Merrill and Jacob Ch. 01

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Marine Corps Lieutenant Shelley J. Rogers, RN, fought for her life in the sand dunes outside an American base in Afghanistan. At least, she felt she was fighting for her life. Gunnery Sergeant Jake Taggert was on top of her, pounding her petite body into the blanket laid out on the deep sand. This was her final exam, her graduation ceremony.

Jake had taken her virginity two months previously, on this very sand dune, on this very blanket. He had since guided and coached her to a high state of sexual readiness. This was to be their final time together, and Jake pulled out all the stops. Tomorrow, he would fly home, to the United States.

Gritting her teeth, Shelley endured. Jake had inaugurated her into womanhood with tenderness and skill. He was nearly double her weight, and very athletic. This was Shelley’s goodbye gift to him, his night to go completely wild, and relax all his inhibitions. He rode her to the point that she nearly regretted her generosity. She felt relieved when he began to hump her with even greater fury. She knew that this foretold the orgasm that would save her. He shouted in exultation as he pumped a large load of semen into her. The pulses of seed pooled deep inside her anatomy, deeper than it was designed for.

Jake exhausted his ejaculation. He rolled off of Shelley, and tried to catch his breath after the immense exertion. Jake had twenty hours of flying ahead of him, plus lengthy periods waiting for flights. He would be landing, ultimately, at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. He had trained at Lejeune a number of times, but had never been stationed there. Jake had an exceptional libido. He feared he might have to go several days without a woman, so he released all his sexual energy into Shelly Rogers. She lay in a divot in the sand, recovering.

Three days later, Jake Taggert sat in his sport utility vehicle, watching the rain beat down on his windshield. Never a patient man, he was parked in front of a house he wanted to rent, awaiting the arrival of the property manager. Without having gone inside, Jake had decided that this was the temporary home for him. It was a nice, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home in a nice, family-oriented neighborhood adjacent to Camp Lejeune. He looked forward to spending the next three years in a place where the only sand was on the beach, where it belonged.

A car pulled up behind him, and the property manager got out. They shared her umbrella on their dash to the shelter of the front porch. When she closed the umbrella, and looked up at him, Jake’s mind shifted instantly to perusing her personal real estate. She was quite attractive, about thirty-five years old. He liked the way her raincoat narrowed sharply to her waist, which was quite narrow.

After brief introductions, the pair entered the home. Jake noticed the woman’s wedding band, and his heart sank. She managed to mention her husband and kids early in the conversation, driving Jake’s mind back to the house. He wanted some space, a yard to work on, a garage to work in, and happy, contented families for neighbors. He signed a six-month lease.

As in any re-assignment, there were a thousand logistical details to resolve. The first priority was finding a woman. Jake was like a hunting hound, keen to detect, track, and capture female prey. He didn’t want a hooker, and, fortunately, did not have to resort to one. Jake was ruggedly handsome, six foot two, muscular, and mouth-watering. Jake caught the eye of any woman in his vicinity, and it did not take him long to score.

Among his logistical chores were numerous medical appointments. Doctor, dentist, optometrist, and so on, catching up on things that had been deferred or neglected in the Middle East. He made significant eye contact with a pretty nurse at the base hospital during his physical exam. They chatted a lot longer than was medically necessary. He got her phone number.

The following day, the nurse called him, on the pretext of following up on his exam. They went to dinner after her shift, and returned to his minimally-furnished house. He, at least, had a good, king-sized bed, on which he would vent nine months of loneliness and frustration.

She wanted to begin with oral sex, but he was too impatient. After a few moments of fellatio, he tossed her onto the bed. He paused for scant seconds to lubricate his erection, and jumped to his pleasure. He mounted her and stuck the head of his cock into her vagina in a single, cat-like movement. She suffered through his impetuous penetration, complaining, “Ow! Ouch! Too fast! Too fast, Jake! Owww!”

Jake could not focus on her words. He plunged his beefy rod into her, unable to restrain himself. Once he was all the way in, he thrust long and hard. It only took a few moments of furious churning in her pussy for him to come. He slammed her brutally, crying out with each pulse of seed, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Jake pulled out of her, and got up on his knees, still between her legs. He was not nearly bursa eskort bayan satisfied. Before he could descend upon her again, she asked, “Mind if I get on top for a while?” He could hardly refuse. Although she ached from his fierce humping, she managed to mount him and take his whole cock, albeit with considerable difficulty. Now, his size worked in her favor. The presence of his large tool inside her forced her clitoris out, unmasking it. She easily smashed and smeared it against him. She rode him for a long while, drawing out the experience. When she finally groaned, jolted, and shook, he knew she was coming.

