Memories of Harry

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“So Harry, you been in there a long time. What’s up?”

Not me, that’s for sure.” He chuckled softly through the closed bathroom door.

My name is Alice. I’m forty now and for ten years Harry and I were friends and lovers until he died. He was eighty when he passed away. Peacefully, I think. At least he had a small smile on his face, one hand on his penis and the other on my breast. I was thirty-five then.

It’s taken me a long time to write this story. It’s a memoir about an old man who never lost his lust for living, who never seemed really old to me. I still cry sometimes, especially whilst trying to get these memories down on paper. See, his family never really understood. Especially after his wife died.

“C’mon, Harry, what’s going on?”

“I’m shaving, that’s all. Because my hands are a little unsteady, I’m going slow, being careful. You see?”

This conversation took place shortly after we became physical lovers. That was a year after we met, at a party at somebody’s condo.

“What? You’re cutting your beard? Haven’t you always had a beard.”

“Yes, my dear, different beard. I don’t want to nick my balls, you see.”

I sat there with my mouth open for a minute. Then I understood. Harry was shaving his balls. His nut sack. At that time we had only begun to have sex so I was not fully aware of all his ins and outs, so to say. “Can I help?”

“Not this time.”

Ah, I thought, new horizons to explore. Years later we would often shave each other’s genitals in foreplay.

One of the things to know about Harry is that he was. Hairy. Kids used to tease him about it in college. Sometimes he’d say yes, he even had hair on the bottoms of his feet and all over his ass. Neither was true, but his chest and back and arms and legs were thickly grown with the softest, finest, hair I’d ever touched. He didn’t shave his genitals for a long time of course. He didn’t get much oral sex either. Until after we became lovers. I get off giving head. I love the look of a rising cock, its smell and the taste even before a man comes. I’ve had some experience. Yes I have. Even before I met Harry. But Harry got head from me in some very unusual places.

Harry had two children with his one and only wife. I never met her, but she was apparently nice, tall with full hips haramidere escort a narrow waist and great tits and legs. But she wasn’t sexy. I saw pictures and people her age said so. She dressed well but conservatively. Harry told me they had good sex for a long time, but it was ordinary and not adventurous. Missionary position, or sometimes he could entice her to ride him. Always in the bedroom with almost no lights on. No oral sex and no anal. No drunken threesomes, no porn on the television. No public groping.

Then she died at only sixty years and Harry became a monk for a while. Then he found the Internet and he went out of town and hired an escort. He didn’t want to talk about that much. I guess it wasn’t very satisfactory. So when I met Harry at that party I mentioned, he was still somewhat a neophyte in sexual matters.

We talked at the party for a long time. I was surprised at my attraction to him. I’m a bit of a babe, if I do say so. Pretty hot, in fact, when I make the effort. I noticed after Harry and I had been having this conversation that he mostly looked me in the face. He didn’t stare or drool at my tits. He didn’t make any moves on me either. We just talked.

Meanwhile, the other folks at the party weren’t quite so circumspect. People will tell you that college faculty parties are pretty dull affairs. Don’t you believe it. In my experience they can be pretty wild, especially if there are a fair group of graduate students around. At one point this instructor I knew from the English department, a tall busty blond, tripped and fell over the back of the sofa we were on and landed in our laps. Nobody got hurt but her shirt had somehow come all unbuttoned so when she landed on us, one pretty tit landed right in Harry’s hand. He just smiled and gave it back to her. That was the thing about Harry. He knew what people did to each other in private and in public. He didn’t mind at all. In fact he largely approved.

The next time I saw Harry he was sitting on a bench near the campus. When I sat down beside him and asked what he was doing, he smiled.

“People watching,” he said. “More like girl watching, actually. Weather like this, it can be pretty stimulating.” He winked at me and right then I decided I içerenköy escort was going to get in this old geezer’s pants. Be a new experience for me, boinking a guy who was old enough to be my grandfather. It made me a little hot just thinking about it the rest of the day. I had to go back to work so we made a date to meet the next day when I was off.

