Melody’s Way Ch. 01

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This is somewhat of a romance story. Honestly, I’m not sure which category it fits in. I guess it’s a sci-fi, erotic coupling, mind control, first time, romance, novella with some mild reluctance.

Special thanks to Allaboutne for helping edit.

*** *** ***

Chapter 1

She had sat in the car eyeing the dorm for more than 15 minutes now, telling her ex that they are getting back together again. DC isn’t even in the car with her but she still murmurs the words out as if he could hear her speaking. She had been practicing what she would say for the past 100 miles of driving but the choice of words she would use was still unclear to her. She sighed heavily trying to remain calm as he sits less than 5 minutes away from her. She was never the one to mull over what words to use, she could just say what she needed, get it and be gone. DC however… he was different. He would require some “guidanse”.

Her eyes moved down to the door as a small group of people approached the dorm entrance giggling and laughing. She was going to need someone to get her in through the locked front door and she could trail them in. This was it, it’s either she get up and go in or leave. Her eyes focused on the exact window where his room sat and she pushed out of the car.

DC was sitting at his desk in his dorm room on a Friday evening trying to finish his homework before the weekend took over when he heard the knuckles on his door rapping lightly. His mouth instantly went dry as he turned to see Dave get up to answer their shared door, since he was closer and more than likely the door is for him anyway.

Dave opened the door and stood back dumbstruck. Melody looked fabulous as always. She stood at 5 foot 2 and 110 pounds. Her breasts small and her rump tight and round. Her shoulder length light brown hair hung loose in large curls. DC thought she must have spent hours to get her unrelentingly straight hair to hold this perfect look. She was wearing a filmy white, mostly transparent, loose fitting tank top. What appeared to be a red tube top underneath glowed through the thin tank top, like hot embers from a banked fire. Her black yoga pants made her flat stomach, slender legs, and tight ass look great. Leather flip-flops and a toe ring completed the outfit.

She sat a large duffle bag on the floor just inside the door. Her cheeks dimpled as she smiled and addressed Dave, “Is DC here?” She stepped into the room without giving Dave a chance to respond to address DC directly. She brightly said, “There you are!”

Before anyone could get a word in edgewise she turned back to the Dave, “Hi I’m Melody, DC’s ex-girlfriend. What is your name sweetie?” She held out her hand for him to shake.

Melody enjoyed controlling situations in this manner, it’s how she pushed her way through life getting what she wanted.

“Dave, my name’s Dave.” He stammered. He reached out to shake her hand. The moment they touched he smiled warmly.

She asked in a pleasant voice, “Dave, I hate to do this to you at the last minute and all, but do you think you could find another place to spend the night? I’d like to do some catching up with DC.”

“Sure, no problem” he seemed a little enthusiastic about getting kicked out of his room. He started to gather a few things he thought he would need.

Melody came over and leaned on DC’s desk very near to him, not touching but almost. DC was a little apprehensive about this encounter. He had wronged and hurt her badly and he wasn’t sure what she wanted out of him. He hoped whatever penance Melody was planning to exact wouldn’t be too painful.

“Thanks Dave, I owe you one.” DC offered.

“No problem.” Dave was already out the door and closing them inside by themselves by the time the words left his lips.

DC felt rather certain the gossip of a gorgeous girl claiming to be his ex and wanting to spend the night would make its way around the building at least three times before the hour was up. This would definitely put a crimp in the vague plans he had to spend time with Anne, a cute little blond that lived downstairs on the second floor. He and Anne had been hanging out and had recently had a drunk session of kissing and fondling each other. Earlier in the week she had eluded to the idea that he might get lucky this weekend while her roommate was away.

Melody kicked off her flip-flops, pushed his laptop out of the way, and sat quickly on the desk in front of him, putting her feet on the arms of his chair. As she cradled his head in both her hands his apprehension began to melt. She tilted his head back, leaned forward, and placed several kisses on his lips. At first her kisses were light, each successive peck was more vigorous until they were mauling each other’s mouths. Her light brown hair formed a soft, wavy curtain around both their heads as she leaned over him. He grabbed her perfect ass with both hands, his fingers seeming to mold perfectly to her as he tried pulling her into his lap.

