Mending Fences

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Gordon and Denise decided to take a midweek break together. There was an unspoken feeling that their relationship had been damaged by Paul’s recent visit and they were hoping that the holiday might put things right. They needed to have a frank discussion about what had occurred. .

They were staying in a country house hotel not far from the Suffolk coast. The weather was fine enabling them to enjoy long walks. Arriving back at the hotel in the late afternoon they decided to try out the indoor swimming pool. The pool was deserted apart from two girls in their late teens who soon departed. They swam lazily up and down for a few lengths before relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

‘Do you think they’ve got a camera surveillance system in here?’ Gordon asked.

‘Probably, why do you ask?’ Denise said suspiciously

‘I thought it would be nice to have a nude swim.’

‘We don’t want to get thrown out of the hotel, we’ve only just arrived.’

‘Yes alright, but I think we’re ok in the Jacuzzi, get your kit off, I want to have a feel!’ ‘Gordon! You’re not going to be naughty are you?’

Gordon slipped his swimming trucks off, moved up close to Denise and pulled the shoulder straps of her one piece bathing suit off her shoulders and exposed her breasts. He guided her hand onto his erection.

‘No Gordon! How would you like it if all the guests wanked off in the Jacuzzi?’

‘I can see the newspaper headline now; “Mass pregnancy of hotel guests, secret Jacuzzi wanker suspected,”‘ he joked.

‘Let’s go back upstairs if you want to fuck me.’ Denise suggested.

Back in the bedroom they had an intimate shower together before lying down together naked on the bed. Gordon stared at her thoughtfully as if seeing her for the first time.

‘God, you are so beautiful!’

Denise suppressed the desire so say something flippant and dismissive and smiled instead. Sometimes Gordon could be so utterly and unexpectedly charming.

‘How on earth have you managed to put up with me all these years?’ She moved closer and gently kissed him.

‘I only married you for your money,’ she joked.

He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately on the lips. She looked at him in surprise.

‘What was that for?’

He didn’t reply but gently caressed her beautiful breasts. Denise settled down on the bed with legs slightly parted, one leg drawn up. He kissed her breasts then tracked down her body to her pale pink pudendum that was already parted to reveal its delicate delicious fleshy interior. She quivered with delight as his tongue probed the delicate half opened cleft. He arranged himself above her and eased himself inside her warm welcoming juicy interior and began to fuck her slowly and carefully, pausing occasionally to ensure he stayed under control. Neither of them spoke. On and on he went five minutes, ten minutes; his cock made slurping noises as it was gently gripped by her cunt. Fifteen minutes later, he sensed she was coming to her final climatic orgasm. She sighed and gently gasped as he spurted his fierce jet of love juice deep inside her. Gordon stayed inside her while his swelling subsided before gently detaching himself. They lay in blissful, contented, satiated silence. Denise leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek. They dozed in companionable silence bathed in a warm afterglow of post coital satisfaction.


That evening after dinner they had their coffee in the lounge bar. It was a small intimate bar with one row of continuous seats facing the bar backed by another row facing in the opposite direction. Beyond this up against the wall was another row of seats looking towards the bar. Most of the customers tended to congregate in or around the bar either perched on bar stools or standing. Beverley and Graham were the sole occupants of the seats facing away from the bar and were virtually invisible from the bar.

Beverley crossed her knees; through the slit in her skirt Graham could see her stocking top. He rested a hand on her thigh.

‘What is it about the area between a woman’s stocking tops and her knickers which is so mysterious and alluring?’

‘I don’t know but it seems to work like Viagra for you.’

Gordon gently pushed her skirt up until he could see her crimson knickers.

‘I’m wearing my tart’s knickers tonight,’ she said with a grin.

‘As far as I can make out all women wear tart’s knickers these days’ Denise turned her head to follow his gaze and observed the two nymphets that they had seen earlier swimming in the pool. They were perched on bar stools clad in micro skirts and miniscule close fitting tops which accentuated their pert small breasts. The strap bands of their thongs peeped out above their skirts. They were holding court with two spotty youths.

Occasionally Gordon let his mind dwell on the prospect of making love to a young and perhaps virginal woman. He was pretty certain he would be able to do it far more successfully than a rash impetuous uncontrolled youth. Admittedly, unlike a youth, he would Alsancak Escort be unable to give a repeat performance for at least half an hour and a third would require over an hour’s recovery. Another shag would be out of the question until the following morning. On the whole he thought the disadvantages of emotional instability outweighed the pleasure to be gained from penetrating fresh young flesh. He turned again to his wife.

