Meth and Incest

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WARNING: This story contains incest, hard drug use, and small cock humiliation/fetishism

This story is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places, or events is not intentional and coincidence, only. Thank you.

I’ve fantasized about my mom for most of my teenage years. My whole life, she would always leave the bedroom door open when she was getting dressed or changing; she would also leave the bathroom door open when she was showering or going to the bathroom. She would also walk around the house in just her thong panties, a lot of the time. Seeing her ass and tits sway and bounce as she walked around would always get me super horny and whenever I got the chance I would sniff her dirty panties while masturbating.

When I was 19 years old, I started using speed occasionally. I loved the sexual energy it gave me; I would always feel so kinky and perverted when I was spun. The only issue was that it would make my cock small and it would be difficult to achieve and maintain erections. Now, when I say small, I mean really small. Normally, my cock is only about 5.5 inches, barely average, but when I was on dope it would only be about an inch or so soft and 3.5 to 4 inches when I could get it hard. At first it bothered me, having so much trouble getting my cock hard when I was so horny. After a few times, though I started to get used to it as part of the experience and eventually it became a turn on in and of itself to see my cock so tiny.

Sometimes I would get together with a guy named Eric that I knew from high school and we would get high and watch all sorts of kinky porn and jerk off together. Eric was my age, average build and height, with bright red hair, pale skin, and lots of freckles. Eric also had an ten inch cock that never had any trouble getting hard. We would hang out in my garage for hours, just smoking, stroking, watching porno, and talking to each other about our various fantasies. Eric was also very much turned on by incest and we would frequently talk about how hot it would be to fuck our mothers or Eric’s older sister who had been a cheerleader and professional model when she was a little younger. Sometimes we would get a pair or one of our moms dirty panties to sniff while we stroked. My moms were the preferred panties because all she wore was thongs and they would get nice and juicy with a strong intoxicating smell.

One afternoon we were indulging in our usual routine of speed and nasty porno, both of us naked, sitting on the couch in the garage, stroking and trading my moms dirty panties back and forth between us. Eric shot his load first and handed me the panties so I could shoot my cum load while sniffing and licking my moms cunt juice.

“Look at that little baby dick getting hard for your moms nasty pussy. You dirty fuck, make that little cock spew that big load,” coached Eric, in between hits of speed, “That little boy dick of yours would look so good in your moms mouth. Shave all your pubic hair off so it’s nice and smooth for her. Mmm.”

“Oh yeah, man! I’d have her take my cock and balls in her mouth all at once like the slut she is,” I said in between my panting, moaning, and sucking on my moms thong panties, “I’ll gag her with my huge fucking cum load and-“

At that point I heard the door start to open, as well as the voices of my mom and one of her friends from work. My mom was saying something about a box of photos that should be in the garage but she stopped mid sentence as soon as she saw Eric and I sitting there, both of us naked except for our socks. Eric was still smoking the pipe and I had a face full of dirty panties while I furiously stroked my hard little cock. I was so high and horned up that I didn’t even stop stroking when my mom and her friend walked all the way into the garage.

“Aye. Annie, it smells like puda in here,” Vicky quietly said to my mom as they both surveyed the scene.

Eric and I remained silent. I stopped masturbating and motioned for him to hand me the pipe. I figured it couldn’t get any more awkward than it already was. While I hit the pipe I noticed that Vicky was staring at Eric’s cock. It wasn’t even hard and it was still huge. I saw Vicky smile a little and then she walked over and sat down right between Eric and myself.

“Hi there, big boy. I’m Vicky, what’s your name?” she said, introducing herself to Eric and his big cock.

“Nice to meet you, Vicky. My name’s Eric,” he nervously replied, looking over to me for some kind of sign or signal of what to do now.

At this point my mom noticed her panties sitting next to me on the armrest of Bostancı Escort the couch. She picked them up and to my surprise, smiled. She asked me, in an inquisitive, almost sultry tone of voice “So you guys like to sniff my dirty panties?”

