Memoirs of a Preacher’s Daughter Fantasy 01

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It’s raining today – One of those completely overcast days with a steady day-long drizzle in store. Looking back on that spring, I can’t help but have a little secret smile inside and hope it’s raining where you are too.

It’s amazing how certain days or certain smells can take you back – Back to a summer cottage in the woods and an unforgettable day. Little did I know when I signed on as a female staffer at a revolving youth summer camp that I would be utterly beguiled by the end of the season.

I still remember the day we met – Sitting next to one another in the dining hall with the rest of the staff during the welcome speech. You were struggling very hard not to comment under your breath while the director droned on and on about things that should be common sense to anyone above the age of 11, and I was trying very hard not to encourage you by laughing. I failed miserably, and we became instant comrades. You accused me of having a devilish smile, and I accused you of bringing it out in me.

I remember how sweetly we teased each other too… for weeks on end. Kids rolled in and out on a weekly basis, keeping everyone busy, but we somehow managed to spend a good bit of time together each day or evening, sharing our secret thoughts and testing the waters a little more with every stolen moment… until finally, opportunity struck.

Staffers were allowed rotating weekends to go offsite once the students had left and before the next batch came in. You and I and Jen were picked to stay behind, with not much more to do than tend the animals and keep the place from burning down. But Jen ended up getting sick, and before we knew it, we had the entire place to ourselves… And weeks of unexplored tension to work with.

I was – still am – shy about making the first move. I think you were too. We probably would have gone on teasing indefinitely had it not been for a little help from the skies causing us both to get soaked to the skin. Your cabin was close, and you promised the protection of a warm fluffy robe while our clothes dried. Looking into your eyes, which were filled with intensity, I knew what the invitation meant… I didn’t stand a chance of resistance.

You teased and joked with me, handing me a big blue terry robe at the bathroom door, and promised to change into a robe as well to keep me from feeling at a disadvantage – After all, it wouldn’t be fair for you to be in jeans while I had my bare legs and feet exposed. Thinking of your teasing ways still puts a smile on my face…

It felt very intimate, being in your bathroom, surrounded by your things, taking my clothes off, then being surrounded by your lingering scent in the robe. Even as soaked as I was, I can still remember debating whether or not to hang everything up or leave a few items on for the sake of modesty… and how my entire body flushed when I finally slid my panties off and hung them under my jeans and shirt in an attempt to make it a little less obvious that I was completely nude under your robe.

Finally, I came out to find you already changed into another terry robe… this one white and lighter weight than the one you’d given me. That first look… the one you gave me when I walked out in your robe… completely took my breath away. But you teased me again about the naughtiness of exposing my bare feet to your eyes, then excused yourself into the bathroom, telling me I could take the bed if my feet were cold, promising to sit in the chair when you came back, ‘like a good boy’.

I sat down on your bed… scooting back into the corner, fighting to cover feet and legs within the robe while not exposing other things and finally gave up, pulling your sheet and covers back to slide my legs under them. Again, I can’t tell you how decadent it felt to be making myself at home in your bed, knowing that you’ve slept here night after night, and perhaps thought of me the same way I’ve thought of you in my own bed.

For weeks, I don’t think either of us had ever been at a loss for words, but when you came out of the bathroom and found me cozied up in your covers, neither of us seemed to have a thing to say. I smiled at you, and you smiled back and pulled the chair over as close as possible to the bed. Sitting there with your legs slightly parted, the slit of the robe following the contour of your thighs as you leaned toward me across the bed, you said, “You know you look very tousled… and very kissable right now. Can I kiss you, Mera?”

My heart was pounding. I couldn’t even speak – My lips and tongue were already tingling in anticipation as I leaned forward, meeting you in the middle for that first kiss… the sweetest, gentlest brushing of lips on lips. My breasts were instantly heavy, my core instantly damp from one of the chastest kisses I think I’ve ever received. I both wanted more, and for the moment to last forever exactly as it was at the same time…

You reached your right hand up to my jaw, your fingertips in the hair at the nape of my neck, your thumb and index finger gently tugging on my earlobe, tickling Tokat Escort me just enough to make me smile and turn my head toward your hand – allowing you to move your lips to my other ear. I bite my lip and give a little whimper with the intensity of the pleasure.