‘Why don’t you take your knickers off?’ he said softly

‘What here?’

‘Yes, I want to look at your cunt.’

She knew that Gordon was going to lead her into some elaborate sexual fantasy and that eventually she would go along with it.. Under her husbands intense gaze she quickly disengaged her suspenders and removed her tart’s knickers and tucked them in her hand bag.

Gordon glanced round the bar and, seeing they were unobserved, he pushed up her skirt to reveal her clean shaven pudendum. He ran his hand up her leg and gently probed her slit. She let out a slight gasp and quivered..

‘Unzip me and get my cock out,’ he murmured softly but urgently in her ear.

Denise felt her heart beat faster. She was never quite sure where Gordon’s fantasies would take them. She glanced round before complying with his request and releasing his swollen member. Gordon produced a handkerchief from his pocket and draped it over is cock.

‘Toss me off,’ he commanded.

Denise lubricated the palm of her hand with the semen oozing from his tip and began to squeeze and rub is prick. Years of practice had made her expert at wanking him off and she soon brought him to climax. Gordon sighed quietly with pleasure and quickly smothered his ejaculation in his handkerchief.

‘Thanks Denise,’ he said, as he zipped up his flies.

A dark haired middle-aged woman entered the bar accompanied by a woman in her early thirties. They sat down in the outer ring of seats facing the bar. Gordon smiled at them. They made polite conversation before going up to the bar..

‘If you were hoping for an outing for your cock with your new lady-friends I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed; I think they are lesbians.’ Denise murmured quietly.


Graham looked at the two women with renewed interest. Half an hour quickly passed in casual conversation with the newcomers. At last they left; Denise and Gordon were now the only remaining guests in the bar. The barman came over to clear the tables and asked them if they wanted another drink before he closed the bar. They shook there heads. The barman dimmed the lights and departed.

Gordon moved closer to Denise and kissed her lightly on the lips while sliding a hand up her legs until it rested on her bare cunt.

‘Get your clothes off you sexy bitch, I want to fuck you!’ he said tersely

He watched as she obediently removed her blouse and bra while he shed his trousers. He pushed her roughly back on the long padded seat, unfastened the catch on her skirt and pulled it down her legs. Kneeling on the seat, he grabbed both her legs and drew her towards him while forcing her legs open. He pushed his cock into her cunt without preamble and began to fuck her vigorously. Over the years Denise had learned how to play the fantasy prostitute with consummate skill. In the afternoon she had been his lover but tonight she was his compliant whore.

**** The following morning Gordon went for an early morning jog while Denise was still sleeping. His route took him round the extensive grounds of the hotel and out into a wooded area beyond which eventually lead to the coast. It was a beautiful sunny summer morning and the sea air was invigorating. Down below on the beach he noticed the two women they had been talking to in the bar the previous evening. They had been swimming in the sea. The beach was deserted apart from the two women. Graham jogged down to the beach to greet them.

‘I see you prefer the real thing to the overheated hotel pool.’

‘Oh you can’t beat a swim in the sea on a morning like this’ said the older of the two. ‘Why don’t you try it?’

Gordon took his trainers off and strolled to the water’s edge where he let the tide wash over his feet. The two women began to dry themselves.

‘It won’t bother you will it if we take our costumes off? We’re nudists and it’s such a lovely morning for sun bathing.’

Gordon removed his trainers and t-shirt and plunged boldly into the sea. The shock of the cold water immediately quelled any incipient stirrings in his genitals. Ten minutes later he emerged refreshed from the sea and strolled up the beach towards the women who were lying naked in the sand dunes. They watched him casually as he approached.

‘Oh you haven’t got a towel have you’, said the younger women. ‘I’ve got a spare hand towel here.’

She reached into her bag and handed him the towel.

‘My names Jane by the way and this is Muriel.’

Rather incongruously they all shook hands. Graham couldn’t recall ever having shaken hands with Ayrancılar Escort a naked woman before.

‘I should hang your shorts s on that gorse bush over there to dry, otherwise you’ll feel most uncomfortable’ said Muriel.

Gordon obediently followed Muriel’s suggestion and then sat down beside them with the small towel draped strategically over his loins.