She stopped kissing him and pressed her forehead to his. gebze escort “I missed you so bad,” she panted at him.

He didn’t even have a memory of his previous apprehension. “I missed you too.”

“Then why did you break up with me, jackass?” Her anger quickly came as her heart raced in her chest.

“I thought we could both use a new start. I treated you so horribly before.”

“Well, I wasn’t nice either.”

Despite their sordid past, Melody came back to him. He guessed if she was willing to forgive, that was enough for him. He felt a weight lifted from his shoulders. All he knew in this moment was that all he wanted was to be back together with her.

He shoved her back hard, she caught herself with her hands behind her. He sensed a flash of worry until he stood over her and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her down and he lifted the gauss like shirt over her head and nuzzled her flat tight stomach. She purred in response so he pulled the yoga pants and panties down her thighs.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” She yelled as she grabbed her panties and pulled them back up into place. “The ‘panty rule’ is in effect as long as we are broken up. What kind of girl do you think I am?” She sounded like she was joking, but she seemed serious about getting her underwear back in place.

When they first started seeing other and were making out a lot she made up the ‘panty rule’. It was simple, he was not allowed to put anything inside her panties. No hands, no fingers, nothing. Later revisions to the rule allowed him to rub or lick her through the gusset of her underwear, just never inside. And he was not allowed to move them. Wherever they clung to her perfect little pelvis they had to stay. Bras had no similar rules, he was allowed to violate their boundaries with impunity or shove them out of the way entirely.

He pulled at the yoga pants that still clung to her calves, she lifted her legs straight into the air and let him slide her pants off the rest of the way. She was on her back on his bed in her red tube top and matching red satin panties. He kissed down her legs until he got to the gap between her thighs and without hesitation he licked and nibbled at her clit through the satin. She moaned and groaned with her building fire of lust. He was ready to explode in his pants just from the taste of her through her panties, the moans that came from her, it was as if nothing else in the world mattered.

Since intercourse seemed to be off the table, he stood and suggested, “Let’s 69.” He had been trying to get his member into her mouth for a long time. It was worth a shot now, he had nothing to lose.

“Only a girlfriend or wife” she winked at him, “would let you put your dick in her mouth. I would love to, but definitely not something an ex-girlfriend would do.”

“Okay, I get it. Do you want to get back together?”

“Yes I do, that’s why I’m here, but it’s not that simple.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not something I can tell you. You will have to figure it out for yourself. You messed everything up so it’s on you to fix it.”

He was stuck. “But you will let me lick you through your underwear?”

“Sure, go to town. In fact, I think it may be a requirement.” She bit her smiling bottom lip and spread her thighs trying to tempt him.

“Hmmm, this seems one sided.”

“Too bad. You did the breaking up, so until you figure out how to un-breakup with me you’ll have to live with it.”

He figured maybe she was looking for an apology. “I’m sorry I freaked out and ran out on you. I’ll treat you better this time around.”

“And I’m sorry for how I treated you too. I won’t be a total bitch anymore.”

“Just a little bit of a bitch?” He half laughed his answer.

“You’ve got me there. I’ll probably still be a total bitch, but I’ll try to treat you better.”

“Are we good then?”

“Absolutely. That was nice,” she admitted. He plucked at her panties and she swatted his hand away, “but we are still broken up.”

“What do you want from me?”

“For you to figure it out for yourself. I’m serious about that.” He stood with his arms crossed. She lightened her tone and patted the bed next to her. “Don’t look so down. I’m here, you’re here, and that’s a good start. Let’s cuddle and watch TV in bed for a bit.”

They held each other and talked, followed by some heavy petting and kissing. She did let him play with her boobs and nibble at her nipples, but they were back to square one in their relationship though. He reminded himself, at least she was interested in pursuing a relationship.


He awoke with the sun high in the sky, immediately noticing Melody’s weight resting on him. The clock said 10:48. He looked down at the topless girl sleeping with her head pillowed on his chest. The curls she had spent hours to create in her hair so she could look her best for him were long gone. One of her göztepe escort arms was hooked around his waist, one leg was tangled in his leg. She was holding on tightly like he might try to escape while she slept. He thought, ‘The way I had treated her in the past it was no wonder.’ Her face was peaceful and innocent. She looked small and fragile, not her normal larger than life presence that filled any room.

