Melissa 2nd Fantasy Ch. 02

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Jack and Melissa had plenty of discussions about her date night with Marc, Frank, and Jenn over the ensuing days and even weeks. Melissa struggled to understand Jack’s fixation, almost obsessive fixation, on the intimate details of her night being used as a sexual toy. How many times could she tell him about what happened with the two men she had only met that evening? What Melissa didn’t realize was that each time she told the story, she recalled more details which only drove her husband to obsess even more. Jack’s questions had grown very explicit, he wanted to know how she felt the first time taking another man’s dick in her mouth, how it was different, and how it tasted. Jack was consumed with knowing every perceived difference between Marc and Frank and which dick she liked better. He wanted to hear her talk about them in the most sexually explicit way possible and eventually, Melissa did admit to Jack that she liked Marc’s better. It was longer than Frank’s thick cock but she did enjoy that one as well.

While Jack had fantasized about his wife fucking another man for a long, long time, he never imagined Melissa would enter into a lesbian encounter. It was especially intriguing because it was with his cousin, Jenn. That was the icing on the cake in his mind and he was sorry he wasn’t there to witness his wife’s bisexuality. There were so many questions he had about that night that, at times, Melissa became annoyed with him. It was like she was being interrogated for a crime. Clearly his obsession was driven by the fact that he wasn’t there himself and the more details she could give him, the better he could paint a visual picture in his mind.

Even during sex with Melissa, he was imagining Marc or Frank fucking her instead of himself. He realized that they enjoyed her pussy as much as he did. He got off on the fact that someone else had kissed her, touched her, fingered her, sucked her tits, and brought her to several orgasms throughout the evening and the early morning. There was something about how intimate they had gotten that touched Jack at his core. Whenever he saw her legs spread, he realized that was the view her two lovers had before they entered her and how much they must have enjoyed seeing her like this. It was the same when she was bent over, he would pause to enjoy the sight of her lovely ass and pussy. He would fondle her ass like he imagined Frank and Marc did before they fucked his wife. Whenever she sucked his dick, he knew the other men must have enjoyed how she used her lips and tongue to blow them.

Melissa also had some questions for her husband. While Jack grilled her for explicit sexual details, she wanted to know why he found it to be such a turn on and not making him insanely jealous. A normal husband would not get a hard-on hearing about his wife fucking two men and his female cousin. Jack tried to explain his fetish the best he could but even he didn’t understand it completely. He tried to search his inner feelings, the only answer he could come up with that made sense was their previous experiences with exhibitionism when they were younger and dating. He said there was just something that turned him on when other guys checked her out. It was like he could see her through their eyes instead of his own and that only drove his deviant thoughts to want more and more. The best comparison he could make was like being addicted to drugs. After each exhibitionist incident, he seemed to need more to get that sexual high. Now that she had crossed the line to actually have sex with another man, it was one of the best highs he had experienced as shown by his almost constant erections every time Melissa mentioned that night or even his cousin.

Eventually, Melissa came to the conclusion that Jack wouldn’t get jealous over her approved extramarital experience. She was relieved that it did not create drama in their marriage as she had feared and as strange as it seemed to her. It also took a great worry and intense feeling of guilt off her shoulders and allowed her to admit to herself that she thoroughly enjoyed letting loose that night and delving into a purely sexual experience. What she refused to tell Jack, no matter how much he pressed, was how much she truly loved being a whore for Frank and Marc. She also did not admit how much she enjoyed being dominated by them. Marc had a certain magical persuasiveness about him that made it almost impossible to refuse any request he made. It was almost hypnotic.

Something else that had enhanced the experience was that Melissa was enjoying the fact that she could now be very playful sexually with Jack, more so than before. She could taunt and tease Jack with simple comments when they were out shopping or in a restaurant.

She would tell her husband things like, “See that guy over there, I think he’s checking me out. I wonder if his dick is bigger than Marc’s.”

One time while dining out, Melissa told Jack, “There’s a guy over there staring at my legs. I’m going to let him bahçeşehir escort look up my skirt when we leave.”

