, my dear. I need to go out of town next week for three days to get a site ready and want to spend time with you until then!” I said putting my plan to catch her again into action. I am not sure if it was that I wanted to see her have a reaction to my news of going out of town or if she really did have one, but I could have sworn that after I said it she had the slightest smile.

“Oh no! Well I am glad that we will be spending a couple of days together anyway,” she said getting up and heading to the kitchen. “What did you want for supper? I was going to just make a salad!” she called out to me.

“Why don’t we go out tonight?”

“OK, where did you want to go?” she asked returning to the dining room.

“Chop!” I said getting up to go and change. Chop is an expensive steak and seafood restaurant in Winnipeg.

“Sounds good,” she replied and we went to change. I wore a nice suit and Michelle wore a beautiful black evening dress with high heels and stockings. We drove the thirty minutes to the steakhouse talking about her day; her job on most days was very boring but on occasion she would have something interesting to say about it. As we ate, I steered the talk towards sex, seeing as I was horny as hell from both the night before and the thought of catching her again.

“Honey, what’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done?” I asked after the main course plates were taken from our table. Michelle looked into my eyes, trying to see where I was going with this. She smiled thinking I am sure of some kinky night in her past that I have never heard about. She took a sip of her wine then answered.

“Well…” she began. A wicked smile creeping across her face. “In college, I was maybe nineteen, no virgin mind you, but still not too experienced. Well I was on a date with a guy I liked and we went back to his place. He had three roommates and, well, after a couple of lines and a lot of rum, I fucked all four of them. Afterwards, they all came on my face! That would be the nastiest thing I’ve ever done.” I was in shock! I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I knew she was a lot more wild than I was; I also knew because of last night that she was into group sex. I never knew that she was this wild. She had told me that in college she was a fairly big drug user and had long since kicked any habit. I didn’t know what to say, I just sat there staring at her. “What?” she asked after what must have been a minute of silence.

I took a sip of wine and cleared my throat. “Sorry dear… I just wasn’t expecting that. I never knew you had had group sex before! Was that the only time?” I asked, curious now both with how she would answer and what I might hear. She took my hand in hers.

“I’ll answer any questions you ask! BUT, you must promise not to think less of me. This was before we met and truthfully I was a different person back then! Deal?” I squeezed her hand hard. escort kağıthane

“Michelle, I love you and no matter what you did in the past, hell even what you might want to do now, I will continue to love you!” I said, I immediately thought I may have overplayed my hand. Her eyebrows rose a little at my last statement.

“No, I have had group sex three times before. That time, once with two sorority sisters, and lastly with a sorority sister and her boyfriend.” I smiled at her answer. The waitress came and asked if we wanted dessert. I looked at Michelle. “No, I think we will be having dessert at home. Just the bill.” Michelle smiled a wicked smile back at me. I paid the cheque and we went back home. As I drove, my mind was racing, mostly about what she wasn’t telling me! What had gone on behind my back? I thought of her in so many dirty situations, my cock was a rod now. Michelle caressed my thigh as I began to drive with hurried purpose.

We didn’t talk too much on the way home, and once in the garage I quickly ushered her inside. Once we were in the foyer, I pulled her close. I wanted to just fuck her though. No making love, just raw sex. I pulled up her dress and forced her to bend over. With her high heels and her already tall height, I easily entered her. I pushed into her wet pussy with ease. She too had obviously wanted this for she made no objection and her pussy was positively dripping wet. I looked at her asshole as I drove my cock into her. Her perfect ass and puckered button. Grabbing her hips, I fucked her with all my might. Michelle grunted and moaned as I laid into her. She was very flexible from years of sports and yoga, so bending over so far was no problem. “Don’t cum baby, I want more!” she panted as I vigorously fucked her. She knew me well as I was getting close. I pulled out and dropped to my knees. I looked at her dripping pussy for a second and then began to eat her out. “Oh you nasty boy!! Yesss that’s it, eat me!” Michelle cried out. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it deeper into her. My nose

was buried in her ass. I loved it. All the while, though, I was thinking of what her lovers since we’ve been married have done to bring her pleasure, the more I thought the dirtier the scenario played out in my mind. The dirtier the scenario, the hornier I became.

I got up and the two of us walked to the backyard where we owned a nice large hot tub. We were normally pretty conservative when outside the safety of our home, but tonight we didn’t care. We stripped off our clothes, I uncovered the tub and we climbed in. I left the deck lights off and put on only the tub lights. They were different hues of blue and green. I climbed in first followed by my wife. I sat on one edge, still sporting an iron hard on. Michelle waded over and took me in her mouth. I didn’t want a gentle blowjob and when I put my hand on the back of her head and forced her down she got the message and reciprocated nicely. She swallowed my cock and let me fuck her mouth roughly.