‘Your wife doesn’t jog then?’ Muriel enquired . ‘No, I’m afraid not, she’s not the athletic type. She was still asleep when I came out.’

Gordon was finding it very hard not to stare at the naked bodies displayed so unselfconsciously. He was glad of the towel to hide his stiffening cock. Muriel looked at him with some amusement.

‘It must be rather frustrating for you I know, but we don’t do penetration with men I’m afraid’

‘My wife rather thought that was the case,’ said Gordon.

Muriel edged a little close to him.

‘If you like though, I could do something about that stiffy you’re trying to hide under the towel.’

Muriel gently pulled his towel aside.

‘There’s a big boy. Would you like me to toss you off? I won’t be depriving your lovely wife of her early morning fuck will I?

‘I’m glad to say that I can always rise to the occasion whenever the opportunity presents itself.’

‘Jane have you got the sun-cream.?’

Jane casually poked around in her beach bag and passed the lotion to her companion then watched curiously as Muriel began to gently massage Gordon’s cock. Gordon was surprised how expert she was at handling him.

‘How come you’re so good at playing with a man’s dick?’

‘Oh, I used to have a husband. It was my defence mechanism, trying to get him to come early so that I wouldn’t have to put up with him fucking me.’

Gordon leaned back slightly on his elbows while Muriel continued her expert sexual massage.

‘Is it really so abhorrent for you to have a man’s cock inside you?’

‘I’m afraid it is. Nothing personal, you understand, but I prefer a woman’s touch.’

Gordon stopped talking and began to gasp with pleasure as his orgasm sprayed out semen in a parabolic arc. The first salvo landed four feet down the beach causing Jane to shriek with surprise. Subsequent ejaculations were at a shorter distance like a field gun finding its range. Muriel rubbed her hand across his body to dry it.

‘There you are, feel better now?’

Gordon smiled and nodded.

‘That was nice, thanks.’

Emboldened by the intimacy of the occasion Gordon had in inclination to indulge his curiosity.

‘So what do you two do when making love?’

‘There are lots of different things just like with a heterosexual couple. Sometimes we just touch each other.’

‘What, you mean finger fucking?’

‘Yes that’s right.’

‘But couldn’t a man do the same thing?’

‘No, a man’s too clumsy and insensitive,’ said Jane joining in the conversation.’

‘We use strap on dildos sometimes and take it in turns to fuck each other. If we’re feeling really horny we use a double dildo and wriggle about together.’

‘I’d love to watch you two making love.’

Muriel and Jane exchanged glances.

‘Alright you can, tonight after dinner. Why not bring your wife and then we can watch you fucking her too.’

‘That’s sounds like a great idea but I’ll need to talk my wife round first; she’s not such an exhibitionist as I am.’

Gordon got up and put on his damp shorts.

‘I’d better get back, otherwise I’ll miss breakfast. Thanks again, I’ll see you later.’

**** After breakfast Gordon suggested to Denise that they spend the morning on the beach. She happily went along with his proposal. He packed a few essentials in a rucksack and they headed off through the woods down to the still deserted beach. They strolled along in companionable silence savouring the beauty of the lovely hot summer day. After walking for an hour they sat down to rest in the sand dunes. They were totally alone, other humans just distant dots on the horizon.

‘I’m going in for a swim; I don’t think we need to worry about swimming nude here.’ Denise said.

She unfastened her light summer dress and shrugged it off. She was naked underneath. Gordon looked at her standing there in all her naked glory in the sand dunes and thought for perhaps the five-hundredth time what a fortunate man he was to have such a beautiful and agreeable wife.

‘Come on, get your clothes off and feel the sun on your body.’

She headed for the sea leaving Gordon to chase after her when he had shed his clothes. They spent fifteen bracing minutes swimming and splashing, allowing the surging water to caress their naked bodies. They kissed and fondled each other playfully. Even in the cool water of the North Sea she occasionally felt his stiffness brushing against her. Refreshed they headed back, hand in hand, into the warm seclusion of the sand dunes. Graham lay down on the sand and watched Beverley as she sat back on her heels gently Balçova Escort drying her body.

‘I don’t think paradise gets much better than this does it?’

She looked at him and smiled.

‘Judging by the state of your stiff little friend I imagine you will soon be looking around for a horny goddess to fuck.’

‘What do you mean, little friend? I’ve never had any complaints about its power to give pleasure.’