I love the feel of your lips gently tugging at my earlobe, and lean my head that much harder into your other hand, exposing my neck to your exploring lips and tongue. You rake your teeth over the tendon in my neck below my ear, which feels like electricity going through my body and causes me to jump, pulling away slightly. But you use your right hand – fingers still in my hair – to keep me close, nibbling and kissing my neck again and again until I am literally aching to feel your body pressing against mine. Outside, the rain picks up to a solid downpour, pounding the roof so hard it sounds like it could come down at any moment. I am drowning in you, and can’t think of a better way to go as I cup your own face in my hands, pulling your lips back to mine for a passionate, I-can’t-get-enough-of-you kiss.

Pulling you with me, I lay back. You put one knee on the bed, and crawl toward me until we’re laying fully against one another, side by side, covered shoulder to calf by the terry robes which are still tied tight. You kiss the bridge of my nose, and I burrow my nose under your chin, loving the way your skin smells. I tell you as much, and you laugh and roll onto your back, arms spread wide as if to say ‘yes, yes, just have your way with me’ and tell me to sniff ’til my heart’s content.

Smiling, I prop myself up on one arm and lean over you, and start to use my nose and lips to caress and nuzzle your skin as lightly as possible… the corners of your mouth, tickling you… back under your chin… down your jaw toward your ear… behind your ear. You moan softly, and I pull back, needing to see the look on your face. Satisfied with what I see, I shift my weight, curling one thigh over your legs as I stretch to nuzzle the other side of your face and neck, pressing us closer together.

You shift, moving one arm under me, turning your body toward me to help me reach, arms around me, and slip one knee between mine… my lips move down from behind your ear to the base of your neck, and then toward your collar bone. I use my nose to push the robe out of my way before pressing my tongue deeply into the hollow there. Your moan is like music to my ears… the sweetest harmony to the song my own body is singing for you combined with the timbre of the rain slowing on the roof.

I move lower, enjoying the texture of the hair on your chest against my lips and nose. I brush my lips down the length of your collar bone, toward your far shoulder, pushing the robe out of my way as I go. The tie has loosened, and the far half of your chest is now exposed to my explorations. I brush my lips back along the line of your collar bone, slightly lower than the last time. Back and forth, I use my lips to explore every bit of your chest from your sternum to your side… until finally my lips brush over your nipple. You gasp a little and I smile, brushing my lips over it again, this time lingering to bite it gently through my lips before moving past. You swallow hard, and shift your weight… pushing me onto my back as you take control of the situation again, your knee sliding up between my thighs a little more as you nibble my lips.

Leaning your head on your hand, you use your other hand to tug at my robe until half of my chest is also exposed. Your eyes move back and forth between my face and my shoulder, then breast that come into view as you use the tip of your middle finger to make big circles… down the outside of my breast… over my ribs… back up between my breasts…. Under my collar bone… round and round in smaller and smaller circles. I am watching your face, and smile to see you smile as my nipple puckers, anticipating where those circles are leading.

You catch me smiling, and lean down to kiss my lips before leaning over me further to blow on my nipple. I close my eyes, and feel your tongue flick over my hard nipple, making me gasp and arch my back. You blow again, making it ache to feel your warm mouth surround it. But instead of easing the ache, you continue to tease me… alternately licking and then blowing on my nipple while you pull the other side of the robe toward you… brushing your fingertips along the underside of my other breast and the terry across my nipple as you pull the robe fully open above the sash.

You run your fingertips down over the newly exposed skin, and beyond… down to where my hand is laying between us. Then you lift my hand, stretching my arm up over my head… before reaching over to do the same with the other arm. Your palms press against my triceps as you shift again, moving fully over me, legs nestled between mine, weight on your elbows as you begin to circle my recently exposed breast with your nose, similar to what I’d done to your chest earlier. As my nipple puckers, you slide your hands into Tokat Escort Bayan the arms of the robe against my bare skin and start to caress my underarms with your thumbs.