“You nasty slut! You look so good with a cock in your mouth!” I said getting more and more worked up. I remembered pictures of her in college where she was a real wild child, I could now with vivid detail picture her sucking off four guys and letting them use her like a common whore. Again, these thoughts only fueled my desire for her. I wanted to see this with my own eyes, I wanted to be there while she sucked them off, be involved.

“Mmmm I am a nasty slut! I love cock!” she said pulling off and slapping my meat on her tongue. “What do you want this whore to do next?”

“Lick my ass!” I blurted out. Michelle smiled and moved away letting me turn around. I bent over the edge exposing my ass to her. She moved back to me and spread my cheeks and began to lick my asshole. I was in heaven; her touch was magical and I felt my hole dilate as she pushed farther into me. She was soon fucking my ass with her tongue. All I could do was grunt as she brought me to new heights of pleasure. The whole ass play was new to me, she had rimmed me before but we were both drunk and it was not for any length of time and didn’t really register as pleasure for me. Then last night she fingered my ass for the first time, and this opened up the floodgates for me wanting ass play more and more. I felt her push a finger into me soon and then I was sure she pushed in another. I looked back over my shoulder at her. She seemed to be in a trance concentrating on my only my ass and what she was doing to it.

“God baby your ass is so tight I love it. I want to fuck it so badly!”

“What, with your toy?” I asked, just the thought made my cock twitch with anticipation. Michelle stood up and grabbed my hips and pretending as if she had a cock she began to mimic fucking me. I have to admit this would have wigged me out a few days ago but since Monday night, there were no taboos any more with me. Nothing was out of bounds any more.

“Ya I think it would be so escort nişantaşı hot!” I felt her pussy slap against my asshole. “Oh baby I am cumming just thinking about it!” I closed my eyes as she role played fucking my ass. I now knew I wanted this.

“Fuuccckkk! Yea it would be!” I said not able to control myself. Michelle gave a wicked giggle and dropped back into the water. She pulled my cock between my legs and started to suck it again. I was still bent over and now was thinking of her fucking me in the ass. I needed her, I needed her now. I sat back into the tub and pulled her down onto me. Her back was to me, she guided me easily into her pussy. The heat of water and the heat of her pussy began to make me sweat. Michelle too was sweating profusely as she bounced up and down on my cock. I cupped her tits and nipped at her neck. The riding was causing waves to splash over the edge of tub onto the deck. Her loud moans and my grunts I knew must be making the neighbors wonder what we were doing. “I’m going to cum!” I said as she quickened the pace in which she was riding my cock.

“Yea, cum in me!”

“Here it comes!” I said after one last thrust. I held her down on me and deposited all I had in me. Michelle sat there for a long while, my cock still in her. I didn’t think I ever wanted to move from that spot. But reality soon hit us and we realized that we in fact had drawn a crowd. I could see the neighbors to our left standing on their porch which, due to their vantage point, was one of the reasons we behaved when we were outside. They could and probably did see absolutely everything Michelle and I had done. To our right the neighbor I didn’t get along with was also outside listening in. I could see her pudgy little body through the slats in the fence.

“Having fun I see!” Irene said from her porch. She was a cool older lady who was, by my knowledge, on her fourth marriage; each time she would marry a younger man. Greg, her current husband, was a little over forty where Irene was well into her sixties. Michelle blushed and waved at her but said nothing, she reached down and grabbed her dress and scurried inside. I followed suit. As we darted into our house, we endured cat calls from Greg and Irene. Jackie, who was the other neighbor, said nothing. Though I can only imagine what she was thinking. Once inside the safety of our house, we both burst out laughing.

“Shit, what they must think of us!” Michelle said dropping her now soaked dress by the laundry room.

“Ah fuck’em, they’re just jealous cause they don’t got what we do!” I said walking up to the bedroom. Michelle didn’t come up for quite awhile and I started to wonder what was going on. I walked back downstairs to see her at her laptop, she had slipped on a robe that must have been down there. I walked quietly up behind her and looked to see what she was looking at. She was on messenger chatting with someone. I only had a few seconds but it was all I needed to confirm that she was planning something for when I was to be away. I backed up and made a noise as if I had just entered. Michelle sat bolt upright and closed her computer.

She looked at me and smiled. “Sorry babe lost track of time. Just chatting with Chris. I think I might have a visit with him and Lorie while you are gone,” she said quickly. She then grabbed her smokes and headed out for her before bed cigarette. I smiled and went back up to the room. I must have been tired for I didn’t remember seeing her walk into the room before I fell asleep, but I awoke with her next to me.