‘God, you men are so obsessed with the size of your dicks! In the right frame of mind I can masturbate with my little finger and still get a very satisfactory orgasm.’

‘I think you were quite impressed with Paul’s erection.’

This was the first time that either of them had referred to Paul’s visit. Denise realised they were entering dangerous territory.

‘Paul’s got a beautiful body and a large cock but that doesn’t make him the best lover in the world.’

It was time to change the subject. She shifted herself over and straddled Graham’s prone body.

‘Well, I’m not a goddess but I’m certainly feeling horny and now I’m going to fuck you!’

Afterwards they lazed contentedly in the sand dunes for a couple of hours. Gordon decided now was time to give Denise an edited version of his encounter with Muriel and Jane. When he explained how he had discovered them sunbathing nude, Denise couldn’t contain her amusement. Prudently he didn’t mention Muriel’s generous hand job. Denise wasn’t in the least surprised when he told her about their discussion of lesbian sexual activities.

‘Actually,’ he concluded, ‘they invited us to watch them making love together after dinner this evening.’

‘How bizarre; naturally you want to accept their invitation?’

‘Well yes, aren’t you a little bit curious about lesbian lovemaking?’

‘Not really, but I’d better come along to see you don’t get up to any mischief.’

Gordon was pleased; he had expected to have to do some coaxing.

‘Good, let’s invite them to have dinner with us tonight.’


The combined influence of the hot sun, liberal cocktails and the wine they had drunk ensured that the quartet had a relaxing and successful dinner together. It was after nine when Muriel proposed they adjourn to the women’s bedroom where she promised them a glass of brandy. Theirs was one of the grandest rooms in the hotel with a four poster bed.

‘We like to indulge ourselves when we are on holiday,’ Muriel explained and began pouring everyone generous slugs of brandy. Jane looked towards Denise and Gordon.

‘Would one of you mind giving me a hand with the zip on the back of my dress?’

Denise quickly volunteered her assistance to pre-empt her husband. Gordon took his jacket off and watched Jane step out of her dress. She had a slight, rather boyish figure with pert small breasts, curvy hips and a cute arse that stuck out provocatively.

‘Can I unfasten anything for you Denise?’ Gordon enquired

‘No thank you Gordon,’ she said firmly, giving him an old fashioned look.

‘Please don’t stand on ceremony it’s been a very hot day, we like to unwind and relax in the bedroom,’ Muriel said as she handed round the brandies. ‘Cheers.’

Almost without realising what she was doing, Denise downed her brandy with one gulp. Suddenly she felt very warm and rather faint. She sat down heavily in an armchair and watched Gordon helped Muriel to remove her skirt and blouse. She was dimly aware that Jane was now completely naked. Gordon spoke to her again.

‘I think we are a little overdressed for this party.’

She didn’t resist any more and allowed him to remove her outer clothing then watched as he quickly stripped down to his boxer shorts. Muriel strapped on a black latex dildo; it must have been well over eight inches long. No wonder they had such little interest in a man’s penis; what man could match such a gigantic device? Jane was already lying on the bed fingering her vagina to prepare herself for penetration. She looked across at Beverley and smiled.

‘Come and lie by me on the bed Denise and watch Muriel fucking me.’

Denise did as she was asked.

‘If you take your knickers off, I can finger you if you like.’

Denise quickly shed her bra and knickers; it was just like one of Gordon’s often imagined fantasies. Muriel lay on top of Jane and began to fuck her. She looked directly at Denise. ‘Have you ever been fucked by a woman Denise?’

She shook her head. The persistent probing by Jane’s fingers had caused her vagina had become engorged and swollen. She knew she was loosing control.

‘Would you like me to fuck you?’

‘Yes alright,’ she said quietly.

Gordon watched with mounting interest and excitement as Muriel transferred her attentions to Denise. He too was now naked and gently fondling his erection. He stood by Jane and began to squeeze her delicious curvaceous arse. He touched her tiny breasts and whispered in her ear.

‘Have you ever been fucked by a man Jane?’

Jane shook her head.

‘Ooh that’s exciting, you’re a virgin’, Gordon said with a wicked grin. ‘Would you like to try it? I don’t mean now but sometime in the future.’

‘I don’t know, perhaps. I’ll let you have my work phone number in the morning’

‘Thanks, I think I’m going to leave you three girls to play now.’

Jane looked at his rampant erection.

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