We met and walked around the campus. We ended up having lunch on Harry’s front porch. He was a pretty good cook, he told me. Because it was a late lunch, we had a cocktail a little later. It was a pretty strong and I got just enough looser to start putting my plan to get into Harry’s pants into play. Because I’d come from work, I was wearing a light-weight full skirt. We were sitting at the dining room table, I at the end, Harry at the side where he’d been showing me an album of his landscapes.

I started by gradually hiking my skirt up into my lap until my legs right up to mid-thigh were uncovered. No particular reaction, even when he leaned over me to give me another album. He went to get me another drink and while his back was turned, I opened the buttons on my blouse down to expose more of my cleavage. I reached behind me to pull my blouse open a little more. I wasn’t wearing a bra that day which helped.

Harry sat down and took a slug of his drink. He winked at me and murmured that he probably ought to take it easy on the booze or he wouldn’t be able to perform.

I shook my head and said I must not be as subtle as I had thought. He smiled, took my hand and placed a gently kiss on my palm. “Did you think I asked you here just to eat?”

I almost made a crack. Then I realized he wasn’t being clever. Instead, I stood up and walked around the corner of the table until I was standing between his knees. When I bent to take his hands, my blouse gaped open and exposed one nipple. Now it happens I have pretty large nipples and they stand out like pink fat pencil stubs when I get excited. I was getting excited.

I took his hands and brought them to my chest. Instinctively Harry curled his fingers to cup my breasts. “Lovely,” he said. Then he stood up and we embraced. Upstairs Harry undressed me. When he slid my frilly panties down my legs to the floor, he stayed there innovia escort on his knees looking at my sex. I was already wet. I always get wet fast with a new lover. Finally he leaned forward and blew his breath gently on my labia. It sent a jolt through me. I gasped. Then he kissed my sex. No tongue, no sucking, just a long gentle blending of two pairs of lips.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said and dropped his trousers. His shirt was next and except for his boxers we were naked. He was wearing silk briefs. His erection was very evident. We embraced again and went to bed. Harry was a little shy and not at all assertive. In fact I took the lead most of the time.

“Tell me what you want, what you like,” He said. So I did. I took his hand and caressed myself with his fingers. I got him to tweak my nipples and he suckled enthusiastically until I made him stop.

“What do you like, Harry,” I whispered. It was getting hard for me to talk clearly. My mouth was getting swollen and my lower lips were swelling as well. I’d already had a little orgasm.

“I think I like anything without real pain. I guess you’ll have to teach me.”

I was getting close again and I could tell Harry was too. “Do me doggie style,” I said and rolled over. I drew my legs up and presented him my bald pussy. He hesitated, then got to his knees behind me. Gentle he inserted his pecker in my vagina and began to thrust gently and slowly in and out, in and out, never withdrawing very much. His fingers tensed on my shoulders. I moaned and thrust against him, forcing his penis farther in. His movements became faster, more urgent. I heard him gasping for breath and then he exploded, sending his cum against my cervix. It was a glorious feeling and I immediately climaxed.

Harry collapsed on my back. I felt him tremble. One hand rose and cupped my swaying breast. I unlocked my knees and sank to the bed, Harry still on top of me, lying full length. Just as his weight became a problem, he murmured and shifted to one side. His flaccid penis slid out of me and I pulled my legs up, fitting my knees into the hollow of his furry belly.

I guess we both slept for a while. When I opened my eyes, he was watching me, lying propped on his side, his right hand resting warm on my bare hip. I took his hand and brought it to my lips. “We are going to be very good together,” I whispered.

“Yes, and together we will learn many things,” he responded. Then he leaned over and licked the end of my nose, peering into my half-closed eyes. I stuck out my tongue and licked at his beard. I let my left hand slide down his chest and across his belly. I discovered that he was half-hard again.

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