When she slid out of the booth, she opened her legs wide so the man got a great look at her panties and when they got outside she told her husband, “I bet that guy wanted to fuck me.”

The only downside to Melissa teasing Jack was it drove his desire to see her fuck another man to greater heights and the pressure on her was increasing again. Then Melissa received a text from Jenn inviting the couple to a party at Marc’s house in a couple of weeks. It was like igniting a fire; it generated a lot of discussion and speculation as to exactly what type of party it would be. At first, Jenn was coy about Marc’s ulterior motives which only drew more suspicion from Jack. Finally, Jenn suggested that they meet her and Marc for drinks to discuss the “party.”

Jack quickly agreed to meet Marc and Jenn; he wanted to meet the other man that fucked his wife. He was also extremely curious about the party and the prospect of possibly seeing Melissa in action with another man or men. He suspected it was more than just a few people gathering to socialize by how elusive Jenn was being. Melissa felt a touch of anxiety with her husband meeting her lover, even though there was no tension at home about it or any jealousy. She wasn’t sure she could look Marc in the eye after what she had done with him and his friend. It was one thing to act like a slut and never see the person again but now they would all be together having drinks. It would be awkward but Melissa couldn’t deny to herself that she was wanting to see him again because she did find him attractive. This mix of emotions only increased the closer they got to the bar where Marc and Jenn would be waiting.

They agreed to meet at a local sports bar, it was pretty generic and neutral. When Jack and Melissa arrived it only took a moment to spot Jenn who was waving them over to a booth in the corner. When they got close, Marc rose and extended his hand to Jack. Melissa felt her heart skip a beat for just a moment. All of a sudden, she imagined Jack punching the man in the face but that didn’t happen, instead, Jack shook Marc’s hand like they were old friends. Jack noticed that Marc seemed to be a couple of years older than him, was taller and very handsome with a broad smile. He had a George Clooney vibe so Jack understood how Jenn and Melissa could be physically attracted to him. Marc told Melissa how beautiful she looked as he eyed her up and down. She blushed a little knowing he was undressing her with his eyes and recalling what they had done together. It was extra exciting for her because he could visualize fucking her anytime he wanted since he had done it before. On the other hand, she could also undress him with her eyes, which made her miss his cock even more.

They all settled in and ordered some drinks. As the foursome made small talk, Jack kept imagining Marc fucking his wife’s mouth, pussy, and ass multiple times. It was a strange feeling for Jack to finally meet him after all these weeks. Now he could really picture what it was like. Marc oozed charm and confidence bordering on arrogance. He was a true alpha male and did not care what Jack thought of him. Jack actually was envious of that fact. What Jack found almost as interesting was Jenn’s desire to hang on every word Marc said; she was totally infatuated with him. There was also something else Jack spotted during the conversation, it was the eye contact that Marc kept making with Melissa. If he were to guess, Marc was fucking her in his mind with his stare. Melissa was seemingly embarrassed to look directly at him for any length of time proving Jack was right. Jack wondered what was going through his wife’s mind, seeing one of the men who had fucked her several times chatting with her husband.

They ordered a second round of drinks and after a few minutes, Jack had enough of the small talk and grew impatient, “So, tell us about this party you’ve invited us to next week. I’m more than curious.”

Marc responded, “I like a man who gets right to the point. As you know Jack, I’m a guy that likes to have fun, clearly, just ask your wife. Anyway, I’ve invited some people that share a similar interest in having a good time.”

Jack shrugged off the other man’s attempt to assert his dominance, not interrupting because he wanted to know more about the party. Melissa caught the little remark too and felt a little irritated that Marc felt the need to say that.

He went on, “A few other couples will be there along with several single men. There is a heavy sexual overtone to the evening. Some of the couples enjoy watching, while others like to be watched as they have sex. There may even be some women there that like to entertain several men during the course of the evening.”

Jack inquired, “So what is expected of Melissa and myself?”

“Nothing Jack. There are no expectations. I want avcılar escort you and Melissa to come and enjoy yourselves in any manner you wish. You can simply observe or partake in any of the other activities that you are comfortable with. In the end, it’s a party and I want you and Melissa to have fun.”