When she finished, she lay upon his torso, with his dick still inside her. Seeing a woman orgasm was a big turn-on for Jake. He was eager to come again, so he said, “Let’s roll over.” He held her body tightly to his, and flipped them over, so that he was once again, on top. Jake immediately began pounding his dick into her pussy. She begged, “Oh! Too hard! Too deep! Jake, please slow down! Uhhhh!”

His urgency was too great for him to heed her complaints. He held her close, and scoured her pussy with his cock. In and out, in and out, in and out. He pumped a second serving of semen into her with a series of spasmodic jerks. Jake slammed her a few more times to ensure that his full load had made it out of his cock and into her pussy. When he pulled out, he wanted a blowjob, but she climbed out of bed, saying, “I need to go, Jake. This was a little rough for me.”

“I haven’t had a woman in nine months….” He exaggerated, by almost nine months.

“I know, and I understand, but you are too big for me. No hard feelings?”

“No hard feelings.” Being rejected because he had overfucked a woman was, in Jake’s mind, the most gratifying way to end a relationship. He and the nurse weren’t a good match, anyway, personality-wise.

He was able to reassess his romantic situation in a more realistic frame of mind after he had used the nurse to relieve some of his pent-up sexual energy. Jake had his sights set on some other women he had encountered in the area, and, especially, that gorgeous woman with the little kid on the next street over.

Merrill Leonard was a Marine Corps widow. twenty-seven, with an eight-year-old daughter, Ashley. Her husband, Sam, had been killed in action two years previously. Merrill had remained strong, for Ashley’s sake. She had also avoided relationships, ostensibly for Ashley’s sake. Her grief counselor suggested that there was more to Merrill’s abstinence than concern for Ashley. Merrill suspected that that was true. Merrill was very pretty. She had long, dark hair, and a great body, highlighted by a spectacular bosom. Suitors were plentiful.

Merrill and Ashley had lived in the same house near Camp Lejeune for three years, now. It was safe, comfortable, and familiar. Home. Ashley, a precocious child, was increasingly questioning her mother about relationships. That is, Merrill’s relationships, not Ashley’s. Ashley thought it would be great fun for Mom to have a boyfriend, get married, and have a baby.

Merrill was active in the Marine Corps Welcome Wagon program, greeting newcomers, and easing their transition to life at and around Lejeune. When a new arrival moved into the neighborhood, just around the corner from Merrill and Ashley, Merrill was assigned to show him around. Merrill was generous with her time, and unfailingly nice. However, she was cold as ice, romantically. He got the message right away.

Jake moved to his next conquest seamlessly. There was a very hot little number at the grocery store who flirted with him, pushing the envelope of what was permissible at work. Natalie was twenty-two, on the short side, but with eye-popping curves. Jake made a point of going into her line whenever she worked.

One day, when business was slow, she asked the manager, “Okay if I take my break now, Jerry?” Jerry agreed, and Jake and Natalie went into the parking lot. He drove his sport utility vehicle to a secluded spot, and they talked for a few minutes. They kissed and petted for another few minutes. Then, she unzipped him, and blew him for a few minutes. Jake had always found that wearing clothes degraded his sexual experience, and he did not come. When her break time was up, they agreed to meet at his place after her shift.

Jake had pizza and beer ready for Natalie. They ate a few slices, had a few beers, and then abandoned the meal in favor of serious making out. A few minutes of this, and Jake said, “Let’s go upstairs.” Natalie nodded, and Jake led the way.

Once upstairs, they tore at one another’s clothes. When they were completely nude, Natalie fell to her knees, and resumed their previously-interrupted blowjob. She was pretty good at it, and certainly enthusiastic. He let her blow him to completion. He held her head in his hands, and launched jets of semen into her mouth. She swallowed it all, and washed it down with a few swigs of beer. They climbed bursa merkez escort into bed. Jake stimulated her with his hand, until she was juicy and ready.

