Mia’s First Time

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“Nathan, I do not want to do this. ” I protested as he stood in the bathroom getting ready. “Mia, I don’t understand what the big deal is, John asked if we could go to the bar to meet his new girlfriend. Just a few drinks we don’t have to stay long I promise.”

“fine…” I sighed “the next time I ask you to do something you cannot protest.” Nathan walked out of the bathroom coming over to the bed and laying a gentle kiss on my forehead “babe, I will do anything for you if you do this for me.” He smiled and walked over to the closet riffling through my clothes stopping briefly on a short cocktail dress, with a plunging neckline and open back, turning around “wear this tonight, I love how many looks you get when you wear it.”

I stood and started across the room toward the bathroom a huge smile on my face. Closing the door. As I undressed, the idea of wearing that ridiculously short dress in public made me excited. I quickly jumped in the shower soaping up remembering the first time I met Nathan, we were in a seedy bar, I had just broke up with my boyfriend and was distraught at the fact my best friend Anna had slept with him, in my bed, while I was studying for a final in college. An older man was hitting on me making me very uncomfortable, I must not have been hiding it well because this gorgeous man standing just over 6 feet tall with piercing blue eyes approached, wrapping his arm around me and calling me babe, the older man apologized and hurried away before anything bad good happen. I smiled politely and turned back to my drink, thanking him for his help. He sat down next to me and ordered a drink, resting his hand on my thigh. I looked at his hand and just smiled in to my drink.

There was a knock at the door breaking me away from my memory “babe, we have about 30 minutes to get to the bar, you might want to get out.”

Startled I responded with “just a minute…” looking down noticing my hand was between my thighs, slowly rubbing my aching pussy. Shutting off the water, I stepped on the bath mat grabbing my towel off of the rack and wrapping it around myself. Opening the door, and stepping izmir escort out Nathan was standing on the other side looking at me a coy grin on his face. Walking past him I dropped my towel, bending over the bed, exposing myself to him silently hoping he would take the hint. Within minutes he was standing behind me with his hand on my hips, slowly caressing my pale skin. His hands slowly move over my ass, and down my thighs, I slowly spread my legs a little allowing him access to my wonton pussy. His finger slowly slips between my lips feeling how wet I was he grunts a little before slipping a second finger into me bending me over the bed a bit more until I was lying face down on the bed. Slipping his fingers out of me, turning me around he slipped to his knees his hands grabbing my hips before he buried his face into my hot wet pussy. Running his tongue up and down my slit, teasing me, until his tongue found my clit, stopping and sucking on my nub knowing just how much it drives me crazy. Wrapping my legs around his head pulling him closer to me, holding his face into my pussy moaning and writhing feeling the orgasm building, I run my hands through his hair, gently pulling his face closer letting him know I was ready to cum, my body tensing and then releasing covering his face in my hot juices as I came hard and fast. Slowly lapping up the remainder of my juices he stood up, looking me over just grinning “mmm babe, you taste fantastic… but you really do need to get dressed, no panties tonight.” He said, in a demanding voice as he walked to the bathroom. I stood, used the towel to wipe myself, before getting dressed.

We arrived at the club about 10 minutes after the time we had agreed upon, scanning the bar for John I could feel every seedy eye on me, I slowly pulled my dress down a little more feeling a little self-conscious for the first time, Nathans hand pushed mine away from the hem, signaling me to stop. Finally spotting John we walked over to the table. John was in his early 40’s, with a slight salt and pepper in his hair, and a mysterious twinkle in his eye he smiled. “Hey, I didn’t think you alsancak escort 2 would make it.” “We almost didn’t you know how long this one takes to get ready.” Nathan joked, motioning to me as I sat across the table from John. “So, where is this woman you needed us to meet?” I asked pointedly. “She is running late, she should be here…” his voice trailed off as his eyes stopped in the door. I followed his gaze toward the door my eyes falling on the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.

She slowly walked toward our table, I couldn’t believe this was the woman John had been seeing, she was not his typical woman, she did not look like a stripper, and she looked like a very well put together woman. “Guys, this is Susie” John broke the silence as she sat next to me at the table smiling politely to Nathan and me. Susie stood at least 5’8, she was athletic, with at least a double D chest, if not bigger, and she had strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and a fantastic smile. She was wearing a red cocktail dress that made mine look like I pulled it out of the dumpster.

As the nights progressed the boys slipped away to play pool, leaving Susie and myself alone at the table, the small talk was just that, small we had found that we had similar tastes in music, in movies, but mostly we had very little to talk about.

“So, how did you and John meet?” I asked after about five minutes of silence.

“We met at a club; he was only supposed to be a one night stand, which was 5 months ago.” She smiled a small smile. “He is not my normal type.”

I raised an eyebrow, questioningly.

“Oh you know, I normally do not date…” her voice trailing off before she could finish her sentence, he hand finding my leg.

I just nodded taking a sip of my drink, my mind going back to the first night I met Nathan. Her hand slowly moving up my thigh, until her fingers brushed my bare pussy. Breathing in, hoping she didn’t think it was a signal to stop, I spread my legs a little farther apart. My mind racing, I had never been with a woman in this way, I liked men but this woman was turning me buca escort on like no other man ever had, perhaps it was because it was unknown territory but I was starting to question my sexuality.

John and Nathan came back “you two look like you’re getting along nicely” Nathan remarked.

“That we are” Susie grinned.

I choked on my drink as Susie’s hand slipped closer to my pussy. “I need to go to the washroom, please excuse me.” I smiled as I backed away from the table, standing and straightening my dress I walked to the back of the bar.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe what I was letting happen, a million questions raced through my mind. Opening my purse looking for lipstick, I didn’t notice the door open.

“So, here we are… Alone… In the bathroom” the voice was husky but feminine.

“Yes, we are.” Was the only thing I could think of, as I turned around facing her.

She bent down placing a kiss on my lips, her tongue running over my lips gently before pushing their way past, her hand running up my thigh pushing my dress up exposing my lower half. She pulled back slowly, licking down my neck placing small kisses on my collar bone, toward my breasts, my hands gripping the bathroom counter closing my eyes. Looking up at me she smiled before getting on her knees, pushing my legs apart, placing kisses on my thighs running her tongue slowly up my thighs to my pussy, running it over the lips before slowly pulling them apart. Moaning softly, closing my eyes getting lost in the moment. Gently sucking and blowing on my clit driving me crazy, slowly inserting one of her slim fingers into my waiting depth, moving it in and out slowly before putting in a second finger, he mouth never leaving my clit. Writhing back and forth on her face I felt the familiar feeling in my stomach, mumbling softly “I am going to cum” Susie groaned into me, holding onto me tightly as I came hard on her face, lapping up ever last drop of juice before pulling away smiling up at me.

“You my dear, have the best tasting pussy I have ever tasted.” Smiling she stood, kissing me hard on the lips letting me taste myself. “We should get back before those 2 think something is going on.” Winking at me as she walked out of the baps letting me taste myself. “We should get back before those 2 think something is going on.” Winking as she walked out of the bathroom.

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