Jack thought about what he said, it sounded exactly like what he hoped. Melissa felt a sense of relief too knowing they weren’t expected to do anything.

There was a pause in the conversation before Marc added, “Seeing you allowed your wife to go on a date with my friend Frank and I, switched out her swimsuit with a very sexy one and weren’t jealous after we sent her home with a pussy filled with our cum, I thought you would naturally be interested in attending.”

Marc’s cockiness and arrogance were on full display. His bluntness took Jack by surprise even though everything he said was true. Melissa saw the first hint of real jealousy or it might have been ego; she placed her hand on Jack’s and gently squeezed it. Jack leaned back into the booth and smiled. He looked at Jenn to see if her boyfriend’s comment resonated and not surprisingly it didn’t.

“Well Marc, your invitation certainly piqued our curiosity. Melissa’s ‘date’ was the first time we ventured into that part of our sexual lives and to be honest we weren’t sure if or when we would do anything again.”

Marc sipped his drink then replied, “I didn’t realize that was Melissa’s first experience outside of your marriage. She was so hot that night, I naturally thought she had done it many times before. As I’m sure you know, we fucked most of the night and the next morning. We all had a great time.”

Marc’s less than subtle description of Melissa acting like a slut that night had a dual effect on Jack. Part of it turned him on, hearing another man talk about his wife in that manner but it also put him on the defensive. Jack recognized it was Marc’s way to establish his dominance over him too. He was also letting Jack know his wife acted like a total slut and enjoyed fucking and sucking him and Frank. By inviting them to the party, it was a message that Marc wanted to fuck his wife again.

Melissa squirmed in her seat listening to Marc crudely telling her husband how he and his friend used her like a whore and intended on doing it again. She didn’t feel comfortable with it and wondered why Jenn wasn’t saying anything to settle her boyfriend down. She actually found it annoying that Jenn was absent any thought of her own. However, it didn’t change the fact her panties were getting wet the more Marc talked about fucking her.

Jack finally responded, “I’ll tell you what, we’ll go home and talk about it. We’ll let you know. I am totally interested but Melissa will make the final decision.”

Marc grinned then looked directly at Melissa. She felt her face flush as all attention was on her.

“I insist upon you coming. You can simply sit and watch what goes on with no pressure to participate from anyone. Or you can throw caution to the wind, which I think you will want to do, Melissa, and dive in. Enjoy an evening of unbridled sexuality or somewhere in between. You decide.”

Melissa looked at Jack and cleared her throat before answering, “I guess there is no harm in going and see what happens, dear.”

Marc smirked and glanced at Jack, he was surprised that his wife agreed instead of supporting his decision to think it over. He realized that even though she never fully admitted that she enjoyed being with Marc and Frank, she definitely must have or she wouldn’t agree to attend the party so quickly. He shrugged and nodded in agreement with his wife, he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity to potentially see his wife in action with another man or men. As Marc rambled on about something random, Jack studied how both Jenn and Melissa paid complete attention to him. Marc had a lot of influence over Melissa in a way that wasn’t really obvious before.

It was pretty quiet on the ride home until Jack broke the silence, “You want to fuck Marc again don’t you?”

“What makes you say that?” Melissa asked as she stared out the side window with her blue eyes not wanting to look at him.

“I saw how you two were looking at each other. I thought you’d be reluctant to attend the party with all those people.”

“I’m only doing it because I know that’s what you want, Jack. I’m doing it for you,” she countered with some anger in her voice, though she knew that was not completely true.

Jack wanted to call her out on her bullshit because it was a flat out lie but he decided he better not. It wasn’t an argument they needed to have and he was quite sure she knew he thought her answer was garbage. When they got home they went into the bedroom to change into their typical lounging attire. Melissa slipped off her top and shorts, she was stretching her arms above her head when Jack pushed her long blonde hair out of the esenyurt escort way and began to kiss her neck from behind and fondle her breasts through her bra. She smiled and moaned softly as he slipped his hand down between her legs. Jack found her panties to be damp, just as he had suspected. All that sexual talk and seeing Marc again got her pussy juices flowing. He pushed the soft satin fabric into her pussy with his middle finger and she almost melted in his hands. Melissa knew her husband suspected her craving to be fucked again by Marc and whoever else he decided should have a turn but she had a difficult time admitting it to herself so there is no way she could be honest with him.

