Michael Finishes Dinner

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Those of you who have been following my adventures will be aware that previously I had enjoyed a dinner party which had developed into the most sublime orgy. As a student I had been invited by my professor into his home to have dinner with his wife, the delightful and rather posh Sophie. Little did I know as I entered the ornate dining room that in an hour or so we would all be naked in a triple embrace. I hadn’t realised that our vigorous fucking was only the first instalment, but after a drink Sophie put her glass down and came towards me.

She fixed me with her piercing blue eyes, put her hand round my cock and led me across the room; then she ordered me down on my knees. I leaned forward to start licking her cunt, but she playfully pushed me away.

“No Michael, it’s my husband’s turn” she softly spoke as I turned my head to see the Prof’s semi-hard cock level with my mouth. It wasn’t a huge cock, but it was well proportioned with a glistening, red knob head beginning to swell with excitement. I placed one hand on the shaft and with the other I gently grasped the Prof’s balls. These were surprisingly heavy, probably because unlike Sophie and myself, he had not cum yet. With a few strokes of my hand the Prof’s cock stood rigid, rock hard with the veins bulging along the shaft. I extended my tongue and licked it from the slit at the top to the spot where the shaft joined his balls. I heard him gasp with pleasure. Then I enclosed his knob head in my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. Again, he gasped and out of the corner of my eye I saw Sophie laid back on the sofa with her legs apart, slowly fingering herself as she watched me sucking her husband.

I began a steady suction and moved my mouth from the knob head down the shaft in regular movements. It wouldn’t take long and when I felt the Prof’s cock start to spasm I reached through his legs and squeezed his balls. He shot a huge jet of hot spunk into my mouth and I felt it gaziantep escortlar hit the back of my throat, then another, and then another. He leaned forward over me and I kept my mouth sucking his cock until he withdrew and sank to the floor. I leaned over him and again took his softening cock in my mouth; I was determined to drain him of every drop of sperm and I did.

It was Sophie who spoke first in her perfectly accented voice, “Well done Michael, an excellent example of oral skill.”

She had joined us on the floor and she pushed me down with her finger tips so that I was flat on the carpet. In a moment she was over and on me, her huge breasts drooping down over my chest. By moving her shoulders her nipple pointed breasts began to swing before me. Tantalising but just out of reach of my lips.

I shifted my body under her, lining up my cock for a thrust into her cunt. The tip of my cock brushed her lips and a damp smear of pussy juice spread over my knob head. Suddenly Sophie twisted round above me “No Michael not that hole.” and in an instant she gasped my shaft and directed my cock towards her anus. She lowered herself gently onto my knob head and it slipped through the tight grip of her arse hole and slid up the passage inside. Sophie leaned forward, smothering me with her breasts.

“My you are a big boy” Sophie whispered as she leaned back and paused as if to get her breath; and then she thrust herself down grinding my cock in to the hilt and we were off – in out, in out, in a hectic ride of pleasure.

I’d never fucked my girlfriend in the arse and I liked the tight grip of Sophie’s arse hole on my shaft. Soon she was grunting and her two enormous tits began to swing out and in with a smacking noise as they met over my chest. Suddenly Sophie shook with a spasm and came with grunt. I felt the sperm churning in my balls and began to thrust ready to shoot, but just as I was about to spunk Sophie withdrew, leaving my cock stranded, standing alone, erect and rock hard.

“Not yet Michael, as now you are going to fuck my husband.”

I looked over to see the Prof kneeling on the floor with his arse raised ready to receive me.

“Go on Michael, he’s waiting” ordered Sophie, a little fiercely in that posh accent. I went over and positioned myself behind him. I grasped my cock and pushed it towards his arse hole, but it skidded on the lube and slid up between his cheeks. The Prof gasped in frustration.

”Go on Michael” Sophie barked “Go on.”

I tried again, but a combination of over excitement and almost a fear of something I hadn’t done before caused my cock to soften. People without big cocks don’t know how difficult it is to manage them. They are not like small ones which fill up and get rock hard in a second, they get hard gradually. Anyway, mine was drooping and this wasn’t a situation Sophie would tolerate.

“Oh my goodness, come here now.” She beckoned me over to where there was a long footstool. “Lay on this.” I did as instructed with my back on the stool and my legs open, with my feet spread on the floor to get my balance. “Right we’ll get this fixed.” Sophie positioned herself kneeling between my legs and reached forward grabbing my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. With a few gentle strokes of the shaft my cock rose. I went to get up, ready to resume, but she pushed me back.

“No, it’s not that easy Michael; I’m going to make sure you really want it this time.”

Holding my cock at its base with one hand, she placed the palm of the other on my knob head. She slowly rotated her palm all the way around the glands giving me exquisite bursts of pleasure. I felt the sperm churning in my balls as it started its journey through my cock, but I couldn’t orgasm – it just came in waves of pleasure right up to the brink and then stopped before another wave began. It was all too much and Sophie found it difficult to continue her movements because I was jerking and twitching so much. I almost fell off the stool.

Sophie looked towards the Prof who was watching and slowly playing with his cock. “Richard get over here and hold him down, and Michael if you can’t stay still I may have to tie you.”

The Prof squatted over me facing my cock and lowered the weight of his body full on my chest. I couldn’t move and Sophie resumed her work. After what seemed a lifetime of erotic torture she stopped. For a moment she admired my rock-hard erection.

” Right Richard kneel down, and Michael go and fuck him.”

As I moved towards him, Sophie grabbed my arm. “Michael you mustn’t cum too quickly, he needs a good fucking – put these on.” In her hand she held three rubber cock rings.

“They will keep you hard and delay your ejaculation. You can take them off when I say.” I quickly slid them over my cock and balls and moved towards the Prof.

Even with a rock-hard cock and plenty of lube it was more difficult getting into the Prof’s arse hole than Sophie’s, but once through the tight entrance my cock slid up his tube to the hilt. He grunted as it reached the top. I started slowly and then quickened into a steady rhythm.

Sophie was encouraging: “Good boy Michael, good boy.”

I pounded on and on, while the Prof’s grunts followed each thrust. Sometimes I felt myself cumming, but when the spunk got to the base of my cock the rings stopped it spurting. Suddenly Sophie was alongside and the Prof shifted onto all fours as I kept my cock well inside his arse. In a moment she was beneath him sucking his cock. He started bucking ferociously but I grabbed his waste and kept fucking. It was obvious when he came because he collapsed forward almost smothering Sophie and ejecting my cock.

I noticed some cum dribbling down the side of Sophie’s mouth as she spoke. “Well done Michael, now it’s your turn.” She stood up with breasts drooping down to her stomach; she smiled slightly, “I’ll just get the strap on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32