Men Love It Too

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She wakes him up in the nicest possible way, with her hand and mouth wrapped around his cock. She had woken in the mood and decided to pay him back for the times she had woken to find his head buried between her legs, his tongue madly licking at her clit.

She eased him onto his back, kissing her way down his chest feeling him squirm in his sleep as she made her way to his cock. She licked a long line down it, then flickered her tongue against his tip as her fingers wrapped around his shaft, stroking gently up and down. She swirled her tongue around his head, sucking it into her mouth, bobbing her head in a quick up and down. That succeeded in waking him up just right.

She waited until he was pumping his hips in time to her sucking, shuddering with each swirl of her tongue, fucking into her mouth, before she picked up the small tub of lube and dipped her finger in, settling herself between his legs, nudging them further apart.

She smoothed the lube against his little puckered hole, just teasing, gently working her finger in. She heard his intake of breath and then his moan of pleasure as her finger slid right inside, bending up to stroke against that hard walnut like spot inside him. She knew the second she hit the right spot, feeling his cock twitch in her hand. She stopped sucking so hard, making him groan in disappointment. She stroked with her hand, from root to tip, slow and gentle, just keeping him on the edge, that place between thinking about cumming and just staying hard.

She worked her finger in and Trabzon Escort out of him, then pulled back and returned with two, feeling his inner muscles stretch and ripple as he moaned. “More baby?” she looked up at him as he nodded desperately, his hips rolling as he pushed his cock in and out of her hand.

She reached into her bedside draw and pulled out a small vibrator. She removed her hands from him completely so she could cover the little dildo with the lube, fitting it against his hole, giving it a little push and a wiggle. She smiled as it slipped inside easily, his greedy little ass swallowing it up. She twisted the bottom, turning on the vibrations, his long, deep moan of pleasure making her tingle in response. She thrust in and out a few times as his ass pumped back and forth.

“More?” she asked again. Smiling to herself as he nodded again. She pulled the little vibrator out and laid it aside. Debating just how far she could push him, taking advantage of his worked up horny state. She reached under the bed and pulled out the box that had arrived two days ago. She pulled out the harness and slipped it on, fixing in the small strap on that fitted into it. It had a larger dildo inside it that she slid into her own pussy, squirming against the full feeling, turning on the vibrations that worked her clit just right. She turned to show him, raising an eyebrow in question. His eyes widened in a mixture of shock and arousal as he slowly nodded. She twirled her finger indicating that he should turn over Trabzon Escort Bayan onto his knees as she guided him to the edge of the bed where she stood, his gorgeous ass hanging over ready for her.

She smoothed almost a full handful of lube over the strap on, then stroked the remainder over his hole. Working two fingers back inside him warming him up again. Once he was happily fucking his ass back against her fingers she moved them and placed the head of her dildo against his hole pushing just enough to ease the head in. She stopped then, letting him get used to the size and the feeling, waiting until he began to move back and forth wanting more. His ass ate up the dildo relatively easily the lube making it so much easier.

The vibrations of the vibrating panel on her clit was making her squirm, along with the sight of the dildo sliding in and out of his ass. She now understood just why men liked watching their cocks going in and out of a willing pussy, it was incredibly hot.

Once he got comfortable, moaning for her to move, she slowly pulled her hips back, sliding almost all the way out before slowly easing back in. He moaned deeply, his spine flexing, shuddering with the feeling.

“Good baby?”

He nodded hard so she did it again, hearing his whispered plea of “harder, faster” words she herself had said too many times to count. She thrust a little harder and faster, the action pushing the dildo within her in and out, making her moans her own pleasure in sync with his.

The Escort Trabzon vibrations on her clit were driving her crazy and she knew the second she tensed up and let herself go she would cum hard and fast, but she wanted him to enjoy. She reached her hand under and around, wrapping her fingers back around his cock and stroking.

She felt him buck under her then , his gasping breath and whining moan telling her how much he was enjoying this. She stroked in time with her thrusts, getting into a good rhythm that had him rolling his hips, fucking back against her as she would to him. She leaned over, kissing her way up his spine, biting gently at his shoulder, feeling his cock swell as he shuddered, begging her not to stop.

That did her in, she tensed her inner muscles around the dildo inside her, the vibrations working her clit. She gasped, trying to catch her breath as the pleasure slammed into her, making her thrusting just that little bit harder. She squeezed his cock as she pumped, feeling his orgasm rock his body, feeling his whole body shake and shudder beneath her, feeling her hand grow wet as his cum spurted out.

“mmm that’s it baby, come hard for me” she slowed down a bit, just easing in and out of his ass as he groaned, panting for breath, collapsing to the bed when she finally let go of his cock. The action caused the dildo to slide out of his ass. She watched his hole twitch and flex a few times before she moved herself, unbuckling the straps of the harness, dropping it to the floor as she flopped down beside him.

She wrapped her arms around him holding him close as he calmed, his breathing evening out as he passed out, falling back into a deep sleep. She smiled to herself, knowing she would never again let him tease her for wanting to sleep after he fucked her silly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32