Jake lubed his cock, while she assumed the “fuck me” position. He climbed between her widely-spread legs, and carefully place the head of his cock at her entrance. He looked into her pretty eyes, and entered her, patiently and carefully. She smiled and licked her lips during his penetration. She winced only when the last inch of him slid inside her.

He pumped his hips, and fucked her. Her boobs swayed hypnotically while he rocked her body back and forth. He varied his thrusting by slowing down. He withdrew most of his penis, before reinserting on each stroke. This was a little easier on Natalie, and she responded with, “Come inside me, Jake. Come inside me.”

This sort of talk was another of Jake’s many turn-ons. He continued the long strokes for a short while. When he felt his climax approaching, he switched to full power, and jolted her body with violent thrusts. Natalie bit her lower lip, and rode out the torrent of shocks. After a minute or so, he burst inside her with a very creditable second climax.

They rested for several minutes, saying little. Natalie asked, “Can I ride you, now?”

Jake said, “I know it owe it to you, Natalie, but maybe not tonight. I’m more in the mood for more pizza and beer.” Natalie was only mildly disappointed. They dressed, went downstairs, and enjoyed themselves, eating, drinking, and talking. Natalie was perfectly innocuous company, and she left on cheerful terms. Jake mentally promoted Natalie to Chief Cum Repository.

For their next encounter, Jake picked up Natalie at her apartment. The apartment was decidedly second-rate, but Natalie’s roommate was first-rate, all the way. Carol had it all, with beautiful, long brown hair, a striking face, and a shapely body. She also evoked a girl-next-door innocence that set Jake’s mind racing.

On the way to dinner, Natalie explained Carol’s situation, “She’s twenty-one, and working her way through college. She works as a waitress. She’s definitely not your type, Jake, if that’s what you’re thinking. She is religious, and a confirmed virgin. She won’t put out, but I will.” Jake’s mind immediately turned to devising a way to convert the virginal Carol into his Personal Cum Bucket.

That night, during sex with Natalie, his mind went to Carol a number of times. Over the next week, Jake kept his balls drained by frequently transferring his sperm to Natalie. He longed to be the first to emplace semen into the shy and retiring Carol. He had a few precious moments to speak to Carol, sometimes in Natalie’s presence, and sometimes not. Jake was establishing a connection with Carol.

An opportunity quickly arose. Carol’s birthday was approaching. Jake said, to Natalie, “We really should take Carol out to dinner for her birthday, Nat. What do you think?”

“Oh, sure, that would be nice, Jake.”

At dinner, the three talked comfortably. The subject of movies came up, and the girls gushed over some chick flick that Jake wasn’t aware of. It sounded, to him, like a mind-numbing flop. Wanting to impress Carol with his sensitivity, he said, “Let’s get out of here, go to my place, and watch this thing.”

The girls agreed, giggling. At his home, Jake punched up the movie while Natalie and Carol laughed their way through the manufacture of a pitcher of some fruity cocktail. Jake sipped the cocktail, and kept the girls’ glasses full. It seemed to Jake that the movie centered around middle-aged women moping on a beach. However, his attention was mainly on the two girls, who were having a ball, getting drunk, and offering commentary on the film, which they had each seen multiple times.

Jake sat in a chair. The girls were on the couch. Jake got up, and moved to the small space between Natalie and Carol. They playfully ooh-ed and aah-ed over his muscular arms. Natalie nestled into him, holding his bicep close to her cheek. Carol was in innocent contact with Jake, on the opposite side.

At a convenient spot, Jake paused the movie. The girls went to the kitchen to make up more drinks. They were inexpert bartenders, but they were already drunk enough that they were unable to taste much, anyway. Resuming the movie, Natalie clung to Jake’s arm, and Jake stretched his other arm around Carol’s shoulders, in the classic makeout move. Carol was receptive, and snuggled close to him.

By the end of the movie, Natalie was sound asleep. Jake laid her comfortably on the couch, and he said, “Let’s let her sleep, okay? We can move to the love seat.”

While they moved, Carol giggled, “The ‘love seat,’ the seat of love, the seat of making love.”

They sat together. Jake put his arm around Carol, and they kissed. At that moment, it seemed as natural as breathing to Carol. He is so handsome, and so strong! They kissed more and more deeply. Natalie was completely bursa sınırsız escort bayan out. Jake stroked Carol’s body, over her clothes, and whispered, “Let’s go upstairs.”