“Oh yeah! They smell so sexy all the time. Sometimes we sniff my moms panties, but I like yours better. My mom doesn’t wear sexy thong panties, either.” Eric enthusiastically answered her. I could tell that Eric was no longer nervous about getting caught and that he was now getting horny and excited from the situation. I turned to my mom, smiled and nodded in agreement.

As I attempted to pass the dope pipe back to Eric, so he could set it on the table next to where he was sitting, but Vicky intercepted it as I was reaching over her big curvy body. She examined the contents of the pipe and then proceeded to take a giant rip off the pipe. It was obviously not her first time smoking dope. After she exhaled a fat cloud of smoke, she leaned back and closed her eyes. Though not her first time smoking, she obviously wasn’t a regular user. After a moment she sat up and started unbuttoning her top, exposing her white sports bra stretched tight over her big full breasts. Her nipples visible through the bra because of how tight the bra was as well as how big and dark her nipples were. She then kicked off her high heels , stood up and unhooked her skirt so that it fell to the ground. She then turned and bent over to pick her skirt up off of the floor, displaying her big fat round brown butt to me. She wasn’t wearing any panties and then she stood up and turned around I saw that she had a freshly shaved cunt.

“Annie, I can’t believe how horny that puda got me. I feel like such a dirty girl,” Vicky explained to my mom as she pulled her bra over her head, making her fat tits bounce and jiggle all around.

“You look like you’re having fun, there, Vicky. I haven’t seen you get this horny, this quick, in a long time. Here, maybe this will help.” my mom said to her with a smile as she tossed the panties to Vicky.

“I guess I’m not the only one who gets off smelling your juices, eh, Annie?” She said with a laugh. She then held the panties to her face and took slow, deep, inhalations of my moms scent. At this point, all Eric and I could do was stare at this fat Mexican slut sitting between us, naked, sniffing my moms dirty panties and apparently, getting very turned on.

“Eric, hand me that pipe, please,” my mom asked, motioning to the table next to Eric with the pipe and the dope on top.

Eric examined the bowl and packed it with a nice amount, melted it down and got it ready for her to smoke. He stood up, walked over to my mom and handed her the pipe. His big cock getting hard, but still swinging like a pendulum… My mom thanked him for the pipe and when he turned around to go sit back down she slapped his bare ass and giggled. I expected that we would have to instruct her as to how to use the dope pipe, but just like Vicky, she knew exactly what she was doing and got a big cloud of smoke. After she exhaled, she as obviously experiencing a good hard rush because she almost instantly sat down and started breathing somewhat heavier. She took another big hit off the pipe and this time let out a sensual moan as she exhaled.

“There you go, girl. Doesn’t that feel better? Why don’t you get a little more comfortable, ” Vicky said to my mom. “Your baby boy right here seems to have gone soft. Why don’t you give him your panties so that little cock can get stiff again for us.”

My mom acknowledged the suggestion with a soft moan and then she got up, kicked off her high heels and stripped off her top and her pants, revealing sexy black lace bra and panties underneath. She then put her heels back on and started strutting back and forth in front of us like a stripper at a club. After a few sexy poses she slowly peeled off her bra and tossed it aside, her sexy C cup tits hanging free; then, with her sexy little bubble butt facing us, she bent down, rolling her panties down her legs until she could step out of them. As she turned around, I noticed that my mom also had her cunt shaved bare. She stepped forward and dangled her wet, smelly panties in front of my face and told me to use my mouth to take them from her. I took them with my mouth and sucked a good amount of juice out of them right away.

“Mmmmm. You taste so fucking good, mom. So fucking good…” I exclaimed as I started to rub and pull on my little soft cock. My mom sat back down in the chair across from us and started to smoke the pipe, more.