Melissa spun around to face Jack, they began to kiss passionately while they stripped off their remaining clothes. He finger fucked her wet pussy while alternately sucking on his wife’s 34b tits. The whole evening had turned them on more than they expected it would, Jack met the other man that fucked his wife, Melissa got to see him again and feel the rekindled spark between them.

Jack took his wife over to the bed and he sat down on the edge, clearly expecting Melissa to suck his dick. She took the hint, grinned as she got down on her knees between his outstretched legs and began to give him the blow job he desired. She was moaning as she sucked. Jack knew his wife needed a hard dick inside her. Jack’s mind began to wander on some of the possible scenarios he might see his wife in with the other men at the party. He desperately wanted to see her fuck and suck Marc and Frank again. He wanted to know if she would be a wanton slut and fuck even more men. Would she and Jenn pleasure each other again? The possibilities were endless and the thoughts drove him wild.

He goaded his wife as she sucked his dick, “You’re looking forward to fucking them again, aren’t you? You want to go to the party so you can suck their dicks, don’t you? You’re such a fucking slut.”

Melissa’s only response was to suck her husband’s dick with even more fervor which was the only answer he needed. He was thoroughly enjoying the blow job she was giving him but he wanted some of that hot pussy. He brought her up onto the bed and watched as she spread her legs, inviting his penetration. Before he did, he took the time to observe her flushed cheeks, the look of desire in her blue eyes, and of course her lovely naked body that was waiting to be fucked. He slowly rubbed his hard-on up and down between her pussy lips, teasing her and making her moan.

“Tell me you want Marc to fuck you again.”

Melissa didn’t respond. She didn’t want to admit it.

So he repeated himself, “Tell me you want Marc to fuck you, or I’m not going to fuck you.”

She whispered something but it wasn’t loud enough. for him. He rubbed between her lips more and told her again to say it louder.

What she said was inaudible so he finally raised his voice and commanded, “Louder!”

“I want to fuck Marc again. Okay, I said it. Are you happy now? I want to fuck Marc and I’ll fuck Frank again if he’s there.”

Her husband finally heard the confirmation of what he thought all along. Melissa felt embarrassed and covered her face. Jack grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the bed above her head forcing her to look at him as he slammed his dick into her in one deep stroke. Melissa moaned and thrust her hips upward as Jack fucked her hard and fast. Both of them were being driven by the thought of other men fucking Melissa again.

Jack turned Melissa over and positioned her on all fours, he continued to ask her, “You want to be a slut for Marc again don’t you?”

“No Jack, I want to be your slut. Oh God, I’m so hot right now, I’d fuck anyone you wanted me to.”

She wasn’t lying, she would have let anyone fuck her at that moment. Melissa began to cum, her body tightened and that triggered Jack’s own orgasm. His cum mixed with her juices as he emptied his balls into his wife. They fucked several more times before the night of the party, raising Jack’s expectations the closer it got to the Saturday of the event that his wife would relive her date with Marc and Frank. He only hoped the party would be as good as he fantasized.

Melissa tried to temper his expectations the morning of the party by telling her husband, “I know we’ve been having a lot of fun thinking about what might happen tonight but I don’t want to get your hopes up. I might chicken out with so many people being around.”

While Jack said he understood, he wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away. His wife was obviously getting nervous and he needed to comfort her and not put more pressure on her. He knew things would most likely be different after she had a few drinks, smoked some joints and more importantly, saw Marc and Frank again.

As any woman would do when planning on attending a special occasion, Melissa went shopping for a new outfit and she knew Jack couldn’t and wouldn’t say a word about how much she would spend. He desperately wanted to see her fuck another man and if he expected her to cooperate, it was going to cost him. Melissa felt empowered in that way and actually enjoyed the time looking through stores at sexy outfits. By the time she was finished she had two armfuls of packages,

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