Carol murmured, “No.” They continued to make out. Jake unbuttoned her blouse, and stroked her bare skin. She purred erotically at the unfamiliar sensation of a man’s hands on her. Jake made steady progress on breaking down her barriers. He continued to ply her with drinks. When he felt the time was right, he picked her up, and carried her upstairs, kissing all the way. She was not really cognizant of the fact that she was now in his bedroom. He lay her on the bed, and she closed her eyes, as if asleep. He threw off his clothes, and lubricated his cock.

Jake got onto the bed, and began removing her clothing. Whenever she stirred, he covered her mouth with kisses. He got her blouse open, and skirt off, without objection. Kissing her deeply, he unclasped her bra. Jake very much wanted her nude, but completely removing both her bra and blouse would likely alert her to what was going on. He settled for opening up her blouse, and moving her bra down, under her breasts. She did not fight him.

Now, for the highest hurdle; getting her panties off. He wished he could just rip them apart with his hands, but that seemed perilous. He didn’t want to leave any physical evidence that would suggest that he had forced her. Instead, he slid the panties down, further and further, until they were around her knees.

Jake debated whether the unfamiliar feel of clitoral stimulation would raise her to a level of consciousness that would enable her to repel him. He decided to try it, anyway. He slipped a finger down into her slit, and found her clitoris. Kissing her continuously to prevent her objecting, he rubbed her up, expertly. He sneaked a finger into her vagina. Carol had a partially intact hymen. She would be his ninth virgin. Eventually, he felt her moistening.

Jake broke their kiss, and said, tenderly, “Lie down, Carol, and let me take care of you.” She lay her head on the pillow, peacefully, and closed her eyes.

Jake stepped up the stimulation, interrupting it only long enough to pull her panties all the way off. He spread her knees, propped them up in a receptive position, and got between them. She was very juicy, now. Her eyes opened and closed, randomly. She had not told him to stop. Jake now breathed a sigh of relief. His hard work and patience had paid off. He loomed over Carol, his cock aiming at her pussy. She had not refused him, or even objected. In Jake’s mind, this was now a done deal. No means no, but yes means yes. He was going to take her, regardless of anything she said or did from this point onward.

He put his cock head to her vagina, and slid it in. She opened her eyes fully when the head popped into her vagina. He thought he felt her hymen part. Got her! Number nine! Her expression changed to one of concern, and perhaps pain.

Carol raised her head, and looked down. The room was mostly dark, and their pubic areas were clothed in shadow. He continued to slide his cock into her. It took a good deal of force to part her vaginal tissues, and the feeling was intense pleasure for him, and increasing discomfort for her. She dimly realized that she was being entered, but did not protest. It was more of a curiosity to her, combined with a bit of pain. Jake plowed forward, eager to get it all the way in before she had the chance to protest.

When Jake had only and inch or two of shaft remaining unburied, he sensed that he had reached the end of her vagina. Knowing that pushing further would be painful for her, he chose to pull back slightly, and push back in. These tiny strokes were fantastically satisfying for him. Only a minute later, Jake climaxed. He restrained himself from banging her hard. He poured his cum into her smoothly and gently. Carol did not realize that she had just been inseminated.

Now lubricated by a large volume of semen, Jake was able to stroke in and out with greater movement. Each time he re-entered her, he pushed a little deeper. He already had her virginity, had come once, and nothing could stop him from coming again. He figured it was worth it to enjoy this second coming, regardless of her reaction. She looked worried, but said nothing.

Jake probed deeper and deeper, until she complained, “It hurts. That hurts. Why are you doing this?” Her words were slurred. He continued to increase the depth, power, and rapidity of his thrusts, until he was fucking her with reasonable vigor. Now, she cried out, “Stop! Stop it! It hurts! Let me go. Let me go.”

Jake couldn’t have stopped now, even had he wanted to. The best option for both of them was to get it over with soon, so he could pull out. He relished the rare opportunity to slam a virgin with only minimal restraint. After a few more hard jolts, he came. He pumped another dose of semen into the girl. He worked his hips until he felt that every last drop had found a home in her womb. He pulled out very slowly, in an effort to avoid causing her further pain. She cried, “Ow! Ouch! It hurts, Jake!”

Once out, he looked at her face to assess her state of mind. The intercourse seemed to have sobered her up. She rolled out of bed, and asked, “Where are my clothes?”

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