Vicky leaned over to Ümraniye Escort Eric, who was now rock hard, and said to him “I want that big long white cock inside of my pussy, now.” With that she hopped up into doggy style position on the couch, with her ass in Eric’s face and her face in my lap. Vicky started to caress and kiss my still-soft cock and my swollen balls, In between kisses she would tell me how sexy my little cock is and how cute it looks when it’s still soft. Then she started giving me the wettest, sloppiest blow job I’ve ever had or seen in porno. She was slobbering all over my cock and balls while she hungrily sucked at my baby dick, coaxing it to get hard. While she was working on me, Eric was starting to work on her. I looked over and watched him positioning himself behind Vicky’s plump ass, as he put one hand on her hip and one on the back of her head, holding her face down on my cock, he started sliding his monster cock into her wet, hot pussy hole. I could feel her body shake with pleasure as he entered her, I could also feel her moaning and whimpering a little with my cock in her mouth.

Eric was fucking her slowly at first, until he got her opened up and was able to get his whole ten inches into her, his cockhead pressing against her cervix. He paused for a second and them started pounding her full force. I could feel Vicky’s tongue swirling all around my boycock as she moaned and whimpered in time with Eric’s every thrust. While still keeping his fast pace, Eric pulled Vicky’s head back by her hair so he could get close to her and talk right into her ear. When he did this I saw that Vicky was crying a little bit, even though she had a look of ecstasy on her face.

“You like this big hard dick, baby? You like getting stretched out like a nasty slut while you suck on that little fucking baby cock?” he shouted into her ear before pushing her head back down to my hard little cock. He then reached under her and started playing with her big fat titties and pinching her sexy big dark nipples, making her gasp and whimper.

The fresh pair of my moms panties, Vicky bobbing up and down on my cock, and watching Eric pound that fat Mexican slut, combined with all the speed had me feeling so horny and euphoric. It was at this point that I looked past Vicky and over to my mom, who was obviously very high from smoking the whole pipe full of dope that Eric handed her. My moms nipples were rock hard and sticking out at least a half inch. She was ramming something in an out of her pussy, after a a minute or two of watching I realised that she was using an empty beer bottle to fuck herself. She was holding it by the base and jamming the neck deep inside of her dripping wet hole while she stared at the three of us on the couch.

“You like what you see, mom? Watching your friend and co-worker get used like a slut by your son and his friend.,” I shouted to my mom.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, baby. I’m so horny, my cunt is overflowing with juices. Mmmmm. I need to get filled up so bad. Mamas pussy is starving.” she said in between moans and grunts as she slammed the beer bottle deeper and deeper inside of herself. A river of pussy juice running out of her and down her legs into a pool underneath her chair.

“Don’t worry, Annie, you’re next over here after I finish with this dirty fucking girl. I’ll feed that hungry pussy of yours.” Eric said as he started spanking Vicky’s big round ass while he slammed his cock into her cervix. Eric would always brag about bruising women’s insides from fucking them too deep and too hard. Leaving them incapable of walking the day after he used them… The thought always turned me on a lot and now I was going to watch him do it to my mother. Suddenly, I was jarred from my kinky thoughts by the sounds of my moms orgasm. She was basically stabbing her cunt hole with the bottle, while she thrashed her head back and forth, her long brown hair whipping to and fro while she moaned and grunted deep guttural grunts. Then, as quickly as it started, she stopped. She went rigid and stopped moaning, pulled the bottle out of her cunt one last time and released a a huge amount of thick white cum, covering her chair and dripping all over the floor. In the afterglow of her orgasm she rested for a minute, suckling on the bottle that she used to fuck herself. Then she stood up, walked over to the three of us on the couch and bent down to watch Vicky more closely.

“I want to see you gag on that tiny little cock, you dirty fucking whore. I want you to force yourself to gag and choke on it as much as you can. Can you fit his whole little package in your mouth Ataşehir Escort at once? I want to see you try, bitch” she whispered in a commanding tone to Vicky. Vicky obeyed my mothers commands right away, trying to take my cock deep enough into her throat to make herself gag. After several tries with no luck she stuffed my whole package into her mouth. Her fat cheeks squeezing my cock and balls together while she whipped her tongue back and forth on my balls.