He had broken up with her before leaving for college because he thought it was the right thing to do. He was more confused than ever. It had seemed like a good time for both of them to move on with their lives. He thought back to how he had coerced her into a physical relationship with him their senior year of high school. She had had no interest in him, in fact she had disliked him in the beginning. He just wanted the hot girl at school and they seemed to have a natural psychic link, so he exploited the situation. Even after succumbing to his insistent pursuit, she had refused to be seen with him publicly. She was the hottest girl in school and he was a tall lanky outcast. He thought to himself he was a jerk for everything he had done and thinking about it made him feel guilty. That’s really why he broke things off with her. Now that she was back, he was beginning to hate himself again. ‘What kind of asshole forces himself on a girl just because he can?’ He thought.

Melody punched him in the ribs hard enough to cause real pain, “Knock that off.” She spat at him.

“Knock what off?” He rubbed the sore spot on his side.

“I am here because I want to be. Stop trying to save me from you.”

“You knew what I was thinking?” He wondered how much psychic ability she had developed. When he left her, she had none other than the ability to feel the emotions he would force on her.

“I always know what you’re thinking. You are a very simple creature.”

He teased her, “Oh yeah? What am I thinking now?” He imagined her taking him in her mouth.

“That you want to feed me breakfast. I’m starving.”


The laughter that danced in her eyes made him wonder if she had seen his thoughts.


He took her to the dining commons because she wanted to see where he normally ate. Dave saw them and came over to sit with them, he seemed to be oddly enamored with Melody.

As they ate Melody inquired, “So, was the blond as good as me?”

“What are you talking about?” DC asked.

“That blond over there who is trying to kill me with stink eye.” She nodded her head towards Anne across the room. “Is she as good in the sack as I am?” Melody shot an egregiously happy, glowing smiling over to Anne. Anne volleyed back a deathly sneer.

Dave choked on his orange juice in shock while DC wondered at the fact that out of a room with perhaps 200 people she had managed to identify the one person he had hooked up with.

“No one is as good as you.” He wanted to make things right with Melody. Her knowing about his brief encounter with Anne would not help things.

“You slept with Anne?” Dave gasped incredulously.

“No, we just made out.” DC clarified. He decided to downplay the orgasm he had fingered out of her and the hand job he received in return.

“But you were going to try to get lucky with her this weekend.” Melody stated. It was his turn to be shocked. She was right. “I’m guessing that’s why she is looking at me with daggers in her eyes. I broke up your little tryst. Looks like the pretty girl isn’t getting laid like she planned.” Melody sounded delighted with herself. She waved in a friendly way to Anne. Anne got up and stomped out of the room.

“Sorry, but I thought you would have moved on pretty quick after I left. I didn’t think you would have cared.” DC offered.

“I’m not going to be mad that you fooled around a little while you pretended to yourself we were broken up. I’ll forgive what’s in the past, but keep in mind how you would feel if I played the field too.”

The thought of her fooling around with anyone else caused a pain in his chest, but he had to ask, “You haven’t been?”

“I went on one date but made him take me straight home. No one can make me feel as special as you do.”

Dave finally had to clarify the question that had burning in him. It seemed impossible so he had to ask Melody, “Did DC really break up with you?”

“Yup” she responded.

Dave turned to him, “Dude, you’re a total moron.”

Melody intoned, “I agree. That makes two at this table.” she waved her hand at DC indicating it was his turn to vote.

DC agreed, “It’s unanimous, I’m a moron”

“Total moron.” She corrected him.

He sat silently through the next few minutes wondering how Melody worked out the facts about Anne. It was obvious she had developed some psychic ability on her own, but the level of detail of what she had figured out was uncanny. Melody slid closer to him so that their legs and hips touched and she wrapped her arm around his shoulders. halkalı escort

“What’s on your mind babe?” She asked.

“How did you know about Anne?” He mumbled.