I got up and did my usual routine and then headed off to work for the day. There Tim and the others bothered me about how I was acting all odd, I took it all and gave shots back where I could; I didn’t want there to be a chance for Tim to say anything to tip Michelle off because Shannon and Michelle were very close friends and talked all the time. I knew if they really thought something was up that Shannon would say something to Michelle. This might get her guard up. By the end of the day, I had everything back to normal. I told Tim I needed to go out of town for a job. This was common for us and we never really asked too many questions about it. Now that I had Tim, Michelle and everyone else concerned that I was going out of town, I needed to leave town. I decided to stay with an old friend who I still talked to but Michelle hated, there was no worry that way for her hearing about it. Dale was happy for the company and we enjoyed the first two nights joking and talking. I borrowed his car to check in on Michelle and see if there were any cars in the driveway. The first two nights there was nothing. The third night, however, I pulled on to our street and there in the driveway was one of the two cars that was there that first night. I parked up the street and headed to Irene and Greg’s place. It was only ten and I knew they didn’t go to bed til pretty late. I knocked, Greg answered the door in a pair of shorts and that osmanbey escort was all. I saw Irene dart by in only a skimpy teddy from what I could tell.

“R.J. what are you doing here?” Greg asked, it wasn’t rude or angry the way he asked but I knew I had interrupted sex.

“Shit, sorry Greg I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys. I just need to use your balcony for a minute! Would that be OK?” I asked. I really didn’t want to interrupt them but I also really wanted to make sure when I barged in on Michelle that she would be in the middle of something.

Greg looked more than confused at my request but simply invited me in and led me to the porch. “Just let yourself out the side gate when you are done, OK!” he said. I thanked him and watched him turn and walk away. I looked over at my house and was very surprised to see that Michelle had neglected to close all the blinds. I could see her and the tattooed young man sitting at the table in the kitchen. They each had a cup of coffee in front of them and seemed deep in conversation. Michelle was wearing a button down blouse and a skirt from what I could tell, and the man was wearing a pair of jeans and a dress shirt. I looked on, careful not to make myself too visible or draw attention to myself. It was almost a half hour before I saw her stand and take him by the hand, she turned off the kitchen light and not too long after, I saw my bedroom light turn on. I turned and walked back into Greg’s house forgetting completely what he had asked of me. I could hear them fucking somewhere in the house so I made a beeline for the front door only catching a glimpse of the two of them on a sofa in the living room. I saw her legs in the air and his ass pumping up and down. I turned back and went back out and used the exit he had asked me to instead. I went to my front door and tried it. Locked, I inserted my key and opened it. I crept carefully upstairs to our bedroom I could tell that they were still not fully into it yet, I waited to hear something that would signal me the right time to enter. My cock was already rock hard, and I hadn’t seen anything yet! But what would I see? Would I still be turned on? Would my view change to anger this time? All these thoughts raced through my mind. I only need wait a short time.

“Oh god Michelle yeeessss that’s it, just like that!” I heard his young voice cry out.

“Take it you sissy little fuck!” I heard her tell him, I knew that this was my time. I walked in and saw my wife standing at the foot of the bed her lover laying back, his legs in the air. I could see the harness and I knew all too well what she was doing. I made enough noise this time to alert her to my presence. She slowly turned to face me. Her lover sat up and froze. “I thought you… I thought you were out of town?” she said slowly. I could tell she was shit scared as was the young man. I began to take off my clothes. I wanted this! I knew I did, seeing her with her strap on, her perfect cougar body, her long raven black hair her tan lines. I wanted it all. I still hadn’t said a word by the time I was naked. “How long?”

“Monday night I caught you! I’ve been setting this up since!” I admitted to her. “Now let’s do this!” I said walking up and kissing her. “I think you were fucking his ass when I walked in!” I said looking at the tattooed man sitting on our bed. Michelle nodded and I nudged her to continue. I told them to resume what they were doing. The two did as I desired, soon she was fucking his ass while he jerked off. I got behind her and cupped her breasts as I looked on. I had to admit I was turned on. I never thought I would have been but here I was watching my wife cheat and I was loving it. I spit on my hand and began lubing up my hard cock. I positioned it right as her back door, Michelle stopped long enough to let me enter her. I thought I would have to work harder to get it into her but it went in with not too much trouble. Soon we got a rhythm going where she really did all the work she would just piston herself back and forth, while the two of us just remained still. She was instantly into it. I could feel her passion build as was my own. I was loving it. Though I just barged in, things were moving as if we had planned them for months. We had had anal sex a couple of times though neither time was this fast or nasty. It was almost like were just testing the waters before. I would enter her and after a few slow thrusts I would pull out. Not now though, now she was like a seasoned pornstar, willing and able to take it all.

“R.J. God damit your cock is so fucking big!” she moaned. I knew all too well that this was for my ego, she still thought there would be a downside to this, wanted to butter me up.

I gave her tits a nice hard squeeze. “Fucking right it is! You love it in the ass, don’t you slut?” I hissed in her ear. The emotion caused me to pull back and try and rifle it into her, my cock fell a little low and pumped in between her legs. “Fuck…” I muttered. Michelle pulled out of the young man and turned to face me.

“Slow down, we have all night baby! Now what do you want next.” She kissed me deeply on the lips, I reciprocated, the whole time her lover said nothing. “Anything you want!”

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