“Good girl, just like that. Keep it all in your mouth, now… Let me help you with that,” cooed my kinky mom as she grabbed Vicky by the back of the head and pushed her down on my cock and balls as hard as she could. Vicky started to gag and choke as my mom held her face down onto my package. My mom shook Vicky’s head back and forth, making her gag so hard that she shot a bunch of slobber out of her nose and all over my pelvis and stomach.

“Mmm. I like that. You are a kinky slut. Make this whore gag on your little boys 3 inch cock. Make her gag until she vomits all over that little dick,” Eric grunted at my mom while fucking Vicky harder and faster, shaking the couch with every thrust of his hard cock. After a few seconds of this furious pace, Eric tensed up and slammed deep into Vicky’s eager fuckhole one final time and started spraying his hot sticky cum load into her. He began to moan and shout “Oh, fuck! Fuck! Take all of my cum, you fat, perverted whore! Take my fucking load deep in your nasty wet cunt! That’s it. Fuck yeah! “

After Eric finished shooting his load into Vicky’s swollen and bruised pussy, he stayed inside of her until he went soft. He pulled out and fell back onto the couch, at which point my mom immediately got on her knees in front of him and began sucking all the cum and pussy juice off of his cock and balls. The sight of my mom licking Eric’s dirty cock clean was enough to push me to orgasm and I started violently bucking my hips and filling Vicky’s sweet mouth with a huge load of cum. I sprayed jet after jet of hot thick cum into her mouth, so much that she started to gag again as big globs of white cum oozed out of her mouth, down my cock and her chin.

“Oh, Vicky, you’re such a good cum slut. Lick up all that nasty jizz off my cock, you dirty bitch. That’s right. That’s so fucking sexy… Mmmmm.” I told her as my orgasm finally subsided and I caught my breath.

“Mmmmm. That was the biggest cumshot I’ve ever taken. That little dick sure can cum.” Vicky said to me as she got up off her knees and resumed her seat on the couch between Eric and me, still licking my cum from off of her lips and chin while Eric’s cum oozed out of her pussy, down her thighs and onto the couch. After a relaxing for a moment and regaining my composure, I got up to retrieve the pipe from across the room. I walked up next to my mom to get the dope off of the table, she had Eric’s cock hard again already and I could see her cunt was still dripping wet. I admired the sight of my mom sucking a big hard cock for a moment and then sat back down to smoke. Vicky and I passed the pipe back and forth a few times as we watched Eric’s cock sliding in and out of my moms mouth.

“Why don’t you get down there and clean up my sloppy, cum filled hole, like a good boy,” Vicky whispered into my ear seductively, “Get down and lick up that mess, just like your mommy.”

“I want you to sit on my face while I suck that nasty cunt,” I told her as I stood up and laid on the floor in front of her. As she stood up and positioned herself over my face, I could see hot wet and creamy her pussy was. She then kneeled over my face, her thick thighs pressing against my ears, and started to grind her cunt onto my face. I opened my mouth and started sucking at her swollen, cummy pussy; swallowing all the gooey cum and pussy juice that oozed out of her.

“You like eating that creampie, don’t you? You little pervert. You like sucking on my big fat pussy lips while I ride your face, you dirty boy,” she moaned, “You do such a good job, too. I bet you suck on lots of pussy, don’t you? You’d have to, with that little cock of yours.”

“I need you to fuck me now, Eric. I need you to fill me up with your big hard cock” said my mom as she got on all fours facing towards Vicky and me, with her sexy bubble butt up in the air and pointed towards Eric and his hard, red, ten inch dick.

At that point, my moms’ cell phone began to ring.

“Oh fuck! Annie, it’s already 5:30! They must be here, we gotta go.” Vicky exclaimed as she began to raise herself off of my face. “We’ll finish this later, baby boy.”

“Goddammit!” was all my mom said as she got up and began to get dressed.

“See you two boys when we get back from our double-date. Hope you’ll still be up when we get back here later.” Vicky called out as the two of them hurried out of the garage to meet their waiting dates.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32