We are both very turned on. I can feel you pressing against me through the robe, and I can feel that my own thighs are damp, although you’ve not laid a hand on me there. I can’t imagine wanting you more than I do at this moment… and then your hot mouth closes over my nipple… and begins to suckle.

And I come completely unglued. Out of nowhere, my entire body is flooded with heat. Both nipples are rock-hard. My back is arched hard toward the ceiling… toward your mouth. I hang on to the pillow above my head for dear life and cry out, thrashing my head as wave after wave of pleasure takes over my body, exactly in sync with the rhythm of your tongue stroking my nipple inside your mouth… again and again. I am a puddle beneath you, and I am completely at your mercy as I finally start to come down, only to have you look up at me and take my other nipple into your mouth, sending me right back through the roof again.

Long minutes pass. As sanity finally returns, I realize you’re watching me… your hands stacked just above my breasts, your chin resting on the backs of your hands. “Hi,” you say. Still catching my breath, and a little embarrassed about my complete and utter loss of control, I just smile at you and say, “Mmmmmm…” You say, “That was… incredible – very, very sexy. I loved watching and listening to you.” I bite my bottom lip while you’re talking, then take a big, happy sigh and roll to my side, pushing you off of me and cuddling into your arms facing you. I wrap my own arms around you and give you a big hug, content to be touching you in any way.

We drift off for a while, and the next thing I remember is waking up with you spooned up behind me, your lips brushing over the back of my neck. The room is dark with the early sunset of a rainy day. I stretch against you and purr at your kisses, feeling you begin to stir behind me.

The robes had all but come off while we slept… the ties becoming completely loosened. I feel your fingertips at my shoulder, reaching under the collar to help me take one arm out. You sit up and shrug your own robe off, leaving you bare-chested above the covers, before moving to lean over me for a hello kiss and helping me to shrug completely out of my own robe.

I love the feel of your chest hair brushing against my nipples, and start to run my hand down your side toward your ass to pull you back over me when you pull away. “Ah, ah, ah… I want to taste every square inch of you today, and I’ve only gotten this far” you say, drawing a line across the bottom of my ribcage with your fingers. Looking at me that way you do, with a half smile, you say “Turn over and lay on your stomach for me.”

As I roll over, you pull both robes from beneath us and toss them to the floor. I am lying with my hands stacked and my head pillowed on them as you straddle me just below my hips and brush my hair aside. You place your hands at the base of my spine, fingertips toward my sides, and massage slowly up my spine… your thumbs pressing deep into the muscles surrounding it. I sigh out a moan only to gasp it back in when you caress lightly back down the sides of my breasts. Back at the small of my back, your fingertips brush inward, over the dimples there, making me squirm under you. Again, up my spine, massaging… then caressing back down and across… I squirm that much more this time, knowing what’s coming, and feel your body twitch where it’s lying against my cheek. This time, when your hands massage up my spine, your body follows them… pressing you more firmly against me… your skin against my skin from shoulder to hip. Your nose in my hair you breathe deeply then move your lips to my ear and whisper, “You smell so good… I can’t wait to taste you.”

I shiver and whimper under you, biting my lip and pressing my ass up against you. Your hands slide back down my body… past my breasts… my waist… under my hips. I gasp and press up against you again, wanting to spread my thighs as you reach lower, but my legs are held tightly closed by your own on either side of them. Just as your fingers brush over my pubic hair, you flick your tongue behind my earlobe. I gasp again only to feel you moan above me, “Oh, my god you’re wet.” I whimper out “Uh huh” as the tip of your middle finger starts to slide between my lips.

You press deeper, and with your lips moving against the outer shell of my ear ask, “Does this help?” “No…” I sob. Smiling, your lips move to the back of my neck. Moving your finger in slow circles you ask, “Do you want me to stop?”, and before you can even get the last word out I whisper, “Oh god, no…”

Never removing your finger from my moist lips, you roll more to one side, taking me with you… your arm stretched around my hip and your thigh still pressing mine closed as you start to brush your lips down my spine… kissing… licking… nibbling Escort Tokat your way down… your body sliding against mine as you go. My hips press back against you, again and again, in time with each slow revolution of your finger.