She moved her mouth close to his ear and whispered, “Don’t worry about it.” She planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

Abruptly, his worry and any desire to ponder that topic melted away. He knew he should care, but he suddenly had no desire to. Letting it slide away be replaced by the warm glow of Melody’s presence was so much easier and more enjoyable. For a fleeting moment he wondered, ‘is this was what it was like for Melody when I…’ but that thought slipped away too.

He lost track of his thoughts. He turned to look at her. ‘Lord, she was beautiful.’ Her eyes were downcast and she had mischievous, knowing look on her face. The face he remembered her wearing when she was five years old and getting away with doing something she knew she shouldn’t. She mock punched him in the arm.

“Let’s go for a walk. You can show me around campus. I want to see what it’s like here.” She suggested.

She held his hand as they walked. They shared the warm buzz infatuation through their linked hands and linked minds.

“So, what brought you up to visit?” DC asked.

“My dad sent me.”


“I’ve been moping around and being really bitchy since you left. I got worse after I found out about Anne. He finally had enough of my shit and asked what was up.”

‘Oh yeah, that’s what I wanted to know. How had I forgotten?’ DC asked himself. He directed his question to Melody, “How did you learn about Anne?”

“Shush, I’m telling a story.” The question slipped his mind again. “I told him about us and how I’d been mean and not let you tell anyone we were dating and how you broke up when you went away and now you might be starting a new relationship.”

“You told your dad we had been fooling around?”

“Not explicitly. But I did say you had become more important to me than I had realized.”

“What did he say?”

“He gave me gas money and told me to go fix things between us; claim what is mine. He was happy it was you I had fallen for.”

“You’ve fallen for me…”

Melody shook her head telling him now was not the right time to talk about it.

DC continued, “But we aren’t back together right now.”

“No. You need to figure things out still. I just didn’t want you to screw things up worse. This is your only warning, from now on, if you fuck around with another girl I won’t have you. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am.”


For the rest of her stay they played at being the happy young couple in love. DC felt it was nice to not hide their relationship.

Dave volunteered to sleep elsewhere again without being asked. DC watched as Melody stripped naked before donning her bed clothes. She somehow looked even better than he remembered. She had shaved for him. Obviously, she had planned on him seeing her bare body. A reminder of what he had broken up with, he was sure. Her ass was rounder and more gorgeous than ever. Her little, not-quite-a-handful, boobs were a little fuller but still just as perky.

She slipped into a pair of bikini cut, bright green with fluorescent yellow trim, panties and pulled one of his battered old comic book graphic tees over her head that she had taken from his closet. The Flash Gordon logo draped over her small protruding chest hanging loosely in front of her thighs.

‘Another stolen shirt’ he grumbled to himself. At the rate she took them he wondered how he still had clothes to wear.

She turned to him and took his hand. “My turn to watch you.” She said. DC immediately cast away all of his clothes. He was normally shy about his body but right now for some reason he wanted to show her everything.

Melody reached down and hefted his thick and heavy cock in her hand and enjoyed how it continued to expand in her grasp. She had planned on not going this far, this fast. She had promised herself she would behave on this trip but she couldn’t help herself.

‘Every girl’s dilemma…’ She thought to herself. ‘It’s hard to say no when you really want to.’

She missed him and wanted him so bad that she ached. She decided to use him to soothe her pain. She pulled his cock in the direction she wanted him to go. DC instinctively knew to lay on the bed.

Melody mounted him, grinding her covered pussy along his cock. She leaned down and kissed his mouth. As she sat up, DC automatically pulled the shirt off over her head and tossed it to the floor.

His palms cupped her boobs, then his fingertips raked her nipples causing Melody to writhe and moan softly. He pulled her down and bit at an earlobe, she was in ecstasy.

They moved as though this was a well-practiced and choreographed encounter. To DC their motions felt natural. The truth was, Melody was controlling him, using him to touch her in all the right places while she ground herself against his naked body. She felt some guilt for using him for what amounted to masturbating herself without concern for his needs, but she couldn’t help herself. She loved his touch and missed it badly. She was getting close to cumming which meant so was he. She would make sure he had a fulfilling finish too. He always got off on cumming on her so she would let him. Such a silly little thing to make him happy.

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