Nearing the base of my spine, you find one of my dimples and nibble, making me jump. You slide the other hand back under me, hugging my hips with both arms as you nibble the same spot again, holding me still. The electricity running through my body is so intense that I can barely take it. “Shane, please…” Your lips move to the other one and I press my hips into your hand, making me gasp for a totally different reason as the pressure of your finger increases.

Finally, you move away… releasing me as you use my hip to pull me fully onto my back again. You stretch out next to me, head to feet, and begin to kiss the top of the ankle closest to you and run your fingertips up the outside of that leg… past my hip to my waist… then a single fingertip back down over the top of my hip bone to my thigh… and back down to my ankle. With each pass, your lips move higher… up my shin… to the inside of my knee. I bend the other knee, spreading my thighs… anticipating your kiss.

Just as I reach out to caress your legs you move out of my reach and begin to nibble your way up the inside of my thigh… higher and higher… I hold my breath… hoping… but knowing better. Sure enough, as your lips reach the crease at the top of my thigh you press your tongue into the tendon there, making me moan before trailing your lips up over my stomach… past my belly button to the bottom of my ribs… and back down to the other ankle to start my torment all over again.

Until finally, finally I feel your warm breath on my moist lips, and your tongue flick out to taste me for the first time. I’m so sensitive that I can barely lay still as you start to trace the outline of my lips with your tongue. You settle more firmly between my legs, wrapping your arms under each leg and back around over my hips to hold me down as you take your time, even now… making me mindless with desire for you.

My hands grip the sheets under me as you take your first, long, ice cream lick up the center of my lips. You moan against me as you discover how truly wet I am for you, making me moan too. As you take another long lick, my hips tilt up causing your tongue to press more deeply into that most sensitive little spot. I moan deep, and you flick your tongue over it again then rise up and say, “You like that, hmm?”

In answer, I release my grip on the sheets and run my fingers through your hair, pulling your mouth back for another intimate kiss and for once, you give in and give me exactly what I need without making me wait or beg for it. I hiss out, “Oh god yesssss…” as your tongue starts to flick over me again and again. As the pressure builds inside me, I start to pull your hair in my mindlessness. You bring one arm out from under my hip, link your fingers over mine, and use my hand to caress up my thigh… over my stomach… to my breast where you use my own fingers to tug at my nipple in rhythm with your tongue… making electric current run from my nipples straight to my core.

You abandon my fingers to my nipple and trail your own back down my side, but instead of wrapping your arm back around my hip you bring your hand between my legs, and with your index finger bent, start to rub your knuckle against me, below your tongue, pressing… teasing… spreading me open… building the pressure even more. I begin to roll my hips, and spread my free leg, placing my heel on your shoulder for leverage, wanting more of you. Letting go of your hair, I bring my other arm up over my head reaching for anything to hold onto and beg, “Oh god, Shane I need you inside me. Pleeeease…” You moan against me, “Mmmm mmmm,” then, letting your thumb take over where your tongue left off, you tell me, “Not until I’ve touched you everywhere.”

Before my mind can even register what you’ve said, your lips are back around my little bud, sucking gently, flicking your tongue over me again and again as you press two fingertips into me… just deep enough to feel my body squeeze them, sucking gently… in concert with every flick of your tongue. Dying to have you inside me, what you said finally sinks in. I realize that you’re not going to give me what I truly want until I lose all control again. I quit holding back, no longer trying to wait for you… knowing you’re resolved to wait your turn until I am nothing more than a quivering puddle in your hands… and start to focus on the feel of your tongue… your fingers… my fingers, in earnest.

I can see us in my mind’s eye… in a sea of tangled sheets… me on your bed… my right hand raised above my head and gripping my own hair… my left hand cupping my left breast and tugging at my very hard nipple… your left arm under my leg, hand wrapped around to my hip, anchoring me… my foot on your shoulder, pushing… your lips sucking gently at me in sweet, sweet waves… your fingertips teasing me in the most suspenseful way possible… your own body hard as a rock, waiting, waiting… for my whole body to tense and pulse under and around you… screaming with the intensity as my head thrashes from side to side and I soak your hand even further.

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